23 Years Old, 2 Kids, Deflated 34B - Miami, FL

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Haven't had my surgery yet. Scheduled for October...

Haven't had my surgery yet. Scheduled for October 22, 2015! Looking to get my pre-pregnancy boobs back, but better then ever! I'm 5'6" and 135 pounds, currently a 34B. Looking to make way up with 457ccs. I will be back with more info as the surgery comes and goes, with may pics! Wish me luck ladies!

Surgery Date Coming Soon!

I am sooo excited! My surgery is in a week and a half and I am planning on 457cc HP. I am 5'6, 131, and have two kids. I'll keep you updated!

457cc to big?

I am starting to panic a little. I'm not sure how the 457cc will look on me. I'm not looking for huge breast, but I would like to be a full D... Just nervous that they'll be too big. Any advice based on your experiences? I'm 5'6 and 130 pounds.

The Ladies are In!

Hey girls! So, I had my surgery this afternoon (about 12:45). I choose 450cc HP under the muscle so he went to 500cc to make up for what you loose when it's under the muscle. I've been touch and go all afternoon and evening. Mostly feeling good, but our A/C conked out at some point and I started having a panic attack because I woke up sweating and uncomfortable, with trouble breathing. I called the office and they said the breathing was normal for today. We got the A/C back up and running and a fan directly on me and I took a nap and woke up feeling soo much better. I've been eating a little and now hubby is making me some mac n cheese so I can have some food in my belly for my next pain pill. I'm sooo tired! Keep falling asleep after just 30 mins of being awake. Guess it's better to sleep through it though haha. Girls look great so far, not much swelling and not crazy large. I'll keep you posted!

Day Two

Less then 24 hours since my surgery and I'm feeling pretty good. I've been spending most of my time in a recliner. I had some trouble sleeping last night, but I wasn't in pain, more just trouble getting comfortable, plus I napped a ton after my surgery, so I think that's just normal. I'm keeping up with my pain medicine, every 6 hours, and started my antibiotics today. I'm so glad I'm not in pain. Kids are coming home from my mom's house today, so we'll see how that goes. My poor husband is sick, and my 1 1/2 year old has pink eye. Should be a rough day! Luckily I'll have help from my MIL and brother today as well. Hope recovery is going well for you ladies!

Day 4

So today I finally had my post op visit and had my bandages removed. I am sooo happy to finall see them. I think they look great, I'm very happy so far! Starting to experience some pain that I didn't have before. I believe they are the "zingers" I've read so much about! Not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow, but at the same time, it should be easier then staying home with the kids and my MIL who's watching them. I added a bandaged big from yesterday and open bra from today!

Day 6

Ugh. I'm am really struggling now. I've hit the depression stage. My husband (and helper through all of this) is super sick and my kids too. Flu, ear infection, Hand/Foot/Mouth. It's hell over here. I've had to start to do a lot more for myself and I'm starting to feel more pain and discomfort. I've had to get off the Percocet so I can start driving, and now I'm just taking Tylonel. I'm not sure if that is significantly contributing to my new pain, or what, but I would assume so. It's so weird how I can't do simple things. Open a pop of cap and pour a cup of water, putting a load in the wash, pump soap onto my hands. You really become unable so do things without pain and pressure. I've started to feel useless and the pain is getting to me. I cry a lot now and wonder why I did this with the kids so small, but I know this too shall pass, just wish it would pass faster!! Any moms out there, I urge 24/7 help for at least the first week, but more like 2 weeks...

My left boob is dropping slower and causing me the most discomfort at the moment, here's a pic.

Also, Going to buy some new sports bras tomorrow, if anyone has tips or best stores, I would greatly appreciate them.

Day 9

Hi Ladies!! Okay, sorry I haven't posted in three days, I was dealing with a good amount of pain and have also been very busy! I am SO happy to let you know that yesterday, Day 8, was much easier and involved less pain. Today is Day 9 and I am experiencing some discomfort, but totally manageable. Last night I took my almost 4 year-old to a school activity alone and was fine, and today to his t-ball game and was fine as well. No one mentioned anything about my boobs or looked at me funny or anything, so not sure if they noticed, but I usually wore a push up bra, and I don't have much swelling, so they probably didn't suspect much. Who knows, and who cares lol

I am finally out of the first week and have clearance to sleep flat on my back. I've begun sleeping flat on the recliner and am FINALLY get a full nights rest!! That makes a big difference. Also, after tomorrow I will be cleared to start wearing normal, unwire-free/padding-free, sports bras, so that's great because I hate this stupid surgical bra!! Cuts me under my armpits. I've already switched to a similar style bra from Walmart that is softer and closes in the back (hubby helps) so it's less obvious under my regular clothes.

Also, I'm not noticing like any dropping/fluffing from the girls!! When does that really start, do you think I'm behind? Will post pics separately.

Hope everyone is doing great! Seems like the 1 week mark starts to make life a little easier :)

Pics of Day 8

As promised :)

Day 10

Hi! Just a quick update! Feeling so much better these days! Spent last night trick or treating with the kids. No pain, just tired out quickly. Then went to BJ's today and walked around and pointed to everything we needed while my husband experienced the craziness that is shopping with two kids (since I was unable to help with the toddler or pushing the cart. Gotta admit, it was funny to watch). Then went to the baby store to help my sister make her registry. Again, no pain, just tire easy. My 7 month pregnant sister wasn't even tired ???? Haha.

Started wearing this bra today, LOVE it!! Soft and comfy, no padding or wire.

Hope you all are doing well!!

Soreness and Discomfort

Hey ladies, how are you all doing? Sorry I've been slacking on the posts. I had my 2nd post-op appt today and Dr. Hochstein said everything looked good. I was pretty annoyed though because Amanda, the coordinator who answers all my questions via email, cleared me to sleep on my side, so I've been doing so for a week, and apparently I wasn't suppose to. Also, I emailed her questions a week ago and she never got back to me... Any ways, the doc said I could push a shopping chart and stroller, and also carry my toddler, as long as I'm not lifting her. Which is awesome. Really going to make a difference in keeping me better entertained, and keeping my toddler happy too! Also, Dr. Hochstein said no cardio yet, I need to wait a month before I can do a stationary bike, and that's about it. I was surprised. I was expecting to be allowed to do light cardio and lower body exercises. Also, my next appt isn't until Jan 13th! What the heck! I'll have to call and ask a bunch of questions at the month and 6 week mark, I guess.

Experiencing some soreness and pain today and yesterday, too. Not sure why. It's like soreness from the bra I feel like, although the nurse said my bra was a perfect fit. Really want to take it off, but the doc said I should wear it at all time for the whole six weeks.

I'd love to know your experiences with my current issues!

I'm going to burn these bras...

Hi Ladies!

Let me tell you something. On the morning of 6 weeks I will call my PS and get approval to go braless, then I will burn all my bras lol I just can't anymore!!

I have a very limited amount of shirts I can wear with these bras, and they are so uncomfortable. I slept in my surgical bra last night and have been in pain all day!

My boobs just hurt. And all day I've been experiencing a soreness on my side boob, as well as intense, zapping pains. Are those "Zigers" ??

I'm also tired out so quickly. My husband saw me winded after 20 mins of walking and wanted to know how I manage to work out. Lol. I've never been this winded, aside from being 9 months pregnant! Jeez.

Any advice? How were you girls feeling at about 3 1/2 weeks post op?

And btw, here are my first topless shots!!

One Month Boobiversary!

Hi Ladies! Sorry it's been so long since I posted, things got busy over the last week. Anyways, Sunday was my one month boobiversary!!! I am sooo excited.

So, first off, I saw a major change in discomfort. I am use to have nagging pains throughout the day, being up all night because I'm not use to sleeping on my back, and being just uncomfortable. That's pretty much all gone. I go through the day virtually pain free!!

Also, my breasts feel much softer these days. My right one is pretty darn soft, and my left is softening but still has some catching up to do.

And question: I am cleared to start using a stationary bike. Have any of you ladies started exercising at all. If so, what has your experience been?

6 Weeks!!

Hi Girls!

I have been waiting for this day since I decided to have the surgery. 6 weeks post-op!! I can finally pick up my daughter :D

At this point I am feeling way better. My boobs are getting softer and squishier, however, I still have a ways to go before they are really soft. And (are you ready for this?) my steri-strips are still fully on. They are holding on for dear life, I can't wait for them to fall off!! Then my breasts will look a bit more natural...

Also, I went to VS and tried on about 30 bras, literally. I simply cannot find a comfortable bra with an underwire. I'm a 34DD now, which fits my boob and chest, but the underwire goes all the way down to my stomach, rather then under the boob. I've tried a 32DDD, 34D, and 34DDD and I have the same problem. I decided to buy some wireless bras for now (pics attached). I also purchased some new sports bras. I tried one on in the store in a large, which looked great, but then I ordered two online and they are tight (actually painful) on my breasts, but loose everywhere else. Not sure what to do now because I Iike the wireless/padless sports bras. I may just need to buy them elsewhere.

I hope you're all well! Let me know if you have any tips for my steri-strips and bras!

*Also, attached some before pics!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Haven't had the surgery yet, but initial consultation went great! Dr. Hochstein was very knowledgable and professional, and his staff is just amazing! Can't wait to see my results!

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