#TEAM DURAN... 16wks PO!!! PICS

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For all the Perry Ladies... I have decided to go...

For all the Perry Ladies...
I have decided to go with Dr Perry. I am a small frame. 5'2 weight 116lbs and climbing (due to no more stress); my body fat is 22%, Im hoping that is enough. I feel fatter than I look; skinny fat. Although I go to the gym 4 days a week, no cardio only heavy weights. Ihave been researching this site for about a year. I think Dr. Perry's work is great! However, there are many Dr's who have great work as well. My decision for choosing him is based on location and experience with small women. I am confident he can "find" fat to give me what Im looking for, which is a smaller waist and more projection of my butt. I will post before pics soon.
I have a question for everyone who has contacted Dr Perry via email and sent pics...
Is his email Perrymd@aol.com?


Still waiting on a reply from Dr Perry. Does...

Still waiting on a reply from Dr Perry. Does anyone have a similar frame as me and think that I am a good candidate?

Does anyone know where I can buy online a good...

Does anyone know where I can buy online a good faja for a small frame woman? I think I might need an XXS. Also, what is better; having the butt out (which makes sense to me) or completely covered?


I finally heard back from Dr Perry. He said I was...

I finally heard back from Dr Perry. He said I was a good candidate. However, he said that the lipo to mid section will pronounce my butt even more. He quoted me $7900 for abdomen, flanks, inner thigh, arms, and bra roll area.
Im ok with that quote. But I want to get two more from other Dr's just to compare.
Im interested in contacting Dr. Duran and Dr. Ghurani.
Can someone please send me Duran email address? I keep trying to use her website but Im being rejected for some reason.

Thanks Ladies!

Going to DR!

First, let me start by saying I love Dr Perry's work. However, I feel like going to him may not be the right move for me. After a lot of research, I decided to go to Duran. Ive always admired her work; just wasn't sure if I should travel that far. But again, after many personal debates with pro's n con's, Im going to Dr Duran.
Ive already received my quote and I have decided on Sept 24th. Thats the day Im flying in. I want surgery on either the 25th or 26th. Ill be staying there 12days. Maybe longer. I have already had my job approve my "vacation". Im not telling anyone except my mom and she thought I was crazy. But at the end of the day, she understood and was down.
Im super excited!
However, Im still trying to gather info on garments, supplies, and make a decision to either stay at the recovery house or CIPLA.
Can someone help me get a better understanding? Also, does anyone want to "buddy up" somewhere. Im going solo, I would love to meet and share this experience with another BBL sista. Ya know...

Thanks for all your comments!

Sx scheduled Oct 8th with Duran!

1st let me start by giving a shout out to my travel buddy, you know who you are chica! We bout to do this!
2nd, Hello RS ladies! I know its been a while since Ive updated. So let me catch everyone up... Surgery is really going to happen! Im crazy excited and ready to do this. October 6th, me n my girl going to be in DR. We are staying at Silhouette RH. Angie is great ya'll! Cant wait to meet her 4real! Im gonna post pre-op stats a couple days prior to sx. Until then take care everyone!

46 days!!!!

Cant wait!

Sx is Tuesday!!!!

Its official! Me n my sx buddy will be on a plane tomm evening to DR. I cant wait to meet Dr Duran! Shoot, I cant wait to be on the other side!!!! OMG, its really happening...
So as promised I am uploading post sx weight gain pics.
Current stats: 5'2 127.2lbs
Weight diff of 11lbs.
So much on my mind! Nervous! Excited! Cray combo! I will be definately uploading post sx pics for every 1 to see.

On My Way!!!!!

MIA bound! Excited!!!!!

On the plane!!!!

Finally! DR bound! Flight lands in 2 hours!!! Gonna see Angie!!!!
Too real!


My buddy n I finally arrived. We have had a long day. Plus we have to get up early tomm for pre-op appt. let me tell y'all, Angie is very very personable and definitely understanding. She is such a great person! The RH is nice and home like feeling. anyways, im goin to bed. Talk tomm!

On the otherside!

So uncomfortable! Cant move to attempt to get comfy. I think Duran said 1300cc's. cant remember tho. I will post pics soon, once Im feeling better.


Did not sleep hardly last night. Im still in pain despite gettn meds. Im so tired but cant sleep due to pain

Pic Added !

This at Cipla. I was getting cleaned and about to get into my garment. I will post more pics soon

Day 2

Still in pain but meds do help. I bought my meds from DR, but its not Vicodin or Percocet so not that strong. Advice for ladies traveling, Get pain meds before you come. And you can still buy pain meds here too. Trust me, you will need them. Especially if u have a low tolerance for pain, like me. I slept more last nite but still not enough, woke up with bags under my eyes and I NEVER get bags. My goal today is to get out my garment for a little while n try to sleep. I will try to take pics once I take my garment off. Ttyl ladies!

2 days PO... New Pics

I took some pics of me right before getting my first bath.

Another pic

Day 3 PO

Morning everyone! Slept great lastnite, finally! Pain is there but tolerable. Im supposed to see Duran tomm morning for a visit, hopefully she will clear me for a massage. Although I dread the pain, I want this fluid out of me. When I lift my arms I can feel the fluid run down under my skin, very weird feeling. Im just thankful that Im able to manage this pain better cuz that first night, DAMN! I was all over the place. Im bout to get up n shower n eat n chill for a min. I will update later and I will post pics after 1st massage. Not much has changed since yesterday. Ttyl

Day 4 PO

Hi ladies!!!
Well today was an interesting day. Me n my buddy had our first Dr appt today. Duran was very pleased with the way we look. She pulled both our drains. Painless for me. My buddy said she felt hers coming out. Anyways, as you all kno I have been having a pain issue since day 1. Well, I brought it up to Duran and she said its inflammation. She had her private nurse come to RH and give me an ultrasonic massage, which hurt. My problem is my right hip n butt cheek. I have so much pain, cant walk straight, n hurts to sit on that side so I sit with my weight on left side. Im also having to take intramuscular injections for inflammation which hurt sumptn serious. All in all thi, I kno Duran genuinely cares and is going to make sure Im going to be ok. So after I had the ultrasonic massage done, I slept fora couple hours. Next thing I kno the massage lady is here to give us one. My buddy went first n i know she was in pain. I saw all that fluid drain out of her. I have to admit that I was intimidated but I knew I had to do it. So I took some meds and waited my turn. My buddy, whoa, she a str8 champ cuz she did it without any pain meds. Me, well, I still cried n cried. That shit hurt! Let me tell yuh tho, after I felt so much better. I really want to try to get them daily. The lady said I have a lot of fluid that needs to come out. I swear, Imma have to just deal with this pain. Like Duran said to me today.... "You will learn in the DR that pain is beauty". She said this cuz here in the DR they do not have strong pain meds, so ppl have to just deal with the pain, especially when having cosmetic sx.. Ha Ha Ha... She is a trip!
I must say I do feel better, very exhausted but relieved of that fluid. My tummy was worst part tho. Im tired now so I will update tomm. No changes in how I look yet. Will post pics at 1 week PO.
Ttyl ladies!!! .

Day 5 PO

Just had my second massage. It was with Duran's nurse. She did ultrasonic therapy and then she rubbed my abdomen and back really hard to push fluid down. I ended needing some fluid aspirated out of my lower abdomen. She took off about 35cc's, n honestly I thought it was going to hurt but it didnt. And actually, I feel alot better again. My arms hurt the worse out of everything. Im getting massages everyday. I will update tomm on my progress. Have a good day ladies!

Day 8 PO!!!

Hello ladies! Im 8 days post op. i have had a total of 5 ultrasonic massages. According to my massage lady, I will be starting "hardcore" massages as of tomorrow. Whatever that means??? My pain has subsided a lot. Im not taking pain meds on a regular basis only before the massages. Im posting two pics for everyone to see. As you can see in one my pics; my right hip is slightly bigger and rounder than the left. It makes me a little self conscious as everyone keeps saying that its just swelling. I hope so! I have an appt tomorrow and I will be discussing it with my Dr. Overall, I am very happy with my shape. I cant wait to be completely healed and go shopping! Not much has changed in the past couple days. My inflammation is starting to go down. I am able to more things on my own. Im waiting on measuring tape to take my measurements. So hopefully I will be posting that in a day or so.

Day 10 PO

Back is smooth after massage. Pain is subsiding but those damn massages hurt! i dont kno how my buddy takes hers cuz her lady goes in hard on her. Will post more later.

13 days PO

Not much has changed. Still getting massages. Pain is almost gone. My right side still bothers me, Duran said its from inflammation/presssure and once my swelling goes down then the pain will stop. I had to have about 8cc's of fluid drained from my abdomen today. Me and my buddy will be going home tomorrow, cant wait! Im definately going to miss the girls here at SRH. They have been awesome and we have become so close. Im posting new pics, my hip is starting to even out. :)


Trying to upload pics

More pics

20 days PO

Tonight my first night back at work... Hmmm, wonder how imma handle this. I feel ready. All in all, I feel great! I still wake up kinda stiff n sometimes I have a lil pain. I finally took measurements...
B4: 32/31/37
After: 30/27/40
Current weight: 125

Just 4 fun

5 weeks

I cant believe Im 5 weeks already! Time flyZ! Since being home I been getting massages about once a week or so. My tummy is still kinda lumpy. Hope that smooths out. I still have some swelling and my skin looks bruised sometimes but fades after I have had my garment off for a lil while... My arms are starting to loosen up. And they don't hurt that much anymore. Im so ready for my 3 months to get here! Does anyone know when its okay to go back to gym and squat with weight? Soooo ready to do that! All in all, Im happy with my results so far and glad that my tummy is flat. My measurements have remained the same, sometimes down a half inch or so.
Enjoy the pics!

I kno I been MIA

Ok ok, don't b mad at me. Its just that since surgery and coming back home, I have been crazy busy! I kno every1 say that.
Anyways, im posting these pics for you all to look at. I think my swelling is completely gone. Would I ever do lipo again? Ugh, Hell No! Am I happy with the outcome? Ugh, yes and no. Yes because I look so much better. No because I see the imperfections and I have a new insecurity that was brought on by the results of this procedure. As you can see in 1 of my pics, my tummy is lumpy! Im so self conscious about that and I dont kno how to fix it. However, I am prepared to live with it if I must. Secondly, my right hip is still slightly bigger. I can tell when I do side shots. Oh n I think Duran put all the fat as a shelf or something because my butt is not as full on bottom. Actually it kinda looks same as before. Mayb in time it will drop some more. I dunno. So I got a total of 6 LDM in my home town, I do not think they helped. I have not started back working out either. Was planning on doing so this week. My weight is still same at 125lbs. I have went up 2 pants sizes; size 5 from 1. The attention is ridiculous! People, male and female, act like they aint neva seen a girl with sum ass before. Or mayb its cuz Im white, lol! Anyway, girls at my job think I got butt implants, I just laugh at the rumors. Some females have asked, and I just say it must be the scrubs, lol.
Im not sure if Im healed all the way because sometimes my skin kinda turn a lil bruisy looking??? Well on my arms and sides of stomach. Anyone familiar with that? I still keep in contact with my buddy... Shout out NN!!!
Well ttyl. Will try to post more often.


More Pics

Another pic

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Going to Duran not Perry

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