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It’s been more than four years since my procedure at Miami Breast Center by Doc Roger Khouri. I never got around to sharing my experience, because I was waiting to heal completely and then life just got in the way (I had a toddler at the time). But a friend recently had a terrible experience with her breast implants. She had breast surgery somewhere here in Miami FL and it reminded me how lucky I was to have found Khouri.
Also, since my breast surgery, there have been times where the staff at Miami Breast have asked me to share my experience with other women who are considering a transfer to the breast procedure with Roger Khouri. I’ve spoken to about 4-5 women and shared my fat transfer experience with them, in a lot of detail and answered their questions as best as I could. I realize that many are in the same shoes I once was: scared. This also motivated me to post my review of the Breast Center Miami.
More women need to know about this wonderful option of enlarging your breasts with your own fat.
When I saw Doc Roger Khouri, I was a mere A cup and after breast feeding for one year, I had the typical deflated breast that many mothers experience. I’m a little embarrassed to say that it was my husband who actually scheduled the appointment here in Miami for me. I wanted to make my husband happy, although some women may not agree with that. Every other women you see in Miami fl has had something ‘done’. But I was scared. I’ve always been a scaredy cat.
My appearance bothered me. I always had a small bust but I didn’t obsess over it. I felt small and slightly uncomfortable in the presence of a woman blessed with larger breasts. I would have probably just lived with small, deflated, A-size breasts forever because I’m not a vain person. However, I did love the appearance of my breasts while I was nursing and they were engorged with breast milk.
Although my husband was the one who pushed me to see Roger Khouri, it was my decision to commit to the process. And it sure made a lot of sense to do fat transfer to breast instead of implants. It was not an easy decision but after everything I am very happy I went through with it. And I would do it again.
I live here in Miami FL so having it done locally at Miami Breast made a lot of sense for me. What convinced me was the fact that I would never have to do another surgery again. With breast implants, for sure I’d have to have other breast surgeries in the future, to replace the implants or in the worst case scenario, to correct any issues. The fat transfer to the breast was permanent and would not require other surgeries. And as I mentioned, I am a scaredy cat. I did not want to think of another possible breast surgery.
When I met with Roger Khouri at the Miami Breast Center he was very nice and caring. He spoke very passionately about his technique. He explained what he does and why he does it this way in much detail. Khouri kept mentioning ‘survival of the fat’ and not wanting the ‘fat to die’. Later after doing more research I understood. I learned this fat procedure, transfer to breast can be performed differently depending on who performs your breast surgery. In other words, every breast surgeon pretty much does what they think is best and that’s why the results vary. Beware ladies: there are many unexperienced breast surgeons out there claiming to do fat transfer to the breast, even here in Miami FL, but don’t just believe what they say. Do your research before.
My husband did his homework and Roger Khouri seemed to be one of the most respected surgeons in this field, other surgeons come to learn how to perform this breast surgery from him. Plus he had published several prominent studies showing successful results. And I had him in my backyard in Miami FL! So that’s why we chose him.
Another detail that convinced me was when Khouri asked if I planned on having more children. He was concerned that if I did have more children and if I did breast feed them again that something similar would occur with my breasts. He explained that my breasts were going to feel and behave like a natural breast. And even women with larger breasts tend to experience the deflated syndrome after nursing. So he wanted me to know and consider this before proceeding. In other words he was suggesting that I wanted to have more children, that I should have them before the fat transfer surgery. I really appreciated his honesty. He was not just trying to take my money. He wanted me to consider my situation and decide if it was the right time for me, even if it meant I would wait. This really sealed the deal for me. Since my husband and I were not planning on expanding our family of three, I decided on having my breast surgery with Roger Khouri.
Wearing the brava breast expander before surgery was cumbersome but as the saying goes, “No pain, No gain”. The stretching of the breast was the most noticeable when I started using the turbo machine. It really made a difference. I even had to purchase a larger set of domes because I outgrew the first set once I started the turbo.
I wore the brava domes for 4 weeks leading up to my breast surgery. The hardest part was at the beginning because I’m a side sleeper and sleeping on my back took some getting used to. Also, I got a few blisters on my skin around my breast, close to the center of my chest, because I was too eager and wanted to wear it for too long, too soon.
The Miami Breast Center team was always readily available when I needed them. And boy did I need their guidance while wearing the brava.
The last week before my breast surgery I was wearing the brava for approximately 16 hours per day. And the last three days it was almost non-stop. When I went in the morning of my surgery, I came in with the domes on and they were removed right before going under.
In one of my consultations at the Miami Breast Center, doc Roger Khouri helped me decide where to transfer my fat from. Because I’m rather thin, we decided on taking fat from my belly and legs, around my thighs. Thinking back, I wish I had taken it from my love handles also. (He kept telling me he could make me a butt with just the fat in my love handles (lol), but I was too scared. I wonder, did anyone else do a buttocks with their own fat? I kind of wish I had.)
He had me come in the day before to mark the liposuction areas and breast injection areas. He used a marker of some sort.
I don’t remember too much. I know I was nervous driving to the Breast Center Miami. Khouri had told me other surgeons were going to be present to learn his fat transfer technique and when I arrived to the Breast Center and saw the other surgeons it actually made me feel assured. Surely things would go well if he was training other surgeons. Surely having more hands on deck was in my best interest. Surely I’d have the best results.
When I woke up I kept shaking, a normal side effect of the breast surgery. I would fall back asleep and talked nonsense because of the effects of the anesthesia. The surgery staff at Miami breast were very attentive and kept me as warm as possible with warm blankets. My breasts were wrapped and I had a compression garment from my waist down to my calves. I was supposed to keep the garment on for several weeks.
I was sent home a few hours later after the shaking subsided and once doc Roger Khouri released me.
The first few days after surgery were rough. The oozing from all the needle pricks around my breasts and liposuction sites, where the fat was taken from, kept me wet and cold. But that only lasted 2 -3 days. The pain was concentrated in the liposuction areas and not so much in the breasts, which was surprising. It was manageable with over the counter pain killers, although Khouri prescribed stronger narcotics that were at my disposal. My husband was by my side whenever I needed help to sit up and get out of bed.
The hardest part was not being able to carry my baby. She was 2 years old and wanted me to pick her up and it broke my heart not being able to.
I went back for my post op appointment at the Breast Center Miami and met with doc Roger Khouri again about four days after my breast surgery. My recovery was right on track. And he instructed me to continue wearing the brava. The next couple of months were crucial in order to keep the most new fat in my breasts alive.
Within a week I felt well enough to go out and started doing minor chores around the house. I went back to work and nobody noticed I had had a breast surgery. I would walk slowly because the pain was present in the liposuction areas but it was manageable.
After surgery I wore the brava for almost two months (at night) to make sure the transplanted fat did not die. By the end of the second month after my transfer to breast I was ready to throw those brava domes out the window! But like I said before, I was committed to make the best of this, so I wore them religiously.
My legs felt slightly numb in certain liposuction areas 2-3 months after my surgery. The bruising had gone away and the full feeling in my legs came back fully between 3-5 months after the transfer to breast.
I’ve read that some women only go up one cup size. So I must have been lucky or very compliant with the instructions because I ended up a C cup! I don’t know how to express how very happy I am with my results. But I COULD tell you how happy my husband is!
Personally, I couldn’t believe how natural my breasts looked! I was meant to be a C cup. It goes so well with my body frame and height. It don’t look too large. It looks just right. They are my same shape just larger. No one has ever asked me if I have implants. There is a clear distinction with implants.
My wonderful breast surgeon, Roger Khouri, did a great job. He told me my breast size would decrease a bit when the swelling went down. But after four years I’m pretty sure my breast size will not decrease anymore. My final size achieved and maintained IS a C cup size!
I feel more comfortable in my body. It’s amazing the self-esteem boost I got after my fat transfer. I would highly recommend Roger Khouri for fat transfer breast surgery in a heartbeat.
Shortly after my surgery, I discovered a small lump in my right breast. I was told it could possibly be fat necrosis. This is when damaged or dead fat cells form a palpable benign lump. It didn’t hurt but I had a mammogram done anyway. It came back normal. Doc Khouri said he could remove it with a needle. It doesn’t really bother, it doesn’t hurt. So I never did anything about it. I never went back to the Breast Center Miami. I have had my regular women wellness tests and everything is always normal. Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone had them removed? Photos coming soon....after all this typing I'm tired.

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