Time to Be Miss New Booty - Miami, FL

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So I have been stalking the heck out of booties...

So I have been stalking the heck out of booties for the past 8 months! So I am not ready to join the nice booty club. I have been trying to get an appointment with Dr. Fisher but he is always packed and been looking into Dr. Mcadoo. I don't see a lot of people that have gone to him or many pictures. So, if any of you lovely ladies have gone to Mcadoo PLEASE PLEASE let me know your honest opinion on him such as his procedure, experience and everything!!!


So I booked my appointment for the 31st of January. I'm so nervous. My friend what's to come with me but I was seeing if it would be beneficial to get a recovery house or a hotel! Anyone know any recovery houses?


So I was hesitant to upload pictures of myself I noticed a lot of woman would mark out their tattoos well I have to many and it would just have to mark out my whole body! I have gained 10 lbs for the surgery I feel so freaking fat. I'm 5'3 151.1 lbs. I need to do my measurements...so here I go!!!

Wish pics!!

I am in love with these women asses! I just want the perfect butt to hip ratio! I don't want to look like I could tip over from my butt being to big but I want to have people doing double takes like damn is that all her?!? Lol

No sitting???

So is it true that you can't sit directly on your butt for 3 months? I'm in the military and I sit on my behind all day! I wonder how this is going to go if I get a bbl pillow! You know people are nosey smh! It doesn't seem that a lot of people are on this site anymore as well. I tried adding a few dolls on my IG but I don't have a SX page. I guess it's time for me to make one

More wish pics!!!

So I've noticed I'm interested in the more heart shaped butt! I'm not into having the big shelf. I have a small torso and I'm short as well! What you ladies think?


Are there any mcadoo dolls for end of January! I think it would be awesome to have someone to share this rollercoaster experience
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