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I did it...I finally was able to talk to the...

I did it...I finally was able to talk to the doctor on the phone and from the way he answered my questions, he clearly knew what he was talking about. He was incredibly knowledgeable and to top that he had the experience especially in the subject of breast augmentations. I am out of town from Florida so it was extremely nerve racking for me to out reach to another country for the procedure! Jennifer- the out of town patient co-ordinator was a huge help in the consistency of emailing me back.

I have contemplated this for years now and I have finally made the decision to follow through. I have done my research for a year and my decision to have this procedure has not wavered. Trust me when I say there was not a day that went by I did not do research on breast augmentations. I was the pure annoyance of my boyfriend. He is currently the only person who knows I've wanted this and although he says I don't need it, and he would rather I didn't get it, this is a decision I am making for myself. I value his opinion and know that he says these things because boobs are not what makes a woman, I just know in my heart that I want this procedure. I love my boobs now, even though they're small, my boyfriend has helped me to see how beautiful they are. I just simply want bigger boobs. My worry is my family's reaction if they ever find out about the procedure. I don't want to rub off as ungrateful for what God has given me, my family is pretty conservative and would not approve of my decision, this is just something I know I would like to go through with. I am aware of the complications, the cost to fix these and that I must maintain a do-able regimen following after care instructions, while possibly becoming frankenboob until they heal!

Let's get back to the phone consultation! To attain my desired D-cup the doctor did say silicone would be best- which was what I was hoping to hear. The silicone was my make it or break it with this procedure getting done this year. He mentioned the periareolar incision however I was hoping it could be done through an inframammary incision, he is the expert but I will voice my concern upon meeting him. I do not want to lose sensation in my nipples, of course how my body heals is a factor but I would like o lessen the chances of that happening. It would be under the muscle which was also what I wanted to hear. It's almost as if he was able to cross off everything on this mental checklist I had without me even having to ask my questions. It would be around 450-475cc, however that will be decided once I actually meet with him and measurements are taken! I was actually hoping for 500cc-550cc. I know I don't want to settle for anything in the 300cc range so I'm anticipating the pre-op consultation in person. After starting with a list of doctors from all around the world, I ended up at Dr. Hochstein since I loved the results he was able to produce for fellow RealSelfers!

Here are my unofficial stats:
Height: 5'0
Weight: 98lbs
Bra size: 32A
Age: 19 Years old

T-1 month until boobies!?!

SO, my mom will be accompanying me on this trip since her and my dad wouldn't budge on letting me just travel with my boyfriend. She's the greatest at taking care of me so I'm glad she'll be coming...she just has no idea why we're going. She did mention though that we should go Miami mid October instead of November which I am extremely ecstatic about. I do need to get my tests done ASAP, so I'm hoping sometime this week my boyfriend will go with me. I'm just waiting on Jennifer to send me available dates for October so I can pay my deposit to lock in the dates and book the hotel and flights.

Email responsiveness

For any ladies that communicate with the office through email, how long did it take for them to respond? I do want to be patient but at the same time I can not place a deposit since I don't know if the quote given was in CAD or USD. I am from Canada so in order for me to pay the deposit I do need to know how much deposit in CAD I would need to make or if it is even allowed by the office to take the conversion. Still waiting for a response. October seems so close...still waiting for an email of available dates too! Guess I just have to hang in there.

I'm a bit TOO anxious

I have not laid down a deposit as I am unaware of my surgery dates however my nerves are getting the best of me! I'm driving myself off the edge a bit as I just want to move the process along but I am the one hindering it with my dates. Low and behold, this is where my rock steps in. Thank GOD for Jennifer. The office has done nothing but be kind and understanding, something I really needed today. I am eternally grateful to her, she has honestly replied to me with the utmost of care. I do understand that she is extremely busy and although this is the case, not once has she not been able to answer my questions. She has gone above and beyond my expectations making sure my experience is great. Even to the point of being on the search for past patients that fit my criteria so I could speak to them. Please excuse my impatience!!! All the stress I guess was getting to me and immediate answers were what I was after, although what was delivered was thorough and very informative answers. I am completely set on having the surgery done by Dr. H as I have heard and seen excellent reviews about his results and his staff. I am confident in trusting them. I've already seen their care firsthand with how Jennifer accommodates all of my pestering questions...and boy have I had plenty!


I spoke with my boyfriend because the topic of keeping the surgery from my mom left me feeling so burdened- I love and respect her and as much as I so appreciate my boyfriend always being there for me, she would be the one accompanying me. She had the right to know what was going to happen. My boyfriend agreed I should tell her, reassuring me as to how brave I was for doing so. I emailed Jennifer and after her heartfelt response I knew I had to do it, I was going to be honest and tell my mom.

So my mom now knows. I don’t know what more to say, her reaction so to speak has left me speechless. We will discuss further on the subject when she comes back from being out of the country on the 16th. I have not yet placed a deposit; I want to make sure I know what the dates will be before I do!

A BIG thank you…
Jennifer has been so lovely as to even offering to speak to my mom if she has any questions or concerns. It’s really wonderful having someone to speak to who is knowledgeable and just having someone who understands. Out of town ladies who are going through with a breast augmentation, I really hope your experience with the patient coordinators are as amazing as that I have received. I was already set on going to Dr. H because of the amazing results and experience he has, you don’t get called the ‘boob god’ for nothing- but the kindness I’ve received through the office s been remarkable.

My boyfriend took me to get my lab tests done. He’s been there since the very first thought of a breast augmentation and although it did take a while for him to wrap his head around it, he has always supported me. He has never failed to tell me I am beautiful and perfect the way I am. I love him so.

I am so grateful for the support system I happen to have. Thank you, to my boyfriend and Jennifer. I haven’t even had the surgery; yet, they have been there every step of the way.

Wish Photos (;


Hello lovelies!
I think it’s about time for an update.
I don’t even know where to start…
I’m so excited, I’ve been hesitant to continue this review because I’ve been going through a however I’m pushing myself to keep updating on this journey. It would be awesome to be able to look back and be able to read all my thoughts on everything.
Deposit. CHECK.
Tests. CHECK.
All I need to do is wait for the date!! I’m extremely ecstatic.

I’ve sent Jennifer a ton of questions, as she has been an outstanding source of support. If Dr. Hochstein’s staff can emanate such a wonderful experience through emails, I CAN NOT wait to see the results he’ll be able to give me!!!

ALSO, to any women who exercise frequently and lift heavy(Squatting, deadlifting 130lbs+, curling 20lbs+, daily cardio, chin ups, dips, etc) , was it hard to get back into your regular regimen? How long did it take for you to get back into working out? I’ve been worried about going 400cc or higher since I really do not want the implants to get in the way. Anyone willing to share their experience??

The Perfect Pair


No more chest exercises...EVER AGAIN!

I'm a workout buff. No really, I may be petite but I love to pump iron. I have been sending several questions pertaining working out and was told that chest exercises are a no-no after the operation even once completely healed.

I've been trying to lay off bench pressing and push ups to mentally prepare myself for not being able to do those again(at least not without displacing the implant I'm told), however, I asked about dips and chin ups and was told those were workouts I would not be able to do either. I want to protect the investments at all costs but it got me in such a state of despair that I could no longer do those workouts! I sent out a hoard more of questions asking to confirm if deadlifts, squatting 130lbs+, curling 20lbs+, back exercises 45lbs+, etc were all still safe and okay. (Think Katy Hearn workouts for those who have Instagram (; Love her and it is known she has implants, I wonder if they are over or under the muscle, anyone know?)

I don't think I can give heavy lifting workouts up, I would be heart broken. Any ladies out there under the muscle, years out that still do chinups/dips or heavy lifting without any complications???

Goodbye bitty titties

Yes, big boobs are always what I've wanted, however, I'd like to say I really have come to love how my body looks, and that does include the chest that I have now. They're perky and youthful and I love them, not to mention I have a man who loves them. I feel as if I'll really miss what I have now, especially being able to workout without worrying about displacement along with when being intimate, having the best feeling with my boobs and nips. They alone can get me off. And let me tell you, the feeling is sensational. I'm scared to lose all of those and as much as there is a chance I'll regain the feeling, most of the women I've spoken to...just don't. I'm going into surgery knowing all the complications that may occur however I trust my surgeon is more than qualified and will be able to give me the results I've only dreamed of.

I'm jumping all over the place here, but I can't seem to just have one linear thought, I'm scared, nervous, I'm not even sure if I'm excited! My boyfriend has been nothing but supportive of my decision, he's been constantly reminding me it'll be the best thing and he's constantly reiterating to me the heck I went through to finally going through with the surgery. I keep worrying about all the things that could go wrong. But I trust my PS, he can't be known as the "boob god" for nothing right? (;

So all in all, I guess I just want it out there that I love my boobs now. I don't want to do anything to ruin them. I pray that the results will look beautiful. That's what I just constantly do; pray that the surgery will go flawlessly and that there will be no complications whatsoever.

I'm going to miss working out- I'm getting so close to my dream results and I LOVE lifting heavy, it makes me feel so wonderful. I guess it'll just be bulking for me for the next couple months );. I'm going to miss being intimate. I'm going to miss being functional. I'm going to miss the sensations I feel. I'm going to MISS not having to worry about complications. I'll just be a week, but I'm going to miss my boyfriend too. He's been there for me through it all and I feel really upset that he won't be there during the procedure.

It's funny how I'm suffering from nostalgia of my boobs now when I still have them at their natural state. I've taken several videos and photos of them ): I'm hoping that once the new set heals and settles down I won't miss the old pair. I mean, they'll still be there after all, just more enhanced. Feeling down and out of it...I'm lost in the clouds.

Miami bound!

Finally in Miami! Arrived around 3, the flight was long and seemed to drag on. Explored the shops and such and I have to say, everyone we encountered were so friendly! Have the consultation tomorrow. Did not manage to get any sleep at all the whole day- will update tomorrow!!!

I can't believe it's actually happening!!! Everything feels so surreal.

Pre op!!

Pre op was today!! Finished all the paperwork and did not wait long to get into a room. Three sizers were laid out, all moderate profile, but then the two smaller sizers were taken away and 397 moderate profile was left. Was so excited, my mom freaked upon seeing the implant but there was a wonderful lady who came in and reassured my mom explaining how it may look bit now but once inside the muscle, it does change. Did not catch her name but I am really grateful for her! Then she came with the 400ccHP implant and I did prefer it however the moderate profile I also really liked. Meeting the doctor was great, he was very concise with his replies to my questions. He took my measurements and he said it was about 12. I really love the staff, they were very friendly and I would love to give a HUGE shoutout to Jennifer who has answered all my question. I did ask the doctor similar questions that I've asked in emails but I really did love the replies from Jennifer as they were to the point and answered all my questions. Pictures we're taken and I did want to try the vectors 3d imaging but was told that it is better to go with the sizers since the vectors 3d is not as accurate with final results, therefore did not end up doing that.

Doctor said no push ups, flies, bench presses ever.

He recommended since I liked the 400cc, he would be putting in 425cc. I definitely want to go up to 475cc or 450cc which in the end, I would be happier with. I definitely don't know if I should go 500cc. Pictures are just the 400cc implant!! All thoughts are welcome!!

Itty bitties

These are about a year or so old, tiny me- before I started getting into heavy lifting (:.

The last of these itty bitties(:

These are the most recent, taken today! It's the last I'll see these teeny tinies on me, so excuse the repetitive nature of the photos (:

Steps to surgery (;

Didn't get a chance to post this when it happened but I wrote as much as I could while I was there!! Haha, reading over it now makes me laugh (:

Got to the office at 2:30 so I could try on different sizers again and see which I would be most comfortable with. I'm so nervous!!! My stomach feels so empty and I'm running on no sleep, however the nerves are keeping me so jittery.

Just a side note, my family is so important to me. I am so relieved I don't have to hide this from my parents. They are fully aware of the procedure and love me, showing their complete trust-they know I've done my full fledged research. I love how even though my mom doesn't completely agree with the procedure (she doesn't think I need it) she has shown utmost loving support. She is the strongest and most hard working woman I know.

Tried on more sizers!!! 400, 450 and 475. I love the 400 and 450. The 475 is just too big in my opinion. Ahhh, I love the staff!!!

The nurse was so wonderful!!! I was so nervous. She was very kind and understanding. Have I mentioned...I love the staff? It is now 4:30pm and am just waiting to discuss the final goal size. Hehehe, I keep repeating myself, but I'm so nervous!!! Just lounging in the comfy robe. My mom is really getting antsy and I can tell her stress levels are through the roof. I can't imagine what's going on through her head right now. I love her so. Praying for wonderful results and no complications!!!

Finally getting what I've always wanted with a surgeon known as the "boob god", it just makes my heart race even more!!

Whyyyy am I so nervous still!! Hahahaa xD.

Oh!!! The anesthesiologist walked by while I was answering medical questions, he was so friendly and sweet (:

Done and done!!!'

I'm writing this right now after surgery:

The other nurse was amazing when I got into the op room.
She prepped me and asked if I had any questions.
Surgery was at 5.
Surgery ended at 6
According to my mom (:
All I know was I was knocked out for a while and I remember waking up
I was in so much pain
I wasn't cold as there was this heater under my blanket.
The pressure was really painful and the tightness in my chest hurt
These two ladies came and asked me how I was doing, I told them it hurts. Haha, I was given pain killers.

Slept in the car, felt like puking at the hotel after drinking water, and just felt burned up.
Fell asleep for a while. Felt so much better.
Woke up and mom ordered soup and crackers. Had a pain killer. Felt nauseated after so took ondamcitran(not sure if it's the right spelling) but it helped! Thank goodness.

My mom has been taking care of me(:

Loved my experience. Haven't looked at the boobies yet!!! I'm kind of scared! Just watching tv (:

Little update

In pain, it's bearable but extremely tight and uncomfortable. I'm hoping by the time I fly out it'll be virtually gone. Wish I could just sleep through all the flights. Excited for post op!! But really looking forward to be back home.

SO, what I really wanted to post about was that they already feel like they're mine- as if they belong. Be it psychological since I've always wanted them, but I took a peak and started poking the upper pole of my breasts and I still had sensation,!! I could feel it completely which made me giggle. (: Just taking it easy, staying hydrated, ate then took my first antibiotic. A bit bloated, hopefully that gets better!


Feeling blue

My mom found an envelope with the size! Don't know why I'm being so emotional but I feel completely down that I just got 425cc...I really wish I had gotten bigger. I feel so low... Sigh... I know I have to wait for drop and fluff but I really feel I won't reach my wish pictures.

Day by day

I just wanted to thank all the women out there who have given me such wonderful encouragement and love. I don't understand why I'm being so fussy about size when I'm only 2days post op. It's as if all logic of mine just went out the window along with the what I was worried about- the long term effects a large implant can have on a small frame. I'm just feeling out of it! I sometimes wish I went bigger, other times I know I still have a ways to go to see the final result. I miss working out, it's such a huge endorphin rush....and I also miss cuddling with the boyfriend. Can't wait to be home ):. Extremely grateful to my mom. She's been taking care of everything along with having to deal with emotional me...and I know that can't be fun at all. She's superwoman (;

Hehe, sooo, stopped pain killers yesterday. Just on antibiotics. Had my first bm!!!!! Felt soooo good. I hadn't realized how bloated and tender my stomach felt until I grazed it yesterday, ouch, it was sore. Stomach is feeling a little better in terms of bloating, so looking forward to that returning to normal. Meanwhile, it's bye bye abs. I was hunched for a while and discovered this after I took photos! Trying to straighten it up, I didn't workout my back for it to start practicing bad posture! My period seems to be extended, it was supposed to be done two days ago.

Nipple sensitivity! I can feel sensations somewhat on my right but the left is numb. Hopefully they'll be back!

So far, taking it easy. Pain is extremely minimal, almost nonexistent!? Talk about an amazing surgeon if it really does just get easier from here!

I've never had many girl besties so having this community filled with such beautiful women inside and out does make me a bit teary- in a good way (;. Yay for happy tears.

~Be gone, boobie blues

OK. So my major boob greed has shrunk down from being ever so present, to a minimal to having none at all!! I love my boobies...I can't believe they look like this at 4days!! I know they still have to settle but I really like the look of them being high up!!! I love them (: and I know I would rather hold onto practicality than huge boobies that will most likely cause back problems and hinder my healing and working out especially since I have such a petite frame. I still looove big boobs but I'm more than content with mine. Had a huge wake up call from God- my recovery has been so great and my mom sacrificed so much of her time to take care of me. I am so grateful for everything. Loving every minute with them!!! Can't wait until I can lift my arms up and be safe to do light cardio- could really go for a walk. Massaging allllll the time, haha, love them (:

Best of luck to all you girlies!! Stay beautiful and always look at the brighter side of things (;


So I showed my man pictures and videos of my new boobies and asked what size he thought they were- he's got some sort of gift for determining ones size (; and he said definitely a good c. I was expecting that answer but it didn't leave any sort of booby greed since I know they still have a long ways to d&f. After watching a movie he asked to see them full frontal, I was hesitant at first because I wanted to show it to him in it's full fledged form, you know, after two weeks when cardio is safe(; but I obliged and slowly made the reveal...and oooooooh boy, his jaw-no exaggeration dropped right down and his eyes popped out!! It was truly a moment I wish I had recorded!!! The look on his face was just priceless, I love how he exclaimed "they're huge!" after being speechless and just stared. Hahhaa, I'm completely fine with the fact that in sweaters and non tight fitting clothes in general they remain hidden and concealed and even in pictures I admit they seen to look smaller to me. I'm loving them, I kept letting him poke them to see where I have sensations and he giggled throughout it all. I'm happy to say everywhere he poked (which included nipple area) I could feel it!!! Yay for sensations!!!! They reacted extremely well pre op and loved being fondled (biting, licking, sucking, pinching, you name it!) so hopefully now it'll be the same case. I love how high up they are although I know once they settle they'll sit much lower. We talked a bit about my boobs since he's seen so many augmented boobie processes (I made him get accustomed to the possible frankenboob beforehand) and he exclaimed that my boobies now look like 2week old boobies that I've shown him. Hehe, I agree they look so much more round than I thought they would be, especially at 4days post op. This smooth recovery is really making me happy!!!! So excited, 5 more days until I can lift my hands up over my head!

Patience is Key

So I've pretty much been lounging about the house, occasionally getting up to circulate the blood, doing everything on the guidelines of what the PS has set- I'm very obsessive compulsive in making sure nothing goes wrong. Thank goodness for the full season of Friends on Netflix, and the boyfriend, good company is always a plus (;. I'm definitely not going to push it or even try to allude to trying to sneak in a workout or picking something heavy up "just to see". I want everything to go perfectly and so far recovery has been great. Been massaging constantly(:. It is a roller coaster, let me tell you, however, patience definitely is a virtue you'll have to practice...tenfold. Haha, they are much smaller than I anticipated (although I am only 6 day post) but seeing as to how I am at such a young age, I'd rather go larger later on. Makes sense to go about it in steps (;.

On another note, I was looking at pre op photos and hadn't even realized I've neglected appreciation of the rest of my body because I was so obsessed with "did I go big enough!?" with the boobies. After the 6 month mark I'm definitely heading back to the gym to achieve my goals. Sometimes you get so caught up in the smaller details that you forget the bigger picture- which in my case is I HAVE bigger boobies (;.

The Never Ending Roller Coaster Ride

Day 7 post op
My left breast has a squeegee sound every time I massage it. Hehe, it sounds so weird. Have some electric pain but it goes away right away. Morning boob isn't as bad as I thought it would be!! Right now my boobs look like balls strapped to my chest. Not squishy at all, boyfriend squeezed it and said they felt weird. Haha, still haven't lifted my hands over my head, looking forward to that day. I'm so much more mobile with my arms though. Feel like everything is going accordingly. Was going to try on my 32a bra but it won't even cover one breast! Everything seems normal!

Day 8
Tried on some clothes today
To my disappointment...I felt even smaller. It looks nice but it doesn't have the WOW factor I wanted. It's a roller coaster. Not only do I feel they are really small-they're not a wonky shape, but they're perfectly round which sounds great except...they still do look like perfectly round balls strapped to my chest. I do massage frequently throughout the day. I didn't think I'd be more sad than before

Day 9
It really hit me today...

Hahaa, I know they're not done healing yet since I still can't squish them together or anything, still stapled onto my chest real tight. I'm so excited for when they get all jiggly...and for when my boyfriend can play with them! Recovery has been awesome, praise God, (:. Been straying far from being grateful so today has been a step in the right direction, just really a great day.

Day 10
A thought just dawned on me, my recovery has gone so smoothly (seriously, how is it that after the 3rd day I felt perfectly fine??), the only complaints I have are that they look still look like balls strapped to my chest and they aren't as large as I'd like them to be. Also, the surgical bra they gave I can fit 4 fingers between the's obvious the band is too large. I hope I'm still getting the support I need.Wish I was measured properly /: or that the swelling going down would be accounted for and I would be told I needed a smaller surgical bra. Also, I do NOT want the former boobs of Victoria Bekham.

Took pictures today and noticed...
I may have weird settling which I thought could be the potential start of double bubble. I emailed the office with pictures however they do no respond over the weekend. Waiting to see what the doctor says.

Day 12
I will not self diagnose myself with false complications.. Hahaa. I do believe it was a wake up call - to stop worrying. I'm incredibly happy to be having such an amazing recovery and I should really stop focusing on wanting to have gone much bigger! It’s REALLY been hard mentally. Oh and the nipple sensitivity...boy does my right nipple tingle like crazy! Haha, became more independent today, feels good.

Day 13
Took a whole lot of photos today!! I guess I'm slowly learning to accept they won’t get bigger. ):

Day 14
Felt so bummed about size....
Don't think mine are big enough, definitely not what I envisioned them to be

Day 14
Slept on my back last night!!!!
Back and left arm was killing me so I took down some pillows and fell asleep. Felt so good in the morning

Day 15
Right nipple is suuuuper sensitive but I kind of like was always rough with them before surgery. Right breast now has squeegee sound.

Day 18
I can't say I'm disappointed however I do know that even if they were to "fluff" the final result would not be the size I ultimately want- thanks to the infamous boon greed. I will for sure be getting a revision in a year or two to get them much larger. They are just SO much smaller than what I imagined. I do hope the recovery will be as easy- although much quicker. I miss working out so much!!! Just about 3 more weeks until I can start up!!! Also..I do hope they don't drop any more. I did express I did not want them low as I'm so petite, I do not want them to shorten my torso!! Did not think I would be saying this after a BA but I can't wait until I can wear a push up bra- which will be in 5 months ):. Hopefully this boob greed will vanish, but for now it's stronger than ever.

My wish picture is definitely about 3x the size of what mine are. I know I still have a long ways to go to see final results but boy does it really take a lot out of you. I had photos of what was too small handy with me (I brought plenty of pictures but not all of them were looked at by ps ) and I definitely match what was too small for me to begin with.

I am so grateful for the experience, I just wish I got it right the first time!!

For the petite women with 550cc-600cc, do you find discomfort or back/neck pain with the implants??

Day 19
So I've gone to read plenty of explant stories. Do I want my implants removed? No. Will I in the future? I hope not. It just gave me a HUGE perspective on size and what having impants for a lifetime entails- not just the benfits big boobs will have for me in a couple months or the first year or so. I loved my small boobs before. I was even worried I'd miss them. Now, I'm learning to fully accept my decision and realizing it was the BEST for me not to go so huge. Maybe in the future this will change but the explant stories really put it in perspective for me. I am a HUGE workout buff as I believe I've constantly mentioned before. And now I will no longer be able to do dips, chin ups/pull ups and push ups. I was always able to drop jaws when I showed up some of my fellow male friends that I was capable of even clap push ups. Now...I won't be able to do those things. Now, I will have the implants to take care of. I do not want back pain, neck pain, a herniated disc, or any of the sort of things I have read from the explant stories- along with women who I know, that have huge breasts who complain of all the things they can't do, of all the weight and pain they feel. This does not go to show that I believe no woman should ever want to go big- heck, I wanted to go big. These are just thoughts that I wanted to share with this wonderful community because I have boob greed. It comes and goes but really, after reading the experiences, I'm learning to stop comparing myself to other women and to start appreciating myself for what I have and how I look! My boyfriend and family have always told me I was beautiful as is and I always thought implants would make me...even more attractive. I've learned that boobs, big or small, do not define you. They shouldn't- at least I don't want them to. So for those ladies with boob greed, yes, it is a difficult disease to beat, but the only real cure would be to love and appreciate yourself. Remember, you are beautiful. There are SO many things aside from boobs that you could enjoy! Yes, it is nice to fill a bikini and have clothes that you feel looks better, but boobs should not be the centre of your universe. I want to travel and go on adventures, I want to workout everyday and not have to worry about big heavy boobs weighing me down. . I can't wait until I'm all healed and can have everything resume to normal.

So for those who are having boob greed, hope these links help those out there suffering from that dreaded boobie disease. THESE ARE NOT intended to offend anyone. I think big boobies are GREAT, you all look so beautiful~ big or small breasted.

LOVED this review. It really hit home for me:


Please do not be scared with going "big". Everyone is different and desires different looks. These are just other perspectives from different women. I will be doing more research on the long term effects of larger implants on petite women since so many PS seem to go against it.

Day 21
3 week post op!!! YAY!!! Can't believe it's already been 3 weeks! So my boyfriend took me shopping for sports bras since my surgical bra was way too loose now. Still fit small at PINK but it was weird, it fit my boobs but the band was too loose, haha. Felt SO much better after trying them on and needing a bigger cup size than a c for the sports bras at lululemon!!!! Maybe after I get measured properly I'll be a 32D! ):.

Day 26
OKAY, so...I’m almost a month. These boobies definitely won’t be getting any larger so I’m still planning for a revision in a year or two. My steri strips are still on so I’ve been meaning to email the office to see if I should leave them on or take them off. I don’t know why but I’ve just been so depressed over size still. ): I just don’t know if it’ll go away- I even cried to my boyfriend. I think either 550cc-600cc would make it all better. However I do want to talk to more women who are petite and have gone that large. PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU ARE PETITE AND WENT LARGE! I don’t post pictures here since I’ve been feeling so down about the size…I wish I got it right the first go but if I’m still unhappy I’ll be getting a revision for sure. I just want to know all the consequences and see how these settle in a year or so. Already spoke to a PS and he said if I wanted to go 600cc I’d be needing an internal bra since I’m so petite and the implants are very large- which I’d rather have than bottoming out. Jen Mateo is my boobie idol- she upsized from 400cc to 600cc after a year. Message me your IG if you have one!

Left Breast~ steri stri removal

I removed the steri strip from my left breast and "Oh my goodness" was all I could think of. Dr.H did such a beautiful job with the incision!!! It practically blends into my nipple!!! How amazing. There was a spot of fresh blood- it did seem that there was a small opening so I dried it and put a bandaid over it. Hopefully it closes. I did not take the steri strip off from the right breast yet- waiting to get the go ahead that it is safe to do so. Although after seeing the left I'm sure it would be fine. Can't wait to see both without the strips!! Still wearing the surgical bra 24/7. Have not worked out, will ask if I'm clear to workout legs.

Has It Already Been a Month!?

Day 31

I got into contact with a wonderful lady who went to Dr.H- her journey and results were the reasons why I chose him. The result he gave her was absolutely gorgeous and thinking about the whole ordeal made me extremely grateful. I was able to get my boobs done by the "boob god" and they are looking great! I'm excited to see how they drop and fluff in the months to come. My cleavage gap went from about 2-3 fingers apart in week 1 to just a one finger distance 4 weeks post!! I've also grown some sort of attachment to my surgical bra, haha. I'm allowed to wear sports bras but I'm so paranoid of it being too tight and pushing them together that I've given up altogether on trying to find one to replace it. I have 2 more weeks until I don't have to wear the surgical bra 24/7 but I'll most likely still be wearing it until at least 6 months :P. Still haven't worked out which is really taking a toll on my sanity! Recovery has been painless but it's difficult feeling restricted with so many things. I've just been taking it eaaaaaaasy. Haven't been measured, haven't been to the gym- I try lunges here and there but it's just not the same. I miss heavy lifting but I've sworn that off until I'm cleared and told there's no way I can do harm to these investments! I've gained quite a considerable amount of body fat but my boyfriend constantly tells me he loves my body better now- I don't mind it but I would like to get back all my lost muscle mass. Guess it's just bulking season for me (;. All is well, but my boob blues still exists. If I do decide to upsize in a year, so be it. I discussed it with my bf and he supports me but does think 600cc would be too large for my frame but we'll see after I'm completely healed. In the meantime, I'm just going to enjoy being complication free! Thank you for all of your support breasties!!!


Got measured yesterday at my 6 week mark!! The first lady measured me at a 32 B which really bummed me out, but I held my breath until she called the lady who was the "best" at measuring and she measured me at a 32D. I had gotten a 34C bra to try on but she did say 34 would be too big on me. Tried on 3 32DD bras at VS and they all fit nicely. Didn't buy any since there would still be changes in the months to come. I still wear my surgical bra 24/7, can't seem to get rid of it and actually like the no lines or signs of a bra under clothes, haha. I am still feeling committed to an upgrade in a year (650-700cc), however I'll see after I start getting active again. I'm waiting another month or so to start working out. Recovery has been going so well and I don't want to start doing anything that will harm these investments! The boobie blues aren't all gone but I am loving how the process of recovery was easy and that my incisions are wonderful still.


I LOVE having boobs. Dr. H works wonders and I am so grateful I had this procedure done. I'm planning to upsize with him July 2016, I can't wait!! But until then, I'm going to enjoy the heck out of these babies. Still wear the surgical bra to sleep and occasionally when I go out.
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