My Journey to Getting Boobies!!! - Miami, FL

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I decided to get a breast augmentation about seven...

I decided to get a breast augmentation about seven months ago. The thought about getting one has always been there since I was a teenager. I have never been content with my breast being so small. In addition to them being small, I have scoliosis which causes one to be A LOT smaller than the other. But even then BA has always just been a thought.

However, it was in January that I decided I'm going to finally get it done and I knew exactly who I wanted to be my surgeon. Growing up I would watch Body Works, a show on TLC about three plastic surgeons here in Miami, Fl. I always admired all of their works but Dr. Michael Kelly for some reason always stuck out to me. In January when I decided that I am going to go and get a BA I looked him up and found his contact info. However, it did take me about a month to call. I was nervous!!! I have only discussed to one close friend how unhappy I was with my breast and how I would love to get them done. She understood and supported me completely, she wants to get a BA too. But I wasn't sure how to tell my family even more important my mom. My mom's opinion matters the most to me and if I didn't have her support I might would not have booked the consultation. It took me about a month to get the courage to tell my mom my plans. And don't get me wrong my mom is very down to earth and always supportive. But for some silly reason I was nervous because I wasn't sure how she should react. my mom couldn't have been more supportive! And I was so relieved. :)

I made an appointment for my consultation but the next available appointment they had was in April! I had to wait two months! I didn't mind because in April I was turning 22, which means I could do silicone implants which is what I wanted.
After waiting those two LONG months the day finally came! I was going for a consultation and I was going to meet him, Dr. Michael Kelly, it seemed surreal. I was excited and nervous. My consultation could not have gone any better. EVERYONE WAS SO NICE!! I fell in love with Dr. Kelly all over again and with his entire staff. They treat you as if you are family. Dr. Kelly discussed the different methods he uses and which one he recommended for me. He recommended silicone implants ( I was happy), under the muscle and the incision to be around the areola. I trust him and told him I would choose what he recommends.
I went into my consultation not knowing much about sizes and ccs. I was able to try a lot of sizers and chose the 360cc for my left breast, I will need a larger implant for my right breast.
After the consultation I went home discussed the price and tried to see how I was going to afford it. After calculating my expenses and realizing I did afford it , I called my patient coordinator, which I love, and scheduled a surgery date!! HOW EXCITING!!! I wanted my surgery to be in July ( since I wont be in work or school until late august). We decided July 22 for my surgery date and July 1 for my pre op.

July 1 is here and I go to my pre op! And again I have a wonderful experience in the office. I come with a list of questions to ask Dr. Kelly; which was more than happy to answer all of them. He told me since I have a narrow ribcage I would have to get high profiles :) Dr. Kelly is such a sweet person. He told my mom not to worry about me going during the surgery, that he will treat me as if I am his daughter! He is AMAZING!!!

After going to my pre op, its when it really hit!! IM GETTING BOOBIES!!! And I started joining forums and so on. But then I read how everyone wished they went bigger!! And I started to have doubts with the size I chose in pre op.355cc. I'm still not sure if should do 355cc or 375cc?? I'm having my surgery in 10 days!! Yesterday I decided to call my patient coordinator and I told her how I was feeling. She told me to come in Tuesday so I can try on the sizers again and this way I can feel confident on a size before going into surgery! Now I just have to wait. AHHHH!! This is so nerve wrecking!!! But I am still confident with Dr. Kelly and I know on Tuesday we will settle on a size and I will have one less thing to worry about :D

Went in for final sizing!!! 375cc is the WINNER!!

I went in today to try on the sizers again after having doubts of the size I originally chose 355cc. When I got to my appointment today I tried the original one I chose and liked it :) But then I asked about how much ccs will I lose like I am going under the muscle. I was told about 10 to 15 percent. I asked to try on something bigger and tried 460 I think, but it was HUGE for me! I did not like it. I then asked for one between sizes. I tried on the 375cc and I liked. It wasn't much of a difference than the 355cc as everyone kept telling me. I figured I might as well go with the 375cc!! AHHHH!! I can't believe in 5 days I will have BOOBIES!! I am beyond excited!!! :D
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Dr. Michael Kelly is AMAZING!! I couldn't be any happier with how everything is going so far. His staff is wonderful too! They treat you like family and really care about their patients!

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