5/29/14 was the big day!!!- Miami, FL

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I have wanted boobs forever! LOL. I told myself I...

I have wanted boobs forever! LOL. I told myself I would get them for my 40th birthday,,I'll be 39 this Sept,,just couldn't wait any longer! I'm 5'6" around 125-127lbs. I hope to be a full C (I think) I don't even know what size I am now,,34-36A ish.

My biggest concern after is being able to workout!! Anyone who has gone thru this any tips would be greatly appreciated!

I have a very supportive husband, he doesn't think I need them but is fine with me going for it. I am super self conscious about them. I won't even change my shirt in front of my husband b/c they just disgust me.

Pre-op is 3-25 and I can't wait b/c I get to try some on. I'm going to Dr Hochstein. He is super nice and pretty well known here in Miami. I'm doing silicone and he expects somewhere between 391 -420 cc's. Peri-areaolar incision. If anyone has had this approach I love to hear how it went!
My husband's surprise 40th b-day is the day after surgery at our house! Should be interesting. Our moms and friends will be here so I won't need to do anything but boss people around (LOL,JK). I have a pretty high pain tolerance. Had a kidney stone, took some ibuprofen and still worked out. Threw out my back and still hobbled around the mall to go shopping. So we will see.
My cousin will be here and she has had hers done so I will be with someone who can sympathize. My poor mom is worried, old fashioned doesn't really believe in plastic surgery, but still very supportive, We are both RN's so we have done our research.
I' so happy I found this site. I've been reading all the stories I can. Thanks to all you girls posting! It's awesome to have some neutral support! Will post the awful before pics and can't wait til I have the "afters" to post!

Just had mammogram and blood work done that I...

Just had mammogram and blood work done that I needed for Pre-op. Did any have to get a mammogram?? My Dr makes everyone get one done if they haven't previously had one.

So it's 3:30am and I'm finally caught up at work...

So it's 3:30am and I'm finally caught up at work and I'm back on the computer looking at boobs!! Good thing I work in a hospital as my supervisor just walked by and saw my computer screen. LOL!!
I'm looking at my PS's before and afters and picking the looks I love. Friday will be 3 weeks til my BA . The longest 3 weeks ever!!! I have these constant butterflies in my stomach cuz I'm so flipping excited!!
I had a list of ?'s for my Pre-op ready and my phone deleted them,, do you think I can remember any of them now?!? Of course not!
Hope everyone is having a great night/day depending on where you are and Good Luck to all of you getting your boobies tomorrow (or today, depending where you are, LOL)

Ok Ladies, any recommendations for some good,...

Ok Ladies, any recommendations for some good, comfy zip front post op bras?? And do ANY come in any other colors beside white and black?!? Blah......

So I just thought if let you ladies know about my...

So I just thought if let you ladies know about my latest obsession (second to boobs

Just want to say Happy St. Patty's Day to all my...

Just want to say Happy St. Patty's Day to all my booby pals. Be safe and enjoy!

Anyone else scheduled for BA on 4-5-13... I don't...

Anyone else scheduled for BA on 4-5-13... I don't want to go all by myself :-( feeling a little lonely here! LOL!

So I just realized my post from the other got cut...

So I just realized my post from the other got cut off.. I was wondering (off the boobie subject) If any one on here is using or knows about Poshmark? It's an app for iphone/ipad. You sell your own stuff and can buy other peoples stuff. I'm obsessed with it!! Cleaning out my closet of things I don't or have never worn or used. Also got myself a few new coach purses at great prices. If you are anything like me I am a certified shopaholic!! I figured with the new boobs a lot of you may have things that don't fit anymore and why not make a little money. I've actually sold quite a few of my things already. Between boobs and selling my stuff I really have no time for anything else! LOL
Back to boobies....My BA is 2 weeks from tomorrow and I am sooooo excited. I have permanent butterflies in my belly! Pre-op on Monday to finalize payment and pick my size. Gonna try to get surgery a couple days sooner,,we'll see how that goes.
Good luck to anyone having their surgery today!!

Ok ladies, I found a non wire sport bra on Walmart...

Ok ladies, I found a non wire sport bra on Walmart.com that front closes and comes in 7 colors. It's called the Danskin now- Front Close Deep Plunge Sport bra. It's under $12. Since I haven't had my surgery yet if any of you lucky post-op ladies decide to check these out let me know if you think they would work!!

Countdown begins!!! 2 weeks from today

Countdown begins!!! 2 weeks from today

Tomorrow morning is Pre-op! Can't wait! I was...

Tomorrow morning is Pre-op! Can't wait! I was originally set on 420cc now I'm thinking 475cc. Now I have to find a way to tell them without the husband knowing since he is going with me. He doesn't want me huge,, blah, blah, blah,, I'm paying for it and its no one business but mine! All I need is him bringing me down when I'm so excited!!
I'm scheduled for 4/5 but I'm going to beg and plead to see if they can get me in earlier that week. Wish me luck :-)

So how long before you post op ladies could use...

So how long before you post op ladies could use ibuprofen? I refuse to take narcotics, I just don't like the way they make me feel and I'd rather just feel the pain instead. Plus pain meds usually aren't supposed to make you pain free just take the edge off. So I'm just gonna suck down the Tylenol XS until I'm allowed ibuprofen.

Just had my Pre-op and got to move my surgery date...

Just had my Pre-op and got to move my surgery date to the 2nd!!! Woo HOO!! Now ill be 4 days post-op for my hubby's surprise party instead of 1! I'm so happy I asked! So one week from tomorrow! I can't believe it. Going with 457cc silicone

Had Pre-op yesterday and was able to move up my...

Had Pre-op yesterday and was able to move up my surgery to 4/2 so now I'm starting the 1 week countdown. Super excited and a little nervous. Am I doing the right thing?? Hell yes I want boobs! Praying I don't have a diffacult recovery.

So I'm totally freaking out. I hurt my lower back...

So I'm totally freaking out. I hurt my lower back yesterday reaching behind me to get a pillow to prop behind my dog (My dogs are totally spoiled) Couldn't workout yesterday, could barely walk. It's a little better today but not enough to work out!! Surgery in a week and can't work out for a while after that! Top it off I have to work tonight (I'm an RN- 12 hour shift 7p-7a) i don't have enough PTO to take off now since I have almost 2 weeks coming up for surgery. UGH!!! I'm so mad right now

OMG the hubby just really pissed me off!!! Trying...

OMG the hubby just really pissed me off!!! Trying to tell ME I was wrong about the size implant I was getting.. WTF! I hate stupid people and right now he is one if them! Typical stupid male. Thank god my mom will be here at the end of the week. Have a feeling ill be about ready to kill him

So I'm 4 days away and super excited and getting a...

So I'm 4 days away and super excited and getting a little nervous. Mostly about anesthesia since I've never had surgery. I expect the pain but not nervous about it, I can deal with the pain. Have to return to work on PO day 11. I'm an RN so I hope I'll be ok. It's only 1 night then I have an additional $ days off before I go back again. Whats really freaking me out is the back injury I sustained on Monday. I'm working almost everyday this week and have had no time to take my flexeril and rest it. I went to Urgent care and they put me out for a day?!? Really?? I'm gonna get so much flack for calling out sick for more than 1 day but I was miserable at work last night. It's lower back/tailbone so sitting and standing really make it worse ( plus I sucked it up and worked out for 2hrs...ooopsie!) I was in heaven today laying on my heating pad... and I'm taking some wine as my pain killer. LOL! I hate pills. My biggest fear is not waking up from surgery...has anyone else had that fear also. I have 5 dogs that are my love and my biggest fear is not getting back to them. Nurses are the worst damn patients! LOL. I bitched at the Urgent care tech b/c she wanted to weigh me this am. I literally said "Are you F**King kidding me,,it has no relevence to my injury,,,,she didn't appreciate that
Well guess I'm headed back to the couch and my heating pad. Hope everyone in boobieville is healing well and to all those waiting,,,hope to see you on the other side :-)

So now I'm doubting my size choice. I settled with...

So now I'm doubting my size choice. I settled with the 397cc sizer which means he will put in the 450cc....but I saw a couple people on here with the 450cc and while they look great they are just not big enough for me :-(. Surgery is on Tues and office isn't open until Mon. is it too late to change my mindf?? Has anyone done this at the last minute?? I want to go to the next size up. Do you guys think I can change last minute??

I see a lot of posts with ladies with one boob...

I see a lot of posts with ladies with one boob bigger than the other and the PS uses 2 different implant sizes. While I don't have this problem, my PS doesn't do that. He takes out enough breast tissue from the bigger breast so it equals the smaller breast and puts in the same size implants. Makes a lot of sense to me. It's just one of the reasons I chose him even though it's not one of my issues. Just thought I'd throw that out there for you ladies

Can't believe it's almost here! I have butterflies...

Can't believe it's almost here! I have butterflies all ready! Lots to do today.... First call and tell them I want the next size up! Gotta paint my toenails so they match my super cute new boob outfit! Buy a couple bags of frozen peas to use as ice packs. I don't find out what time tomorrow until about 4-5pm tonight. God I hope it's early cuz I hate being hungry!! Do you ladies have any tips? I should prob try and sleep some today since in just finishing my 12hour night shift! Ill prob be to excited to get any real sleep.

So I don't have to be at Surgi-Center til 3pm...

So I don't have to be at Surgi-Center til 3pm tomorrow...UGH!! Can't be too upset since they did move me up from Friday. At least I get to have my coffee in the am! I will get there a little early to retry on my 2 size pics. Myabe I'll get lucky and I'll get a call in the am to go in earlier,,fingers crossed...As long as they get me home in time for The Voice I'll be a happy girl

Good Lord, I'm HUNGRY!!!

Good Lord, I'm HUNGRY!!!

Headed to surgi-center! Called me in 30min...

Headed to surgi-center! Called me in 30min earlier,, I'll take it. Not nervous just excited. Have any of you ladies seen Maggie2013ba video updates on here and she also has them posted on You Tube,, well she used the same PS I did. She travelled from out of the country to Miami! Well a couple hours and I will finally have boobs. Thank you all for the well wishes and i send them right back out to the other girls being done today also! See you ladies on the other side :-) will post as soon as I can!

In the car on the way home now. Just a burning...

In the car on the way home now. Just a burning sensation and I feel like I run out or breath when talking. Hungry!! Need to eat. I went with the 490cc haven't seen them yet, will look when I get home and try to get pic. I woke up from anesthesia laughing hysterically ! I don't know why but way better than crying

Dr just called to see how I was doing!! Awwwww

Dr just called to see how I was doing!! Awwwww

Ok, so here's how my day went yesterday. Since I...

Ok, so here's how my day went yesterday. Since I didn't have to be at the surgi-center til 3pm I was able to have liquids up until 7:30am. So ingot my butt up at 6am to get to Starbucks and get myself a venti white mocha. Went to BJ's to get some stuff for the hubby's party on Saturday. Side note I was super happy b/c BJ's had my wine $4 cheaper than anywhere else and also had $1.50 coupon with it!! I bought 3 bottles :-)
Anywho,,, got home and was going to try to nap so I could forget about my growling belly and then the office called and asked to me be there a 1/2 hr early. Wasn't sure about traffic since this is Miami and they are about an hour north of me so we got there at 2pm. Got called back at 3pm went into the Pre-op room got undressed (HOLY COLD in there) got weighed and had my preg test done. They thankfully have me a robe to wear over my stylish paper drape. Also has to wear the blue OR booties and that horrible OR shower cap,, def was NOT a good look for me LOL. The nurse put in my IV and OUCH, that damn thing hurt the most. The anesthesiologist requests it in the hand which sucks! I never put then in the hand on my pt's cuz it hurts! Not so much putting it in but it's very uncomfortable the whole time it's there.. And she left me with this huge bruise. After that I had to go get my before pics taken. When she told me she had to get one of my face I almost cried,,, I was wearing that silly OR shower cap!! LOL. Then I went to the exam room so the Dr could come mark me up. When he came I asked if I could go up to the next size and he said sure. I thought they were 475cc but after I looked at my implant card I found out the were 490cc LOL! Didn't tell my husband that one!. I walked into the OR and hopes up on the table. I was not nervous at all until I got on the table,, then I got a little nervous. The Anes asked a few more questions (he had called me the night before also) then told me he was giving me my first margarita. Then the nurse put on the circulation booties in my legs and I don't remember anything after that til I woke up in recovery. I woke up laughing hysterically and I couldn't stop for a good 5 min. The nurses asked if I was crying and I said no I'm laughing. Then they asked what I was laughing about and I told them I had no idea. I was so afraid I was going to mess up my surgery by laughing so much! She then gave me a pain pill (Demerol) got me dressed and wheeled me. Ride home was ok, bumps kinda sucked my not horrible. Got home sat on the couch and watches TV. Had lobster bisque and cheese tortellini for dinner and took 1/2 Percocet. Was feeling pretty good but pain started to come back before pain med was due so I took half a Valium. Normally these type of meds knock me out but I was fine. Still feeling tight and sore so I took the other 1/2 of the Valium and another 1/2 perc b/c it was time. Got a little sleep on & off. Next pain med was due at 5:30am so I took a whole perc this time and layed down til 6:30am when my dogs got up. I feel fine. Pain under control just a lot of tightness and soreness. My husband on the other hand is another story. Been puking his guts out since 7am... Feel bad b/c I can't do anything around the house to help. He just better keep whatever it is to himself. Took a couple more pics this am I will post. To all my boobies buddies I hope you are recovering well and and to all the ladies scheduled for today GOOD LUCK! My first post op is tomorrow and will post after

1st post op Dr visit tomorrow,, I get to get all...

1st post op Dr visit tomorrow,, I get to get all this tape off!! Thank god b/c it is getting soooo itchy!!

So I had to break up a fight between 2 of my dogs...

So I had to break up a fight between 2 of my dogs this morning :-( both 50lbs... I really hope I didn't mess anything up. I did ice it afterwards. Good thing I have a follow up today

Post op day 2, had check up, tape is off thank...

Post op day 2, had check up, tape is off thank god! Got a few blisters from the tape!! I love them! In so happy and now in a sport bra!!

Post Op Day3- Feeling awesome! Still taking 1...

Post Op Day3- Feeling awesome! Still taking 1 percocet every 4hrs and will prob switch to the tylenol later today. Getting ready to go do some last minute shopping with my mom for my hubby's party tomorrow so I figure it's better to have the percocet for that. My right boob hurts a little b/c I think I tweaked it yesterday when I had to break my dogs little fight. My left one doesn't hurt at all. Still have some pressure of course,,like I had a hard workout. The worst thing is the blisters the tape left. I have one big one that keeps leaking and stained my new sport bra :-( Other than that I am beyond happy and I love my new boobies!! Will add some more pics later

Post-op day 4 did WAY to much yesterday!! LOL my...

Post-op day 4 did WAY to much yesterday!! LOL my right boob is screaming at me and I can't feel my ass from sleeping on it all night! Which is very strange since I slept in the same position the last 3 nights and I wa fine. Oh well. Had to take a Percocet this morning and icing it now. Hubby's party is today, thankfully don't have to do much since I have lots if great family and friends helping me. I'm only making Jell-O shots which I think I can handle. Took my first shower yesterday and I had no problems and it felt sooo good!! Boobs still high and tight, look pretty much the same. Been doing my massages so hopefully they will soften soon!!

So how long does it take for this bloat to go...

So how long does it take for this bloat to go away?!? My belly is so round! I have no problems going to the bathroom so it isn't that, I haven't even been eating very much b/c the Percocet leave me with no appetite. I don't get it! I can't even fit into my jeans... Is this normal?!?

Post Op day 6- Noticed this morning my stomach has...

Post Op day 6- Noticed this morning my stomach has deflated a little bit finally!! Still sore but only taking tylenol now. I really only rested the day of surgery and post op day 1. Since then I have been go-go-go. I have family visiting and had to prep for a party at my house this past Saturday. Today 2 family members are leaving but I have 3 more coming! Been doing my massages religously. Left one starting to soften. Right one is more sore than left. I'm pretty sure it's b/c on post op day 2 I had to pull apart 2 of my 50lb dogs that decided to start fighting. Of course it was the 2 that never fight with each other and my husband had just left the house! Pretty sure no damage done tho. Don't think they have dropped much yet but that are looking good. Best thing I have ever done for myself! No regrets at all! They are looking a little beat b/c of the tape blisters i keep getting. Percocets were wonderful for the pain!! They didn't make me feel high or tired, which totally surprised me. I took 1 valium the first night but never took any more so I don't really know if they help or not. Tomorrow is one week Post op!!! Can't believe it's been that long all ready! Will post some more pics tomorrow

1 week Post Op pics up. Still have awful blisters...

1 week Post Op pics up. Still have awful blisters marks that are healing,,apparently I have a tape allergy :-( otherwise I LOVE them!! Could not be happier!! Still riding high and tight but starting to soften a little I think. Good luck to all you ladies going to boobieville today!!!

11 day PO and back to work tonight, yikes. 12 hour...

11 day PO and back to work tonight, yikes. 12 hour shift and I'm an RN. Can't even drive myself cuz it's still too sore. No PTO so I have no choice but to go. Please let it be a slow night. I may be crying in the morning. When did you other RN's out there go back? And how was it?

I'm 2 weeks PO today! Go for my 2 week check up...

I'm 2 weeks PO today! Go for my 2 week check up tomorrow. Still loving them! Still have some soreness, not bad, totally tolerable. Getting much softer. The feeling in my skin is starting to return (was numb after surgery) so they are a little sensitive but not bad. Still waiting for my blister marks to heal :-( the pink sport bra in the pics I just posted is the most comfortable EVER! They come in 2 pks and great colors for 12$ at Walmart, just bought them yesterday and I wish I had gotten them sooner!! Still not able to drive, steering just hurts too much. Hopefully that will get better by Thursday (back to work). Hope everyone else is doing well!!

Tonight is the start of my first real week back to...

Tonight is the start of my first real week back to work... Thurs, Fri and Sat... Ugh!!! Still a little tight and sore but manageable. Hope it's a slow weekend!!

Well work was ok, not to busy but regardless I am...

Well work was ok, not to busy but regardless I am super tight and really sore. Was anyone else still sore at 2.5 weeks PO? MyPS said its normal but.... I don't have any nipple sensitivety like some of you but damn I am still sore

3 weeks today and I feel pretty good. I've already...

3 weeks today and I feel pretty good. I've already been doing the elliptical and yesterday did light weight arms...and that was def too much. I am not cleared for weights yet I just did it on my own...I know,,very bad!! I only did 5 lbs but I should have weighted. I've also been doing legs (without weights) and have been fine with that, although I'm super careful. Think I'll not try upper body again til 6 weeks PO which is when he will clear me for it. I never did listen very well...
Anyway I love my boobs and my PS, he is amazing! I wish I had gone up one more size but oh well! I'll save that for my re-do. No idea what size I will end up yet. I'm still in the fruit of the loom bandini's. They are the most comfortable things ever. Still have patches of where the skin is numb but feeling is slowly coming back. I do not have any nipple sensitivity which I've read a lot of you girls do and I'm really happy I don't! I feel for you guys!! Soreness was pretty much gone until I overdid it yesterday.....my bad!!
Absolutely no regrets and I wish I had done this sooner!! Will post some new pics in a bit but I think they look pretty much the same as the 2 week pics. Been massaging since PO day 2 and they are slowly getting squishy!

I never used arnica or bromelian (?sp) I never had...

I never used arnica or bromelian (?sp) I never had any issues and frankly I just thought it was a waste of money. Am I the only one??

I'm 4 weeks today! Went by so fast! Still have...

I'm 4 weeks today! Went by so fast! Still have some more softening to do but they are getting there. I stood in front of the mirror the other day shaking side to side and jumping (lightly) up and down to see if they are starting to move like boobs,, LOL,, they are!!! Still stuck to just elliptical and walking and legs mostly. Some abs but only on the ball right is what's comfortable for me. I haven't been measured yet but I did a couple of the online calculators from a few diff sites. First of all VS had me at a 36A??? That's what I was before BA and I can assure you my bras do not fit. Another site put me at a 34C,, disappointing, I kinda want a D. I also cannot wear a 34 band it's just too tight,, even before BA. Oh well, I'm just going to go to the store grab a bunch of sizes and see what fits best. I do wish I had gone 2 sizes bigger instead of just 1 size but I live them nonetheless and it's way more than I started with. They don't last forever so when I need to change them I will go bigger. Only soreness now is when I over-do it. Occas morning boob still. I still feel pulling on my sternum when I lay down, kind of annoying. Still waiting for the steri strips to fall off... Those suckers are going anywhere anytime soon, man they are stuck on there! Hope everyone is well!

So I went to Kohls today to try on bras. Tried a...

So I went to Kohls today to try on bras. Tried a 36C and 36D and the D fit the best!!!! YAY!!!! So freaking happy right now. I hope they don't shrink!

6 weeks today! Still love them but I think they...

6 weeks today! Still love them but I think they are too small :-(
Still waiting for my steri strips to call off!! But they did start to loosen yesterday. Still have some numb areas, mostly around the nipple which is where my incision was. No big deal to me. Still doesn't feel right doing high impact aerobics or running yet. I do need to get the appropriate workout bras so hopefully that will help. No problems lifting weights but I'm not doing any chest. I am able to do some planks though.
Hope everyone is doing well. I added a couple pics

Finally boobies without steri strips!

Only took 6 weeks and 2 days!! LOL I helped a little bit, was dying to get them off! Should I use scar cream now?? Any suggestions??

7 weeks!

Adding some more pics. 7 weeks today. Went to Vic Secret and tried on some pink bras,, the 36D fit best YAY!! They are pretty squishy now. High impact exercise still feels weird but Im getting there. Otherwise they are great. No real issues. Keep aggravating the muscle on the right one but I'm right handed so kind of expect it. Still loving them!!

9 weeks PO

Can't believe it's been this long already. I'm back to normal even at the gym, although some high impact I don't go quite as intense as before surgery. The one thing that took forever to feel normal doing was putting on lotion after my shower. Weird right?? LOL. I just noticed today that it doesn't feel strange anymore so I'm not actually sure when it got better. I can wear a 36D or a 34DD but the DD fit a little better :-)) everytime I go to put on a bra I'm sure it's going to be too big! I just don't understand how I fit in that huge ole thing! LOL! My scars are healing well, I try to remember to use scar cream but it doesn't happen to often. I absolutely love my boobs and I'm so happy I did this. It's no secret, I tell and show everyone,, haha! All my girlfriends love how they look. I'm adding some more pics. Hope everyone is well and good luck to anyone heading into surgery soon!

Just not happy :-(

My PS is awesome and did exactly what I told him to. I just wished I thought about what I wanted a little more. I fooled myself into thinking I just wanted natural not too big boobs, prob cuz I didn't feel like listening to the husband complain (he didn't want "stripper boobs") well now I want stripper boobs!! I want big and kinda fake looking. More cleavage and roundness at the top. I'm not about to get them redone now since its just too much money but when it's time to get them done... Look out!! I've already started to worn the husband,,, and if you don't like you can find another wife. Oh well, I guess it's back to push-ups and chicken cutlets. I still feel like I did before BA with the tiny boobs. They seem to just disappear in clothes and it's doesn't look like I had anything done.

12 weeks PO today

Hi all! Well 12 weeks today, I'm back to full workouts except no direct chest work. No pain, unless I over workout I may get a little muscle soreness. I can lay on my stomach but it weirds me out, also free boobing just feels weird. I live in the Hanes Bandinis and wear underwire bras to work no problem. I still wish I went bigger, they seem too small to me, but I love them none the less. I missed my 8 week PO appoint and just never went back since I'm not having any issues.... That's what happens when you're a nurse LOL! I do still need to go back for my free Botox tho!! Super excited. I never really had any swelling and they were never frakenboob or to high up so they didn't really need to drop. I don't see a whole lot of difference from week one except they are soft and squishy now. This experience has been a piece of cake for me,, luckily!! As soon as I can afford I will go bigger, prob won't be for another 5 years but we'll see (I could win the lottery!! LOL) posting a few more pics. My tank tops DO look 100x times better and that I happy about!!


My cousin said this to me and I have to agree.... I'm so glad I was born without real boobs cuz fake ones are sooo much nicer!! She is damn right!!!

When can we start to wear push ups??

I love my boobs but I still wish I went bigger!!! I can't wait til I can afford to redo them but it will be a awhile. How long before push up bras are allowed??

4 months & some pics

I can't believe it's been 4 months! And I'm still obsessed with boobs! This had to have been the easiest thing I have ever done. No problem with surgery, no reaction to meds, no getting sick, no emotional roller coaster like I read some gals had. I healed super fast and it never really seemed like they needed to drop very much. I never had that fake upper pole look, which I'm kinda sad about. I do still want to go bigger. I know it's ridiculous but I don't see a big difference from my Pre boobs. So stupid I know.... I thought they would be bigger.... Even tho I'm wearing a 34DD?!? I never got professionally measured, just can't be bothered, so I just tried on a whole bunch of bras and bought what fit best. I know VS runs small but I wear their 34DD and also my kohls and Walmart bras are 34DD. So now I'm all obsessed about going bigger, I'm very broad and built like a football player so I know I can pull them off. My grandmother liked to refer to me as big boned (any wonder why I hated the bitch!) I also need more cleavage ..so I'm wearing push ups for that. My Pre boobs were far apart too so I expected that. They are squishy and I seriously sometimes forget I have implants... They feel like they've always been with me. I guess I should've realized before the surgery that I wanted stripper boobs not natural boobs! That's what I get for listening to my husband! Ugh!!! LOL! Wow this post sounds like I'm not happy or grateful and I really am! It's more than I had even if I don't see it myself I KNOW that it is. I'll just save my pennies for my upgrade,,, by that time I may need a lift also! LMAO!! Hope all you post op ladies are doing well and healing fast and good luck to all the Pre -op gals getting ready for their big day!!!

Comparison pic

Can u see a difference from 4 weeks to 4 months?

Random thoughts..

Ok 4 months PO and I'm still boob obsessing.... Bra sizes are really stupid! Why are there no BB or CC? Why AA smaller than A and a DD is bigger than D??? Was it a stupid man that decided this whole sizing thing? Just another way to drive women absolutely crazy... :-p

Going to see PS today

Going in for my free Botox today and I'm going to ask about going bigger. I really don't want to wait any longer. I heard they now have the 3D imaging so I'm going to see if I can do that. Looking to go to about 600-650cc (100-150cc more than I have now) I also have an email consult with Dr. Pousti! I like my PS but Dr. Pousti is just amazing. Not sure I can swing the $$$ to travel to him but I'm looking into it!

Botox and bigger boobs

Just had my free Botox, my first time and it was a piece of cake, but I can't workout today :-( wish I knew that earlier I would've made the appointment later in the day,, oh well otherwise no restrictions. Got the pricing on going to a bigger size implant. It would be $3800 (original BA was $5500) I need to have a post op with him since I missed my last one so I will speak to him about going bigger then. Waiting to hear back on pricing with Dr Pousti also. Most likely will be more than I can afford with travel and all but I'll see. I have complete faith in my PS but I just love Dr Pousti's reviews and results.

Another consult tomorrow

Seeing my PS tomorrow afternoon to see about going bigger! Hoping for a higher profile and at least 600cc.. We'll see.. Posting a couple wish pics

Wish pics (again)

Forget to attach,,, ugh

Ok with PS!

Well PS said it was no problem to go bigger if that's what I wanted... I DO! Need to save up some $$ and some PTO at work then I'm going for it. I'm hoping I can swing Oct-Nov some time. Fingers crossed


So, kinda weird seeing your PS on TV in a hot tub with his wife,,, LOL!!

question for the redo BA gals

For the ladies that have had a redo... did you find the recovery easier than the original BA? Planning mine in the next couple of months and just trying to figure how much time i need off this time. My original recovery was pretty easy and uneventful....hoping for the same!!

Just need to vent!!

Can someone tell me why so many girls look big with 300-400cc and I have almost 500cc and they don't look that big?? Am I just that thick that my chest swallows the implants??? I don't get it. I think I got every crap gene available in my family that even plastic surgery can't fix it!!! I'm so frustrated!!! BLAH! Sorry ladies I just need to vent. I can't wait for a revision. Still trying to get the money together but I hope I can book SOON!! I added some new 5 month post op pics and included some incision pics. They healed quite nicely!! My actual nipples are scarred because of the multiple times I've had them pierced. I just took out my last piercings right before surgery. I don't like how they look on bigger boobs.

Not all my pics posted! Ugh!!

Damn iphone

Kinda random....

So it's a busy night at work and i went into bathroom to pee finally and to check the boobs and I noticed my incisions are reddened and raised!! Is that normal 5 months post op? Especially when they never had been before and have healed really nicely. So weird...

Yup.... This!!!!

Ok so this is a push up bra, squished up, great lighting pic b/c trust me!! They are not this big!!! But I wish they were!! LOL I had to share

Oct 22

Ok ladies,, booking today for Oct 22 to go a little bigger. I'm excited but also second guessing myself. I keep looking at the 100's of pictures I have and looking in the mirror. I know I'm not completely happy with the size... No denying that. I'm not telling many people about the revision simply b/c I just don't want to hear it. I feel incredibly bad not telling my mom, since I tell her pretty much everything but between spending the money and the fact that she wasn't happy that I got them in the first place... UGH! I know my husband isn't going to be happy but he's knows what good for him so he'll keep his opinions to himself. The thought of recovering again kinda sucks. I mean my first time was not bad at all but I'm all healed and bouncy, can sleep on my side and stomach if I wanted. Not looking forward to not working out and ha ing hard boobs again!! I hope it's quicker the second time.

totally boob unrelated

Doing an update soon but I have to share the loves of my life with you. My hubs and I volunteer with a few animal rescues were we live...If I could afford to quit my job and do it full time I would.. Its disgusting here in south Florida how people treat animals..majority are dogs. Really makes me kinda sad to be assoc with the human race sometimes... But the love and kindness of the "animal" people far outweigh the POS's...Here are pics of my 5 babies

Ok, date is set

Ok,,,so I was waiting to update when I knew the date was definitely set. I booked it and she emailed me the paperwork last Friday and I couldn't get to a fax right away, plus I had family visiting for the weekend. So I printed the paperwork and filled it out and took pics of it and my credit card for deposit and emailed to them. I sent like 4 emails and left 2 messages to make sure they got it but I never heard from them. So I finally got ahold of them this morning. A little confusion b/c they had gotten my credit card but it's still under my maiden name so they weren't sure who it was for. Any whooooo... I am all set! Pre-op (again) on 10/7. I hate the thought of recovering again since they are soft and bouncy now,,but,,if I want bigger I have no choice.

My husband has no idea I've booked. I mentioned a few weeks ago I wanted to and he got all bent out of shape about the $$. First of all,,,,I MAKE THE MONEY!!!! I pay the bills since he gets paid crap. So it's all my money I'm using. I just don't want to hear it so I'll probably tell him the night before pre-op. I do keep making references about doing it and last night he was like "It's your body do what you want" So I think he's getting used to the idea.

I'm also getting BS at work! I requested the time off before the deadline for requests and now they are saying they are not sure... b/c someone else is already on vaca for 3 weeks and we are short staffed... OK it's not MY problem that your unit (i'm a nurse) sucks so bad that everyone keeps leaving. I didn't take any summer vaca and I have the PTO,,,so, NOT MY PROBLEM! I told them I was flying to my familys home (New England) for my mom in laws surgery. I can't tell them I'm having surgery b/c then they make you get cleared thru employee health and I have no time for that BS. Plus I'm not telling many people about the redo cuz I'm so sick of hearing.."NO, you don't need to, you're big enough" I did compromise and instead of requesting 5 pto days (almost 2 weeks off,,,I work 3 12h shifts a week on nights) I'm only requesting 2 pto days now. I had to request an afternoon surgery time since now I have to work the night before.

I keep taking boob pics from different angles just to be sure...I feel like i'm rambling on and on ...LOL!

This makes me angry! And sad....

Ok ladies, this is why I am getting a redo! I can still fit in my 36B bra!!!! UGH soooo friggen pitiful!! Posting the pics

Finally told him!!

Ok so I told my hubs tonight about my revision surgery. He knew it was coming and gave me no flack... Cuz if he did he knows I'd make his life a living hell,, and provably add on a few more procedures just to spite him LOL!! Hey what can I say.. I'm an only child and I always get my way
;-) plus I pay the bills!! I do feel better I told him, now I 'm excited. I do have a good husband,,, I kinda make him sound bad,,LOL but he's not. He supports anything I want. Like I said ,, only child syndrome! LOL

Weird how time flies

So today I am 6 months post op and 20 days pre-op! LOL! I seriously cannot believe how fast this time has gone by. My incisions are perfect and they are soft, squishy and bouncy,,,, only to be hard again in a few weeks... They are perfect except for being just a little too small for me. I hope the second time around healing is quicker!! I think I'm getting juvederm on surgery day also,, for my smile lines,, anyone have any experience with it??


Can someone tell me why NOW, 7 months post op and 2 weeks pre-op from my revision, I am having nipple sensitivity and soreness? I NEVER had this even once after surgery and it's been going on for the last 3 days.....I don't get it. I've also never in my life have had boob soreness related to my menstrual cycle so I really don't think it's that....SO WEIRD!!!!

Pre-op done

Ok ladies, just saw my PS. He said that since my body seems to swallow the 500's and I want more cleavage and more projection, he is going with 700cc high profile :-) He thought 650 at first but when he examined me he said he would actually rec the 700. He is also going to put some internal sutures b/c he doesn't like how much they move to the sides when I lay down. So I'm payed up, nervous and excited and hubby is having a little hissy fit over the #'s. He just doesn't understand how different the same size looks on different people

I got it!

Woohoo I got my full vacation that I requested for my surgery!! I'll be off starting 10/21 the day before surgery and don't go back til Monday the 4th. So excited as we have a lot planned besides my surgery those 2 weeks! We always have a little block party Halloween night with the neighbors as we hand out candy... Never miss Halloween. It's crazy every year there is this one guy, no one knows who it is, but he alternates every year dressing as Jason from Friday the 13th or Michael Myers from Halloween and wanders the neighborhood (it's a gated community) it's really freaky!! He will be at the end of the street standing under the street light just staring your way and then you turn around and he's gone and then pops up some where else... Totally just like the movie. Scares the crap out of me! Then the Saturday after surgery we have the annual Yappy Hour fundraiser for the animal rescue we volunteer with... Always a good time and tons of doggies!! Anywho.... Well I hope these 2 weeks fly by.. Can't wait for my newest pair of boobies!!

Need advice not judgement

I don't want to be judged,, this site is to vent.. I just found out im probably pregnant. That may be wonderful for some people but for me it's the worse thing that could happen. We don't want kids and we are so careful. I'm just disgusted. My surgery is in 2 weeks and I WILL NOT miss it. Has anyone ever been in my position?? I'm 39 and too old for this shit!

?? You guys rock!

I want to thank all of ladies who commented for your support and kind words. It really means a lot to me. I still haven't decided what I doing... I'm thinking things over... I'm terrified.... Of everything!! LOL! I haven't been on here the last 2 days b/c it has been crazy busy at work. Things will be decided in the next week or so and I will keep everyone posted!!

Postponing to have a baby

Well it's been a few since I've updated. Took some time to think things over. My surgery was already paid for and they told me I could postpone and reschedule when I am ready.... So I've decided to go ahead with the pregnancy. My first u/s is on what would've been my surgery day. I figure things happen for a reason,, even though we weren't planning on kids...I'm 39 and my hubby is 40 so we got lucky I figure... If we had been trying to get pregnant you know it wouldn't have happened. I want to thank all of you ladies who commented.. To hear your stories and the well wishes really helped me so much better about this. I'm actually kinda excited now. I'm only 6 weeks so I don't want to jinx anything. So if you ladies don't mind my story will become a pregnant/revision blog LOL. Like Shelley said...with being pregnant ill be able to try on the bigger size boobs first to see if it's what I really want!! Well guys wish me luck on this crazy journey and I will keep you all posted XOXO

new pic

Well ladies, instead of showing you my new boobs I'm posting the first baby pic LOL. Had my ultrasound today. Turns out I'm a little farther along than I thought 7.5 weeks instead of 6.5 weeks. So far everything looks good and we heard the heartbeat

Hello Ladies!

Hello everyone!! I hope all new and old boobie ladies are feeling and healing well. I have been off for a few weeks. The nausea was killing me!! but I did not throw up at all so I'm super thankful for that,,otherwise I had been really exhausted also....btu I can't complain b/c so many women have morning sickness so much worse than I do! I have also been working a lot of overtime and one of my pups was sick :-( ... I am now 7+ months post op and 10 weeks 5days pregnant. No change in boobs yet from preg and no baby bump YAY!! I have not put on any weight and still working out (when the nausea allows) Something I know all you guys can understand is CONSTIPATION!!!! OMG!!! I think it's the prenatals,,,I went 10 days without going,,I wanted to die!! I broke down and drank a bottle of mag citrate and after that worked I started colace 2x a day,,,and that seems to be working,,Thank god!!!! I had a second U/S on tuesdsay at 10weeks 3days,,,,baby is fine. I'm adding that pic along with a boob pic from this morning. I also had bloodwork done on tuesday to check for chromosomal abnormalities (My hubs has a brother with Down Syndrome and I'm 39) The blood work will also tell us the gender!!!! Results in 2 weeks along with my 12 week u/s,,,cab wait to find out,,,hopefully all the chromosome tests come back negative also... I will keep you all posted and I should be on much more now that I feel better...seems at 10 weeks all my yucky symptoms went away,,,I'm soooo thankful for that

My FB announcement

So I'm posting a pic of the FB announcement of the baby that I just posted. LOL,, it's so perfect for us... All our friends and family know just a few people are still in the dark

It's a.......

Hi ladies! Hope all is well with everyone. Happy Thanksgiving. Well as of today I am 12 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I'm really happy to say I have not gained a single pound yet, I don't even look pregnant!!! I had another U/S this week and baby is perfect so far. Got my tests results back (I'm "advanced maternal age" LOL) and no chromosomal issues like Downs or anything and I'm having a GIRL!!!!! I'm happy! Hubby was a little disappointed LOL,,but still excited. He really wanted a boy b/c there is no one to carry on his family name as his brother has only girls also. I love pink and Barbies so I'm super happy!!! I am so thankful that I have had a super easy pregnancy compared to a lot of women. My only major issue was constipation which is under control now with colace (2x a day,,LOL) I don't even feel pregnant!! Good thing about being "old" and pregnant is I get more u/s and I didn't have to pay extra for the blood work to identify the gender. Boobs are good, although the right one feels like something is sticking into it today for some weird reason. They haven't gotten any bigger yet (from the pregnancy) so I'm still waiting for that to happen!! Hope all you girls are well!!!

MIA for way too long!

Hi Ladies!! How is everyone?? I have been MIA for a while now and I'm soo sorry. Hubs lost his job before Xmas and my MIL was diagnosed with rectal ca and I've been working a lot and just got behind. I hope everyone is well! Everything with my pregnancy is fine... 3 months left!!! Hubs found a job and MIL is doing well. Everyone tells me that my boobs are huge (since becoming pregnant) but I really don't see the difference (except in my areolars! They are huge!!) I still fit in my 34DD... So we will see how much they deflate after giving birth! I will update with some boob/belly pics in the next couple of days.

A couple new pics

Here are a couple pics to update

My little bundle arrived early

Hello Ladies!!!!
It's been a while I hope everyone is doing well!!
I had my little girl on 5/29/14 at 5:42am!! My due date was June 8th. Her name is Averleigh Laken Caroline and she weighed 5lbs 13oz and was 18 3/4in long and she is perfect!! I am so in love!!! I'll tell you how my day went..
It was Wednesday 5/28 and I was getting ready for work (I work nights 7pm-7am) I had just finished a 2hour workout and had just got out of the shower. I had my scrub pants on (I'm a nurse) and walked over to the other side of my bed and bent down to get a shirt. I had a pretty bad cramp and went to stand up and my water broke. So I called work to tell them I wouldn't be in, then I called my friend Judy (she is a L&D RN and was going to be in the delivery with me, she works at a different hospital than where I delivered) It was pretty funny b/c she had texted me that morning at 10am to see if I was in labor yet b/c she wanted a reason to call out of work ...LOL so when I called her at 5:30pm that night she thought I was messing with her! After Judy I called my husband who was at work and then my mom (I live in Fl and she is in RI). Then I had to pack my bag,,,,the baby's bag had been packed but I hadn't started mine yet. I had no pads so I was standing on a towel shuffling around my bedroom so I didn't leak all over everything and when my hubs got home I had to send him to the store to buy pads. I finally got to the hospital around 6:30pm. I got my epidural probably around 10-11pm ish. My other friend Kim (also a L&D RN) had come to be in the delivery with me. At that time I was fully effaced but only dilated to about 1 but babys head had been way down since 32 weeks..they had a hard time checking my dilation b/c her head was in the way. The midwife in my Dr's practice was the one on call that night and the only male Dr in the practice was the one on call covering her should I need a c-sec...and my luck there was a Miami Heat game on that night and so he wouldn't have to come in he wouldn't start the Pit to induce until the am!!!! My nurse told me all the Dr's do it and they get away with it,,,UGH!! So my nurse checked me again at 2am and I was dilated to 2,,,she said she would be back at 3 to check. By that time I was starving b/c all I had had to eat the day before was a banana and some pineapple,,, So I ate a cookie,,, I was supposed to be nothing to eat or drink since getting the epi incase I had to go to the OR... but I'm a nurse and I don't listen LOL!! So when she checked me at 3am I was dilated to 5 and she called the midwife in..by 3:30 when she arrived I was fully dilated and ready to push. I pushed for a little over 2 hours... the first hour was fine but then they shut off the epi and the last 45min was absolute HELL... it hurt like a bitch and I was exhausted ... she was face up so they had been trying to turn her. They all told me I was pushing like a champ.. Kim had one leg, Judy had the other all while face-timing with my mom so she could watch the delivery (the whole 2 hours) and my husband had my neck/head. My husband kept making me laugh during my pushes b/c he kept saying "come on baby, push like you're taking a shit" My biggest fear,,,pooping on the table,,, NEVER HAPPENED!! YAY!!! So when she was finally crowning the midwife said "stop pushing" (WTF?!?) She gowned up and broke down the table...while I sat there silently wishing for her demise,,,(LOL) Then finally she came out!!! I'm thankful the midwife was on b/c of her and also my friends and my nurse,,,I didn't tear or anything!! I had her Thursday morning and was discharged Sat morning and she is in perfect health! I wasn't even discharged with pain med and I can go back to working out as soon as I want to. I'm just waiting for the bleeding to stop (it's been a little over 2 weeks now) b/c I can't workout wearing a big old nasty pad.
I chose not to breast feed but let me tell you,,, the implants and my nipple incisions would not have been an issue! I bent over to get dressed and I was dripping milk on the floor! I was wearing 2 tight sport bras plus my shirt and the drips were still coming thru!! I swear I could of fed China. I'm still leaking as of today!!
My boobs look great,,,I'm hoping they don't shrink too much. I'm going to hold off on the revision for now b/c I do want to try for another baby at the beginning of next year. We are already 40 and I would like her to have a sibling. Hopefully I can use the money I paid for the revision for some botox sessions instead!
So total weight gained was about 17lbs and today I am about 4-5lbs away from my pre preg weight!!! Working out and healthy eating really paid off. I also did not get any stretch marks!
going to post some pics of my sweet girl and some belly boob pics also

Revision on hold once again!!

I'm having another baby!!! Little one is 10 months old already! I'm 40 now so I didn't want to wait to long! I found out I was pregnant on Hubs birthday 4-3-15... Which is almost 2 years to the date of my augmentation. Crazy for someone who never wanted kids and now I'm on my second! I really love being a mom. I chose not to breast feed (just not for me) but I would have had no problem with implants it took 6 weeks for my milk to dry up. My preg boobs were huge!! Loved it. Bringing that pic back to my PS when it's time. Even with them getting bigger and going back down they look exactly the same as after surgery. Didn't mess them up at all,, not even any stretch marks!! Including some recent pics of my munchkin and my first bump pic of pregnancy #2!

Sad weekend

I miscarried this weekend at 6 weeks. Very sad but I did get the ok to try again so wish us luck
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He is a well known PS in Miami. Recommended by a few people and I did do research. Went I had my consult with him I knew he was the one. Very nice, answered all my questions (and had clean fingernails!! Big ++ in my book)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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