March 3 HERE I COME!

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I have been stalking this site for quite some time...

I have been stalking this site for quite some time. I just can't choose between Dra. Yily , Dr. Perry , Dra. Cardenas or Dr. Duran. Dr M is too booked as well as Dr. J. (The end of next test for a consultation) yeah right. I want my dream body NOW!! Many ppl tell me I have a nice body but its getting worse bc I eat fast food three times a day. So I'm choosing this method . Someone please help me decide. I plan on going in late may or early June. So if anyone wants to buddy up, that's fine. :)

I'm very irritated. (Been all day) ppl keep saying...

I'm very irritated. (Been all day) ppl keep saying I don't need the surgery and I shouldn't go out the country cuz I might not come back. Like wtf. I'm 5'4 . 160 and wear a 29 in jeans and 36c in bra. To me I have love handles that I don't want but my butt it ok. I read yily work wonders to females that have a butt already. But I'm still debating on whether to do the bbl or just take my lazy a** to the gym. Ughhhh. I just wanna scream.

"Don't try to gain weight thinking you get...

"Don't try to gain weight thinking you get improvement in surgery you won't. All you do is stretchy skin and damage your health. The reason why gaining weight doesn't work is because fat cells don't replicate so if you gain weight you transfer the same number of fat cells but they'll just be fatter. in when you return to your normal weight your buttocks will be exactly the same size it would have been if you didn't gain weight before surgery." -DrP

Im so irritated I want to cry. No doctor is...

Im so irritated I want to cry. No doctor is replying to my emails and I'm getting very mad!! Ughhhh . :-/ I sent pics over a freaking week ago!!!!!!! I'm so sad right now.

So I'm still waiting for a reply. Yily staff is so...

So I'm still waiting for a reply. Yily staff is so unprofessional . I think I'm gonna go with Duran but because I haven't seen much of her work idk. I read she did yily bbl and it look amazing! Many of her girls are saying "I want my body like yours" Duran did her. But Idek if I wanna still go through with it. This is making my head hurt! ;(

So I haven't seen any of Duran post op photos and...

So I haven't seen any of Duran post op photos and I FINALLY got a reply from Yily. She said she have an opening June 6 or June 7. But idk bc I wasn't even expecting her to reply. But I still wanna go to her but my fiancé and mom are against me going alone and don't mind me getting a TRAVEL BUDDY. So inbox me if your going n June and would like to meet. :)

Can't deuce for BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT!

Ugh!!! I emailed Yily and Perry. I seen so many of you ladies say there's a year wait for Salama and Jimmerson. I was willing to pay $1000 for someone's date! :( (very desperate) lol. I'm going crazy over here. Yily quoted me 3500 and Perry 9100. I'm not that big 5'4 150 pounds. You can't tell I'm 150 though. I need help! Yily, Perry, or wait a year for Salama? Although I'm scared to death to go to the DR, I'll still go bc I'm boyfriend is coming with me. I need a big bubble butt!

I'm almost Salamafied

Ahhh!!! My surgery date is In MARCH!!!! With Salama!!!! I'm so excited but nervous!!!!!!


I think I'm having the hardest time booking my flight. What city am I suppose to fly in? Miami.? Ft Lauderdale.? AND should I order the makemeheal package ? How am I suppose to prepare bc I just got my date today but it's early march! Last, what am I suppose to take.??
Help please!

Trying to gain weight!

So Nancy told me to gain 5- 10 pounds. I swear when I'm not trying to gain, I gain. When I try, I can't! What the heck! I ate so much today I feel sick, to the point I need to throw up.


Ok so I'm suppose to start taking Iron 325 mg. The iron bottle say 65mg equivalent to 325mg
Furious sulfate. Soooo (I'm a little slow) how many do I take.????

Package info

So I'm kinda getting nervous because I just got my date like a couple days ago so my package isn't here but my procedure is 3/03 and Idk everything I'm suppose to take at the 30 day mark & 2. My bf said I'm getting fat so I guess the weight gain is working or he was just saying that bc he knows I'm trying to gain. Idk with him.

Previous surgery!

Hope I relieve my package tomorrow. I'll start packing tomorrow as well. I forgot to tell you guys I have surgery done here in Michigan before! It wasn't bad, it's just I'm spoiled so I WANTED attention even if I didn't need it. Healed up in 2 days. ! But when I get this done!!!! BABY! U ain't gone be able to tell me nothing!

Went to the doctor

Got my test done today and was so irritated. My doctor said I should just lose weight bc 160 is a lot for a 21 y/o and forget the surgery like its her money being spent. Straight tripping. I also received my lipo foam in the mail today and started taking my vitamins today. Im hella nervous but watching nya lee experience kinda made me feel better.

I gained 6 pounds!

Still going though.

Package and iron pills

So a couple days ago I took too many iron pills and started to feel dizzy. I realized I only needed to take one!

My package came today and my results from my doctors office. I'm trying to get things done for school so I won't have to do as much after March 2, but I think I'll be fine! I'm excited!

Going crazy!

Some of my results has stars next to them! :(
I been irritated for like a week! At least I only owe $300 and I really need to find somewhere to stay!


So I keep sneezing and blowing my nose. Idk but I hope I'm not getting sick!! & I cannot wait until I get this done, I feel fatter everyday luckily no one can tell.

Too happy

Sx is 15 days away and birthday is 30!!!!!!!


I don't smoke at alllll!!!! But is it ok if I get this hookah stick???

A little nervous

So my surgery is 8 days away. I still haven't found anywhere to stay and I'm getting a little nervous. I went out last night and felt like I was big as a cow! Ugh. Then in my mind I'm like I need to get this done ASAP.

Finally found somewhere to stay!

Thinking about buying my mom a plane ticket because my boyfriend acting crazy talking about "we gone do this and that while we there" SMH!

I got a piercing not too long ago and kinda sad I basically waisted my money bc I have to remove it for surgery.

I'm also very excited to be getting this done because my birthday is 15 days after surgery sooooo I'll have this as a birthday gift since my bf paid for everything. :)

Starting to pack!

Starting but not finish!


3 more days!!!!

Almost here!!

So excited!

& sorry ladies for the confusion but my doctor is Salama, not Yily. I'm not downing her or anything but she's just not my doctor.

All packed up "FINALLY"

Got on the scale today and I lost 3 pounds! Idk how bc I've been eating like a cow! All that hard work. But whatever, if they don't have enough fat I'll just do inner thigh. (Kinda scared to do it though)



So today I realized this is really happening! I'm so nervous.
My sister told me today she's getting lipo but her butt is already HUGE
So we decided to tell each other.
But I'm so so nervous because my preop appointment is tomorrow. :( I guess I'll be alright .


I'm so bored so I'll guess I'll just write something.
I found a urinal today (thank God) bc every store I went to didn't have it!
I'm so nervous I just want to stay up until I leave. My flight is at 6:45 am. My boyfriend had not packed ANYTHING YET! I hope I don't regret bringing him bc he been so lazy lately!!!
I can't wait til I get there .


I'm NEVER flying spirit again!!!! We was suppose to leave at 6:30am and didn't leave until 8:40am! NOW it's 11:30 and our bags taking all day!!
Everyone looking at me crazy because I have uggs on ! CLEARLY I just came from a state where it was 5 inches of snow and like -10 degrees!

Pre op appointment

I was so nervous my stomach started to hurt!
Sooooo many papers to sign!! My hand started hurting and I just left 2 whole packets blank and handed them back to him. We laughed because nothing was signed. I went over it but my hand was hurting! lol.
Rubin is very nice but I told him my bf is never serious so he told me to call him if my bf didn't know what he was doing and he would tell him.
Thinking about flying my mom out here but idk. I'm so nervous u guys!

Today is the day!

I think I might *hit my pants. No lie bc I'm so freakin nervous. :(
I been up for 4 hours thinking about this. I'm so scared.

It's done y'all

So I'm like half sleep writing this from my phone so disregard any typos. 10 this morning I got there and undressed and signed more papers. Took pick and went into the surgery room (after talking to salama) . Im so sleepy but I counted to 60 and was out! I couldn't get my nipple ring out so they did. I was sooooo mad that they woke me up that I started to cry. I got up and had to PEE so bad she was like "no u don't" I said if I pee on myself y'all getting me another garment! I got in the wheel chair and got in the back seat. The ride wasn't so bad. But I'll take pics and update later cuz BASKETBALL WIVES about to come on!!

Can't use the bathroom

I can't pee and I been sleep all day. Called Salama and he told me to sit on the toilet but I'm scared.
My side is also burning a little but I'm doing fine. Still so sleepy.
& my boyfriend is actually doing good with taking care of me. He's emptying my drains, walking with me and cooking!

Post up pics

Sorry it's so early. I'm bored. I can't believe I'm doing so good. I got up and emptied my drains and peed. FINALLY.
Still marked up. He told me not to do anything til I come back today.

Another pic

How I'm feeling

I just ate and now I'm sleepy again! My face is swollen as well as my feet. Yesterday I felt great but today I'm hurting a little.
I took my garment off and washed it and I put my foam in.
I also washed up earlier and it felt great .
My butt is rock hard but whatever.
Idk what else.

It's been hard

Sorry about not replying to many messages . I just been feeling dizzy and my drains don't wanna act right. But I'm
About to take a nap then reply to all. Thanks dolls! XO.
& don't forget to WALK it really helps!


I'm n so much pain and the only thing that help is crying. It makes my bf so nervous when I cry.
Had a bad headache since last night and it won't go away.
My body hurt, hopefully I feel better after my massage tomorrow.
& stool softener not working.

1st massage

I cried bc I had to wait 40 minutes before I got help. Then Oh BABY! When she started I'm like "this it" I was laughing because when ppl touch me it tickle so bad! But when she really started, it hurt! Not to the point imma start crying though but it's worth it because I felt GOOD after. But when she tried to put me in a smaller garment I told her to stop playing bc this butt will not fit. So she gave me my original size and will give me smaller one Monday. She was such a sweetheart!

Feeling bad.

Had a headache for 3 days and it's horrible!!!!!! It's hard for me to open my eyes, chew, etc without my head hurting. I'm so sad.

Pic 3 day post


I forgot to take Bandage off for photo. It was hurting so bad so I put gauze and tape on it.

Feeling better

Thanks to everyone that helped me I TRULY APPRECIATE IT! I swear I would be still n pAin if it wasn't for u guys help!

I had to get in the car again but It was so hot that I stood up for a while, caught this man staring at me and almost ran into something. lol. I'm sure my butt will go down but I'm just in LOVE with my stomach. I think I need a smaller garment.

& none of my clothes fit! Not even large leggings! smh.

I'm ready to go home

My tummy is burning in one spot and my head is hurting again!!! So bad. I cannot believe this!/
Idk if I should call Ruben or Salama! Ugh! Bc I shouldn't still have a headache!

New day

Me and my boyfriend moved to another place and I feel so much better. Weird huh? lol. I took a shower and I feel so good, washed my garment and got to take a few pictures. I'm not 100% satisfied with my body but I'm still swollen. My garment is too big but I'll ask for another one Monday. But my butt is kinda idk. I have a heavy shelf if that makes any sense. I see ppl stare and love it. I seen another lady in the hotel with hers done.
About to eat, ttyl. ;)

At the mall!

Was feeling depressed in the room bc my tummy and head was still hurting. My bf said "I know what will make u feel better, get dressed" I did and we got n the car.

I'm at the mall and it feel like heaven! I feel so much better!

Backseat pic


Earlier my vag was hurting really bad but the problem is solved now.

I'm running out of pills!

Sometimes I get burning in my stomach but idk if it's normal.

Sooooo yesterday I was feeling ok so I asked my bf to go get me something to eat. AS SOOOON AS he left, I had to do the number two. I swear I have never moved so fast! I got that garment off by MYSELF within 3 seconds and didn't even hurt! lol. I know tmi.

I'm getting my massage and bobby pillow tomorrow. I'm going to ask for a smaller garment bc this one is too big.

I need help!!

Can someone that had this surgery PLEASE inbox me??? Please! ASAP! I really need help and Salama or Rubin isn't answering! Please.

Second massage and drains

Second massage worst than the first! She is such a sweetheart but when that massage get to going? U wanna just say "f this ill do it myself!!"
Got put in a smaller garment but we had to cut the butt part bc my butt is too big. She told me I might need a smaller on next week bc my swelling is going down fast.

Butt drain out!! I was soooo happy! I was SICK of that damn thing! The front one want ready to come out.
Feel better just a little stuffed. :)

Oh About Yesterday! I was sooooo mad and sad. I think I had a bladder infection and my tummy was burning!

Side pic

Finally Home!!

Y'all don't understand how happy I am to Be home! My mom met me at my house and I was soooo happy! She made me a Breakfast and helped me take a shower.

That plane ride was torture!! Then we had a layover. I was in first class and still had a hard time!

My mom said I look like Nicki minaj lol. I doubt it though.

My garment feel better.
What's a good site to buy another garment if this one gets too big??

And I'm sooo happy to be down to 3 pills a day instead of 13. I was so sick of pills, Gatorade, water, food, urinal, etc!! I think it was bc I wanted to come home! :)

Finally got in some jogging pants

With garment. It seem like it's bigger without my garment but I'm NOT taking this thing off again today

First night home

I'm still not getting a full night of sleep but I feel better here. I wanted to walk up the street but it's like 8 inches of snow outside! Guess I won't be going anywhere. I woke up at 5am and my right arm and hand was so swollen. I went back to sleep, woke up at 10 and it went down.
My butt is starting to itch but I do not scratch it just rub Benadryl on it.
I called around for a massage but I think everyone is closed bc of the snow.


I live in michigan and scheduled to have a massage today! Mind u this place is 50 minutes from my house and they said they did the massages! I get here and they tell me that I have to wait 2 weeks to have the massage done! Now I can't find a place to do the massage! I'm so mad I wanna cry.


The massage table was so high and they said "it's not legal for us to help you on the table"
-massage envy spa in Rochester hills.


Birthday in a couple of days!
I'm doing alright. Front drain kinda bothering me and I have a rash on my legs but idk what to do about it and Rubin won't answer or text back.

A lot of swelling went down!
I'll post pics after my massage tomorrow.

Front drain out

Front drain finally out! Took 5 calls to Evelyn, 4 people and 3 hours to get it out! It was hella painful because I had it in 2 weeks! I cried the whole time even if someone looked at it! ;(
I'm so happy it's out!
Swelling has went down and I can actually fit in my pants, not gonna wear them though.
Putting ab board In my garment in 2 days.


I deleted the other pics I wanted to post by mistake.
I just received my ab board.
I'm very sick and kinda mad about it!
For all the ladies asking, I'm still n the same garment bc my butt is still big, I do wear a waist shaper for my stomach and it is going down.

Leave garment on!

So my chest has been hurting really bad!! Everytime I breathe it hurt. I think I have a chest cold. I'll be alright though.

It's easier for me to take my garment off myself rather than ask for help. Some of you say u hate the garment but I LIVE with this thing! If I have it off too long, I feel uncomfortable.
Don't leave your garment off too long!
My body is the bomb and I hope it don't change. I love my hips too.
I'm still eating right(trying), drinking water and walking.
My mom gives me massages and she's the only one that don't treat me like a baby.

Don't have measurements. Sorry.

The board makes my stomach look so good!
Might order another garment but idk yet.

Good luck and happy healing to everyone else!! :)

Inner thighs!

I had inner thigh lipo and it looks good but my legs are hard and my inner thigh near my vagina has a rash and very dry skin. Someone please help me! I was putting Neosporin on it, then cortizone then feminine wipes and baby powder! I'm fed up! This sucks and looks gross.
Nancy said it must be because if the garment but idk what to do!!!!

Side pics

New day, smaller waist

Waist is smaller, new garment come tomorrow.

My left cheek is soft, WHY IS MY RIGHT CHEEK STILL HARD.?!!!
It's starting to hurt. :(

New garment

I have Another cold!! WTF!
My new garment is killing my butt. It hurt so bad around my butt but the stomach part it way too big and I REFUSE to buy another one!
I'm so irritated.
I think at 5 weeks po I'm saying F this garment!!!!!!
(Don't follow my lead)

I don't see how some of u girls do round 2. :( oh no.

A little FYI, if your saving for this surgery, keep in mind u will need money for other things beside the surgery.


Slept without a garment and woke up and took measurements for the first time

Bust 36
Waist 28.5
Hip/Butt 44

Almost a month

I'll be a month tomorrow!
I haven't been following the rules. I haven't wore the garment in like 5 days . I only plan to sleep in it now. I DO wear my small waist trainer with my board and foams. I will order a xs today. I didn't swell up and my body is still banging!
If I get any smaller I admit I will look like a crackhead so I will not order a xxs clincher.
I still do NOT sit or lay on my butt. My right cheek is still a little hard but getting better.
Rash gone, headache gone, Cold gone.

Check up

Um it's been a month since I had surgery.
I only seen and talk to Dr. Salama ONCE and that was the day of surgery.
:-/ I know he's busy but damn.
I've tried calling him and Ruben since I left Miami. No answer and I feel that's crazy!


Month Post op Pic

I guess it will drop after fluffing! Idk.

.... Dimple

Oh and I had a real real deep dimple in my cheek it what u see in the picture. It's starting to come out. So happy bc I never wore certain clothes bc of it but every week I see it getting better.


My right hand look like a balloon and my chin is very swollen!!!

What to do?!

6 weeks baby!!

6 weeks today (thank God!) but still don't feel 100% healed. I still itch and my right cheek not fully soft. I am very small. I swell up sometimes too.

I sit when I take a bath but use my boppy pillow in the car
I don't sit at home or when I go somewhere else .
I guess I will start sitting in 2 days.

Got RID of that garment a while ago!

I do Insanity and go for walks.
I tried to run (OH BOY DID THAT HURT)
My butt is heavy! It's still big af! lol. & my back is still sore.

I tried on jeans today and DAMN I look good.

Any questions, inbox me!
This may be my last update but I will answer questions. ;)

I lied! I'm back!

Like I said! EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! Just bc u wear your garment longer than someone else does NOT mean your results will be better!
I feel this site is to tell your experience, NOT to judge others and tell them what to do.

I must explain WHY I stopped wearing my garment at 5 weeks.
1. I have very sensitive skin and my legs broke out from the compression. I stated that I had a bad rash bc of it.
2. My CRACK was yelling "please help"
3. My incisions wouldn't heal from it being on.
4. I have real bad bruises on my shoulders from it.
5. Although I had a butt out garment, my butt was suffocating. I had to tug on the garment every 10 minutes because it was cutting into my butt. (If that make any sense)

My results are still wonderful and my butt measures at 44 inches.
My back still hurt a little and when I touch it, I feel nothing butt bone (I couldn't feel that before so idk)


Hey guys! I love my new body! I get so much attention. I've won 5 ass shaking contest so I guess I'm getting some of my money back.
My waist is so tiny
I still swell up sometimes but idk why
My ass is HUGE! Everyone ask can the touch but my one cheek isn't completely soft!
My ass is a little dark but huge.
Huge huge!

My DOCTOR WAS MOISES SALAMA! He is great with what he do but I only spoke with him ONE time and that was right before surgery! Aftercare is horrible! He didn't answer the phone or email me back but his staff is amazing and they didn't mind answering all of my questions!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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