Breast Augmentation 35 Y/o Mother Who Breastfed -GREAT Experience, Which Resulted in PERFECT NATURAL Looking Breast! - Miami, FL

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I NEVER write reviews, but I felt compelled to...

I NEVER write reviews, but I felt compelled to share my breast augmentation experience, with Dr. Maercks’ practice. I highly recommend Dr. Rian Maercks for anyone interested in having the breast augmentation procedure; and he came highly recommended to me.

I am a 35 year old mother from NYC, who breastfed my child for one year, following my child’s birth. Although this was beneficial for my son, it was devastating for my breast. Over time, my breast quickly became very empty, deflated and flat. I had a lot of loose skin, because I was a full C/D bra cup prior to my pregnancy; and following my pregnancy I went down to a B/A bra cup size. I tried exercise and other natural remedies in an attempt to make my breast look fuller, though I came to realize that the only way that I would achieve having full breast again, was through surgery. I decided to treat myself to this procedure because I am in great shape, I work out regularly, and I wanted to do this for myself.

When I made this decision, I began to research the various procedures and implant options. I also met with various doctors for consultations. I am an attorney, so I am very picky and extremely thorough about any investment I enter into, including this one. And during this process I felt most comfortable and confident in Dr. Maercks’ abilities. He was very knowledgeable about not only the procedures “he” performs but also the other available procedures practiced elsewhere, and was not oppose to explaining them ALL to me. He was able to patiently counsel me on the procedure which he believed was best for me. I never felt rushed or pressured to use his services or his procedures. I also never felt as if he withheld any information, to benefit himself or his practice, or sway me in a particular direction.

I was impressed with the fact that it appeared that he was up to date on the new and existing procedures and studies, regarding the breast implantation procedure, including studies which related to reducing the risk of complications following the placement of implants.

I felt like Dr. Maercks was a perfectionist, which is what I wanted in a plastic surgeon. And he was not only a perfectionist when it related to the look and feel of the breast following the procedure, but also the safety and health aspects relating to the procedure. His focus was not creating full or big breast, but creating natural looking and feeling full breasts. Additionally, based on my research, the products (implants) he used were of good quality.

Ultimately, Dr. Maercks suggested that I use the cold-subfascial breast augmentation method, placing the implant through my armpits. Though, in some of my previous consultations with other doctors, the other doctors claimed that they could not insert the implants through my armpits (even though, obviously, the least visible scar would be in my armpit). These doctors told me that the implant I needed, to fill the loose skin in my breast, was too large to insert through my armpit, thus requiring the implant to be inserted through my nipple or under my breast. Though, Dr. Maercks never even brought this up as an issue, and was able to successfully insert the implant through my armpits.

On the day of my surgery, I went to Dr. Maercks’ office and was cheerfully greeted by Dr. Maercks and his wonderful, nice, and welcoming staff. I felt right at home. Nicole (one of the staff members at the office) even helped me find lodging, since I was coming from out of state (NYC). Melissa, his nurse, was also very informative, patient, and pleasant; and Sierra was extremely nice and professional. Everyone I met and interacted with in his office was phenomenal! The facility is also impeccable; it is clean and very modern and comfortable. You feel as if you are in an upscale hotel suite, rather than a cold hospital room. Though, the actual procedure room had every piece of equipment you could imagine you would find in an ER.

Additionally, during my consultation with Dr. Maercks, he made me aware of a new pain medication (Exparel), which he offers his patients for a minimal additional fee. This pain medication stays in your system and relieves your pain, for a few days, following the procedure. I was SO glad that I decided to spend the extra money for this medication, because it did exactly what it was suppose to do…it totally eliminated my need for ANY additional pain medication whatsoever, following my procedure. I was grateful for this because the Percocet, which is one of the medications I would have been prescribed, which is frequently prescribed for pain, following this procedure, makes ME extremely nauseous and dizzy. This was just another example of the doctor’s commitment to being up to date on the best and latest practices, related to this procedure. I have to say that during my visits with other doctors, none of them ever mentioned this as an option and I believe that this medication was the reason for my comfort and lack of pain, following my procedure. The only thing that I felt following the procedure was minimal pressure in my breast, from the swelling, which was normal, and totally bearable without any additional pain medication.

Dr. Maercks was also very easy to reach following my procedure. Every time I had a question or concern, he was immediately available via phone, even in the late hours of the evening. I thought this was amazing and it gave me an extraordinary amount of peace of mind, and every time he received one of my late calls, he never sounded annoyed, nor did he ever rush me off the phone. I always felt that he gave my questions and/or concerns, the time they needed. This was important for me, because this was the first surgery that I’ve ever undergone, and therefore, I was unaware of what things (body reactions) were normal, following surgery.

The results following my procedure were wonderful and just what I wanted (natural looking, full breast)! My significant other, as well as some of my family members, all raved about the natural and perfect look of my breasts. They all stated that if they did not know what my breast looked like before the surgery (regarding the deflated appearance), that they would have never known that I had implants, because they looked so natural (the shape, size and even the spacing between the two breasts). My significant other couldn’t believe how natural they felt as well, and said that he could not tell that an implant was present in my breast, when he felt my breast. He was amazed at how soft they were.

Today, I am almost a month out, from the procedure. Everything looks great including the incision area in my armpits, which are now almost invisible. I would recommend Dr. Maercks to anyone – whether you live in Miami or elsewhere like myself (NYC). Either way, you will get the time and attention you require. And his prices may be a little more than other doctors in the area, but as people always say…. “you get what you pay for,” and you do not want to be frugal when it comes to something that is so permanent and serious.

GOOD LUCK and I hope hearing a little about my experience was helpful!
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As indicated in my review, I had a great experience, in my dealings and interactions with Dr. Maercks. He was very knowledgeable about the procedure, patient and extremely informative. His bedside manner was professional and I felt comfortable throughout the entire process.

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