Dream Come True 5'5" 120lbs mom of 3 550CC HP Silicone Silicone- Miami, FL

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I've always had small breasts typically a 34B but...

I've always had small breasts typically a 34B but after having 3 children, dieting and exercise I am now a embarrassing 34A. I dreamed of getting breast Implants to make me feel more like a woman and confident without wearing a bombshell bra. After months of research we found Dr. Hochstein in Miami FL 4 hours away and scheduled a consultation. He was awesome and his staff were all so nice and helpful we went ahead with it originally I thought I wanted 340CC but after trying them on I decided on 500CC! Surgery is 04/02/15 ahhhh it's actually happening lol I can't wait!!

Counting Down

Surgery is in 19 days I feel like it's coming really fast lol maybe it's because our family is always so busy days just fly by idk but I can't wait! Going to get my blood work done on Wednesday.

5'3" 115lb Mom of 3

Front Zip Sports Bra?!?

I am trying to get everything ready for surgery it's April 2nd. And even though Dr. Hochstein includes a surgical bra with breast augmentation I would like to buy some pretty ones. I'm really excited I'm getting boobs! But..I am completely stumped with sizes I currently have sports bras that are size XS and S definitely wouldn't fit D cups in them lol so what size should I buy?? Large maybe idk, anyone go from an A cup to a D or DD what size sports bra do you wear? Please Help :) Thanks!

Next Week I get my new boobies :)

Got everything ready for surgery next week. This weekend we are celebrating our daughters 7th birthday a week early because she's an Easter baby and we could only do surgery April 2nd with work schedules and summer coming so fast. Frozen of course ;) Got all my blood work done results are all great, my grandma is coming Wed morning to stay at our house with the kiddos for 3 days. House is deep cleaned. I have been following my Dr's pre-op orders to the letter. Balance is paid in full. It seems surreal though and I'm getting really anxious kinda feel like vomiting lol. Seriously I can't wait to throw away my 34A bras it'll be a glorious moment!

Today is Boob Day!

Surgery is scheduled for 1pm TODAY I have to be there at Noon though of course to get prepped. Today is going to be so busy before surgery I have to get my pain medication still we went to two different CVS' last night and they wouldn't give them to me so hopefully a pharmacy closer to Dr. Hochstein's office fills the script. I'm getting really anxious and I'm already starving lol I think the Miami traffic is what scares me the most I miss my small town! I am completely confident in Dr. Hochstein though and know I'll be happy with my results, now I'm rambling bad..lol ok gonna get ready I'll post later or in the AM! ( . )( . ) YAYY for new BIG beautiful boobies ;)

Got My Boobies ????

Today I got my new boobies! Thank goodness I was finally able to get my pain script filled the Walgreens by Dr. Hochstein's office did it we should have went there first instead of runnin around to a bunch of different CVS' lastnight. We Arrived at Noon surgery was scheduled for 1pm we waited til 1:30pm before starting the whole process but I'm not in no way upset over waiting Dr. H is a perfectionist and truly values his work so I'd rather have him take his time and wait it's a life changing experience! His girls (staff) were so attentive and nice LOVE them all. The anesthesiologist was nice as well. All I remember is seriously fragments of waking up in recovery lol I was escorted into the OR laid down had everything connected anesthesiologist asked how I was and then bamm gone. Waking up was weird metally I was fully aware and awake but my body wouldn't cooperate. The ride back to the hotel was brutal definitely take a bag to keep just in case nausea was horrible potholes horrible asshole drives cuttin in an outta traffic horrible I puked after getting back and trying to walk inside :( I feel really good now though just relaxing watchin TV and sippin sprite :)

Day 1 Pictures

550CC HP Silicone breast augmentation LOVE them already perfect size I'm very petite and the last thing I wanted was natural looking I also didn't want a ridiculously large size my ribcage is only 29in but 550 is perfect so far. Dr. Hochstein is referred to as the "boob God" for very good reason! I already feel great pressure of course but not bad moving my arms is just hard Thank goodness my boyfriend is off for a week to care for me I choose the wrong pants today no matter how comfy running capris are while running please wear the sweats lol running capris are impossible to pull up on your own after surgery!


Feeling great, I finally started having bowel movements again it took what felt like forever TMI probably but it happens. I also massage my boobs almost constantly it helps ease pain from pressure, I started the day after surgery.

Boob Envy

Having those thoughts I don't know why but today I feel like my boobs could be bigger. Sounds crazy because I got a large size 550cc but looking down they look small. I'm sure this will pass but it's crazy I'm feeling like they could be bigger lol! Recovery has been pretty smooth I've already softened/dropped a lot, no swelling at all. I have 3 children my youngest two don't stress me out ever but my oldest omgoshh she has been being ridiculous lately making my breasts hurt I guess from stress. Anywho I'm trying to relax now hopefully I love my boobies again in a little bit when I get ready for a birthday party. Ya know it might be this surgical bra that makes me feel like this it's not flattering on anyone lol! 5 more weeks til bra shopping ;)

Almost 3 weeks already...

Crazy it's already been almost 3 weeks since surgery. I gotta say I LOVE having boobs!! Still feel they could be bigger lol but they are huge compared to what they were and I haven't tried on bras yet either. No swelling, stinging nipples though where my incisions are. It's weird when you get feeling back and when your nipples try to harden but can't fully because of the strips. Ohh..and shaving your armpits after is really difficult before when I was an A cup my armpits were flat so easy to shave the 10 tiny hairs that I grow; now omgoshh 8 of those 10 hairs are in a pit literally and it's a real task trying to shave. I forsee laser hair removal in my near future.

In Love..

With my boobs ;) My strips are getting loose on the edges woot woot I'm anxious to see my scars at 6 weeks post op I can take off the strips myself while showering if they haven't came off yet.

6 weeks post op already

I actually have one more day but..lol anyways I took off my strips today with citrus oil I was really nervous I've grown attached to them and was having separation anxiety afraid of them not being ready. Crazy I know! But now my boobs look normal ;) and amazing I LOVE them!! Bra shopping Friday I can't wait to see what size they are. SN: No pain, slight sensitivity in my nipples, and a tight feeling when I wake up but all in all it's been great!

A Beautiful Difference

After 6 weeks they look AMAZING... and according to this site other reviews I've read they will just get better! SCORE ;)

Add On

Picture that goes with my last post I accidentally wrote 6 months instead of 6 weeks lol my bad!

Bra Shopping

Finally went to VS to try on bras and get sized at first try I was a 32D but after one bra that was a negative lol I ended up a 34DD it was seriously a new AMAZING feeling being able to have cleavage and feel confident.

11 weeks post op

Currently trying to shed 10lbs I gained after surgery :( 3lbs are beautiful boobies but still not working out everyday and eating out a lot...has taken it's toll! So...if you are reading this and haven't had surgery yet DON'T become a couch potato like I did! My boobs look amazing though and have healed wonderfully. NO complications, I'll get a sharp pain in my nipple but it has only happened when I'm angry lol

4 months Post Op

Haven't posted an update in a long time, oops! I am doing great though I recently like 2 weeks ago started sleeping without a sports bra I waited a long time because I was paranoid they would mess up lol but what..a difference. I'm completely comfortable and sleep however I want no issues. They look amazing and shirts actually look nice on me now. I'm so thankful I went to Dr. Hochstein for my brest augmentation :) I thought I had pictures taken already without a bra on but I don't so I just choose a couple that shows off my boobs a bit I'll post more pictures later.

Picture Update

I am almost 5 months post op and love my boobs more everyday they look and feel amazing. I can lift a 50lb bag of feed no problem, move drywall and do everything like before surgery ya know because I'm fancy lol jk jk but really I can and that's my life I was worried about having to rely on my bf to take care of our livestock himself and our kiddos but I have healed wonderfully :) I'm including lots of angles and the scar cream I use everyday I got from Dr. Hochsteins office after surgery.

It's been a while

A very long time I am now 10 months post op and have been doing well my breast look natural no one believes I had a book job at the same time though I have gained 10lbs since surgery and can not get rid of it :( so I have more of my own breast tissue. I haven't had to go back for a follow-up appointment yet sinice surgery I sent pictures every 6 weeks like advised. But then after 4 months I haven't heard anything from the office odd lol. I need to call and see what's up and schedule my one year follow up. I'll also post pictures later I don't have any on this phone.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hochstein is awesome he made me feel so comfortable and answered all my questions. I have recommended him to everyone, I'm so happy we did our research and choose him.

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