Botched Boob Job 21 Years Old Need a Lift and Smaller Implants !! - Miami, FL

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I got a botched boob job in October of 2015 last...

I got a botched boob job in October of 2015 last breasts lost a lot of volume and were slightly saggy due to me having my son ....went to a local surgeon in Connecticut paid almost $8000 to have a fucked up botched boob job...she told me I didn't have to have a lift and I could get away with just implants..OVER MY MUSCLE...even a month after my procedure my boobs were saggy...!! And they're WAY TOO BIG I understand I gained maybe 10 lbs since but even post op they were just way too ridiculously big ...32DDD bras are too small...I have to wear sports bras no bra is big enough ! They're sooo heavy and uncomfortable and lopsided an terrible I've included many different angles ! Hopefully dr frieman can save the day..

Can't wait ! Times winding down!!!

So excited i fly in on the 19th!!! Getting it done on the 20th booked hotel everything and my friend is coming with me :) will keep y'all updated !

Hoping my labs clear !!

Monday I'll know if my EKG and labs clear ugh crossing my fingers

I fly out in the morning !!

I fly out in the morning 7 am for my pre op ahh I'm so nervous even though I've had this done before lol it came SO QUICKLY !!!

On way to airport

Not sure if anyone's reading my thing or not lol but currently driving to airport will update when I'm in my 1 hour of sleep soooo tiredddd. I'm in Connecticut it's a 3 hour direct flight ..not too bad. Also I messed up the doctors name on here lol it's Jacob freiman I spelled it wrong I suck wonder if an admin can fix ?

Can y'all admins change the doctor again???

I actually just found out I'm going with dr Scott loessin instead my surgery is at 2 pm tomorrow

About to go in last minute pics

About to get hooked up and meet dr loessin...not as nervous as I was last time but I just want it over with already ugh here's last minute before

All done

Didn't get into surgery until 3, I currently am in pain but it's NOWHERE like the first time I actually went grocery shopping directly after lol didn't lift any bags don't worry my friend did; eating peanut butter toast and tons of pineapple now for inflammation and swelling ..took my pain pill just now and my antibiotic.
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