31 Yrs Old, No Kids,5'5, 32D but Want a 32DDD - Miami, FL

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From early childhood I've always wanted bigger...

From early childhood I've always wanted bigger breasts I want to take it back to jerry springer days lol. During college when I noticed that birth control increased my chest size it ...it was amazing. But a large disadvantage when I came off of it my breasts and my body weight went with it. Now I'm looking into getting a breast augmentation in Miami. And I think I found the perfect doctor ..Leonard M Hochstein I'm obsessed with his work. Conducting my consultation in Feb :)

Before pics 32d/34c

As you can see a lot of volume has been lost

Obsessed with realself?

Is it obsessed that I'm constantly reviewing breast augmentation procedures on this site? I'm actually super nervous, the fact that this is on my mind constantly and I've never been under before :(. Kinda scared , but it's what I want :/

New inspiration pics

This is the exact look that I want !!!


Tried on some sizers feel great with 457 meaning that he will put 500cc hp to achieve the look I want

What a cool invention!!

While searching online getting ready for my upcoming surgery was able to find this cool invention!!

The countdown is on

The countdown is on and I'm getting super excited and a bit nervous all wrapped up in one

Deposit made ??
Surgery date booked??
Flight hotel and car??

Wireless sports bras

2 months ..6 days ...and im started to get ready..here are 2 wireless sports bras I invested in.

Blood work completed

Shit just got realllllll!!! Omg half way there ! Super nervous now ..totally over analyzing the whole process..questioning my wish pics..questioning the size suggested..i wish I was excited but I'm scared out of my mind now

Found a great website


Has everything towards what to expect during surgery, what to eat, what to wear , very informative website . Really enjoyed it

The results are in

It's been such an emotional time, based on what Dr.H nurse recommends that I see a hematologist based on my results. So after calling more than 30 doctors in the Texas area and getting the run around I made an apt next week at Cancer care ofsouth Texas. I pray to God everything goes ok, goes beyond the surgery now it's my health ????

Saw the hematologist today

So I went to see a hematologist today and my iron is not at a point that I will not need a blood transfusion (thank god) but I will be receiving iron injections for 3 weeks by IV. This procedure takes an hr to inject, I'm really really glad that I got my blood work done early, rather than waiting 2 weeks and having to reschedule my apt.

It's slowly approaching...

Well I got 1 more month.. I found a few more wish pics

Iron -first treatment

Getting the IV
Oh boy finally here I'm totally scared of hospitals or medical facilities. The treatment lasted for 45 mins but I had to wait an additional 20 mins for them to monitor me to see if I might have an reaction to the treatment.

Side note while getting my treatment this patient came in talking about someone got HIV while getting a blood transfusion ..like really did she really need to talk about that now ???!?! I mean thank god I'm not doing a blood transfusion but STill time and place for everything

Progress with iron

I'm super glad I did my blood work early ! My iron level was at a 7.2 before starting treatment and now I'm at a 8.8 :)

30 days ????

Got a new boobie love Brooklyn Decker

27 more days!!

Alrighty almost to the finish line. So a little about my week in total I've been stressing the sizes and thank god for Amanda who was able to convince me to pick 2 pics and run with it.

Went to the hemogologist yesterday my iron is now at a 10.8 woooooohoooo super exciting from where I started off. I've been taking my multivitamins along with iron tablets daily .

I've also added more stuff to my Amazon cart that I'll purchase on Monday after I come to conclusion that I have everything

Prices $$$$

Surgery $5600
Plane ticket $400
Friends plane ticket $400
Amazon items needed for surgery $160
Hotel for 5 nights-$450

Total 7184

And I still haven't gotten my meds yet :(

8 more days ... And I'm getting anxious

8 more days and a thought ran across my head towards if I'm making the right decision. There are so many things that can go wrong ?? Death..cc...my body rejecting it...I don't like them.. Omg i really don't want to be thinking this way.

I told my dad a few weeks ago that didn't go well but we left the conversion that he trusted my decision. Thinking he would've told my mom that day because he tells her everything he told her last night. She calls me asking me questions towards she heard I was having a procedure done but my dad wouldn't tell her what it was. She bluntly bursts out and says "I hope it has nothing to do with your breasts" I'm like honestly I need positive vibes now and she runs on blah blah blah. I'm I making the right choice

3 days

Wow this really creeped up on me????...daily I have been keeping madly hydrated I'm in love with green tea as well as taking my multivitamins and 2 iron tablets daily. I've started to bathe with dial antibacterial soap, and trying to stay calm I honestly see myself freaking as soon as I arrive to Miami.

This is it!! The wish pictures I'll show Dr.h

The night before ....

So I arrive to Miami around 2 o'clock and from there I went to my hotel room to drop off my luggage then I proceeded to the doctors office .I would highly recommend coming a day well actually two days before your scheduled surgery so you wouldn't be rushing around the day before.
's so during my time at the office I want to head and tried on Sizer's again and I confirmed that I would be getting 475 cc, signed like 30 pages of paperwork and also had my pictures taken by Jennifer . I then met with Dr. Hochstein who then measured the width of my breasts in sure that the implant Would fit. He then also asked me if I had any questions which I did regarding my nipple piercings which he then indicated that I can take them out and then the nurses can put them back in while I'm still under anesthesia.
After meeting with Dr. Hochstein Amanda came in and gave me my prescription along with a list of pharmacies that I'll be able to pick them up from . But unfortunately i had to go to two different pharmacies to get the prescription I went to Walmart as well as Walgreens . It's almost over! I'm now picking up my friend from the airport who will be taking care of me. I also filled the hotel fridge with water, gatorade and Jell-O cups

New beginnings -Day 1

So I was scheduled to report at the office at 7:15am, I didn't go into the back till 7:45. I met with the nurse who took me in the back with my friend who will be taking care of me.

She then went over with me insuring that I didn't eat or drink along with medical history. She then gave me one of my medications for nausea it dissolve .After that she advised me to go in the bathroom to urinate in a cup for the pregnancy test aswell as giving me a gown and protective gear for my head and feet.

After getting dressed I was able to put my stuff in a bag which she provided. We then went over more paperwork, she checked my vitals and placed my IV in which took a while because my vains are so small. At this time she placed a robe on me.

We then proceeded on the exam room my friend was also present. The anthologist then came in he's super cool again made sure I had no questions and didn't eat or drink past midnight. Super cool guy! Dr Hochstein then came in the room to say hi, and came back in 5 mins after.

Dr H then asked me again my size I wanted which was 474 and he measured me again and wanted and he measured me again and marked me up. He then indicated I should follow him , and my friend went into waiting room. I then met another nurse and proceeded to lay on the operating table. I was under a heating blanket and they placed some massaging towels around my legs. Another nurse then placed something in my IV it was cold then the anthologist also placed something in the IV. A few seconds later the anthologist placed the mask over my nose and mouth and said I would be sleeping soon. I was super nervous to the point I was trying to talk to calm my nerves. Next second I was out!

Next thing I remember is being in a wheel chair at the hotel. I ate lunch from panders bread had broccoli and cheddar soup with Gatorade. I've been in no pain I feel great ! When I do walk though it just feels like pressure and a bit light headed. Overall I love the results !

Boobies Pics night before surgery

Day 2

Day 2 was nothing like Day 1 :(. I woke up with a lot of pressure so I made sure I was following the doctors orders towards my meds today. I started taking the medicine for infection today. Because I can't take a shower I went ahead and got some baby wipes to clean under my arms, private areas along with my arms and legs.

I'm literally walking like a old lady with a walker not from pain just from the pressure of the boobs. I ventured out to the mall today I was being pushed around in the wheelchair I can't walk for a long time before I lose my breath. I also had dinner in the mall aswell after visiting 2-3 stores I wanted to go home which we did.

I know currently staying by sawgrass mall I love it :), and the hotel staff are taking great care of us. Overall the whole procedure is wonderful, he's truly an artist can't wait for the bandages to come off on Monday

Day 3

Pressure level much better , took a stroll on Lincoln road today. Was there for 45 mins until I started to feel a lot of pressure and we left. I am starting to notice that the right breast is a bit softer than the left. I'm still on Anika forte, iron tablets, along with the others. I might start to take the Tylenol extra strength starting tomorrow

Day 4

Feeling good this morning officially on Tylenol extra strength. The oxycodone gave my body a number it made me itch all over as well as make me droosy. My post op is at 10am super excited to hear and see how my breasts have been healing as well as if they are dropping as they should . Super proud moment I was able to put on my panties and pants today took me like 20 mins but I did it :).

Got my bandages off !!

I feel free !! Super excited can't wait till they drop and fluff . They are still pretty swollen . My left boob is a tad bit higher than my right

Day 5

pain level is still no existence but my back now hurts from my sleeping position. You have to sleep with the surgical bra on, so this morning I did my massages 15 on each and placed anti forte cream on them.
I also took a walk around the hotel.

My caregiver is leaving today :( but I'll be here for another 2 days but I'll be fine I'm moving around very well :) the hotel is really treating me well.

I took a bath for the first time last night ...wow u feel clean lol . Honestly it wasn't what I expected with a few of the reviews they all indicated that it breathtaking to have the water run over your breasts ..but I felt regular I was just glad that I wasn't at camp anymore and I could take a real shower lol. I used dial soap and after I was dry i put on the anti forta cream. Still taking my medicine for infections and my multivitamins

For the airport

Got myself a fanny pack . My handbag is HEAVY who knew a women's bag will be so heavy lol. With that being said I'm rocking a fanny pack for 2 weeks


My left is pretty high.. I continue to massage them the right is dropping nicely and softer

Day 6

Here are some meds I'm taking:

1. One a day women's vitacraves multi gullies
2.tylenol extra strength
3.arnika forte
4.keflex ( for infections )

Today is the last day for the arnika forte and the keflex. Now my body will have to heal naturally. I'm honestly just taking the Tylenol so that I don't get that morning boob. I'm still using the arnica gel 3 times a day.

My ID card

Super cool ????

Day 7

The night before my scheduled flight I contacted Delta because I noticed that my assigned seats were aisle and middle, I'm like ohh hell no! Lol. Delta was able to change all my seats to window as well as provide me we wheelchair service. Which was needed especially arriving in Atlanta that airport is humongous !!!.

My flight was at 6am everyone at delta were so great got to my seat with no problem because honestly I was the first one to get on. Flew from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta then to Texas.The only time I used the bathroom was on the plane before the other passengers got on.I rocked my fanny pack I had my phone, lipgloss, sunglasses, identification and letter from the doctors office that I didn't need.

I must admit going over the metal bumps in the airport while being transported in the wheelchair I literally wanted to cry. But the guys were great towards going slower. When I arrived in Austin I decided to walk rather than using the wheelchair I felt as though I needed to move these muscles a bit more because I've been sitting down for more than 5 hrs. Got my bag with no problem actually kicked it off the baggage terminal lol then proceeded to roll it in the front of me slowly.

The BF picked me up, went to eat BBQ then home where the bed was set up for me. Omg the thing that I got really killed my back I tried every pillow on the top of that in the house, finally found a comfort spot. And went straight to sleep lol

Day 8

Let me tell you what happened to me around 3:30am. My BF is 6"4 and 260 pounds he decided to roll over while sleeping and during that time his hand flopped on my left boob (the high problem boob that needs to drop) I literally screamed and started crying because honestly I was terrified that he maybe ruptured the implant. Anyway he went to the couch and I run to the bathroom to look at my boob. I immediately texted Amanda the patient Coordinator and let her know what happen I know it was early but I was super scared . Honestly I wasn't expecting her to text until maybe 10 AM but she did an hour later. She then indicated to watch it and be careful if it did it swell up just go ahead and send her pictures. Omg !! Never in mylife have a ever experienced that type of customer service going above and beyond keep me mind I texted her around 3:45am.

I had a bit of pain but nothing major I also sent her pics of my boobs as well and she said they look great, so now I'm just continue to monitor that "problem boob" lol my love child that I'm spending a lot of time with.

I washed my surgical bra today and while it was drying I decided to take a shower so that it would be ready when I came out. The nurse indicated that I can go without the bra for no more than 1 hr but they are so heavy after 15 mins I needed to lay down lol I'm so used to this bra.

I did want to mention a few days ago I noticed that every time I lift my left arm it sounds like I'm doing a arm fart then I feel like water moving or bubbles popping its only under my arm pit super weird . I asked Amanda who indicated that It's the implant pushing against the muscle and that was indicated in the paperwork I signed ..you mean it was there all 100+ pages lol.

I'm going to attempt to drive my car down the street now to Wendy's I work an hour away although I don't have to be back till Tuesday I wanna see how it feels.ill be driving pretty slow .

I've attached some before and after photos. The top photos were the day of surgery and the bottom are from today after I put the arnika gel on.

Quick update: morning routine

As soon as my eyes open I run to the bathroom and I stare at my breasts for like 10 minutes just inspecting towards if they have started to drop. Everyday is a new experience it's amazing how wonderful the breast is. Well anyhow I then start with my massages 15 pinches under each breast requested by Dr H.

Then I massage a thin layer of the Arnicare Gel on each breasts which I started to use after my bandages were removed, I allow it to dry for like 3 minutes then I put back on the surgical bra.

Key note: be careful not to get this on the incisions

Key note: When dried I noticed that it will create what looks like scales on your breasts please don't message when you have this on the dryness gets worse message before putting the gel on.

As of July 4th after putting the gel on I decided to add the bio oil to the mix so my daily routine went from 15mins now to 30 mins lol. Because of the dryness this was a must and I have already seen a difference.

So after the Arnicare Gel is completely dry here is the steps I then use:

1. I then use one finger , place it over the top of the bottle there is a little hole I get like 2 drops and start messaging into the breasts. I do this at least 30 times on each breasts.

You might ask I'm sure there is an easier way, but the thing is I can not get this oil on my incision tape or my incisions AT ALL!!!!. So taking my time is what I will have to do

2. During this time I'm messaging my breasts even more insure that I'm getting every part of my breasts covered.

I woke up this morning and I have immediately saw a change my breasts are not dry, they look really Great!!! And have dropped especially my problem boob :). Super excited . I'll show you guys my technique via video of my morning routine later today.

Post Day 10

Video 1-Arnicare Gel
Video 2-Bio oil
Morning routine as promised :) I did the process a lot faster as normal. Please allow at least 5 mins to dry before adding another layer.

Products used : Arnicare Gel and Bio Oil

Day 12-nipple sensitivity

While taking a shower today it was the first time that I realize how sensitive my nipples became. It was too the point where the water coming from the shower head was actually hurting my nipples. I used my hands as shields lol. I'll try adjusting the shower head to see if it makes a difference.

The fact that I have to wear the surgical bra isn't helping. It feels like a sharp feeling in my nipples to the point that I have to adjust the nipples. With the bra Suffocating the nipples the tend to fall in a downward position so I just it so its facing forward.

Super annoying !!

Have had my nipples pierced for years and never have they been so sensitive as they are now.

Post day 16

My left boob is still being stubborn but it's dropping ..thank god. I wish they would drop and fluff the same time. But I keep remembering that they are sisters and not twins

Pink bralette

Only wearing for a few hrs, then back in the surgical bra I go. This bra has fully adjustable straps for the needed support

Post Day 23-Think it's safe to say I'm falling in love

I'm totally falling in love with my new boobs, it's been a roller coaster so far. I'm still not able to function 100% on my left side because of my problem boob, it hurts a bit if I stretch to far. So I've been utilizing my right arm a bit more.

Well anyway on a daily I get a sharp pain in my nipples it only lasts for a few seconds and it beats like a heart beat lol super weird. Its not really pain it's more like an alarm "WAKE UP!!!".

As you can see I'm loving my new body ????

Some pics from Week 1

My BFF followed my journey from start to finish with his iPhone lol

Fun pic

Can't wait to go tubing with my girls

Happy 1st Month

1 month :)
Well it's actually tomorrow but I'm super excited!! Lol.

I'm still taking my multi vitamins as well as my iron tablets. This is the first week that I decided to stop using the Arnicare Gel, but I'm using the bio oil for moisture.

I'm still using the antibacterial soap (dial). My strips are holding onto dear life they aren't budging and I'm not rushing them to fall off they got 2 more weeks.

Occasionally I wake up with morning boob when I sleep on my side. As you can see the left is still pretty high vs the right. And the right is super soft whereas the left isn't quite as soft. But I'm loving them so far they look completely natural and you can't tell that I got my boobs done :). I'm in love with Dr. H

1 month and 2 days


So I've stopped using the Arnicare gel less close to 2 weeks now, allowing my body to heal on its own. But now I'm thinking maybe that was a bad idea because my right has REALLY dropped and problem left boob is much softer I admit but still pretty high.

Let me tell you about my left boob, I now am able to feel scar tissue on the bottom which I was notified that it would get softer. I'm still pretty swollen on my left side vs my right it's perfect . Using my left side it's still a bit difficult when I reach for something that is to far, or when I sleep on my right side. Now people I know they aren't twins but sisters but now we looking like cousins lol I don't want 2nd cousins at all lol.

So I've decided to do an experiment when using the Arnicare they were semi dropping at the same rate, so tonight I've decided to only apply the Arnicare on my left boob. I gotta come up with a name for the boob "Henry" lol I think that's it don't know why that name popped up in my head lol. Soooo we will follow the process of Henry I'll continue for one week adding the Arnicare 3 x a day only on Henry to see if it has decreased the swelling a bit ...

FYI I'm still putting biocorneum on my incisions and i did not but the Arnicare on them

Henry (left boob)

Well....I must say that all though this is the first day of my experiment he is defiantly MUCH MUCH softer... Even the breast tissue is much softer ...I'm so excited I've already seen process ...yippie

Feeling life right now !!

I'm just loving it

I'm super excited!!!

It's the little things that make me smile. I'm officially a RealFriend :). Sometimes the only support we have is each other whether that be through a computer or phone screen.

6 weeks post op

I've been up since 4 AM looking at patients who've done breast augmentation resulting in one breast higher than the next. I don't know whether I should cry be patient ,have hope because based on my doctor it takes 6 to 8 months to fully heal.

Now I must admit my left boob and we know his name is Henry is the only one giving me problems there is no scar tissue in my right boob bought scar tissue in my left why is that ?

This past week Henry has gotten a lot softer I must admit he's not as hard as he was weeks prior . I have also sent these pictures to my Doctor Who indicates that six weeks is still in the healing phase and give it till when I hit the two month postop and we will reevaluate . I'm remaining positive throughout this whole experience through it all I know I have the best of the best doctor when I think about top-notch towards the facility, equipment as well as professionalism I still have faith that all will turn well .

8 weeks

Hey girlies !!! Wooohoooo I'll be 2 months next week. So let me tell you what's going on so I no longer use the antibacterial soap I stopped last week when my scars had officially healed, I'm now back to my Olay with Shea butter.

Henry is finally become much more softer and the scar tissue is aswell :). My right boob has officially stripped very soft and it feels like a water balloon lol I kinda want to compare the feeling of how my old boobs felt like.

Anyway I'm loving them!! I'm having a coming out party for them in Miami next week. The girls are coming out to play :).

I'm just outside drinking coffee :) so excuse the outside pics

Almost 2 months

Feeling myself


Happy 3 months

So I've finally decided to make the ultimate reveal. I'm doing great,I'm loving them.

Napa Valley

Jude got in from Napa Valley had a BLAST!!.
My friends are holding up very well de used to stop using the scar cream to see if I'll have any results with the scar sheets in a week I have already seen a different towards the incisions.

I will post pics of them tonight


As you can see my left boob a.k.a. Henry is still a little high and still swollen but daily I massaged him to make sure that he's dropping into place. But my right boob is a ready cells and I'm happy where it is is ready dropped his right settled and it's good.

My scars are almost invisible you can't even see on my right boob my left boob is obvious the scar still there so I'm still using my score sheets and I'm happy with the results so far.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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