21y/o, 32a, 350cc high profile sub-muscular - Miami, FL

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The day has kind of snuck up on me. But here I am...

The day has kind of snuck up on me. But here I am the night before my surgery. All the pictures and reviews on real self have been extremely helpful so I've decided to share my experience as well. I'm scheduled for a breast augmentation with Dr. Perez-Gurri at 8am tomorrow morning. My expected implants will be 350cc high profile sub-muscular. It's as big as he says I'll fit, so fingers crossed I don't wake up with any less. The nerves didn't really kick in until tonight. I've wanted breast implants since I realized at 17 years old that the boobie fairy somehow skipped me over. It feels surreal that this is finally happening. I'm very excited and I'm trying not to think about what could go wrong. My biggest fears right now are 1) a hematoma 2) having a massive gap in between two obviously fake doll boobs. D: but I'm lucky that I did my research and read up on Dr. PG so it's a bit easier to trust that I'm in the capable hands of a board certified plastic surgeon. I've attached my before pictures and I'll try to post again tomorrow after all is said and done. Wish me luck! And feel free to comment with any questions you may have!

Bilateral breast augmentation 350ccs high profile submuscular

Well it happened. I went through with it. I arrived at the surgical suite at 7:15 filled out some paperwork and was ushered into the pre/post op room. I changed into a gown, hair net and the cutest little non slip socks with paw prints on the bottom. The anastesiologist and surgeon both met with me, I had an IV put in, was marked up and that's the last thing I really remember besides feeling the drugs come over me. I'm gonna be honest, I woke up with pain. I told the nurse I was hurting and she put something in my IV that helped. The pain went from a 7 to a 5 which was fine for me. I get really bad cramps when I'm on my period and have to take pamprin for them. That's what my boobs felt like before they gave me pain meds. Nothing unbearable but definitely uncomfortable.
After an hour or two they wheeled me out to the parking garage where my boyfriend was supposed to pick me up. Except he wasn't there because his battery died and his car wouldn't start. Poor Lissette wheeled me all the way back up to the surgery center and ran and got her car to jump his. Now that's service! Haha all the people at imagos were very kind and after that slight hiccup we were on our way. After we got back to our hotel I took a 3 hour nap. Besides being a little dizzy I'm feeling good. I left the surgery center in a surgical bra and compression strap so I can't see a whole lot but what I can see looks good! They're not even as high and square as I was expecting them to be. The left one hurts a little more than the right but other than that nothing to report. I've been peaking under the compression band, but I'm being good and leaving everything on. It still hasn't really registered that underneath this bra are two breasts and not just a whole lot of padding. It'll probably be more real when I see them at the post op appointment tomorrow. Here's a picture of me in my outfit for the next month. Sexy huh?

Of course the pics didn't upload...

Post Op Day 1

So I thought I'd wait to write an update today until I could take pictures but no dice. I started the day feeling fine. Went to my post op this morning and got to see the girls. They look SOOOO good already (: I'm happy with them. Now if only I could get a handle on the pain/ nausea. The pain meds were making me kind of woozy so I tried switching to Tylenol but I think the surgery is still too fresh. So for right now, I'll put up with a little nausea if it means being able to move my arms. My back is also kind of stiff. Pro tip, a rolled T-shirt placed between your shoulder blades helps a LOT with back pain. Hopefully I'll feel a little better in the morning.

6 days post op!

Man, days 2 and 3 were the toughest days of this entire process. Not only was I sickeningly nauseated from the pain meds, I was extremely sore and completely incapable of getting off the couch on my own. So I pretty much laid there the entire day in pain feeling like throwing up. And toward the end of the day I got the WORST migraine. Fortunately after a couple google searches the bf and I figure out it was probably a tension headache. They're caused by stress on the neck muscles. If you take one thing away from this review, ladies: BUY ICYHOT!! I got a tube and rubbed it all over my neck and shoulders and the headache relief was pretty much instant. I also, after the third day, was able to switch to Tylenol which eliminated the nausea completely. So on day 6, things are sooooo much smoother. I'm healed enough to get up off the couch on my own without my poor boyfriend having to pull me up. My only gripe now is pretty constant back pain from having to sit/lay on my back constantly. But again: icyhot. The boobies are looking fabulous (shoutout to my wonderful plastic surgeon, Dr. Perez-Gurri). They're still sitting high, but at less than a week post op that's totally expected. Pictures posted! They feel SOOOO heavy without the surgical bra. I wonder when that's going to go away. But I'll take the heaviness as the price I pay for beautiful boobies!

PO day 24

Well I'm through the thick of it. Feeling 80% back to normal. Dr. PG says the results are looking good and I can start wearing whatever bra I want (as long as it doesn't have underwire). I'm actually not looking forward to bra shopping at all. I've worn bras my whole life because I'd look flat without them. Now I'm free and I don't feel that eager to get back into one. I think I'll lean more towards bralettes.

I think I'm still kind of swollen, I feel MORE swollen than before. But looking back at the pictures, I don't think that's the case. My nipples just seem kind of puffy. I think it'll go down with time. I'm definitely healing very nicely. My left breast is just slightly higher than my right. I can't tell if they'll settle evenly or if they'll stay like that. I had some asymmetry before the BA (my right breast was smaller) so I'm thinking he may have had to lower my right crease. Whatever he did, I'm very happy with the results thus far. Im completely off the pain meds. Although I do still get twinges, but that's just the nerves healing I believe. The outside portion of both my breasts are still numb but I've read that goes away with time.

He also said as soon as the strips fall away that I can begin using silicone gel/tape. I'll have to do some research into the best one. It's funny most people have incision profession pictures up and I still haven't even seen mine. I'll post pictures as soon as the strips come of.

Still no exercise or lifting anything heavy, and I'm still very aware of my pec muscles when opening car doors or lifting my arms certain ways. I go back to work next week. So things are getting back to normal.

Im still waiting for them to soften. But I hear that takes a couple months. So hard boobies for me! It's just so difficult being patient. Anyway, I'm attaching pictures!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. PG has been great so far! He has a wonderful bedside manner. I came in to see him from out of town and I couldn't imagine choosing a different Doctor. I had my procedure today and I'm already loving the results. I knocked off a star because my times with him (besides the actual procedure) were quite brief. But I actually see that as a positive. He's a very busy and in demand surgeon and his patient liaisons (lissette and Rosemarie) made sure that all of my questions and concerns were addressed. My post-op is tomorrow so I'll leave the after care and follow up section unrated until then. But if I had to do it all over again, I would definitely choose Dr. PG every time. Feel free to read my breast augmentation review for more details and comment if you have any questions!

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