Want a Bbl So Baddd - Miami, FL

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Hey ladies so after stalking this page for a while...

Hey ladies so after stalking this page for a while I decided to post about my BBL process, I had a daughter 8 months ago and ifeel that after I had her my butt literally left.After seeing all of you amazing ladies with the big booty I decided BBL is for me! Am deciding which doctor to go for this procedure, I will be posting pics of my body soon and I have a question for all the ladies that have done it with Dr. SALAMA does he charge a fixed price for BBL or does it depend on your body? Any info will really help!!

keep reading reviews Dr. Ghurani or Dr Perry

So my dolls I have been investigating for a while now and am still sooo confused, I emailed my pics to Dr Ghurani's people waiting for a reply and to hear what they recommend, still not sure tgough, lobing Dr Perrys work. The problem is that I need to do it this year and come to a conclusion soon

deciding on Dr Salama

So ladies ive been emailing Nancy from Dr Salama office, and send her my pics doctor said am a good candidate for butt implants but after much investigation am.really scarwd to go for them, so.am thinking maybe.another bbl?

been looking for a surgeon like crazy

Hey ladies so let me give u an update of whats going I:have been threw so many:consultations but:not feeling:comfortable I:went to vanity fair and had a:consultation with dr mcadoo and i ran for:my:life that place is run like a slaughter house and no thank you I rather save more:money and go:somewhere:else I am thinking of:Dr salzhauer ill keep u guys posted!

Changed my mind!! Breast Lift and Implants

Hey ya'll so I wanted a bbl soo bad but after careful thinking I decided to fix the problem I currently have I had a botched job about 6 years ago with my boobies that just got worse with my two kids, I decided to go with Dr Nir and his staff for this procedure I couldn't be happier, just got my lab test back and we are all set, God willing everything goes well, I will be updating!!! Oh by the way loveeeeeeeeeeee Dr Nir
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