40 Year Old Silicone Breast Implants Removal, Capsulectomy, Replacement with Silicone Implants on 61 Year Old - Miami, FL

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I had 235cc silicone implants placed when I was 19...

I had 235cc silicone implants placed when I was 19 years old because I was a large-framed person with only an A cup size. Within a few years I developed contractures, which progressed to the point of the implants being totally hard, and the right breast started progressively becoming more deformed. I wish I wouldn't have had to wait 37 years to have them redone, but life got in the way. I now really regret that, so if you keep putting this off, do yourself a favor, ladies, and get started on consultations!
Finally they have been replaced with 400cc moderate plus silicone implants. I didn't know until after surgery the old implants were also ruptured.
During consultation with my Dr. he said he would probably place implants between 400 cc to 500 cc submuscularly (the old ones were subglandular) to make them more proportional to my present size. And he said they always try to use the opposite pocket of the old ones.
I am 5'9" and weigh about 190. I have intentions of losing 20 pounds as soon as I can get to serious exercising.
At the second visit my doctor decided to probably also do a lift. I wasn't crazy about the idea, but told him if he thought it was necessary, to do so. The day of surgery he said he thought if he put in large enough implants, he shouldn't have to do the lift, and that the areola were actually in pretty good position. He was going to place submuscularly in a new pocket, but during surgery decided to place them in the old pocket because the implant fell out of the submuscular pocket when they sat me up. I actually cried when I found that out, because I know I am more like to have the contractures again!!
He did not do the lifts. I now have the right areola lower than the other, and the right breast is smaller in the inframmary incision area, which I think is what is pulling the areola down. He removed the old inframmary scars, and created new incisions there. My guess is he also removed some loose skin in that scar area.
I am very happy to finally have soft breasts again after so long, and I am not a youngster any longer as far as needing firm, perky breasts, but I am not sure I am happy with the result. I told him I would like a little more at the top of my breasts, instead of so flat. But the upper pole is the same now as they were before. There is more volume width-wise, but they are more droopy now.
I had been a B cup before, and am still a slightly fuller B cup, though I had hoped to be a C. I don't have prior pictures, unfortunately.
But I would really like some other opinions on this situation.
Thanks so much!

4 + weeks Post Op

Still have some periodic soreness, especially on the outer edges. Not much else has changed. Am still disappointed they ended up over the muscle, but so happy to have them soft.
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