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I've been doing a lot of research & believe...

I've been doing a lot of research & believe through extensive researching, communication & online consultation I have found the right doctor for my breast implant revision. I'm so confident in my choice with Dr. Ary Krau that I've already booked my surgery with a down payment before even meeting him personally. I'm traveling from out of town & have scheduled a consultation/ pre-opt with bloodwork & final payment appointment for 2 weeks before my surgery date. I hope he is as wonderful in person & my experience is as amazing as all the countless reviews I have read. I will add photos & follow up reviews.

Consultation & Pre-opt w/ Dr. Krau

Upon arriving at the office I was greeted with a warm smile & immediately recognized Cristina, Dr. Krau's patient coordinator whom I'd been communicating with through email. I started on my paperwork & my nerves started to kick in a bit. I was worried about remembering to ask all the right questions & afraid to make the right decisions. Being that I'm there for corrections, it's way more nerve racking for me than the original surgery over 15 yrs ago. I was taken back to the exam room to meet w/ Dr. Krau who was also accompanied by Sonia (his nurse). I felt immediately comfortable after meeting Dr. Krau. My impression is that he is not an over the top bubbly personality full of excitement about my surgery. More of a mellow, down to earth, tell it like it is w/ confidence kind of surgeon. I have been debating on a donut mastopexy because one of my nipples is slightly off from the other. I respected that he gave me his proffessional opinion of the cons to having that done, instead of just adding it on to my surgery. In the end what I'm really looking for is softer breasts, more cleavage, latteral displacement corrected ,the bottom of implant dropped & the muscle better manipulated. Sounds like a lot I know. But Dr. Krau believes he can achieve what I'm looking for & I have confidence he can. I currently have over-flowed to 600cc saline inplants & want mentor gel silicone. He suggested 700-800cc's high profile implants. That scares the bejesus out of me. He said everyone's body handles them different but that just seems HUGE. So now I'm worried on size but have until the day of surgery to decide. The thoughts going through my head are not whether he os the right surgeon because I'm 100% confident in that. It's what to decide on the implants. ??? I want to be the same size just better shaping & placement. And I'm not positove on my size because records are long gone. He said 600 saline is like 700 silicone. Keep ya posted...

Freaking out!!

I've been looking at so many before & after pics online, I think I'm going cross-eyed. I want more natural looking & feeling breasts. More cleavage & don't want my implants hanging over into my armpits. I just can't picture 700-800ccs being what I'm looking for. I'm going to contact the office tomorrow. I want to feel good about going into this surgery & I'm scared as heck right now.

Feeling Anxiety!!

The past 2 weeks I've been feeling so much anxiety over my surgery. Took some before pics of myself & now I'm not sure if I'm making the right decision to not address my uneven nipples which look to me to be too low. I don't want to end up w bigger implants & even lower nipples. To be honest, size is not the issue at all. If I went smaller & could have the desired look I want, I wouldn't mind. I just want more fullness on the bottom, softer boobs w cleavage & nipples in the right place in the end. My implants are large now at 600 ccs. They just don't look 600 because they're way too far to the sides. I wish I could've had another visit w dr K. I have to make all the decisions right before surgery on Mon & am worried. They kind of left size up in the air on my consult. Said I could decide in the next two weeks as they have all sizes in stock. As I said before, he suggested 800ccs. Uhg...I just think that's too big for me. They were supposed to measure my chest but didnt. It was a surgical day for him so I think things were a bit hectic. I will post my pics.....

Feel much better!

Talked to Cristina at the office & feeling much better now. I may just be freaking over nothing. I will have time to talk to dr K before my surgery & she answered all the questions & concerns I have. I should've called sooner & relieved some of my stress.

Tomorrow is the day!!!

My anxiety is in full force! Not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight. Worried about feeling confident about what we decide tomorrow on size, the anesthesia, recovery & of course loving my results. I know my worries are no different than anyone else I'm sure. The main thing that keeps me from completely freaking is all the amazing reviews on Dr. Krau. I hope in the end I will be posting my amazing after pics & recovery as well! :)

1st day follow-up

The night after surgery was pretty rough. I took my oxycodone pain pills which ended up making me throw up & put so much pain & stress on my chest. I couldn't take the pain meds because of this so I was pretty uncomfortable to say the least. Pain levels I've never felt before. When heading into my follow-up the pain was very intense (no pain med). Sonia (nurse) brought me into the exam room & when taking off my strap & bra, I almost passed out. It was the worst feeling. She said everything looked fine & I got a new script for vicodin (which ended up being a life-saver). I didn't see Dr.K. He was in surgery. I have my next follow-up in one week. I imagine I will see him then. I was very excited to look down & see cleavage for the first time. But they feel like they weigh a ton!

Cleavage gone!!

Day 2 post-opt & as fast as I had cleavage...its gone!! :( Not sure if that was just swelling but I hope they're not heading back out to the sides. They feel so big but I felt ok about it because I actually had cleavage. I know its super early. I hope they soften up & come back in. :(

Healing well

Most of the pain has subsided today. I took my strap & bra off to take a look & everything looks great so far. They definitely need to soften up & drop but I'm only post-opt day 3. I've got to keep reminding myself of that.


Feeling pretty excited about my results so far. It's too soon to tell exactly how they will look when fully healed but already I see a difference in all areas of my concern. The only thing I can't see is my insisions & stitches on my nipples because they're taped. I have a lot of swelling on the outsides & they're still very tight but I'm already really impressed. It's only been 3 days!

1 week post-opt

I had my follow-up w/ Dr. Krau & everything seems to be healing well. I was hoping he would say loose the strap (has been very painful) but he said it would still help to wear it during the day & night. Definitely at night to push implants down. I can't believe I thought I was loosing my cleavage as the swelling went down. It's definitely there! And I never imagined my boobs would not only have this amazing cleavage I've always wanted, but feel this soft. My boobs felt hard before, couldn't push them together if I tried & I could feel the bags on the sides. I'm sooooo happy I went with the silicone gel.

mondors cords

I developed Mondors cords on the left underside of my breast. Scary at first until I researched what they were & talked to the dr. I was told to apply heat & massage. I can break them if I want but they're painful & that seems scary.

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