35, No Kids, Athletic Build, over the Moon Happy with 325CC MP Silicone - Miami, FL

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I am four and a half weeks post op, and this...

I am four and a half weeks post op, and this surgery has been one of the best decisions I've made in.my. life. I wish I had gone through with it sooner!

My stats-
140 pounds, 5'7, athletic body type with broad shoulders
Under bust measurement 29.5 inches
I wore a 34AA pre but my true size was probably a 30aaa.
4 weeks post 32C and 30C and 30Ds seem to fit. We'll see where we end up.
I also had significant asymmetry (size and shape) and tuberous breasts

I have been researching the surgery and doctors for about 2 years. I checked doctors in my area, but I had some concerns about those options. In attempt to find wish pics, I happened to reach Dr. PGs website. He had so many real pictures of his own results, and that confidence to show so many examples of current work was so refreshing! I actually saw a picture of someone who started with tuberous breast like mine and her afters looked pretty amazing. Then I saw that Dr. PGs office handled out of state patients, and I decided to just check out his recommendation.

I worked with Rosemarie through the process of consultation through scheduling, etc. She was so personable! You have to love her! She talks to you like a friend and addresses any fears or concerns honestly. She never got upset when I asked her a million questions; she made me feel good about the preparation I was doing. Rosemarie streamlined the process and ensured I had all relevant information, pros/cons of decisions, and she's just wonderful to work with!

The office is gorgeous and the facilities are top notch. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and I found no issues throughout my month long process of working with this staff, Doctor, or facility.

Dr. PG understood exactly what I was asking for. I told them I was looking for the look of a small c so he recommended 325CC mod plus silicone. I work in a conservative office, and he understood my request and gave me the perfect size and profile implant for my body. With his experience, I'm confident that he knows how to translate your request into a result that will satisfy you, whether you have a conservative style or another. All my life, I had struggled with not feeling like a real woman because I was literally flat chested. I love my results more and more every day. I can keep it conservative or show off a little on Saturday night!

My recovery was pretty smooth. I never took a single pain pill-I only took the Tylenol(? I can't remember if it was aspirin or ibuprofen you're asked not to take but I obeyed doctor's recommendations) for the first three to four days. The pain was bearable for me-you will feel it, but I think my doctor's skill contributed to my not having TOO much pain. I didn't suffer any tummy issues since I didn't take any of the pain meds. I had surgery on a Tuesday and flew home from Miami on Saturday morning. Driving over bumps wasn't fun for the first days until about 3 weeks post.

Another wonderful decision I made was choosing Miami Escape Recovery House. I came to Miami alone, and you need someone to take responsibility for you after surgery and stay with you the first 24 hours. Miami Escape was phenomenal. You don't have to worry about, or even think about, anything! I did my research from various places online. There are many RH choices, but this one really stands out if you look at reviews, staff, and weigh the cost. Danni and her whole organized team were beyond amazing. Sherry picked me up from the airport timely and also took me to appointments during my one week stay. The food was great and healthy every day-they provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. The facility's are really stylish and clean. You can really recover quick here because of the healthy meals and quiet, caring environment. The beds are comfy, there are flat screens in every room, and everyone makes sure you have everything you need to feel ok and get well. The entire Miami Escape family takes care of you like you are family! I don't like blood, and I had a bandage come off the first day. I freaked out a little, but Danni came to the rescue for me. Her experience helped her to let me know there was nothing to worry about and she told me exactly what I needed to do. You get a very good value for your money at this RH with airport rides, prescription drop off, lodging, meals, and peace (and peace of mind) during your stay.

At my last post op visit, I was instructed to wear the strap post surgery for a month. I made it three weeks, and then I wore it at night only for the last week. My results still more than satisfy me. By the fourth week, my incisions are closes and look pretty smooth now. My areole are now even and symmetric. My breasts are perfectly shaped for me.

I was concerned about how implants would affect size of tops/jackets. Previously, I wore the VS Bombshell (add 2 cup sizes) pretty much 24/7. In that, I wore a 34A which I have learned was the wrong size! Never having really needed a bra, I was pretty much ashamed to go into VS. So I just picked up something that I thought would work. At 4.5 weeks, 32C aND 30D in some brands seem to work well. I know I need to wait another 2-3 weeks before true sizing. I can still wear the same tops- Small even though I have broad shoulders. Same dresses -size 4 still work well. Everything just fits better now and I love getting dressed and getting dressed up now.

This week (week 4 post op) I tried sleeping on my stomach and side again for the first time. I have been trying to massage since about a week post op. Like everyone says, they get softer every day. It feels less tight in my skin now (having not had children and not having any great tissue, it probably took a good deal of stretching to fit 325CC).

Still have some numbness on the lower part of the left breast but I feel like I am making progress. It seems to be returning progressively, and I have been massaging. During this week, the feeling has been returning to my right breast and nipple. Bearable intermittent pain but that's a good thing. YAY! The doctor advised that one breast will probably drop and recover quicker than the other, so I was prepared.

I'll try to post a few pictures soon.

I am so grateful and pleased I made this decision, though. Remembering where I started from and looking at my results, I am just so happy. I am so much less self conscious now! If you've been thinking about it for a long time but putting it off, I'd say do it!

Before, 3 weeks post op, 1 day post op

I had a benign lump removed from left breast in 2015 so that scar is from prior surgery.

I had areola incision for augmentation.

First pic is day before surgery, middle is 3 weeks post op, and third is day after surgery (hence the tape)

Tuberous before-there's hope!

Tuberous breasts issue before. Just wanted to share to let other girls with challenging starting places know that a great doctor can help you get results you want.

I got tired of hiding and those bombshell bras are expensive to wear every day! Hello? Even though I didn't have the support I wanted before the surgery, I did what it took in terms of research to be pleased with my decision. Now the people who know who were negative before can't stop saying positive things about my results. I'm like it would have been nice if you would have listened to me before!

Do your research on surgeons and facilities and request several pictures. Think about surgeon's experience, results, safety, communicationand ability to hear what you're requesting, and then price. Safety!

This process helped me in so many aspects of life. I hope this encouragement helps someone because this site has been priceless for me. Thanks to everyone who shared pictures and experiences!

Amazing. Simply put- a miracle worker. Dr PG is very gifted and understands exactly what you're requesting. He is a straight shooter. You can trust exactly what he says and you should trust his amazing skill! Experience, confidence in results delivered, A1 facilities...do your research. You won't regret trusting his impeccable abilities and aesthetic expertise. Off the charts spectacular.

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