long overdue ba revision. Miami, FL

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I decided that I will be doing a ba revision with...

I decided that I will be doing a ba revision with dr. Krau. He is a ba revision specialist and has a renowned technique to reduce scarring which result from the ba lift.

Let me share some of my ba journey with you:

My natural breast were a D cup, but my breast were very saggy. When I went for consultations for my ba, the ps said the sagging was likely genetic. I wanted to have a lift only, which I could have done, but I would have had to go down two cup sizes because I would lose breast tissue, etc. The docs recommended that I do a lift with i plans if I wanted to retain my cup size. I decided to do the implants. I don't regret the decision at all, but I DO regret being naive about the ps that I chose.

I had consults with 4-5 surgeons. There were two that I really loved their work, but their prices were too high for me at that time so I went with a cheaper ps. Honestly, I didn't fancy his before and after pics as much as the other two, and he was very pushy. Back then, there was no rs and Internet wasn't what it is right now, so Internet research wasn't as common as it is now.

The ps that I chose WAS board certified. I would say thAt my intuition however kinda told me to go with the more expensive doc and to just be patient and save more money. I do regret ignoring my intuition, but u live and u learn. Thank goodness I made it through the sx safely, but there were issues with the results. I wouldn't say that my sx was totally botched, but one breast was never lifted properly. My ps acknowledged this and told me that he would fix this at no charge and that I should come back in 6 months. When 6 months came around, I called him and his phone was disconnected. I then decided to do an Internet search to find his phone number because I thought his office may have moved. I inadvertently found out that a major news network aired a news segment on him a few weeks after my sx because he had botched so many of his patients' surgeries, and one patient died. After researching more, I found that this patient died only One month before my sx - pretty scary! Again, This ps WAS board certified, but he ended losing his license before he could redo my breast.

Thank God for rs and the current state of the Internet. It makes it so simple to research.

So, anyways, I was left with one saggy breast which has never been fixed. I decided to go to someone who specializes in BREAST IMPLANT REVISION because once a ba is done, breast tissue has been manipulated, removed, etc. therefore, a person who already had a ba will likely not have the same result as a person who never had a ba.

I considered dr. Hochstein who did kim zolciak's breast (Rhoa) and is rumored to have done a few playboy models. Just learned that His wife is also on real housewives of Miami. His revisions are good too,but dr. Krau is undoubtedly the revision master! His hands are blessed! He can make a botched job look amazing! He also sold me on his technique which claims to leave less scarring which is a plus for me. Dr. Salz was another ps that I considered because I've seen his revisions, and he does a great job as well, but dr. Krau actually is a specialist in ba revisions. I also considered dr. Engler, but I haven't seen much of his revision work. He needs to update his site because he is an amazing ba doc, but he needs to give more details abt his revision work.

I currently have saline but will switch to silicone, round high prof baby! I don't know the ccs yet, but it will b under the muscle.

I plan to have sx with him in the nxt few months. Still trying to iron out the details now, but I am excited to finally have this thing fixed.

Pics will be posted closer to the sx date. . .

BA revision completed! Beyond satisfied!

Hi, everyone. So my surgery was successful! Thank God! This sx was way less painful and difficult than my bbl sx. Actually my 1st ba wasn't as painful as the bbl sx, that's why the bbl pain shocked the bleep out of me lol. I was driving after the first 24 hours lol. I did NOT take any meds before driving tho, not even hours before driving because the pain meds make u very sleepy. I only took oxycodone a few hrs after sx and the night of day 2. When I had pain afterwards, I took Tylenol extra strength only. Anyway, Here is a summary of my surgery experience.

right before sx, Dr. Krau again went over the procedure with me. I had breast reduction with an anchor breast lift and silicone implants. I wanted to stay the same size (D cup) so I didn't know how many ccs I got until after sx because so much excess tissue was removed in addition to my old implants. I ended up getting 750 ccs. It sounds huge, but it actually fits my body perfectly and it is in line with what I want. I'm very swollen know, but I am convinced that, in my opinion, I will look exactly (if not very close) to my wish pics :)

I had moderate pain right after sx mostly seemed to be around the incision areas. It felt kind of like a burning sensation, and little tightness around the chest due to the breast strap, but it wasn't unbearable. I was prescribed oxycodone which completely knocked out the pain.

Here are some pics

Rs won't let me put the right date

It won't let me go back to the last few days so it looks my surgery has happened yet. I will rate Dr. Krau after March 1 because it won't allow me to rate him ("stars")

Took pics down

Dont get me wrong, I love my results, but I feel like the tape on the incisions take away from the beauty of my new boobs so I decided to wait a few more weeks or even months to post pics, by that time, the incisions will be better healed enough that I don't need to put the tape on them. My goal was to show the progress of an anchor lift, but I will take photos as time passes and do "before and after" pics as the months progress.

Beach Corner Hotel: Affordable hotel near Bal Harbour

I stayed at the Beach Corner Hotel/Apartments. I chose this place because it had refrigerator and freezer, sink,and microwave. They also have rooms with stoves, but you would have to pay more money of course. What I found most helpful in this room was the removable shower head. Because I was unable to wash my breasts until 2 days after surgery, The removable shower head allowed me to wash the other parts of my body without getting my incisions wet. I am not sure if removable shower heads are in all the rooms tho. If u are considering this hotel because of this feature, I would recommend calling them first. They also have free parking, but it is very limited and it is not "reserved", more like first come first serve. I had no problem finding parking in morning and early to mid afternoon, but at night, I had to park one block away and across the street, not so bad, but I drove around like 20 minutes before finding that spot so the parking is not the best in that area.

Also, I wouldn't say they are the cheapest hotel, because I paid $556 for 4 nights, but in comparison to the other Bal Harbour hotels, at the time, it was way less money and it is 2 miles away from dr. Ary Krau's office.

To show u how close it is, let me tell u about my "journey" to his office by public bus. I actually took the city bus to the office on my surgery day. I had to take one bus (120) to another bus ("G") but the 2nd bus driver was so ignorant that she didn't know that her bus route is on Kane concourse ("96 street" becomes "96 street/Kane concourse" once u go over the bridge) so I ended up getting off the bus, thinking that I got on the wrong bus. But all was well because the office was 10 mins walk so I really didn't need to transfer buses, I just walked from 96 and Collins over the bridge and I was there in less than 10 mins. Also the bus ride (120) was 5 mins., and the bus stop was one block from the hotel.

Daddy O hotel is also very close (5 min walk, I was told) and is reasonable depending on the time that u reserve a room, because hotel rates can change from week to week. It was just to expensive during the time of my visit.

Beach corner hotel: call SeBastian directly

the managers name is Sebastian. U will get cheaper rate is u call him directly than if u go through a third party like booking.com or hotels.com. This is what he told me. I went through hotels.com, but he told It would've been cheaper if I called the hotel directly because I wouldn't have paid a booking fee

Pics with no tape

excuse my ashy skin lol. Per doctor's orders, I can't put lotion on my boobs at the moment. Here are some pics. I'm so excited, they're coming along beautifully! The appearance of scars are so minimal, thanks to dr. Krau's technique. That was one of the many reasons that I chose him. I will take more pics of the scars to show how they barely exist.

Before pic

before pics

One month Post - Scar review

Here are some pics of my scars one month post. I just started applying prescription scar cream that was prescribed by dr. Krau and thankfully was covered by my insurance. It's called Triamcinolone acetonide. I use it once daily but it can be used up to twice daily which I will start doing. I also bought mepiform tape from dr. Krau's office, but I was told to finish the cream first and if need move on to the mepiform. The nurse at dr. Krau's office told me that mepiform is also effective if used consistently, but, like most creams, it takes months to see results. I already know the scars will not disappear overnight though so I expect it will take a few months.

However, dr. Krau's technique lessens the appearance of scars so my scars are not raised and are pretty undetectable in some places.

More scar pics

Here the scar from nipple to crease is barely visible
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I had a great experience with Dr. Krau and his staff. I felt comfortable with my entire surgery and the staff was helpful and very kind. Dr. Krau is amongst the best in his field. If u do ur research, u'll find that he IS the truth!

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