Upgraded boobies without a doubt

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I am 16 days away from upgrading these two boobies...

I am 16 days away from upgrading these two boobies and have an overwhelming state of excitement and paranoia all at once!!

I'm 5'6 136lbs athletic like build and like long walks along the shore lol No seriously! I'm a proud mom that breast fed for a year and well the girls went from 34-A to overflowing DD's then 34-C after nursing and just like magic they changed back to my current size of 34-A. I had some issues with leftie getting clogged during breastfeeding, it would even swell up a cup size bigger than righty. Nevertheless, I came out of this kind of droopy on that side as you will be able to see from my pictures. I'm sure the weight fluctuation didn't help either. I gained 60lbs while pregnant and lost it within a few short months. Running keeps me sane! I was always interested in BA but didn't think of it seriously until a few months ago. I have a thick and curvy lower half but two bee stings on top!! Out of sheer curiosity I started researching online and scheduled a few consultation appointments with well recognized boob masters here in plastic surgery central Miami, FL.

I've been bipolar with the amount of cc's because well I am built like a linebacker and don't want to end up too small (I have a wide chest) or looking top heavy with huge boobs that will affect my running/working out. I already went to my pre-op appointment. Paid $2130 and got all of my Rx's to fill. So far I'm just searching for pictures to give him and see what he says. I initially told him mid C but I think I am open to full C to small D. Size or ccs don't really matter to me at this point. As long as they are proportionate to my body and I can remain being active.

I look forward to hearing everyone's stories and sharing my own :) Wish me luck!! 16 days 22 hours to go!!

10 days away

I officially had my last glass of wine last night. This morning I enjoyed my last cafe con leche oscuro!! Surgery is 10 days away and its time to clean up!! I know I'm going to have some serious caffeine urges and withdrawls but its all worth it in the end :) Let the working out get rougher and the massive cleaning and preperations commence!!

Sorry I haven't updated!!

Surgery is the easiest part of this whole process. You close your eyes and wake up with a brand new pair of boobies!! I ended up going with 397cc.

The day after 11/15/13

I spent the first few days in a recliner! Super cozy :)


11/24/13 First Bare Peep

The tape was driving me insane. I finally got the green light to get rid of it. This was no easy task. I initially had a hard time with my first glance of my incisions. To be more specific my lefty, which got the Bennelli lift. It was Frankennipple! However, this is the most tedious part of the whole process. They change constantly & you must keep your sanity!! All I could do is CALM MY TITS and be patient

Process of Elimination

Sorting through what fits...a lot of bras, lingerie & sports bras/tanks have bit the dust!

Dr. Hochstein was the 3rd PS I met. His office was incredibly impressive. It was immaculately clean, open, beautifully decorated and fully stocked on CURRENT magazines for every taste to keep you or whoever tags along with you busy . He also had a good assortment of teas to warm you while you wait in what seems to be North pole temperature. I'm a sucker for Yogi Tea!! His staff consists of young, gorgeous ladies one of which gives you the paperwork to fill and by the time I was done with filling it out, she called my name. I didn't have to deal with sitting endlessly like many ladies write. They took some glamour shots of the girls so their 3D device can print out some measurements then you wait in his beautiful office to see him. Dr. Hochstein is very articulate, to the point and actually quite handsome! He really took his time answering my questions, giving me his 2 cents, manually measuring me and making me feel comfortable. I never felt like cattle or rushed along. That actually is what made me take the plunge with him. He is very adamant on not giving advice on choosing for you. I asked what his advice and he responded well whatever size you are comfortable with. My goal is to be mid to full C or small D. By any means I do not want to go higher in the alphabet. I knew for a fact that I wanted silicone gel to be placed under. I went in there thinking I wanted 300-350cc but he recommended 371cc, moderate profile plus, smooth, round. He is doing a Bennelli lift on my left side and areolar incision on my right. This has me very stressed because I'd hate that whole Frankenboob to be permanent. I have nightmares having one dark bigger nipple than the other. As well as looking as flat chested as I do now or having Jessica Rabbit boobs that don't fit in any normal cloths!! Not to mention I've also heard of Bennelli lift spreading the areola. I'm not so sure if he would be placing a permanent suture to address this. It is something I will ask next visit. Overall Dr. Hochstein has given me a very good impression and I have faith in his skills as a PS. He is very down to earth but is quick to give you a reality check on expectations the two times we have met and I don't have anything negative to say. His staff is very upbeat and encourage you to contact them as many times as needed. I plan on taking them up on that offer whole heartedly this week, as I have some questions. I'll keep you posted. I won't know my actual surgery time until the night before. Chances are I'm going to be starving.

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