450 CC Mentor Smooth HP silicone to 650 CC HP

My current frame is fairly slender on top (34 B...

My current frame is fairly slender on top (34 B according to Victoria's Secret sizing) size S and slightly thicker measurements for the lower portion of my body. My waist is currently 28", hips 37". My reason for seeking breast augmentation is to gain volume and achieve a sexier, more aesthetically appealing (in my personal opinion) look to match my frame. I look great with my current size, but there is a slight asymmetry in size and my breasts kind of look deflated even though I've produced no children. I also have some light, semi depressed stretch marks and am hoping the implants will make them less apparent. I am going to be treated with Sientra silicone implants. Based on research, moderate profile plus seems to be the shape I would be most pleased with, but I'm of course open to my surgeons opinion and will value it when the consultation time comes.

Current breast size

"Wish" photos

Photos of my frame.

I'd absolutely love insight on size. Of course it's my body and I will be making the decision based on my perception of self and beauty, BUT I noticed that sometimes I'm a little off with some choices. So, yeah, not taking risks with my boobs. Please share your opinions :) once again thinking full C or small D. But, then I was thinking about medium Cs.... Shrugs.

Training has been amazing. Getting my new body ready for July

It's weird how in love I am with myself. I love everything about me the way it is. I just know how much better my figure would look with slightly larger breasts. Some projection would be nice lol.

Three months from today, I'll be under that scalpel....

It's funny because I work in the biological field and I use scalpel blades and make incisions on all types of tissues. But, now it will be used on me! Very surreal feeling. I'm absolutely enjoying the anticipation of surgery. My consult is July 21 and my surgery is dated three months from today (July 22).

I'm particularly happy because this is the greatest gift I've ever received and on top of that, it's something I'm providing myself. This journey has given me a new sense of self, independence and clarity of how far I've come.

More wish pics!

These are the sizes I feel most comfortable with and that would look most natural on me.

My itty bittys

Who knows what my actual bra size is, but I currently fitn34B/32C

Not so happy today :(

My mood fluctuates from time to time as I am getting closer to my surgery date. I made this decision last summer and I was supposed to travel internationally with my boyfriend and go to his family's surgeon (they're pretty rich in Colombia). However, so much has transpired over the past several months.

My near four year relationship ended in January and I still struggle with this. I actually have frequent anxiety attacks just from like feeling so sad. It has slowed down I suppose and only happens once, or twice a week, which is way better than before.

I am very happy that I stayed committed to my decision and it is even smarter to have my augmentation within the U.S. because of the warranties. BUT, I am also resenting my date because my ex won't be there. No one will. I will pretty much be doing this experience on my own. I know it shouldn't be that great of a deal, but I am only 22 years old and this is my first surgery ever. "Friends" have disappeared (which I know in the long run I will be very happy it occurred: they were all way too selfish and abusive to my kindness) and that has also affected me and maybe brought back on more anxiety.

I do suffer from depression (undiagnosed, but obvious signs indicate a clear diagnosis), but I do practice exercises to naturally rid myself of negative energy. I work out a lot. I take care of my body through diet as well. I take care of my little baby (dog: she's a wonderful best friend). I take myself out on walks, go to museums, etc. I do my best! It just feels really lonely even living in a city where all there are around are people. (I live at home with my parents until the end of the year, but my family doesn't ever communicate. They don't ask how I am doing, or anything like that. Out of site, out of mind with them).

I am seriously thankful for this site because of the support I get from strangers. I know what I am feeling is normal. I just wish I had more control of the situations I am in and my ex would just stop being egotistical and apologize and ask me back and come to Miami with me. I know it will make my experience and recovery 1,000,000x better as opposed to a nurse for 24 hours and then me alone on my out of state trip. I don't know anyone in Miami other than a bartender who referenced me to PSI

60 more days!

The date is getting closer! I am finally feeling how I am supposed to feel...which is SUPER EXCITED!!!! At this point I do not care if I am going to Miami and getting this procedure done alone. I am 100% positive I will become friends with Dr. Altman's staff and they will be all that I need. Since I am in New York, I cannot have any consultations until I get there, but after reading so many amazing reviews and seeing so many wonderful outcomes, I have decided if I go with Mod+ I want 450CCs and if I go with HP, 500CCs. I don't think I want a "full C" anymore, but again I have been losing weight and building muscle so my chest wall looks like super boney lol. BUT!, I am going bigger because it will match the rest of my body. All of this might sound repetitive, but it's good that I log this and read it weekly because it let's me know that my decision is consistent and I am going with what I really want. WOO! :) Will post progress photos in a separate post momentarily.


Anyone notice a difference? I don't lol. I started taking Shredz for women the lean stack fat burner and multivitamin to help me out. But....it's only been a week.

Pictures that were supposed to be uploaded with last post

50 days left. I cannot believe it's June already!!

No, SERIOUSLY it is freaking June. My surgery is next month. Heart attack processing. I'm so nervous! Now is the time where I suppose I have to schedule my CBC blood work, etc. But, I will leave that for the end of the month seeing that it needs to be within 30 days of op date. Still have no clue as to the size I want. I don't know if I am meeting these women by luck, but I got two feel two pairs of surgically done breasts when I went clubbing Friday night. One was mod+ saline on a more petite girl who was an A cup pre-op and the other's were moderate silicone on a woman that was a C cup pre-op. The end results looked super big on both, but the silicone pair looked great when she exposed them bare. I am not sure if maybe that's because she had more tissue to work with. It could also be the type of implant, not knocking the salines of course. Her's looked great as well, but she did say she was switching to silicone for a greater result. Saline girl said she was a C cup post op and silicone girl was I believe a D and recommended me going for the D because of my height. But, man they were so HUGE. Can I really handle those?

More Wishies. Boob greed settling in. >;)

Favorites so far

WTF happened to time?!

Seriously! Am I really having surgery in four weeks? Oi. Well I guess I should start gathering supplies for this trip. EXCITED!

measurement updates

Waist is a 26 now! woop woop! But, my lower half still shows no mercy. At least its muscle. I can't be too pissed. I no longer fit anything size 8 (too baggy) and I fit 2-6 depending on the material. Three more weeks after this. I've been speaking with my coordinator regarding final arrangements and bras and stuff. Luckily for me, one is included in the surgery and I guess I can shop for the rest on Thursday, or Friday after my post-op appointment.

Also, I met a new guy and he makes me feel like jello. :) He's pretty nerdy, hot, intelligent and we have so much more in common when compared to my ex boyfriend. And....about him...haven't spoken to him since May and I haven't been happier.

;) tchau bellas


So I had a text blow out with my ex. Found out he had a new gf the whole time he was manipulating me those initial hard break up months. Girls I was a mess since my last post. I stopped trying to tell myself, "when am I going to catch a break? Someone is out to get me." Blah blah blah. The situation sucks. But, eventually one day I will move on to something better. I am remaining focused on harboring my positive energies for surgery. It's in 13 days and this is not the time to have feelings of sorrow, or depression. I say screw ANYONE that tries to disrupt your spiritual equilibrium. I'm disappointed that I allowed this to happen, but elated that I caught myself and did not let it get the best of me. My beauty radiates through this life. My soul is more powerful than my ex, his new gr, his friends, people who don't support me...it's more powerful than anyone's negativity. You ladies need to remember your power when you are getting closer to your surgery date.

I feel like I've already become a woman before even going through surgery. And I'm glad it's happening at this point in my life because I've learned so much about myself as an individual and I also now see how independent I am. I'm paying for my own freaking surgery by myself and I'm only 22! I can't apologize for the gloating because I've really worked so hard physically and emotionally for this.

Holy crap

I was dreading this moment. Last night I finally told my father about the surgery. He's totally not supporting my decision whatsoever and he is also super pissed. I get it. But, thank God I am taking care of this surgery myself and don't depend on anyone else for financial help. Still, I wish I had his support. I'm a daddy's girl. Ehh it's about my happiness. I'm still excited 12 days!!


I'm just trying my hardest to picture myself in this same bikini with larger breasts. Throw some Ds on it! I pray for perfect round non implants looking breasts.


Holy Jesus. Five more days until my preop in Miami. I got sick this past Monday which has me freaking out! I have no fever, but I am super fatigued and drowsy. Dr.Altman told me to try cold-eeze and I am also on an emergen-c, tea and soup diet. I'd love to stay in and rest, but it's also crunch time. Millie and I just took care of finances. So that's off my back. I bought one surgical bra at a Colombian store in Astoria for like $35.00 in a 36D (I freaked out when I saw 36 lol). I have my kelocote gel. I just need to pack everything up, do laundry and change my sheets. FREAKING OUT!


Ladies, especially ones that traveled for your BA, what did you pack with you? Other than the extra sx bra and buttoned tops. I have cotton balls and wipes. I also bought bio oil and kelo cote, but realized it's senseless to carry it when I will still have the sx tape on. Anything in particular I should buy?

Mentor 450cc High Profile

Who on earth would have thought?! I literally had surgery about 7 hours. My white blood cells went down right under the max. I was so stoked that it wasn't postponed. I didn't really interact that much with Dr. Altman. Or maybe I did. I don't remember much of anything. I don't even remember having the anesthetic put in. Lol I had motor mouth upon waking up. I really am giving the crappiest review because I have no recollection of waking up from surgery lol. I had two small boxes apple juices and four saltine crackers. I was wheeled out. Went to walgreens to get my prescriptions filled. Only costed $14!!!!! I'm currently only on the muscle relaxer. I start the antibiotic tomorrow. I carried my heavy purse and groceries. My friend carried the really heavy stuff. I'm in pain but I'm tolerating it. I really don't want to be on a lot of medications. They look really high and they're firm. I'm nervous about my post op appointment tomorrow. That's all for now. I haven't slept at all.

Day of surgery

450cc high profile mentor silicone implants. They are so high! Super tender. They're pretty numb. I can feel my nipples, but they feel a little numb as well. No nausea so far. No painkillers taken. Only the muscle relaxer every 7-8 hours depending on how I'm feeling. I finally took it easy and knocked ou after my post op appointment. I've been walkin around way too much. Today I'm thinking the beach (I'm staying covered up) and maybe a little shopping.

Post op update

Feeling pretty alright. Sleeping is not so fun sitting pretty much upright but since I don't have all that much energy I fall asleep easily. I have been waking up two or three times throughout the past two nights to reposition myself. The higher you lay, the better your boobs feel.


Was 450cc enough? I was supposed to get 475 but my surgeon said 450 looked better. But I'm concerned that when these drop they might get smaller once the swelling goes down. I want to be a D. I hope I get that in the end :(

Post op day after surgery

Happy one week boobiversary!

One is more swollen and higher than the other. Is it weird that only one boob hurts? The swelling hasn't gone down on that side either. I know Dr. Altman said I shouldn't ice, or do anything other than wearing the sx bra, but I'm icing today. Dying to take off the incision sx tape, but I'm waiting for the okay to do so. I'm currently a 34d but they haven't even dropped yet. A little softer than last week.

Tape removed! Incisions

So bad. Lol my top from last night

Two week mark

Still super high, but I'm learning this whole patience thing. Lol

Sports bras finally

Softening up already. Still high but I'm doing well progress wise. Incisions are doing well. Will post photos of those later. I don't suffer from keloids, but I've been treating them with Kelocote. Very good product. I apply that twice daily as well as bio oil (oil for my skin: it's stretching right now and the oil helps soothe the tightening discomfort as well as helps prevent stretch marks).

My boobs are shrinking?

I have to trust my surgeon and just be patient. But I feel like now that some swelling has gone down that they might not be the Ds I want. I wanted to be a full D and I don't know if I'll be getting that now. I assume more swelling will be going down. Ugh. I've been blessed to have a surgeon that was from New York and might meet with him here.

Mondor Cords

:( both sides. I've contacted my surgeon. Just waiting to hear back. Maybe it was all of the exertion, or the wrong bras. Idk :(

Mondor's Cord and Size

Update sorry!!

Hey ladies. I wanted to post a happy month boobiversary. Seriously, life does not wait up for me with healing or leisure time. Here are my most recent photos. I'm still very swollen, but dropping. If anyone else had inframammary incisions please let me know if your incision location moves as your implant "drops"

9/14 birthday! :)

Had an amazing birthday weekend. Kept it conservative. I've noticed that my breasts do not stand out in clothing. Still looks better than before. No bra weekend :)

My left still looks bigger than the right. My incisions still hurt from time to time and the left incision is way firmer and bumpier than the right. Still looks like it's either swollen or high up. Weird.

Almost 3 months..

:/ still having trouble with dropping. I was told I might have to get a revision. I'm going to meet with Dr. Altman in two weeks to confirm this. But it will be a disaster if I have to. This is not what I want to use my last few vacation days doing. Fingers crossed. I'm hopeful! I'll continue to massage the crap out of them

Not good

The extra massaging I feel is making it worse and more painful. Super hard and swollen. :( muscle feels weird on the left side (cleavage area). I'm just more so worried about additional costs at this point.

Revision required

Waiting on costs and my quotes. Still massaging but Dr. Altman and I agreed that revision is needed. It's super painful. Hoping to have this fixed in January.

3 months

I'll post bare shots later, but my left never really dropped and my nipples are still low. Main reason why I'm having the surgery done again is because I'm in a lot of pain.

Capsular Contracture breasts update

Aim on getting a revision done. Deciding to stay with current surgeon. Hoping he will fly up and do it for me here in NY. Will confirm end of December.


Ummmm so I go and get sized for the first time in four months and in first told 36C which sounded reasonable. I thought I was a 34C but couldn't for an unlined lace bra in f21. I try a 36C and it did not fit. 34d in another bra (cage bra) tight on boobs, loose on chest. -____- I ended up fitting one 34D bra and a 32DDD fit me most comfortably. 32DDD?!!!! And I'm going up another 100-150 CCs? Dear lord....

I ran out of that store so fast. To be continued...lol

Size I'm going for might require an additional 100-150ccs.

Which will make me a P cup? Lmao who knowd at this point. After hearing 36C 34DD 32DDD, I can't imagine what an extra 100-150 will do.

Figure update :X

Boyfriend's birthday

Dress can be preordered at wantmylook.com :)

New review!!

The journey continues there.

Not doing new review. Limiting all posts to this one review.

I want to share my experience with everyone here. I was going to close down my account, but I would feel terrible. I won't put up a new review but I let you ladies know how everything looks after my second procedure. And I will keep posting photos.


Trying to make sense of life at Victoria's secret.

CC in right boob

I've got the whole shebang going. CC over here, CC over there. Luckily I am having a revision on the 17th. Please send your positive energy. I'm doing a lot of researcv on capsular contracture prevention.


BOY OH BOY! My bank account is weeping, but I am SO SO SO excited about this revision surgery. I swear, the pain of a capsular contracture for 4 months is FAR worse than the initial post op pain. I cannot wait to have this removed. I am so looking forward to this, you ladies have no idea. I can't imagine having to live with this pain for any longer.

Happier news...Let's go over the new assets.
Current implants: 450 CC Mentor Round Smooth Silicone Implants
Current Bra size: 34DD/ 32DDD

New Implant size: 650/ or 700 CC Mentor Round Smooth Silicone Implants

450 CC provides a diameter of 12.8 CM and a projection of 5.1 CM which I am not satisfied with whatsoever.

650 CC provides a diameter of 14.4 CM and a projection of 5.7 CM
700 CC provides a diameter of 14.8 CM and a projection of 5.8 CM

Looking at my breasts in photos compared to the look I want to achieve requires a drastic volume increase which is why I have settled for this new range.

:) :) :)

Surgery moved to Saturday

I'm super excited. The time is near! I'm scheduled first thing in the morning just as last time, 8:00 AM so I need to be there for 7:00 AM. I'm not even upset. The earlier it's done, the sooner I can drink and eat :P

My world doesn't revolve around food, but I don't like restrictions lol.

We agreed to stay with Mentor. Right now we are at 650CCs. I gave him the green light to go up 50CCs if it looked like it would work for my body. If not, we are staying with 650. Here are some more beautiful knockers in the 650/700 range.

Waiting! (:

Currently in this fashionable paper gown waiting to get started! Just spoke with Dr. Altman and watching X-Files until I get called in. (:

Worst case scenario cc

Okay. I could be dramatic, but according to the surgical staff it was a horror show when Dr. Altman went in. It was a pretty difficult procedure due to the immense amount of scar tissue on top of the large amount of contracture tissue adhered to my muscle and rib cage. The surgery was supposed to be about an hour/hour twenty and actually was two and a half hours. UNBELIEVABLE.

No nausea, started antibiotic and I'm waiting to take my next muscle relaxer. Super loopy. Just eating as clean as possible for now :D gotta avoid that lovely post op bloat.

My post operative appointment is on Monday which is saddening because I hate bird baths :'( lol.

Oh and 650CCs hp smooth round Mentor xD

Tight, swollen and beat up

Oh boy, did they do a number on me. The pain is tolerable, but I'm really feeling it even with the muscle relaxers. I managed to wash up this morning. Used a wash rag for my upper body. They told me not to shower at all but I managed to get it done without wetting my bra or disrupting the chest area. They look perfect already. It's weird going through this all over again with square boobs. I can't wait to see how they look out of the bra. :)

34E?! Post op check up.

Gauzes were removed. My incisions are slightly longer due to the scar tissue and him needing space to get out all of the capsule. They look massive and they're still very swollen. My arms and back and chest are all super swollen and tender. But, they look so much better than the last pair.

Large and swollen

Right side appears more enflamed. They feel way softer and squishier than the last pair. Taking it super easy this time around.

One week Post Op

Hey ladies! I go back to real life tomorrow :'( I had a week off of work, but was still going to classes at university. And boy, that was tough. I've been on bed rest as instructed for the most part. No going out. No heavy lifting. Can't walk my dog so my brother has been a huge help. My bf had been with me every chance he could be. I just spent the weekend with him and he's in love with them already. Lol. I'm nervous about all the traveling I have to do (involves a lot of walking) between work and school. :/ I don't want to risk injuring myself, but I also can't miss out on school or be late for work. Sigh*

1st BA v 2nd BA

Three weeks post op

Hey guys. This site does not work whatsoever via my 6plus. Idk why and every time I try responding, the web page freezes :( I'll hop on my laptop soon

One month new anniv <3

6 weeks

Photos from 5 weeks. Bikinis from ASOS. Pasties from Pleasure Chest.

1st BA

High grade CC

Now :)


6 months

What augmentation?

Seriously...I'm fairly certain I should be Dr. Altman's poster girl because they look so real for 650cc hp lol
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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