Breast Implant Revision with Belladerm, CC Grade IV, Implant Malposition. Hypertrophic BB and TT Scars Revision. - Miami, FL

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One year ago I got a TT and BA with Benelli lift....

One year ago I got a TT and BA with Benelli lift. Unfortunately my body didn't heal as well as expected, I developed a severe capsular contracture on my R breast and some indentation with loosening or the pocket on my L breast one. My scars are hypertrophic. I spent a lot of money in biocorneum but didn't help at all, tried tape too. I decided to just redo them and Dr suggested laser as soon as I can. We will see. I'm also using smaller implants this time, I was always concerned about how big they are, currently I'm a 34C sometimes a 32 DD. I'm a bit nervous about my decision of going smaller, someone told me my cleavage would be affected but sigh what can I do. Also kind of sad I have to go under again and start again a new healing process... I'm a devoted yoga practitioner and a runner, it was very frustrating not being able to exercise for a while but well trying to stay positive that this is the best for me and my body and hoping I heal much better this time. Dr H will be using Belladerm on my R side. It will be very appreciated If anyone has suggestions or advice. Also if anyone here has used the marble on the belly button and knows where and what kind should I get please let me know. Thanks!!

Today is the day :D

Anesthesiologist called me last night and said I could eat something around 4 am since my surgery is scheduled at 1 pm. So I did that, I had a good night sleep, I'm a bit anxious but thinking positive about everything :)

Ahhhh home sweet home

Well apparently everything went well.... Filled out paper work... Saw Dr H for a little bit he painted me with his magic sharpie, he said he was going to try to put my TT incision lower, he draw on my hips for the Lipo, and he said going smaller will change about a quarter of size... Then he was very kind and helped me put on my robe.... The surgery room was freaking North Pole and I was shivering, Jennifer my nurse at the surgery room was super sweet, last time I went under I felt burning in my arm before passed out and that had me a little paranoid, Jenniffer hold my hand and everything went smooth...
I woke up or they woke me up not sure, everything was very quick and I was in my friends car in minutes... I was in pain and been having non stop burrrrning on my incisions especially my TT. My friend made sure they gave me the Percocet ASAP because last time the pain kicked in and wasn't pretty.... I got home around 6 pm, I Think... My mom is taking care of me... I have 2 drains, I think one on each boob, the right one filled out quick and alot. Right side hurts more... Where I got th ADM, TT incision burrrrrns, I have period cramps also meh but in general I feel okay....I don't want to look yet... I don't want to think about it either... I'm just happy my alive :)
It's 8 pm and drank 3 bottles of coconut water already, I feel I'm in the dessert... Had a bit of food and will take a chamomile tea later with my Valium so I can sleep in Lalaland for a good time hopefully...
Wish they had a number where I can call for questions but the only number is Dr H and don't want to bother with silliness, my throat is dry and wonder if I can take a a ricola or something.... Halls maybe?
Anyways will blog about everything byyeee

Long night but all good :)

Went to bed with a Valium and wasn't sure if I was sleeping or hallucinating hehe... Woke up several times to pee... Little bit of pain here and there nothing major m, I've been taking my meds on time before waiting pain to kick in. Talked to Dr H last night and he told me he used Belladerm in both breasts because he ended up having some extra, that's why I have 2 drains. My throat continues sore... Had some honey... Been eating often little snacks fruits protein and drinking lots of coconut water. The only thing that worries me is my eye, I have a black eye not sure from where, yesterday was red and swollen today turned purple... Asked Dr H and he said "I'm not eye doctor, I don't know, I don't know" he is some random can jump from nice to what the heck, in a second. Asked the anesthesist this morning and told me to put ice and take Motrin, which I know I'm forbidden to take *rolls Eyes* Not sure If someone hit me while i was out Or I hit Or scratched my eye. It's a bit painful but nothing major... I'll just wait to resolve itself...
I'm completely covered in bandages so not sure how I look and rather not to worry about it too much :)

What a longgg day

I've been so sleepy and drowsy today, no energy at all, I have been eating properly but haven't gone to the bathroom since before surgery. Took some magnesium citrate to see if it helps with my constipation but nothing yet, made me fell super nauseous but better now... I was supposed to take the pain meds an hour ago but I'm waiting to see how much I can handle, I'm sure those pills are the reason for my stomach upset. Oh and did I say itchy?!!! I'm itching from head to toes, I have tape all over and it's red and irritated but I guess can't take it off until I see doctor on Monday....
I don't have any compression garment or anything and have huge bruises on my hips from Lipo, I keep draining from somewhere I can't tell where...
Going back to zzzz hopefully my next update is more upbeat zzzz

First post op visit

Today is my 4th day post op. I feel ok, maybe just weak even though I've been eating well and resting. Today I saw Dr. H, they took my bandages and Dr said everything seems good, I have to wait to take drains off until Thursday because I'm still draining more than 50 ccs. I got a bra, L boob looks smaller than R. I'm a aware they are different sizes and also that R side has more Belladerm than L. They seem ok, I feel ok, I don't see contractures or malpositions anymore just bruises hehe.
My scars are uncovered, I'm swollen and well the only thing I can do is to be patient and let my body heal... All I know is not joke, it takes a toll on you physically and mentally and I don't get how some people just do it on the regular...

What day is today?

Last night didn't sleep well so trying to catch up during the day. I haven't had any pain since Saturday, no pain meds either and today I have been having this intense pain on my R side, next to the drain. I thought I could be the bra and took it off but nothing, called The office waiting for them to call me back. I still drain 75 cc at day and 75 cc at night on R side, L side very little. Read yesterday on Phisycal Therapy website about the importance of rest when you have drains after a breast reconstruction/revision, it said rest, do nothing, including the next 3 days after drains are out, good thing I read that because I was going to hide them and go for a walk to the park hehe. It's not easy being at home for so long when you are my kind of active. My mom has been so helpful and caring like always love her so much. My boobs look ok I guess, L side looks like going towards the side a bit and that bothers me a lot, I thought that was going to be fixed. I don't know if I made a mistake going smaller but I'm not going to torture myself thinking about it either. Wish I had used one of those breast augmentation simulators before I did all this. Well still early not sure what final result will be so not going to rush either.
Other than that I'm ok, finished antibiotics yesterday. I'm pretty bruised on my hips so I massage twice at day with arnica but not wearing any garment yet. My BB scar looks well can't tell, just know my hypertrophic scar is not there anymore so YAY for that, same my TT scar... Then my brain says hell cant believe I'm here again! I've been researching about hyperbaric chambers, lasers and all the scar healing stuff. Also I drink like 2 liters of coconut water at day, it's so amazing hydrating and refreshing. Hope everyone is healing well :)

2 weeks post op

Well things have been going smooth with a few exceptions. Dr took my drains out last Thursday and it was holy mother of God, so freaking painful... Last time I had one for my TT, I barely felt a discomfort but this time I screamed and cried, not fun, I guess breasts are more sensitive and well my tummy on that time was partially numb. Two days after drains came out I had pains and burns mostly on L side, I was so extremely itchy and developed Hives on the sides of my breasts, flipped out thinking I had allergy to the Belladerm, oooffff, I took Benadryl put some cortisone cream, didn't really help, it was over the weekend so couldn't talk to anyone on the office and didn't really want to call my dr and bother so just waited until Monday. They told me I had allergy to the tape that was on the drains and to take out my steri strips. I went in the shower and tried but yikes! I had so many scabs, I freaked out and just decided to wait until my next app. The itching calmed down and it was more like coming and going than constantly there. Yesterday I saw Dr H again, he took the steri strips off and surprise I have a blister ????. Hopefully it resolves on its own soon. Other than that I think they look great, I'm glad I changed to smaller implants, I feel more like myself, R looks bigger than right, but I'm aware not only that implant is bigger but also that I'm probably more swollen there because that's the side that had more work. My L one looks bruised and well has the blister. Dr said massage is not necessary this time. Regarding my TT and B scars, they look so thin and good! I hope they stay like that, Dr told me I have to start scar treatment now, I spent about $800 on Biocorneum last year and didn't really help so I'm sticking to silicone tape this time and massage scar. I walked yesterday 1 mile :), I'm addicted to exercise but I know this time I have to take it easy. I've been sleeping on my back but can't get to be comfortable this way, however I know how important it is. I slept on my left side all the time after my first surgery and even though people tells me it's not related m, I could see how my L implant was shifting and mal positioning and I think sleeping all night on one side was part of it. I've been driving, the only struggle I find is opening and closing the doors m, I drive a truck, so I use my feet or someone around to help me. Hope everyone is heading well in here :)

It's been a month!

Hi ladies, feeling much better now. Well a couple weeks ago I had this awful chest pain couldn't talk or breathe, ended up going to the ER, ooooffff , not fun, I don't smoke but they needed to rule out ia clot on my lung or something, I seriously never had a pain like that. After tests and stuff doctor said I had a strain on an intercostal muscle, I had to be basically without moving for couple days. He said I might had done more than I was supposed to and since my pecs are weak other muscles compensated to help and got hurt. Or something like that, took antiinflamatories and rested... When I had that pain I called Dr H and the girl on the phone told me to just go to ER so that's what I did, it was scary and annoying but glad wasn't something major. Since then I've been pacing myself not doing much, just nice walks several times at week.
My scars look ok, I massage them daily, twice at day when I can, I use bio oil, coconut oil or aloe Vera. I put silicone tape most of the day, I got a pretty good cheap on, on amazone. My boobs size looks soooo much better now, I finally don't feel like a bimbo haha, they look great, at the beginning one looked way smaller than the other but they seem to look similar day by day. It's Mother's Day so happy mother's day to everyone here! I'm going boating so I'll be wearing a bikini and pretty excited about the day. Of course I'll wear some Biocorneum and good sunscreen! :)

Post 6 weeks

Hi Ladies, feeling much better now, Saw Dr H Last week and he gave me Green light to exercise. I've been doing little jogs 3 miles few times at week, I feel so out of shape though! Not yoga for now, I feel it's too much for my pecs now and I'm scared f contractures again, so I might stay away from Yoga for at least 6 months, which breaks my heart but oh well. I'll start spinning next week that I adore and miss so much too! Dr said I can start with laser treatment, at his office they have a laser called bbl $600 per session. My dermatologist uses another laser called Vbeam $350 per session. Not sure yet which one to use, I'm making my research. Eating super healthy and massaging and using the tape for now. Hope everyone is doing well :)

6 months post op Capsular contracture revision, Tummy Tuck/belly button scar revision

When I started developing Capsular contractures, I developed them in both breasts R more than L, L side seemed mal positioned as well. During that year Dr Hochstein changed 4 times his mind about the revision, he said first you have to use graft in both breasts, then on the next appointment just on the Right, on the next one we have to do both, when I was ready for the surgery even I asked several times and I actually had the money to do both breasts with grafts, he said just the Right. I was extremely confused since I could see both of my breasts were a mess. I asked his assistant once more and she said "he knows what he is doing if it's not broke it don't fix it" thing is both of my breasts were bad not just the right one. However I kept trusting them and just paid for one breast. After the surgery doctor said that he had a bit extra of graft and that he used it on the Left. I thought why? If he said I didn't need it before, but I just kept it to myself. Now 6 months later I have developed again a contracture on my left breast, it's uncomfortable and sometimes painful, my left breast is hard and it shows an indentation on the lateral inferior side. I've been having feelings of anger, sadness, disappointment but well what can I do, I haven't seen Dr Hochstein, I'm so upset, but I guess I'm going to have to see him and confront the situation. I never thought I was going to have to go under again, let alone go through the whole process of recovery and the payment!! Sigh
My scars are relatively better not as thick not as purple, my belly button still looks weird very small and circular but not as bad as before. I keep scar tape 80% of the time. I'm hoping to use some laser in the future to improve them.
The photo upload is currently disabled so I'll post some later.

6 months post Capsular contracture revision, Tummy tuck and belly button scar revision

6 months post cc revision TT scar revision photos

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Hochstein is very professional, my body didn't heal well but I'm hoping this time around with his talent he is able to help me get the results I'm hoping for.

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