One month old already! Healing nicely! Satisfied Breast Augmentation- Round Silicon, Sub Muscular Moderate 457 & 421 cc's & Lipo

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I would like to start this blog to inform anyone...

I would like to start this blog to inform anyone interested in this procedure with the valuable information and research I have come across in the process. This has been a long road for me, as it has been something I've wanted for many many years now. I would say to anyone debating plastic surgery, if this is something you truly want to do for your happiness then absolutely go for it. You will get many mixed reviews from different people in your life, and most times the opinions you receive will be negative. The negative comments are usually due to the person being uninformed, and I would take them with a grain of salt as it is your final decision to decide what will ultimately make you happy and feel good about yourself. I just happen to have the most supportive fiancé in all recorded history. He has been my rock, my research partner, and my absolute best friend through this whole process. He understands what it means to me and is 110% supportive. I'm so lucky to have him! With that said, I started my journey originally just wanting a breast augmentation. I've wanted this as far back as I can remember. I personally feel that it'll be the boost in confidence that I need and besides who doesn't like boobies ;)
It started as an idea, that I thought was almost out of reach, but it has slowly come together and is now becoming a reality. We started our silly research, called Boobapalooza, where we would surf before and after photos online getting an idea of what I like and don't like. Only then did we realize the complexity of boob research, and it then became the search for the perfect implant. But so many questions; What type of implant, what amount of cc's to determine the size, the profile, the incision site, sub muscular, sub glandular? All of the different options really depend on the style and the overall look you are looking to achieve. This was confusing at first but as we got more informed, we became experts at Boobapalooza and narrowed it down to exactly the look that I wanted. I will elaborate on that process in the next post. My final decision is a round silicon implant, sub muscular with a periareolar incision, moderate profile with 457cc's on the left and 492 cc's on the right to correct natural unevenness. I also decided through all of our informative research, that I was also interested in have liposuction on my abdominal and hips, inner and outer thighs. I will also elaborate on how I came to this decision. The best motto that we came across to describe liposuction is this, people who need it the least benefit the most.

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Choosing Your Surgeon
What Liposuction Can Do For You
The Consultation
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Before photos

Here are my before photos. For the sake of medicine there's no modesty. ;)

Choosing The Perfect Implant For You- Part 1

I would say that this was the most time consuming and the most confusing part of this whole process. And even more so when I realized all of the different variations of breast implants there actually are. I say confusing, only because it's quite easy to get carried away focusing on the size that you want to become or the number of cc's or even the profile style. When in actuality every size and style is different on each individual person, for instance 450 cc's could end up being a C cup on one person and the same 450cc's could be a D cup on another. So what I did to try to simplify the process, and also keep me focused on getting the end result that I wanted for me was to just start by gathering photos of completed breast implants that appealed to me aesthetically. I surfed the internet and saved all of the boobs that I visually liked. This wasn't all done in one sitting and this was where Boobapalooza was born. My fiancé and I would literally look for a couple hours at night maybe once a week, and this continued for about two months. We celebrated Boobapalooza in all its glory. :) In doing this I was able to see what each set that I chose had in common. I also think it's just as important to be able to express to your surgeon what you DON'T like, just as much as what you DO like.
So let's start with the profile; the profile is how the implant projects from your chest. Implants come in a variety of profiles, low profile, moderate profile, moderate plus profile, high profile, extra full profile. Ultimately you want to choose what is going to fit your body type best. A high profile may not look right if you have a wider chest cavity. Where a moderate or moderate plus profile may look better on a wider chest only because it is actually a wider implant and will also give that sexy look of side boob. (Yay!) The high profile gives that upper pole fullness because it has a more narrow base but projects out more, so they will always look like they are sitting high, with the more rounded look at the top. I decided that the look I wanted was something that was somewhat natural, yet big, but not cartoonish. I want someone to look at me and say, "Wow, those look great!" Not, "I wonder who her surgeon was?" I am 30 years old, 5'4" in height and I weigh 140 lbs. I'm currently a 34 B cup and I would say my chest cavity is on the wider side, so for the look I want I'm going with moderate.
The next biggest factor is the placement of the implant, it can be either placed sub muscular (under the pectoral muscle) or sub glandular (behind the mammary gland). Now depending on what you are trying to achieve and what you're currently blessed with your surgeon may suggest otherwise. However this one actually seemed like a no brainer to me, I chose sub muscular and I'll tell you why. Sub glandular will actually give you more cleavage and allow a bigger implant to be used with less recovery time and less discomfort BUT sub glandular will also look the least natural, there is a greater chance in rippling of the implant (this is not a pretty sight!), capsular contracture is more likely to occur (this is scar tissue forming around the implant causing firmness and over time, discomfort), and this placement will also interfere with mammogram procedures. Due to the amount of cons and the shear fact that I do want a more natural look, I definitely want my implants placed sub muscularly. Also keep in mind your surgeon may have their preference and recommendations as well, and that should be taken into consideration. Your relationship and communication with your surgeon is going to be key in receiving the results you want, don't hold back.

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Choosing Your Surgeon
What Liposuction Can Do For You
The Consultation
The Pre-Op Appointment

One Week Pre-Op!

I just wanted to write a quick post in celebration of the one week mark prior to my surgery. I am overly excited, and completely prepared. I've been taking all of my recommended vitamins everyday, (which has been a multi-vitamin, and an iron supplement for the two weeks preceding my surgery and now I've added a vitamin C as of today to take for the next week and I will take a bromelain supplement for 2 days prior to my surgery). I also started washing my body with a germ inhibiting soap today, I just got a bar of Dial. It smells pretty good, and it's not too drying on my skin. As for shopping, I completed that last week! I made sure to get everything I'll need for the first week or so. Light foods like pudding, jello, fruit Popsicles, Apple sauce, soup, crackers, vitamin water, ginger-ale, etc. Essentially all of the stuff you might consume if you had the flu. I got a couple of loose fitting sweat pants, scrunchies (out of style, yes. But easier to use than an elastic. Smart.) I actually found large absorbent bed pads which I was pretty excited about, I guess I'm anticipating that I will leak. I got ABD pads also and I already filled all of my prescriptions. I am ready to go!
I'll post part 2 of my previous post shortly. Thank you for the support, I couldn't be happier!

Only 2 Days!!!!!!

So the past few days have been very hectic. I haven't forgotten about my other promised posts. ;) I'm a worrier, so I've just been making sure that everything is ready here at home base. I'm planning to not really be able to do much of anything for at least 5 days. I believe I have everything I need, I've been cleaning like a maniac and now I'm sleepless. It's a mixture of excitement and a little bit of nervousness that is setting in. I did get a Brazilian wax this past Saturday. I know that'll be a life saver! And of course my fiancé is keeping me grounded (what would I do without him

2 days out

I don't know what happened but part of the previous post was missing. So here's the rest of my thoughts-
My other saving grace has been this nifty pill organizer I bought (the other half's ingenious idea) I set it up two weeks ago and it's been so helpful, just grab and go in the morning. There's so many supplements to keep track of. Brilliant! I've also been washing twice a day with the Dial soap. Since we live two hours north of Miami, we will head down Wednesday night and stay in a hotel. I won't know the time of my surgery until the night before, I'm hoping for an early time slot. Post-op we will head home, I'm sure I won't remember much of anything. My biggest concern is getting nauseous after surgery, but my surgeon did prescribe me an anti-nausea pill so I guess I shouldn't worry. My dreams are finally coming true, and that is very exciting to say the least.

On my way to surgery!

I am on my way to the office! I'm pretty excited but even more so I'm starving and dying of thirst! Lol. I will survive, just a little 'hangry' as my fiancé calls it. They called me last night from the office to inform me that I had to be at the office at 4:15. Then the anesthesiologist called shortly after to verify some basic info and to inform me that I could not have a drop or a bite after midnight. Oh well, it's totally going to be worth it. We stayed in a hotel last night, it was so nice to just relax and nap away this rainy day. Well here goes nothing, I'll be back with an update. Say goodbye to the itty bitties!

I'm home in my bed!

I actually feel pretty good considering. Anesthesia and I don't mix well. I woke up crying for my fiancé and I guess I was moving around quite a bit. They had to calm me down because I started hyperventilateing. But all I wanted was the love of my life. The most pain is coming from the lipo areas and I have extreme lower back pain. I'm going to rest, more to come. My meds are kicking in and I can't see straight. Lol ;)

From the side

I am leaking everywhere from the lipo. 0_o

I've been sleeping a lot!

I've been resting and sleeping a lot but I also wake with quite a bit of pain in my chest. It's a lot of pressure. Peeing is the worst, not the actually event but the journey getting there. We have a pretty high bed, I didn't think about that. I have to step on a stool to get up and then shimmy on, it hurts to use my arms at all. I'm resting on the couch right now, not as comfy as my bed but easier to get on. I've walked around the house a few times with my fiancé and I get tired pretty quickly. It's hard to stand upright, however the longer I stand the easier it is for me to straighten out. I've been eating and drinking pretty well, pudding, applesauce, jello and crackers. Drinking vitamin water and ginger ale. I'm going to try some soup now. I'm so tired, more in a little bit.

Day two pictures

Here are a few new pictures. My left breast (smaller if the two implants) is more tender than my right. I've been able to get up and take two 10-15 minute walks outside, it feels good getting some fresh air! I've stopped taking the Percocet, it made me really nauseous, in favor of Extra Strength Tylenol. My butt hurts, not from the surgery, from laying in bed all day! As exhausting as my short walks have been they really seem to help me feel better!
More soon loves, thanks for all the support!

Making great strides

Hey! Just a quick update to let you all know how I'm feeling. Last night I only woke up once during the night. Considering that I am only taking extra strength Tylenol now, the pain is bearable. It's at it's worse early in the morning, but I think that is from being in one position for so long. As soon as I get up and move around a little I feel better instantly. I've gone on quite a few more walks outside, each one longer than the last. However I do get tired and winded easily. I've been napping on the couch, and from here I am able to get up and down by myself. The body is amazing though, it knows exactly what it needs to heal. Listen to your body, and just rest. I didn't think I'd feel this good so soon. I'll tell you what I am looking forward to, is getting these bandages off tomorrow, and getting my second stage compression garment for the lipo. This one is killing me, we put some gauze under the straps where it is cutting in. And besides that, the leakage from the lipo is starting to smell (not to be gross, just stating the facts ma'am) I can't wait to shower!!! My fiancé has been a saint, he has taken such good care of me. I strongly recommend having someone who can stay with you at least the first five days. I don't know what I would have done without him. He's fed me, helped me in and out of bed, given me my pills, changed my clothes, washed my clothes and blankets, brushed my hair, wiped me down with baby wipes, and has even put Chapstick on my lips. I am so lucky, he is the man of my dreams and I cannot wait to return the favor to him one day. The hardest part of having your best friend take care of you is that he cracks me up, and it hurts so badly to laugh. In fact it hurts to laugh, cough, hiccup, and I'm assuming to sneeze. (Thank goodness I haven't sneezed yet!) I have my appetite back, we actually shared a sub today. And I'm already going to the bathroom, I believe that has a lot to do with not taking the pain pills. Well I can't wait for the great unveiling tomorrow!!! Xo

En Route to the follow up!

Yay! We are on our way to the great unveiling! I cannot wait to unfurl these sweater puppies! I'm so excited! Especially to remove this soiled compression garment!!! A good shower will set me free! I will post pictures as soon as I can. See you soon loves! Xo

I Love Dr. Leonard Hochstein!

And the boob God has spoken! I am more than pleased with the results this far. Dr. Hochstein has always greeted me with a warm smile and a pleasant demeanor from the consultation to the post op follow up. As an expert he doesn't say more than needs to be said, however he answers all of my questions thoughtfully and I have never felt rushed or cheated out of time with him. When he says things are healing as they should, I believe him. There's really not much more to dwell on, all anybody should really look to receive is the facts and I believe the results will speak for themselves. Dr. Hochstein upholds his reputation as the best for a reason, he's a straight shooter and a professional. I'm not looking to have tea and crumpets with my plastic surgeon, however if my results are exactly what I envisioned, I respect him thoroughly and I'm comfortable with him what else could you ask for?

Bought my first bra!!!

I am really doing great. There's still a lot of soreness, but again I'm only taking extra strength Tylenol. So I'd say I'm doing well considering. The swelling seems to be going down somewhat. I've been up and about the past two days, drove my daughter to school, got a mani-pedi, went shopping. I do get tired though still, but as soon as I feel fatigued I say, "ok, enough. let's go." You must listen to your body, it knows best! This morning I went to Under Armor and bought the best bra ever!! The post-op bra that my doctor gave me is a 38D, it fits but it's not really as snug as I'd like it to be and I have it as tight as it can go. So Under Armor has an awesome sports bra! It's a Hi-Impact support bra and it's sized by cup size AND it zips in the front! So I tried a medium D cup and could not zip it up even a little bit. : D
Next I tried a large D cup, and this one I could zip. It fits really, really snug. Which I like, I think they really need to be supported at this critical healing point. Just for giggles I tried a large DD cup, there was room to spare in the cup. lol.
Other than that for updates I still take a nap when I can, and I suck at the boobie massaging. The way the nurse showed me how to do it is actually more of a pinch than a massage. You are supposed to grab from underneath with your thumb and forefinger and pinch up. It's not a very comfortable feeling and hard to do to yourself when you're anticipating discomfort. I try though. I'm doing more research on this method and other methods as well.
I still wake up once in the middle of the night, usually around 3. That's just the Tylenol wearing off though. Overall I'd say I'm doing pretty wonderful! More updates soon. Thank you for all of the support and well wishes!! Xo

Big Boobie Problems ;)

This was today's dilemma...

Reloading Video....

The first video would not play.

Third times a charm?

If this doesn't work I give up on videos.

Progressing Nicely- Healing is a Process.

Hi there! Sorry for the lapse in time from my last update. I have new pictures as of today to show my progress. I'm definitely still pretty sore but I can see my range of motion coming back in my arms with less and less pain. I am still taking it easy, no lifting, pushing or pulling anything over ten pounds. I am also still taking extra strength Tylenol, but the time between doses has extended quite a bit.
So, funny thing...turns out that the first bra that I was so excited to purchase was NOT the right size. After wearing it for a day, I quickly realized it was too small, as it was digging into my breasts. So I went back to the store and had my fiancé help me try on some other sizes. Turns out the best fitting Under Armour sports bra (the same style where it zips in the front) was actually a 34 DD! And it's still snug. I don't know if this will change as they drop and fluff, so I only bought that one. I also bought two reebok medium support bralettes (like the purple one in the picture) I love these because they look normal under a shirt until I'm able to wear a normal bra. The only downside to these bralettes is that by the end of the day my boobies really hurt because they really aren't all that supportive. I wear my post-op bra to bed and I am wearing my compression garment religiously, all day and all night! I really want to reap the benefits of my lipo, so I'm going to wear this thing as long as humanly possible. Speaking of the lipo, I am bruised quite a bit on my inner and outer thighs, however I had my abdomen and hips done as well and even though they are very tender to the touch there is no bruising in those areas at all. The incisions are so tiny and already closed up. With this particular procedure the incision sites are so tiny that no suture or stitch is required for closing the sites which will make scarring almost obsolete. There are 8 tiny incisions that I received, two on either side of my pelvic area, two on the outside of each thigh right by my hips, two on my back right above my butt (kinda on my cheeks) and two on the back of my thighs in the smile of my cheeks (these hurt the worst). I'm still so swollen. This is the most depressing part, because I won't actually see these final results until all of the swelling subsides which can take up to 9 months. It's a gradule reduction in swelling over time, but it could absolutely take that long for the body to completely recover from the procedure. I think once I'm able to work out again, that will really help as well. Time for sleep, more later loves. Xo

Frustrated with the swelling!

I'm just having a down moment regarding my swelling in the midsection and legs from lipo. I knew going into this that the results would not be instantly gratifying, but it still sucks being swollen and confined to this compression garment that I refuse to take off (other than to shower) I'm hoping to see some drastic improvement in the next week. I'm still taking all of my supplements, so I'm not really sure if there is anything else I should be doing. :(

It's hard to believe a whole month has gone by!

Sorry for being missing in action! I actually moved and started a new job in the past two weeks, which I strongly recommend NOT doing after having breast augmentation and especially NOT after having liposuction. It's been pretty hellish and exhausting to say the least. But anyways I am healing nicely, the bruising from the lipo is just about completely gone and the steri strips covering my incisions actually just came off this past Saturday. The incisions are perfect, I was honestly so scared to see them but they look great. There was one little stitch that has still not completely dissolved. The incisions are really sensitive and tender, and now have a completely different feeling since the steri strips have come off. My boobs are still sore as well and by the end of the day hurt. I also can tell the difference in my body swelling from the beginning to the end of the day. I still have this pain under my skin in all of the lipo areas and if I stretch it feels like a really tight rubberband is pulling on the inside. I have religiously worn my compression garment every single day and night. I only take it off to shower and apply the biocornium scar cream, which has also been applied religiously twice a day. I'm glad I got two compression garments, so that I always have a clean one on hand. But my body seriously hurts when I don't have the garment on. I don't like it. Also, I want to give a shoutout to the awesome Reebok sports bras I bought, I've worn them everyday! I spent over $100 on two different Under Armour sports bras, neither of which fit well at all.
OH MY GOODNESS! You're not going to believe this! I finally got the results back from how many cc's were removed during lipo.... No wonder my body still hurts! Dr. Hochstein removed 2,200 cc's from my body!!!! That's over a gallon!!!! Unbelievable. But I have an email in to him with pictures for my follow up since I'm not as close in proximity to him since i moved. I'll let you know what he says when I hear back from him. I just sent it today. I'm posting some new pics.
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