getting my ladies done-ba with salama - Miami, FL

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Hey babes So its been six months since my BBL. I...

Hey babes

So its been six months since my BBL. I LOVE MY RESULTS BTW! And now I need more. Sooo. I will be gettin my boobs lifted and implants with salama some time this yr.
Im calling Monday for the date n pricing im guessing somewhere around 3500. I want saline. I really want around a DD because I am six feet tall so I think it will look great on me. Right now im like a B small B. Im getting married in Cuba next May so I need my girls nice for my swim suit :-)!!

K talk soon lovas ?


Ok so, today I get emailed the quote for my implants with lift. I want saline implants which are the cheaper ones. I seen some girl on here say her lift was an extra 500.00 but today the quote was really high. Wonder if Ghurani is cheaper!
$4,599.00 is what Nancy emailed me. Which I am totally not going to pay!
I am only willing to pay 3500 max. Since I just gave the man 10,000 in January you would think
they would cut me a deal! FML
How much were your implants w/ lift?
If I cant get theprice I want from them, I am considering Spectrum esthetics in Miami their lift with implant is only 3100.00 and they do a super good job as well.

ok babes TTYL

deposit paid ...going to salama :-)

so I paid my deposit nancy said she can cut me a deal so they at going it for 4g even which is 4336 when I convert to us dollars... oh well gotta do what I gotta do :-p so lift with implants from the master himself! :-) excited to be going back. I haven't set a date yet still figuring some stuff out but probably sept. October of this yr :-); ttys

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