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I have been stalking this site for about 3 years...

I have been stalking this site for about 3 years off and on. My mother is jamaican and she has the DREAM hips and booty to follow. My middle sister has taken after my mother. I have a little something, but not enough for me. I was out at a club one night and the men kept yelling at me "Hey tight booty!!" It was embarrassing.

I am currently looking at doctors Wendell Perry and Salama.

Annoyed at this point

So I have been sending consultation emails to both doctors and I have yet to hear a response or ANYTHING from either one. I also see that Salama has a special for BBL for 9,000. Geez-la-wheez! He has gone up so at this point, I am unsure on what to do. I see everyone elses average prices are 7,000 so that means he went up 2,000 extra. I will be using my tax money for this procedure and I like to plan ahead of time. I also have CareCredit from a cosmetic dental procedure for 1,000 but I will be trying to get a 5,000 increase in the next 5 months so I can pay half with CareCredit and the other half with cash/credit card. I plan on taking my boyfriend and my son with me for 2 weeks to florida and even found a condo ready to book and airplane tickets ready to purchase.
I told my mom about it and she was COMPLETELY against it. She is the same person that complains about how she looks EVERYDAY and has always talked about plastic surgery, but when I told her, she said "Well, I dont hate myself that much to get surgery for gods sake." And my sister was against it even though she already got plastic surgery more than 2 occasions and started prying into my financial business, but she has always been a debbie downer and felt that she was always entitled to stuff and worrying about why someone has something that she doesnt.
I am doing this for one else. I have a nice body now, however, I want to enhance my assets. I even started looking for breast augmentations. I have nice sized boobs now, I just want them a little bigger, and I do mean a little bigger and I want them to sit up nice. I am not getting any younger and I am tired of people telling me what I should and shouldnt do to my body. Everytime my dad sees me, he starts preaching about the Lords body and how I am going to be heald accountable for the 5 tattoos on my body. *sigh* I didnt even tell anyone about my dental cosmetic surgery bc I knew they would be judgemental.


Ladies ladies ladies......I had a terrible yesterday. I broke up with my live-in boyfriend so I dont know how this is going to worl. I depend on him and he depends on me but he drains the hell out of me. He is very sweet caring and loving but our personalities are EXTREMELY DIFFERENT and it clashes a lot. We both have our issues we need to work on separately.

On a good note..... DR.AZURIN!! I am looking at this doctors work and O.M.G. I am sold. I dont even know what to say about his man except he does phenominal work.


So yesterday, I heard from Dr. Azurin, Dr. Cesar V and Dr. Salamas office requesting the pictures they need to give me a quote (except for Salama). My boyfriend and I are on better terms now so he took the pictures for me. I quit my job bc the women there are very catty and almost cost me my job based on nothing but pure jealousy and hatred. I found a new job within days paying almost as twice as much for doing the same crap.

You cant tell people anything anymore. I tell them how well my son is doing in school being in gifted and talented classes at 7 and they walk by me not saying anything. I tell them I am in the process of opening up my own business, they stop calling. I bought an Audi A6 (used) and years old, but apparently that doesnt matter, and they start f---ng with my job. Been there for 2 yrs and 7 months and NEVER had these problems. I have to deal with this crap with the females in my family and at work. I have no female friends for this exact reason. The past female friends I had got me in crap that I had nothing to do with. Legal trouble, job problems, family problems....etc....I am SOOOOOO looking forward to getting this procedure done. I would love to go back to this job to say HI to a few OK people and rub it in the same devious peoples faces. I know that they will be there still bc they will never leave that job. Ever.

I want to get my nose done along with a breast lift in the near future. So I am off to send the pictures to the doctors and hopefully I will have my quotes by next week.

Heard from salamas office

I have been emailing Cynthia P. back and forth today. Salama said that I am an excellent candidate and he will do extensive lipo to my stomach and flanks. He advised me to gain 10-12 pounds. I have yet to hear back from Dr.Azurins office or Dr. Cesar V's office. The price Salama gave me was 9,199 plus an additional 500 for inner thighs and 500 for outer thighs if I want. I do want the inner thighs done. I asked about slots open for August 2014, Cynthia said they are open.

My pix

Wish pics

these are my wish pics

Today I made my deposit

Today I have made my deposit for Salama. I spoke with Nancy and my coordinator Cynthia and they are so friendly, I couldn't believe it. We talked about things even irrelevant to the surgery so you know if that happens, you guys are very comfortable with each other. That is exactly how I felt.

My sister called me the other day and told me to stop talking to her about surgery because it has her thinking about what she would like to get done that needs to get done and she doesn't want to go there. I know people are HIGHLY annoyed with hearing about it.

But COUNTDOWN here we go!! I am already ecstatic

Still Preparing Myself

I have not gone anywhere and I am getting even more excited as the days go by, even though it is in August 2014. I actually am planning on dropping a nice sized payment for the operation today.

I have been trying soooo hard to keep my goal amount of money set for this surgery every month but thats not happening. My rent went up a lot and then they back dated my rent for the last 4 months.

I am having MAJOR money WOES right not and I am trying to take care of everything responsibility but I am overwhelmed at times ladies.

My boyfriend cant help out financially like he use too because he has been looking for a job since January of this year and is unable to get a job. Many interviews but no call backs. We don't know what is going on. I, too, am looking to get a better, more paying job until I am done school as well, but I haven't had any luck as well.

Regardless, I am still going to manage paying these bills while I pay this surgery off by next years August. I told my boyfriend that he should become a stripper and I will be his manager (lol). He declined.

Until next time. I will be posting pictures up of the weight I have gained, if any at all.


So I am rethinking salama and going to see about dr.fisher at vanity cosmetics. I also want to change my date to April 14 2014 bc that's spring break for for but I'm worrying about sitting once I go back to school after spring break now. Any suggestions??? I don't want to look weird sitting in class either so I'm unsure.

Contacted Dr.Duran and Dr.Yily

OOOOok ladies so it is 2014 ALREADY and I already know that the months are going to move fast! I am still broke (lol) yet I am waiting for taxes and re-thinking my doctors. I was leaning towards Dr.Salas but I did not like his results. Then, I was looking at another doctor in his office by the name of Johnathan Fisher. I love his results but they have not gotten back to me after they said they will and they hung up on me 3 times. I refuse to do business with anyone that I have to chase around especially if I am giving them my money.

So, I began to re0think my original plan when I first came across doing this BBL. I started looking at Dr.Duran and Dr.Yily again like I originally did.

So I contacted Dr.Duran and it took me several hours (really like 2-3 hrs) to get in contact with someone. I sen my pictures, and the procedures I want done (BBL BA with silicone and possibly rhinoplasty......dont judge me) and figured that I can get exceptional work from dr.duran and still pay less than going to dr.salama for the same price or more.

I talked to Elizabeth and she informed me that Dr.Duran is currently in surgery and to call back tomorrow morning at 8:30-9:00. I do not want to fo to a recovery house bc I am still planning on traveling with my boyfriend and son, so I need a hotel.

Any suggestions: ?

Comparison pictures

These are my comparison pictures from last year until now. I see some weight gain in my stomach area but not sure about the rest. Please excuse my private area. She needs grooming ????

So far.......

I have yet to hear from DR.DURAN OR YILY so I contacted another doctor by the name of Dr. Walkiris Robles. Her work is phenomenal! She (her staff) got back to me ASAP and unlike the problems I have been having with Duran and the language barriers, everyone seems to speak English. That helps. I also contacted a Dr. Cynthia Dilas (I think that's her last name). And they too are extremely helpful.

Accidentally posted this review in my comments!!!! GOT MY QUOTE THOUGH

Also, still waiting on quotes from Dra. Disla and Dra. Robles. I really really RRREEEAAALLLY love dra.robles and dra.durans work. But these quotes will be the deal-breaker. I may not be taking spring classes at school next semester so I told my boyfriend I might just travel by myself. He said nothing and didn't even regard the fact that I got my email. We have had a rough time with each other lately. I told him, I think there is a wedge between us and one of us is going to get sick of it and pack their sh*t and walk away. He told me to speak for myself. Then we proceeded with some extremely harsh words and cursing. IDK....I'm just getting tired of this whole relationship "show". I am thinking maybe if I just get the lipo and bbl, I can get the BA and Rhino in the states later, but it will be much much much more. I know trhat I will have to get one or the other done in the states. But which one??

Dr.Duran has been ROBBED!

So I received an email at 3:35 am today from Dr.Duran saying that she has been robbed and she needs my help.....thats right. I figured it was a fake account (maybe the hotmail email address that I orginally sent too), but then I also inspected the email quote that I received from her as well and I am now skeptical about that one as well. I tried calling the office 12 times today only to be ignored, hung up on and answered only once to let me know that Elizabeth is not there.

Here is the email:
Sorry for the inconvenience, I am in Limassol, South Cyprus for a week
and i just got robbed and my bag containing all my vital items, phone
and money stolen from me . I am physically ok and fine. I need some
assistance from you. Let me know if you can be of any help.


*Dra. Agustina Hilario Durán*
Cirujana Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva

Honestly, IDK wtf this is about. So I looked at the quote email sent to me last week and I see on it that it this:

If you would like to secure your date for surgery, please send a us250 deposit
Bank Account (for deposit, You can transfer money from Citibank To my bank Banreservas) not electronic transfer please (it is personaly from bank to bank in us money)
Banco de reservas República Dominicana.
200 02 092 000588 4
Agustina Hilario Duran
ABA 021000089

Please note: This deposit is non-refundable unless due to medical or emergency purposes, which then must be accompanied by proper documentation.
Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran

The International Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA)
137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
(809) 565-5348 | Cell: (809) 707-7163 | (809) 331-5050 ext. 212,


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Dra Hilario Durán

The hotmail email is attached to the quote email as well. This is really upsetting.

Someone that has had work by Dr.Duran please contact me because I would REALLY love to hear about you communication experiences.


Alright Ladies! I am booked with Duran for June 25th 2014. I am looking for flights for 3 people but they cost 1,632 bucks. So I am putting in extra hours at work. My boyfriend lost his job a year ago now, and has been unable to find a new one. He goes on interviews but they never call back. This is a man that use to work 2-3 jobs at the same time.

So I am going to pay for me, him and my son to go. I found a full house rental for 228$ a week in Santo Domingo which will be merely 500$. All I need is a good reference for massages. I am also going to save my money for taxi to the airport, and to the massages and back, to the beach and back and shopping for food.

I have been unable to book a recovery house due to my 2 guests coming with me. I spoke to several RH owners and they said "sorry!"

So I do have the money for supplies, rental house, part of my surgery and part of my tickets.


I am still torn between getting just my BBL done or getting both the BBL and BA. I really want to just get them both out of the way all at once. The only issue with that is really, the price difference. $3,800 compared to $6,000. I know I will be traveling with at least $1,500 on me for extra money (learned that when I took my first cruise to the islands). I am also trying to figure out if I should purchase the flight tickets before sending the money to get that out the way or not. She said all i need to do is send the 250 and the rest later up front when I get there.

I also read that buying international tickets are lowest the month of (few weeks before you plan on leaving) or a month prior. There are also certain days to purchase that are lower. I will see as time goes on. I am trying to find someone that works in the airport or knows someone that does so I can get a discount or free tickets.

Getting everything set

Ok ladies! So I was able to speak with Elizabeth this morning....which is rare.
I tried to reschedule with Dr. Duran for June 27th 2014 just a few days after the original date, June 25th. Unfortunately, she is booked all the way into July. That is fine though. I had Elizabeth make sure I was put down for June 25th and she confirmed that I was. She also told me that all I need to pay was the $250 deposit and the rest of the money, just bring and pay once I get there.
I don't know how I feel about walking around with the amount of money on me whether here in the states or anywhere else. Also, I am not sure how to divide and understand their currency (exact amount) to their money. Maybe I should have asked her also about if I pay the rest in US currency or theirs.

I found a rental house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, two levels in a gated community 20 minutes away from the clinic. I already have Jose the taxi drivers information and a masseuses information for when I get there. The rental house is only $500 for two weeks and I will not be using a nurse.

My boyfriend and son are going so my boyfriend will have to play nurse until I feel well enough to fend for myself. My mom is a nurse and I work in the healthcare field myself, so I know enough ins and outs on caring for people pre and post surgery and pretty much everything else.

I am currently looking comparing prices for on supplies and making my list and all I have to do is book the rental, buy all the supplies and book my tickets. Instead of buying new t-shirts, I am just going to use the old ones that I have had for years. The same goes for my flip-flops, house slippers. sweatpants, boppy (that I have had since my son was born 7 years ago) and some other items that I can get free from people I know. I am trying to save EVERY PENNY that I can.

Also, the tickets were originally $1,632.30 if I flew from Baltimore-Washington airport. Way too much. So I looked at flights from Washington D.C. and will fly out from there because it is $300 cheaper even though it will take an hour to get there, plus the flight times are a whole lot better since I am traveling with my son.

Instead of leaving the D.R. at 3:15 am, we will leave at 10:15 am. And instead of getting back at 2:15 am, we will get back at 8:30 pm. My boyfriends friend is going to drop us off and pick us up from the airport, free of charge!

All I really need to do is make sure I get this $6,000 for the surgery so I am PRAYING that my taxes do me right lol!!!


You can look for some VERY EXTREMELY GREAT recovery houses and rentals on


Well I stopped by my parents house and told my mom how 'curious' I was about the surgery so I got a few quotes from some doctors. No one and I mean no one is for this surgery. Old male friends, co-workers, family members etc. So I guess I will avoid my parents and everyone else after I get the surgery done.

The day is here!

Ok ladies! The day is here. I arrived to the D.R. yesterday around 3:00 pm. It was a very difficult start because I am traveling with my sister who is COMPLETELY against it and I just found out she has told EVERYONE (damn near!) about my surgery and how its disgusting and she is just going to keep her mouth closed while she is here. I do not need this right now people!!!

I was, and still am going back and forth about Duran or Cabral. I know about Cabrals trials and errors. I just want a nice big ass with some nice round hips minus the stick legs that scream "fake fake fake!!!"

I have to be at CIPLA at 6:45 am. Pleaaaaase wish me luck and I will definately update as soon as I can
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


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