Implant Removal W/ Lift - Miami, FL

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My journey is a long one so I’ll try to keep it a...

My journey is a long one so I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. After 4 surgeries over the past 5 years to correct reoccurring Capsule Contracture and bottoming out I’ve finally decided enough is enough, I will be having my implants removed and a full lift procedure come Sept 9th. So everything started in 2010 when I got my first set of implants, I was so excited and over the moon but that only lasted about 6 months before my issues began!! In Oct of 2015 my right breast bottomed out so I had a revision surgery the PS I used basically turned my outer side of my right breast into a giant mess by inserting WAY WAY too many internal sutures to keep my muscle from giving out, my entire side by my arm tucks so far underneath that its causing my breast to be uneven, after that surgery I ended up with 2 separate cases of contracture so I had 2 more surgeries with this particular Dr. After the third surgery he gave up after his attempts failed and left me looking completely deformed. I then moved onto Dr H. (in Miami) he suggested Stratisse be placed over my implant and said there is only about a 7% change of the CC coming back, well apparently I’m one of those 7%. It worked for about a year then earlier this year I started noticing my breast shape starting to change, and not in a good way lol. I contacted Dr H time and time again to tell him it was coming back and he kept dismissing my concerns telling me it was fine. I was frustrated so a few weeks ago I went to a new dr. here in Boca for a second opinion since I felt I was getting nowhere with Dr. H. Boca PS confirmed the CC is coming back and offered a few options, of course one of those options was revision surgery at the lovely cost of only $22k or he’ll remove and lift for $10k!!! So I got frustrated and sent my Miami PS an email and vented to him about how he has been negligent and arrogant in the way he responds to my concerns and told him everything my second opinion dr had told me, as well as sent him pictures to show how bad it has gotten again. He contacted me very shortly after and was very apologetic and asked me to come in to see him. The following week my husband and I went to see him and he flat out told me if the stratisse didn’t work there are no other options, he said he can perform a lift and maybe it’ll help the current situation but he can’t be sure and there are no guarantees. By the time I went to see him though I had already told myself I was done with this, done with the surgeries, done with the stress, done with wasting sooooo much money and done with feeling like my body is ruined. I had made the decision and came to terms with wanting an explant and lift and I explained all of this to him. He said he will be more than happy to perform the surgery and even offered a large discount price to me, thank goodness. So here I am now, I will be explanting Sept 9th and I’m extremely excited to put all of this behind me

Surgery yesterday

Well my surgery was yesterday, was kind of annoyed when i got to the surgical center to find out the roads to get to the center were blocked off by police and fire trucks so I was 40 min late then they pushed my surgery time back 2 hours!!!! I had to sit in a freezing cold center way too long lol!! Other than that, Everything went well, implants removed with a full lift, was in a little pain yesterday but nothing unbearable at all. The pain was more of an achy dull annoying pain than anything. Finally got to eat around 6pm, I was so so starving!! I took a pain pill at that time then another along with a Valium to help me sleep around 10 and passed out. I haven't needed any pain meds since so hopefully I stay this comfortable going forward. Post Op is Monday so all bandages will get taken off and I'll see what I look like then *yikes* hopefully I have some breast tissue left. Wish me luck!!

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