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Hi hi, Well I'm just getting started with this...

Hi hi,

Well I'm just getting started with this whole procedure, but I am extremely excited and a bit nervous. I've always wanted to do this, and now at 25yrs I am determined to have it done this year :)
My goal is to have it done in July and I will be having 5 consultations next week. The doctors I'm having my consultations with are : Dr Hochstein, Dr. Roudner, Dr. Rothfield, Dr Shuster and Dr. Revis.
I've never had any surgeries before or even had an extended stay Ina hospital so I am very nervous (I think I said that already..... But probably still good to mention it again)
I have a few questions in mind that I want to ask, but anyone else have any suggestions on the "hard hitting" questions I should be asking to find the right doctor for me?

1st Consultation Down! 3 more to go (one was cancelled)

Well ladies, I just had my first consultation with Dr. Rothfield. It went A-mazing! He was very patient and took the time to explain to me (in detail) every part of the procedure, what I should expect, any complications that can occur, the different types of implants that are available and the best profile for my frame. I was even given the chance to try on sizers to see what I would look like with implants!
To be honest, I felt completely comfortable with him, and even enjoyed the entire experience. I left the consultation super excited and wanting to immediately set up my procedure date, but my sister (who came with me) reminded me that I should still go to the other consultations and hear what the other doctors had to say.
So with that said I have my consultation with Dr. Hochstein tomorrow. Today's consultation assured me that this is something that I really do want for me and I feel like it'll only gets better from here on. Thanks for the continued support girls, your comments really have given me the encouragement that I need.

Decided on a doc

Hello ladies well after all my consultations I decided to go with Dr. Rothfield. It was a bit of tie between Dr. Rothfield and Dr. Revis, however my sister and I decided that we prefer the fact that Dr. Rothfield uses general anesthesia rather than local. And also to be honest I felt the most comfortable with him and I didn't feel like just another number. I also liked the fact that there were only good reviews about him. Although he is the most expensive, i feel that if done well this should only be a one time procedure so I may as well go with the doctor who makes me feel the most comfortable.
Now it's just time to decide on a date (hopefully in July) and to make the down payment :)

Paid my deposit and set the surgery date!!,

Well ladies. The deed is set! I'll be doing my surgery on the 25th July. So now it's just about choosing the right size. Right now, after having tried on sizers, I believe that I will do 350 cc silicone moderate plus profile. Has any one every done this size?

My body type

Oo I totally forgot to put a description about myself. I am 25yrs. I am currently 32A (bearly) at 116lbs and 5'3"

Before pics

Silicone or saline

Hi girls,

So after setting my date, I thought I had fully decided on silicone, but now I'm starting to second guess myself. When my PS told me about silicone providing a better "natural look" for my small amts of breast tissue it sounded great. But now I'm not so sure, while having a more natural look is what I'm going for, I'm worried about the incision site (I am Asian so I am worried that the "crease" scar will not fade completely). I don't want to do it in the areola because I read that I may cause difficulty breast feeding and since I MAY have children later on, I'd like to keep the breast feeding option open. So that leaves me in the armpit incision, but I know that that incision is better for saline.
Also, I am a bit worried about having to do an MRI every 3 years to make sure the silicone implant hasn't ruptured. Lastly I'm also worried that if in the future I'd like to take the implant out the silicone may be a more invasive procedure than the saline.
Lol I know that it sounds like I have my mind made up, but I really don't. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much girls

8 days away!!

Well I'm officially 8 days away. For some reason it still hasn't "hit" me yet that I'm actually doing this. Maybe it's because I have finished paying off for it yet or done the pre op tests (I'm currently out of the country). I am still really excited though. I have a consult with the doctor on Monday where ill pay off my balance and do the tests. I'm also meeting with him to discuss sizes (again!) and I'm worried about doing mod + instead of HP since I really want that upper breastfullness, but I guess we'll see what he says.
Right now I guess I'm just playing th count down game. I still have to go get supplies for after surgery. Any recommendations for the "must haves"?
Thanks for listening :) or should I say... Reading :)

A few more hours

Hi girls!! Well I'm only a few hours away now. I slept pretty well last night, but that's mostly because I exhausted myself cleaning! Lol. Well I'm pretty excited! I spoke with my ps on Monday and decided to go for 400cc, I wasn't sure what profile I'd like best so he says he's going to try on both during the surgery to see what looks best. I feel pretty calm right now (compared to how i thought I'd be)and I think a big part of that has to do with the fact that I really trust my ps and I believe he'll do a great job. Well that's all for now. I hope all goes well :). Thanks for listening

Last time with these twins

Surgery time pushed back

So I had water this morning. For some reason I thought that I only had to fast from food. So now my surgery has been pushed to last. So I have a few more hours of starvation and anxiety. Surprisingly I'm mostly upset about having to wait so long to eat. Lol ..... But either way I'm just all round frustrated :/

On the other side!

Hi ladies. Well I'm finally on the other side. I definitely couldn't post anything yesterday. I was soooo out of it. I went into the room at 230. The doctor came to talk to me. We didn't really discuss size again. He just told me that he'd have a bunch of sizers. He also asked what music I'd like them to play. Lol. After that the nurse came in and gave me bunch of different fluids. Then asked if I feel anything. I told her it felt as though I downed a bottle of wine and then that was it. I vaguely remember earig bob marley (which is the music I requested) and then then next thing I was waking up in recovery. I was sooooo tired and felt a ton of pressure on my chest. All I wanted to do was get outta there and go home and sleep. The doctor came in. I don't remember what he said but my sister later told me he used the 400cc HP.
When I got home I just slept until the next morning. I didn't even care to look at my boobs. Lol
I just had my first post up appt and got the ok to brush my hair. But I probably have to wait till Monday to shower :(

3 days PO

Well I'm 3 days PO. To be honest the worst day so far was right after the surgery. I was in a bit of pain but it was mostly the first time uncomfortableness. The rest of the days have just been a pretty heavy feeling on my chest. I'm gonna try to stop taking my pain meds today and just keep taking my Valium and antibiotics. I think the worst part is still trying to sit up (it hurts like a mofo). The ps basically gave me the go ahead to sleep however I'd like, but so far my back is still the most pain free way of sleeping. I still think my boobs look fairly small for 400cc, but the ps said as the swelling goes down they'll get bigger.... I was wondering if this ever happened to anyone?

Air bubbles under the skin?

Hi ladies sorry I haven't posted in a while. As I said I've been trying to move at the same time. Lol. Well recovery has been great. Honestly I probably took like 3 of pills from the pain meds and I haven't needed any ibuprofen or other pain killers. With my mom visiting I have been making a few trips to Walmart and such and I have to say those are exhausting as fudge. Although I'm not uncomfortable, I'm just still not really "up" for much in the sense of shopping and stuff. Over all I am excited for when I can go shopping and I'm super happy I did the procedure. My stitches are due to be taken out next week. The only thing I'm a little worried about is that I've been feeling little air bubbles on my upper chest wall and below my breast. My ps says my body will reasorb the air but I'm just curious as to how quickly that will happen?
Anyways I'll soon post pics. Thanks for reading girls :)

7 day pics

Should I be worried?

So my healing process has been great except for my left breast. I always have this uncomfortable sort of "winded" pain in a specific area. And now I've developed black and blue to match :/
Also I noticed today that the same left breast also looks slightly smaller and has taken on a different shape from my right breast. As my title said, should I be worried or is this normal?
I talk to my ps tomorrow but I'm just freaking out a little today... Which is actually the first time throughout this entire process that I've actually worried... So I guess that says something.
I guess my biggest concern is that I don't want to develop CC.

Doc says I'm ok and healing well

Well aside from the little freak out I had earlier I'm still really enjoying the wonderful world of boobie land.
I spoke with the doctor about all my concerns and he said it was all normal and part of the healing process. Phewwww
I don't really have much to update, except to say I'm sleeping a lot easier (in the sense that I can sleep on whatever side I'd like and it won't hurt)
My breast really don't feel any softer, but at the same time they aren't riding as high as they were 2 weeks ago.
I'm still having a little boobie greed wishing I could have gotten them a bit bigger, but the only thing that keeps me from having any "regret" about that is that the ps put as much cc's as he could, i.e I couldn't go any bigger even if I wanted to.
All in all I absolutely love my new additions. I haven't had one day of remorse over my decision. Also, before my BA I was a bit worried that some outfits wouldn't look "right" with bigger boobs, but I was soo wrong. I love everything that I try on with my new boobs!!! Oo I haven't gotten sized yet, I'm still waiting for them to soften a bit before I start sizing them.
I got the ok to start massaging, but after reading all the stories on here I was really expecting to have a more "aggressive" massage technique, but the ps gave me a really light massage technique, kinda like softly pinching my boobs and rubbing the incision line.
My only fear so far, is that I haven't seen anyone (who doesn't know about my surgery) yet, and I'm supposed to meet with friends soon. So I guess I'm just wondering if they'll notice....... :s
Anyways for all my BA girls that haven't done it yet, feel free to ask any questions (not that I'm an expert.. Just offering help) lol
Ill post some more Pics soon :)

New pics

Weston Plastic Surgeon

He was the first ps I met with and after meeting my fair share of ps' I was really happy with my decision to go with Dr. Rothfield. He was really caring and took his time to explain everything to me. My experience with him made me feel very calm about the entire process.

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