3 weeks post op ... new pics! - Miami, FL

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I am brand new to this site! I am a 27 yr. old...

I am brand new to this site! I am a 27 yr. old mother of three (9 y/o, 7 y/o, & 2 y/o) and I have always been unhappy with my body even before i had my babies. I have always wanted a smaller waist, bigger boobs, & a bigger butt!! Plastic surgery has always been a dream of mine & I am finally at a place in my life where it has become attainable. I have decided to get a bbl because my butt and my belly are my two primary issues. I have my heart set on having my procedure done by Dr. Salama in Miami, from all the research I've done he seems to be the best!

... Sooo Still haven't heard back from Dr. Salama!...

... Sooo Still haven't heard back from Dr. Salama! How long after u sent ur pics did u get a response? I kno he's super bum not gonna get a surgery date for months ... I'm super excited and anxious & I just want my booty now!! This bbl will b my dream come true! Lol ... Ppl always think I'm crazy for wanting it sooo bad so its nice to find a site where I see other ladies who want bbl as bad as I do!! Rite now I'm obsessed with reading updates & seeing everyone's results! Can't wait to post mine ... I'm sooo impatient!!! Lol

Finally booked my surgery for October 24th!!!...

Finally booked my surgery for October 24th!!! Super excited!! Hope there is a cancellation so it can be sooner!! Keeping my fingers crossed!! Only downfall is Dr. Salama wants me to gain 15 lbs. before my surgery! :-/

Sooo excited to get my surgery! Waiting til...

Sooo excited to get my surgery! Waiting til October is killing me!! Hoping for a cancellation or sumthing!!

Still no sooner date :( If anyone needs to cancel...

Still no sooner date :( If anyone needs to cancel or needs a later date and wants to switch please let me know!! I'm currently scheduled for 10/24 but I'm ready to go & I don't want to wait that long!

Seeing everybody's results has me reallyyy anxious...

Seeing everybody's results has me reallyyy anxious to get my booty! Still trying to find a sooner date cuz I really don't want to wait until October (it seems soooo far away!) :( Looking for a sooner date has me all stressed out! I wish I was positive about my date so I could start looking for plane tickets & hotel & request the time off work (which should b interesting cuz I'm really not sure what I'm gonna say!) This Bbl is taking over my mind ... All I think about is booty!!! Lol Soooo right now I'm super anxious & my husband is not at all supportive which makes it even worse!! He just doesn't understand why this is so important to me which gets me all upset!

I finally got a sooner date - June 21st! Thank...

I finally got a sooner date - June 21st! Thank you Ice Cream for switching!!! I am so freakin happy! Can't wait!

Plane tickets purchased now just need to decide...

Plane tickets purchased now just need to decide where to stay. Suggestions?

I need suggestions as to what to tell my...

I need suggestions as to what to tell my employer!!! I dont have enough vacation time so taking a "vacation" is out of the question. I DO NOT want them to know I'm having a bbl! If my job knew i was taking the time off for a cosmetic procedure they would definitely deny me the time off! What can I say & how can I get a note from the dr. that doesn't reveal that it is a cosmetic procedure?? Please help ladies I need suggestions!!!!

Only 17 more days!!!! So excited!!!

June is finally here!! Only have 17 more days until my surgery!!! Soooo freakin excited. I am ready to go!! Super excited only downside is I gained the 15 lbs. Dr. Salama suggested and I feel obese!!! I kno the weight gain is for a good cause ** more fat in my booty!!!!** but I'm still having a super hard time with the weight gain! I look gross!! Still haven't decided where to stay either! I'm such a last minute person it sucks!!

Miami here I come ... flight leaves tomorrow ... surgery Friday ... Super Excited!!!

So tomorrow morning my flight leaves to Miami & Friday is the big day!!! I am super excited can't believe this is finally really happening!! Trying to get all my stuff packed which is super stressful! All u ladies seem so well prepared but I'm kinda all over the place. I don't even know wat the Hell I'm packing!

Tomorrow is the big day!!! Beyond Excited!!

Had my pre-op appt today & tomorrow is the big day!!!! So excited!!! Only a few more hours til I get Salamafied!!!! :)

3 days post op!!

This surgery is tough ladies!! Finally starting to feel human again but the pain is crazy! My surgery was Friday at 2 pm ... I arrived at the surgery facility around 130 I wasn't nervous at all just super excited.. I've been wanting this soooo long! Met with the anesthesiologist & then got changed into my paper gown & panties, compression socks etc ... Then I met with Dr Salama who took pics marked me all up & went over everything. Then it was surgery time!! Put in the iv & I was knocked out in no time! When I came to in recovery I was in severe pain, shivering uncontrollably, & extremely nauseous! Way worse than what I had imagined. Nurse gave me something for the nausea which didn't work and helped me into a wheelchair and to the car. Car ride home to the hotel was horrible! I vomited the entire way home & felt every bump and turn. Felt like I was dying!! Not to mention my husband got lost!!! It was rough!! At the hotel I immediately laid down in bed ... Hubby was great woke me up every two hours to take pain meds, drink gatorade, eat soup, and empty my drains.

post op pic ... still really bruised and swollen

feeling better but not great

Sry I haven't been updating regularly these last few days have been hella tough!!!

my pitiful pre op booty

longest week of my life

Tomorrow will be exactly one week since my surgery date. Quick run through of this past week ... Friday was surgery day which was so rough ... Saturday spent most of the day in bed in excruciating pain woke up about every two hours for pain meds, gatorade, soup, and to pee ... Sunday had to meet Dr Salama trip to his office was the worst!! Vomited all over the back seat of thecar when we arrived he took off my garmet and removed the bandages and I almost passed out it was horrible he said I was way too pale and needed to eat and drink a whole lot more. Monday took first shower which was rough almost passed out again but at least I got to wash my nasty garmet. Tuesday felt much better took another shower which went much smoother. Wednesday was my first massage which was painful but not as bad as I expected. Today feelin okay except for the fact that my front drain is hurting like hell and I'm about to be out of pain meds ... Tried switching to Tylenol which did not work at all!! I'm now down to two percs and I have my second massage tomorrow so I'm freakin out a little.

back drain out!!

2nd massage today ... Hurt a little but not too bad. Eileen was great got me all suited up in a new size medium garmet and showed me how to use put my foams in better & what to do with my board when the time comes. She was super helpful I was a little lost! Got my back drain out ... Thank god! Still have to wait on the front one but at least now I only have one of these darn things to worry about! Got a script for more pain pills & antibiotics & my letter for the plane & boppy pillow to sit all this ass on. Feeling soooo much better today!!

recovery sucks

This recovery is such an emotional rollercoaster! Some days I feel so happy & optimistic about my results & others (like today) I feel miserable! I hate how my body looks rite now all bruised & swollen. I try to remind myself that it will all look better in a few weeks but it's soooo hard! Had my first meltdown last nite & it seems to have continued into today. Never imagined how hard this would be.

feeling sooo much better!

Thanks for all the well wishes ladiies!! I'm feeling sooo much better!! Took my front drain out today ... Thank God!!! I am officially tubeless!! Lol New pics coming soon! :)

13 days post op

Went to a fourth of July cookout today && apparently my results r VERY noticeable!!! There is definitely no hiding this booty!!

new pics 2 1/2 weeks post op

3 weeks post op

My new booty is getting crazy attention! Everywhere I go all eyes r on the ass! Lol My friend even caught a teenage boy taking a pic of my booty on his phone! What the hell?! Lol My bestie named my booty Surprise lol cuz she said I look tiny from the front & when I turn around its like Bam Surprise! Lmao Now i jus cant wait to get out this damn compression garment or at least get into a smaller one so i can wear shorts and stuff. Im syill Thingsgoing well back t

3 weeks post op

continued ....

Sry bout the end of my last update my phone started acting crazy! Anyways I'm still in the medium butt out garment from Dr salamas office & boy is it driving me crazy! Its getting big and it is making me so itchy plus I can't wear wat I want to wear which is annoying. I ordered the vedette 128 but it hasn't come in yet. I can't wait! I need to order a squeem too cuz my waist is getting smaller but I know if I stepped my game up and put tighter compression and more massages it would b sooo much smaller. Feeling pretty good still have a bad burning feeling on my flank area and my back gets a little sore but other than that I'm feeling good. Back to work tomorrow which is super scary cuz I' sit at my desk all day and my employer and most of my coworkers don't know about my surgery so I'm nervous about them noticing.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

From all my countless hours of online research (lol) ... I am in love with his results ... the before & after pics are exactly what I am looking for

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