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Was going with Dr Ortega but now switch to Dr...

Was going with Dr Ortega but now switch to Dr Hassan at vanity only bc i don't see to much of Ortegas work and it looks like dr Hassan is more aggressive I am 5"4 183 lbs I have love handles for days and a my stomach is a little pouch I can't take it anymore I have hips and I'm thick already below but I feel fat I'm over it I can't wait till next month I swear

I'm 5'4 183 lbs im 34 w two boys ages 12 & 6 i...

I'm 5'4 183 lbs im 34 w two boys ages 12 & 6 i have thighs but this stomach and love handles gotta goooooooooooo oh and the dents in my butt i hate them. Was going with Ortega but his results to me don't look aggressive dr Hasan looks more aggressive I need results that I'm going to be satisfied well today i decided to post pics

Recovery house

Need to call Claudia recovery house this week I'm going with her heard plenty good reviews

Wish pics

I don't have too many WISH pics but here's some


Ladies is it me that only thinks like this but at first I was thinking I don't want to go overboard and just get my Butt ridiculously huge but as I'm watching people's journey it seems in my opinion maybe huge is better bc a lot of the swelling goes down so maybe give yourself enough to have enough to lose and still be satisfied? What you ladies think?

My coordinator

My coordinator Alexis was really attentive with me I was suppose to go in December but due to my schedule and dr Hasan schedule it switch to dec 15 and I'm cool with that


I work overnight and I just stayed 6hrs ot tired is an understatement ???? but today I'm going to make it my business to order some supplies I already got my iron pills I started taking them daily 65mg I found this special online too as well ladies


Any suggestions on diets??? I've been drinking plentyyyyy of water going to start putting lemon in it I work overnight so it's a major reason I think i put in weight bc I eat so late I want to start just eating fruit while at work and eat dinner before work I'm 180 now i want to be 170 by the time of the MY surgery

No more vanity cosmetics

So vanity is now Eres plastic surgery as long as their organized I'm good

I really need to lose weight at least 25 lbs I...

I really need to lose weight at least 25 lbs I weigh 193 and I'm 5'5 I don't understand why I'm gaining so much but it has to go bc my bmi is a big factor in surgery and I don't want to have to keep rescheduling .... ANY SUGGESTIONS???????? I need help and the weight is all in my stomach smh I hate it and my love handles

Am I Bugging Did Eres/imagenes Change to Jolie's Now?????

Did they change their name again?!! What happened now omg I just want dr hasan to snatch my body already had to cancel twice due to my bmi then work now m fmla is being processed I'm Ready and they just get me nervous like something keep happening that they gotta keep changing names what's up with that ?!
Miami Physician

Going w Dr hasan

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