AFT Breast Reconstruction; External Suction Expander Right Breast, Internal Expander Left Breast, Tx. - Miami, FL

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My expectations are that this process will take...

My expectations are that this process will take dedication, patience, and perseverance.
My goal is to have modest somewhat realistic breasts made of fat.
I understand various methods and techniques that are used and expect to be told in advance which ones will be used.
I expect some pain but this is usually minimal in the hands of a skilled surgeon.
I have read other reviews about Dr. Kouri and will report my experiences after my first procedure.
Perhaps in the future I will reveal my nightmare experience, in San Antonio, that got me into this condition.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

November 10, 2015 Haven't interacted with Dr. Khouri yet, but all interactions with this office have been fine. September 29, 2016 Have interacted with Dr. Khouri now, he would be considered quirky by some but, I just adore these people. I'm actually appreciating the process and the people.

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