Brazilian Butt Lift at Encore with MacAdoo. Miami, FL

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Hi everybody! I recently made my deposit with...

Hi everybody! I recently made my deposit with Vanity Cosmetic Surgery for Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. MacAdoo. I am currently nineteen, 112lbs (still gaining for surgery), 5 ft, my measurements are 35(hips/inch)-25(waist-inch)- 32(breasts-inch), I've attached some photos of what I look like currently.

I'm interested in loosing all the flab on my tummy and back, I want a tiny waist, some nice hips, get rid of the flanks/lovehandles, and I need more projection! It may be very unrealistic but we'll try!

I was originally going for Hasaan because I love his work on small girls but he currently isn't doing any procedures and I was told that MacAdoo also goes aggressive lipo so I'll give it a shot!

Right now I am in the process of getting supplies, gaining weight, looking for places for the massages, and labs.

If anyone has suggestions on any of these things please comment, it would be a great help!

- how much are Vanity's fajas?
- affordable and good faja recommendations?
- how to easily put on some more weight? (struggling! :()
- affordable and good please to get the medical massages? I live in Orlando but I would be willing to make the drive.
- cheap place to get the lab work done?

A few of my questions have been answered

Schedule date is the same, and I decided to go in and get my labs done with them a little over two weeks before my procedure date so that I can also get a chance to squeeze in an evaluation with MacAdoo. I'll probably go ahead and purchase fajas from them and try them on that day as well so that I know ahead of time what my size will be and ect. I also found a great place in Orlando for the massages, so that is also checked off my list!
Only issue I am having now is gaining weight!! I'm getting kind of worried that if I don't put some more weight on by the end of next month, when I come in to see them they might tell me that I am too small :( can somebody please make some suggestions! I've tried protein shakes, eating a lot of fast food, but so far nothing is working! I actually weighed in at only 110lbs today! Which is two pounds less than I was before. I am only 5ft and I have a good amount of flab on my body here and there but I am worried it's not enough. Please help!

Weight Update

So I had been recommended to drink the ensure protein/nutrient shakes with everyday meal. I decided to try them,, but I've only been drinking one a day and eating the same as I use to, (which still isn't a lot I guess) and I've managed to get my weight to 113lbs which is great! Hopefully I can get it higher by the end of the month but I'm going to have to eat eat eaaat. I'm drinking the ensure plus shakes and they have 20 grams of protein so I know that's definitely helping. Will keep posted!

Bad News ):

Booked my hotel reservation near encore last week. I had planned to do labs and pay for the rest of my procedure on July 1st (today) and come for pre-op July 15th, surgery on 16th, stay over night at the hotel, come back to encore on the 17th so the doctor can make sure everything is ok and then go home.
I drove from orlando to miami with my boyfriend today,, we were in the car for four hours and I was extremely nervous. I am currently on my period. Even though I'm taking iron supplements at the moment I was still afraid that getting blood work done might make me enimic. Note- I did not expect to get my period during this time but getting off of my birth control threw my schedule off track. So I emailed the women I've been keeping in touch with (roxan) who's been super helpful to me throughout this whole thing, to see if it was alright to still come in for blood work today despite being on my period and she said that I still could. I arrived a few hours ago at the clinic. I paid the remaining balance for my procedure, went ahead and bought supplies so that I could try them on, and got the lab work done.
Here is where my issues begin, a girl brings me into the back of the clinic to begin the blood work. She sits me down in a chair and I tried multiple times to tell her that she might want to lay me down because I am on my period and I wasn't sure if I should have blood drawn sitting up. She seems to just ignore me multiple times and begin telling me what to do so she can draw blood so I just listened to what she was asking. Finally we finish, I'm trying to take deep breaths because I start to feel light headed and while she's putting the band aid on my arm she asks if I'm ok and everything goes blank from there. I pasted out twice sitting on the chair. Another women came into the room and I woke up after I heard her saying my name. She handed me some water and was asking me if I was alright. After I decided that I was ok she moved me into her office and sat me down. I had three different people who worked at the clinic come to bring me something to drink and ask if I was alright which I thought was very nice.
Sitting in her office, the women looks at me and says that I'm finished for the day and to call on wednsday for the results of the blood work. She also informs me that sometime before the procedure I MUST meet the doctor or else they will not do the surgery.

The other bad news is that before I'm leaving, she looks at me and says, "and you need to gain more weight, you have no fat" and employed that if I didn't gain more that they could not do the procedure, which was never mentioned in any of my emails after they evaluated my photos. My beginning weight was 110lbs, I am 5 feet tall. I've managed to get it to 115lbs. She asked me to get to 125lbs for the surgery. (which is in two weeks)

Absolutely nooooo idea how I'm going to gain 10lbs in two weeks but I will try my best. Does anyone have any recommendations for what I can do? Ps. I apologize for not dropping names or talking more of the conversation but I was so out of it after passing out that I literally left the clinic after 5 minutes of waking up.

One week away!

As title says, I'm one week away from my procedure appointment. I have post-op on the 15th which is also when I'm suppose to meet dr. macadoo. Despite the wish photos I've showed them previously I reallllly hope I get a chance to kind of physically show him what changes I would like to happen. I'm extrmemly concerned and anxious about my weight. The last time I visited the clinic, she looked straight at me and told me that I have no fat and that I need to gain weight. I'm fluctuating between 116.4 and 117.5 at the moment (I use to weigh 110 at 5ft tall) It was ideal to them that I weigh AT LEAST 120-125 and with only a week to go, I know that's not going to happen. Then I also have to consider that 30% or more of what ever change they make is just going to disappear after two months healing. Im afraid that they will either tell me that they can't do the procedure because I don't have enough fat or do the procedure and I end up looking the same afterwards (biggest fears). I'm trying to stay positive and I hope that everything goes well from here on out!

I will update again the day before I leave for pre-op.

Time is coming

5' feet, 120lbs, getting the bbl soon so goodbye little booty! All I'm hoping now is that everything goes smoothly and I will be back the next day for a check up.
Dr. Macadoo has been super nice and helpful. His personality is easy going and he goes a great job at making you comfortable. My nerves have been all over the place so I'm doing my best to relax.
As far as supplies, I have my garment, lipo board, foams, iron supplements, tank tops, pain killers, nausea medicine, compression socks, comfortable clothes, etc.


Nobody ever properly explained to me how to wear the lipo foams and lipo board under the garment. They just told me to change into them tomorrow. Is it possible that someone could explain to me how to wear them or send me a link to some pictures? I'm not able to call the clinic now because they are closed. Thank you for the help!


Hey again, would really appreciate if somebody could answer my last post. I'm at my boyfriends now laying in a cut out lawn chair. I can't say I feel any better. The pain is bearable but I've been SUPER uncomfortable no matter where or what position I'm in since I left the clinic. I have not taken the garment off, but from what I can see so far liking the results. I hope I feel better tomorrow. I can't wait until everything is said and done and I'm all healed. I have no idea how I'm going to poop though. I was sitting in a puddle of blood in the car on the way home after the first hour. Changed the seat cover and after the next two hours I got up and there wasn't that much blood this time. Hopefully it's going to slow down, I was a little scared at first but everything seems alright. Trying to drink a lot of water and ate some soup a little bit ago.

Ps. For the procedure, expenses, medicine, supplies, gas, hotel, etc. everything was probably $5,000

24 hours post-op

Ok, today is worst than yesterday! Yesterday the only thing sore was my butt. I'm taking pain killers every six hours and I've been walking for 15 minutes every hour. I was originally going pee every hour that I got up, but when it was time to sleep I was getting up every two hours and peeing every two. It's been almost 24 hours since the procedure and I feel worse than yesterday. It's not even my butt that's sore this time it's my back and stomach are killlling me. Got up a while ago to go pee and give myself the lovenox injection. They told me to put the lipo foams on today since all I have under my garment are like big bandages for bleeding. So I tried to unzip the garment to put the foams on and instantly I felt like I was going to pass out. I put on some ointment for the bruising and swelling and had help zipping up the garment again since I couldn't stand up and do it on my own. So I'm back to laying down. I might try again later to put the foams on but not to sure if it's going to work out. I might have to wait until Sunday when I see the doctor again for them to help me.

Ps. Do not schedule on Saturdays! Worst idea ever. After 5:00 pm which was around the time I was leaving the clinic after surgery I couldn't call and ask any questions because they were closed! You're suppose to come back the next day for check up but today is Sunday! Still the clinic is closed and I have nobody to ask any questions until tomorrow, Monday. It really does suck. I won't be getting my first lymphatic massage until Tuesday because I have to take my trip back to miami on Monday. They say the sooner the better to get those massages and I'm waiting four days.

Does anybody know if after surgery when you put on the lipo foams, do you wear your tank top or bandages underneath them or do you just have the lipo foams touching the skin? Thanks for answering!

6 days post-op

I'm sooooo bruised. I've only gotten two massages so far. Not feeling like my waist is getting any smaller, it honestly looks almost the same as it was before the surgery. Any ideas on why this is? I might be taking the drain out myself tomorrow. Tomorrow will make one week post op. Has anyone taken their drain out themself as well? I'm still getting red fluid in the drain but it's faint, seeing some yellow, the main thing is that I'm not even seeing that much fluid come out. I'm starting to wonder if maybe my massages aren't working? I see that some girls waist get smaller after massages? Why? I'm so confused :( please comment with any help thanks!

Also, how long did it take for your bruises to go away? I'm at one week and they just look worse lol not sure what else to update on at the moment,, maybe tomorrow

1 week post-op

Yay! 1 week post-op and I took my abdominal drain out today! I took it out around 1 pm and then took my first shower smh since last night the drain has mostly been empty or with yellow/clear fluid inside of it. I was cleaning it regularly like they instructed so I figured it would be okay to go ahead and take it out.

So yes, I did remove it myself. I didn't feel like driving all the way back to miami just for them to remove the drain. They gave me instructions on how to do it myself at my last visit. You just open the drain, clean the area with alcohol, cut the stiches, and then I slowly pulled until it was all the way out. I had a little bit of drainage come out of the hole once I pulled it all way out but not that much. Cleaned it with alcohol after the shower, put some neosporin, and a band aid on it and called it a day. It felt great to finally wash my whole body. I was only only doing alcohol washes everyday under my garment when I would change my foams. They advice you not to shower with your drain(s) in if you live in florida because of our water so that's why I didn't do so. You can shower with distilled or purified water but it sounded like so much work lol

Also, can anyone tell me if I'm wearing my garment right in the picture? I wear my lipo foams in the garment, and the ab board over the front foam. Just curious if this looks correct in the picture because it feels very odd. Thanks for advice!

1 week and 2 days post-op

Just came back from my third massage today. Going for my fourth on thursday. I'm getting them a little bit legnthy apart but I'm working with what they have available.

The massage today hurt a little, more than it usually does,, but at the same time it felt sooooo good. I still have some lumps in my stomach and back. They're like hard awkward spots. Did anybody else get these? How long did it take for them to go away and what did you do to help? I feel like they're slowly getting better but, emphasis on the slowly.

Another thing is, this is going to be awkward but my cat is swollen lmao. I saw some other girls also said theirs was as well. I guess when they do lipo that far down on your abdomin that that can happen. I looked a couple days ago and noticed I have a hole from the lipo literally right where my bladder is lol no wonder it looked big but oh well, can only wait for the swelling to go down lol

I tried to take some better pictures today but it's still difficult to turn. I'm still bruising but the lady who does my massages said that she's noticing them getting lighter. I heard it takes 2-3 weeks until they start going away, so we'll see. I'll come back when I have another update

Anybody out there hitting the gym after brazilian butt lift?

Just wondering if there is anybody out there who started going to the gym after bbl. How long after surgery did you wait before you started working out and how did it effect your results? I would really like to start going to the gym and doing yoga next year but I keep reading online that cardio and stuff will burn the fat in your butt and that makes me nervous. So I'm just curious how many people still had a positive experience after going to the gym or being active. Did your body stay the same, did your butt get bigger, or smaller, etc.?

Thanks for any responses!

2 weeks and 2 days post-op

Here I come with some negativity. I'll post more pictures at my one month mark. Lately I've been starting to feel like my results are going away and I'm going back to normal. I've noticed that my weight is also going back down to what I use to weigh before I started gaining weight for the procedure. I use to weigh 110lbs, I managed to make it to 120lbs before the procedure. After the procedure I was 122lbs and lately I've been around 115lbs. I'm not sure if it's because of what I'm eating or if it's just the swelling going down,, but when I look at myself I really just feel like everything is getting smaller. It ALSO could just be that I feel so normal with myself now that maybe things just don't look as dramatic as they did at first and I'm mistaking it as "I'm getting smaller" who knows....

The other thing is my stomach and sides are suuuuuper lumpy. Everywhere on my lower stomach and sides I have hard lumps under the skin. Honestly feel like they're just getting worse too and I'm not sure why. Most of my bruises have went away but the lumps aren't going anywhere. I was getting lympathic massages every other day after surgery and I got five in total. Starting to wonder if maybe they didn't really work, I didn't get enough, or maybe it's just too soon for them to start going away. Any thoughts? Did anyone else struggle with these lumps at this time and what did you do to get rid of them? Thanks for all the suggestions in advance.

3 weeks post-op

Today made 21 days post-op so I was able to take off my compression socks finally. I'm still wearing the garment and foams, but I took the ab board off today because when it's inside the garment I have extra space on the sides and the garment isnt compressing all the way around my waist like it should be. On both sides of the garment my foams are loose because of the ab board and don't hug the skin so now I have two spots on my sides where the skin is up because it never had compression on it. Sorry if this doesn't really make sense but you'll see it in the picture. It kind of looks like my hip bones but it's not. So today I took the ab board off and I'm just wearing my foams inside my garment to see if that skin will go down.

I'm also going later to get my sixth massage. Decided to get some more to see if it helps any. Brusies are going away well. Not sure if I have anything else to update on at the moment so I'll be back at one month.

2 days away from 1 month post-op

I'll be one month post-op on saturday and I'll update with pictures then but right now I have a few questions if anybody could help me.

The first is, when did you guys start wearing regular clothes again after bbl like jeans and stuff?
Second, at what point did you start sitting and laying on your back with no pillow? and do you think it effected your results any after you started doing so?
Third, how many ladies slept on their stomach in bed after surgery and continued to sleep like that regularly?

Curious because I'd like to make a few appointments for myself like getting my hair cut and etc but I'm not sure when it will be alright for me to start sitting. I'm reading different everywhere. Also impatiently waiting to lay regular again, my back is killing me from the lawn chair. Thanks again in advanced!

1 month post-op

I don't have any pictures at the moment but I will take some soon, so far I'm looking and feeling the same as before. I will say I get around a lot easier now. I'm still depressed that I can't sit or lay down because that's been really inconvenient but I'm managing.
I will say I have noticed my butt and hips go down since the day of surgery. It might not have been a lot and other people may not notice but I definitely can. I still look very much the same though. It's expected because in the beginning is mostly swelling and afterwards you can expect to lose up to 30% of what ever they do anyway,, but I'm still pretty happy with the results.
I'm already starting to soften in certain areas. A few weeks ago my butt felt like a rock EVERYWHERE, but now, my hips are soft, the lower part of my butt is soft, the top of my butt below my back is soft, the only part that's still hard is the center where most of the projection is,, which will also soften in time.
I still feel a lot of lumps in my stomach on the sides. I stopped getting massages. I think I got about 8 or 9 in total. Just going to wait it out and give my body time to heal and see how it goes.
But other than that I don't really have much to comment on. I'll upload pictures again soon.
One more month from now I'll be able to take off my lipo foams and hopefully start working again so we'll see.

1 month and 1 week post-op

Hey again, so here are some more pictures at one month and one week post-op. I noticed I haven't really posted any side or back pictures so here it is. My waist is still swollen and has a lot of knots under the skin, still giving myself time to heal,, and tbh I'm getting a little chunky in my stomach again, I don't know if I've already gained fat back that fast or if my skin just looks like that from lipo. My butt from the back still looks the same as it did before, just bigger,, and I mean that as far as shape. He didn't really change the way my body already naturally looked, he just made it bigger and gave me some hips (which I wanted to kind of stay the same anyway) and excuse my fat little thighs, they have always been like that lol hopefully when I hit the gym next year I will tone up a little. But overall this is how I'm coming along for now.

I have a question though, wheeeeeen did you guys start directly sitting and laying on your butt and was it ok? I'm desperate for answers

1 month and 1 week post-op

My measurements went from (chest, waist, hips): 32-25-35

1 month and 2 weeks post-op (6 weeks)

I'm starting to feel small ): nooooo ):
Idk I'm guess I'm just really use to myself now. I'm probably healed fairly well now and I'm hoping this is as small as I'll get. I realllllly wish I had more weight prior to surgery but hey, at least I'm better than before lol over all I'm still satisfied because I knew what to expect going into this. I knew I didn't have that much fat and I knew it wasn't going to be much of a difference. But there IS a difference and a good one so that's all that matters now :) added a close up of hips and stomach also.

I may start sitting soon. I'm two weeks away from two months and I know this is early but I have appointments and things I need to do where it's necessary to sit so we'll see how it goes.

As of right now, I'm still wearing my garment and lipo foams every day and all day. I have two weeks left and then I'm taking the foams off. I still haven't worn any tight clothes. Patiently waiting to be able to do normal things again!

2 months post-op

I am 2 months post-op tomorrow so I figured to take some more pictures today. These are some screenshots I took from a video where I did a 360 degree turn. Some pictures I look bigger then others but I guess the angle you take the pictures from can make a big difference and make things look smaller/bigger. I'm not going to be wearing my lipo foams anymore after tomorrow. I probably won't waist train until around three months since I still have a lot of lumps in my stomach and on my sides. I might consider going back to get massages again even though it's costing so much to get this many but I'm ready for the lumps to go away ):

2 months post-op

I also wanted to add that I've went down a loooot since one month ago. I use to be way bigger in the hips. I'm not sure if it was something I did or it just happened when I healed but oh wellll.

2 months 2 weeks post-op

Brace yourself for a long update !!

(chest, waist, hips)
before surgery I was: 32-25-35
1 month 1 week post-op: 32-23-38
2 months 2 weeks post-op: 32-23-37

Yes I did lose another inch around my butt since the last time I took measurements and I'm literally only a two inch difference then before surgery. I look a lot better than before but I'm completely healed now and I'm almost back to my old self.
Before surgery, I originally weighed 112lbs and after gaining weight I managed to make it to 120lbs for the surgery. After surgery, I've slowly been losing weight and going back to normal. I assumed I was just going to stop when I reached 112lbs but I actually weigh 109lbs
My butt and hips were definitely bigger after surgery when I weighed 120lbs. But I've lost all my weight since then. My advice to anyone getting the bbl is if you gain weight for surgery, and you want all of the fat to stay, you NEED to keep up your weight which is something I obviously failed to do.
I have a fast metabolism and I'm actually trying to go vegan at the moment. I do not eat a lot and I do not eat many fatty foods or take in a lot of protein like I did before surgery.
With that being said, I still do not know if I'm disappointed that I lost most of the hips and projection I had after surgery. I feel that after I made the decision to go vegan it was obvious I was going to lose some of the fat and the weight, and I also plan on going to the gym next year. Eating all that food to keep up my weight is too much work for me since I highly despised having to eat constantly to gain weight before sugery. I've pretty much accepted myself for how I look now and realized this is as good as it's going to get for my body, which is the two inch difference.
Conclusion: I'm still happy with my results, and I definitely look better than before. I'm hoping that after I go to the gym next year and tone my abs and etc that it will improve things even more. But knowing my body and my metabolism, I expected that this would happen and I would lose most of the fat considering I didn't have much to begin with. If you don't gain weight easy and your matobolism is fast like mine, if you want your results to stay, keep up your weight after surgery,, I can't stress this enough. Also, if you plan on being active and working out, you need to try twice as hard to manage your weight to make sure you don't burn any of it. It's a lot of work!

**NOTE** my results have nothing to do with dr.mcadoos work!! He did PERFECTLY with my body after surgery. I was a 10 lol I was waay bigger after surgery which is obvious in previous pictures, but any hips or projection I lost were due to the way MY body responded and because of the choices I made after surgery. Please keep this in mind for anyone who is interested in going to him

I've also decided to start laying and sitting down. I was told wait three months for optimal results but I think where I'm at now with my body is my final stage so I don't think it will matter if I sit or lay. I am still being cautious and making sure it's not too much pressure though

I hope this post isn't too negative! I loved dr. macadoos work and I'm still happy with my body. I lost a lot of fat and projection because of my choices and the fact that I burn fat easily. Don't hesitate to ask any questions I don't want to give the wrong impression :)

I've posted two photos, one from my bathroom and bedroom just for a different perspective. The side and back still look the same as previous photos.

2 months and 2 weeks post-op (QUESTIONS)

I wrote in my last update that I was down to 109 lbs. Its been awhile since I weighed myself so I was assuming I was the same. I got on the scale today and I am 108.0 lbs so definitely the smallest I've ever been since I was probably 13 years old.

I still have knots on my lower sides (flanks) which is inflammation from the lipo and the skin on my stomach is veeeeery loose and flabby. If I sit or lay a certain way it will wrinkle up (looks like fat rolls) but if you grab it, you can feel that there is no fat inside and it's literally just a lot of loose skin.

Did anyone else have this problem? If youve had "knots" from lipo, what did you do to get rid of them and how long do you think it took for them to all go away? Also, how long did it take for your skin to recover and tighten back up? I feel so weird right now lol thank you I'm advance

ps. wondering if maybe I should go back to get more massages for my sides ?? hmm

almost 3 months post-op

Some sitting and laying down photos at almost three months. I was just playing around with different angles to see if I could get a good hip to waist ratio. I'll update again soon.
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

Dr. McAdoo is extremely friendly and respectful. Opon meeting him I immediately felt comfortable for a conversation. I showed him pictures and discussed what I was looking for in a brazilian butt lift and he saw my vision perfectly. Over all my experience dealing with him was great and I love my results!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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