Round 2 Salama April 17th need the 30th - Aventura, FL

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My journey starts here with the world famous Dr...

My journey starts here with the world famous Dr Salama! My surgery is on June 14th but my summer school session does not end until June 18th. So I would like to switch dates with someone for a later date in June or July. I am so excited but school is a priority!

Please someone inbox me if you can help me out plz!!!

My height is 5'7 and I am currently weighing in at...

My height is 5'7 and I am currently weighing in at about 212, I have gained ten I am basically back to square one. I am on my grind now because my surgery is in a couple months...more like 2.5 months! any suggestions ladies for losing weight. I need to at least lose about 40 pounds. I love working out so thats not the prob, I guess eating is my issue. Will post pics of how my body is looking right now, you guys please dont frown up your faces when you see my body.... Ladies please help support me in my Big Booty Endeavors!! lol

Hey can someone give me ideas or ways in which to...

hey can someone give me ideas or ways in which to pay for the surgery?! I want this so bad:( and I have no financing. I can pay half by the time of my surgery but the other half I am unsure of...

Hey ladies! So I was able to finally change my...

Hey ladies!
So I was able to finally change my date to July finally! It has been a month and I have only lost six pounds...yes i know I must step it up! So what I plan to do is cut back on a lot for this next month to hopefully lose anywhere between 8-10 pounds! I am certain that I can do it. I will hit the gym hard everyday at least two hours of cardio everyday because that is the best way to lose my weight, i know by trial and error! I will keep you guys posted on my weight loss endeavors with hopefully all good news, ttyl!!

smh...may have to push date back, do anyone know if dr salama has in-house financing?

So life happens and something just came up a couple weeks ago in my life that put a dent in my pockets... It sucks because I really wanted this surgery more than anything but things happen unexpectedly and I have to prioritize. Do anyone knows if Dr Salama does any in house financing? If i can't have Dr Salama as my surgeon then I will call the whole thing off because I've already built some form of trust with visiting him face to face three times already. This is the saddest day ever!!!!

smh...may have to push date back, do anyone know if dr salama has in-house financing?

So life happens and something just came up a couple weeks ago in my life that put a dent in my pockets... It sucks because I really wanted this surgery more than anything but things happen unexpectedly and I have to prioritize. Do anyone knows if Dr Salama does any in house financing? If i can't have Dr Salama as my surgeon then I will call the whole thing off because I've already built some form of trust with visiting him face to face three times already. This is the saddest day ever!!!!

Oh my gosh girls...I need help! Tell me what to do!!!

My grandfather is just about the only person that I know who will do just about anything for me...I want to have this surgery done so bad and on the date in which I am expecting which is in about another two months. However, my grandfather is very religious and I have been getting into a lot lately and he has already invested so much time and money into me. I am scared to ask him but a closed mouth does not get fed...what do I say so that he can sign off on the loan? What do I do ? What are some stories that I can tell him...?? Please help girls!!

pre op pics!

So I've been approved for financing but my grandfather isn't going to want to hear about me getting my butt done. I'm so done at this point, I've exhausted all of my options and I wanted this before graduation but know one isn't trying to hear it.

Im not sure if its worth it anymore...

Its becoming so hard and I feel that nothing is getting done and my scheduled date is in five weeks. I have not lost the 20 pounds that I needed to lose , I'm still going through the process of financing and my family , except for my mom, doesn't know. This may not even be worth it and I'm feeling totally discouraged. What should I do? Continue with my financing process? Really crack down on my eating and go hard with my exercise or just get a later date? Ladies, help a sister out. It maybe possibly that I waited to the last minute to do everything late and now I'm panicking because its almost crunch time. Only positive, uplifting comments plzzz... :)

i need help ladies

Surgery is four and a half weeks and I need to know what should I be doing? I've just starting eating right and exercising. And on Monday I'm going to make an appointment to get blood work done. Other than that, what else should I be doing or what medications should I start taking?

Insurance necessary?

Besides getting my blood work done, my ekg exam and a chest xray- what else can I utilize my insurance for? I'm trying to save money and spend as less as possible in preparation for surgery and having insurance is a plus.

which is best to use, carecredit or medical financing?

Ladies, as far as interest and promptness, which is best to use carecredit or medical financing?

good tings a gwan! ( good things are going) lol

Ok ladies I went to Salamas office again for the fourth time lol I know he tired of me! I got B-12's, iron, ans vitamin c. I'm not sure why I got b-12 but i saw it on someones list of things to get. I priced fajas and found what i needed. I was approved for carecredit whoop whoop!!:) Today was such a great day...I am getting closer and things are really looking up for me now, its no longer a fantasy, me having my dream body is becoming a reality. I pray that God sees me thru...

any ladies my size..??

Hey are there any ladies who are on here that believe they are my size or close to it. I'm a pretty solid girl. I'm about 5'7 tall and weight about 200 lbs. even. Because I'm starting to second guess if I need to have surgery in another month because I'm not down weight wise as much as I should be to get the best results. Please help,anyone whose had surgery by Dr Salama preferably or any other surgeon.

insurance for maasages?

Hey , anyone who has really good knowledge on insurance. I have like top notch insurance and I was wondering instead of paying an ARM and a leg for massage sessions , can I just find a therapists thats in the network of my health insurance to do it? If any of you know please hit me up ASAP.

new pre op pics

In my home town Miami

pre op photos

Me at 5'7. 217 lbs.

pre op photos

Me and my bad body

this is me, in my entirety:)!

Me and bad body LOL

this is me

Two weeks before surgery and I havent lost any weight:(

pre op

crazy nails

pre op

im so last minute

So there are a number of things happening. I have a legal battle to go thru and have to be in Tallahassee a day before my surgery. Care credit needs more paperwork to finalize my card and also I've just did my lab work today...smdh I'm so done with myself, I can tell that I won't be having surgery done no time soon.

my life isnt anything like how i want it to be

I have two younger sisters who grew up a little closer to each other. However, they still know that I'm the big sister and that I want to be included in everything. Anyways, I've spoken to the both of them about it. One listened and said she will stop excluding me from things and the other laughed in my face and said that I was tripping. Now I wanted to believe that the older one took into consideration what I was saying and that I was serious but nothing has changed. The older sister goes to school with me in a different city and i feel like because she needs me a little there , shes always nice to me then but when we are back home in Miami where the rest of the family is and our other sister is then things become different. I'm at a point where I want them two to do their thing and I take myself completely out of the picture because its extremely painful to want love affection and attention from two people who don't want to willingly give it. Idk what to do anymore...

start of a new me

I can remember always being plus size since the beginning of my existence and not that it was problematic for me but that everyone else made it a big deal. I love being curvy , that's one of my greatest assets. But to be a curvy, tall, stallion is my ultimate goal. I am 5'8, standing at a solid 220lbs. Dr Salama has lots to work with. After two full years of research and a year of waiting until my turn, now, more than ever, I am ready:). This is me , in my entirety. I declare in Jesus name on today for a safe, speedy and successful recovery

this surgery has been no joke

I must say that I truely underestimated this surgery. I was scheduled for eleven am on Tuesday morning. But Salama is such a professional that he was ready for me an hour in advance. After my procedure, I felt like death as I was getting dressed and into the car. I was dizzy, sickly, nauseous and everything. This same feeling came over me day and night up until like Friday. I was so miserable. Today, Saturday, I am much better. I am so far happy with my results. I haven't had really good sleep or a good shower since the procedure. My first massage was terrible and I have a feeling that the second one will be even worst. I will keep you guys , for now I'm exhausted...

five days out...

A lot has gone on... Such an emotional surgery.

five days


booty without garments

waistline n abs



lots of projection lost since first day

pics with clothes

Things are getting better with mpre compression

wat do you all think?


purple dress projection:)

day 10 post op

First time in panties

10 days post op

First time in a while back in panties

more photos

black n white


Going to the flea market in miami

zebra girl

i told Salama I wanted to be tottin when im done, the next week he was like your ass is big girl so yea im tottin lol check the hips

went out today

Today I felt like a stallion

im so emotional and unhappy

I am so unhappy about my results and feel like a fool. I didn't want my money to be wasted in such a way but it has been. I hate the way I look and I know what I see. I see the same but I had before with just a little bit of a difference. There are no drastic changes and I'm kind of devastated but I'm keeping calm. I think that I should've waited and did a little more research. I believe that I moved way too fast.

sister sneaked a pic of my bottom while i got out the car

My middle sister is so sneaky! Lol

feeling better today

So today I got out of my garment for a couple hours to wash and air dry it. I took time...alone to really look and evaluate my body. I was kind of happy by what I saw. It really is all in the compression and the garments. I guess I have to start investing in them for maximum results


just a lil curve. more than before

decent amount of projection


bikini shot

just a lil curve more than before

tried to do a backshot

tried to do a backshot

voluptuous 2 side by side

I did it

voluptuous 2 I did it girl

There is a difference

voluptuous 2 I did it girl

There is a difference

voluptuous 2 I did girl

There is a difference in my body when I put the pics side by side


correction on my emotions...thanks bbl sistas

One of my sis on realself believed that I was trippin not because of my results but rather because of my familys perception of things ...I couldnt have said it better. I am really a fan of salamas booties because they are so undetectable and they are natural looking round and beautiful you just have to be strict in the after care regimen. His work is so neat and he leaves you well sculpted if nothing else. He is human and he did his very best on me. From this day forward I will be putting nothing but positive vibes in the air. I will eat healthy, start working out soon, continue massages and start working on collecting funds for salama to do my boobs. I will let nature take its course with my booty and wait for the fluffing gods to get here lol. I am satisfied with my results, I didnt want a big ghetto booty with a small waist and hips and I got that. I trust salama, my mom loves him and everybody else in the family whose not liking my results prob low key jealous lol. Thanks sisters so much now im seeing what yall seeing...the new bootyful me!!

I love mrs Ilene

I am in love with dr Salama massage therapist and she spoils me to death. She really treats me like a black queen and she is so wise. She has given me great counsel on my body and my mind. And not to mention she is beautiful and body perfect courtesy of salama:). I only have five more massages left in my ten package deal and I am so damn sad lol I wish I can pack her up and take her to school with me and tallahassee but I just cant:(. I love the entire staff at elite Ms Nomie Ms Zuni and Ms Nicole, my girl. I am so sad that its coming to an end. But I will be seeing them soon when I get my new boobs:)

starting school

ok so im starting school in two more weeks and I was wondering Is it safe for me to sit at five weeks or should I really go thru the motions of sitting to the back of the class with my tush bent over in the air? Also campus is so hot and I get so sweaty should I still wear my tight faja with the ab board foams and cincher over it on campus until my two month mark? Ladies please help me out, im all over the place.

im feeling good all over

Hey ladies im feeling so good! I have three more massages at Elite and the entire office are proud of my results and so am I. I finally took my measurements and they are 36 30 55!!! And my midsection is still very swollen. Im scheduled to do my boobs at the end of next month. Im so happy:)! Im about to be fine from top to bottom baby:)....

Hey ladies I'm feeling good

Hey ladies. Ive been recovering really well and things have been turning around. I still have some swelling going but I am doing much better. I have three more massages to go at Elite and I will be done next week. Im going to miss everybody and I'm sure they will miss me. I make them laugh every day and the office is VERY proud of my results:). My measurements are 36 30 54 and I have put down my deposit for my boobs now:) Im about to be fine all over!!!

miss new booty

I love my new booty in my new thong

me and my thong

miss new booty

in Dr Salamas office

gaining definition in my back

side view

dr salama tells me to gain weight

Dr Salama advised me to gain about 15 pounds over the next three months so that the little flat area s of my booty and puff out and get a little fatter. Not to gain weight in an eating everything in sight way but in a healthy strength training and eating a lot of good foods kind of way. What do you ladies think? Im scared I will come off a little video vixen looking like buffy the body, k toya or coco (ice t wife)?

before and after backshots

before and after backshots

before and after front view

before and after sideview

Arch in back tummy flat and booty

im madddd excited

So I didnt really believe that my results were thru the roof but they were definitely a heck of a lot better than before. Im too pumped because ive been asked to do a reality tv show here in miami and I feel mad nervous. I am definitely going to do it but im thinking to myself ive always had the personality and now I have the body too . Thanks to all of mt bbl sisters who are supporting me yasssss!!

should I start working out?

I am feeling good today and want to try working out. I want to take it easy and just do a walk around the neighborhood with a ton of squats and lunges... what do you ladies think? Im about a couple days from being a month post op.

snapping pics

Hey Ladies, I need your advice.

I think I have done all that I can do but my waist isn't getting enough compression so therefore its not getting any smaller. I believe that my waist has the the potential of getting smaller but its just not working what I'm doing ....please help!

a little something

feeling sexy in my thongs

working out hard

On my way to the gym...

loving the new me

Feeling myself today:)

more pics

Feeling like a real Salama girl

loving my look

just a lil sumthing

Hey guys I'm back

Updated photos

Hey ladies scheduling round 2

This week I will be doing a follow up via email with Dr Salama and I'm ready for a round 2 but this time around I'm going to try losing about 40 to 50 lbs first. Then I will have my surgery. My booty is big I just want it even bigger with some revisions.

5 months post op Salama

So I go on so many dates basically every night since my surgery and now I have put on weight:( I continue to workout but I'm really trying to lose a lot of weight. I'm so stacked like a Brickhouse but I loveeeee my booty:)

whoop whoop pullover

Going to workout

The booty don't lie!

weight loss

Starting back working out and it feels great! I'm working on cardio mostly for February.

preparing for my round 2

A recent photo of me
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Online researching. He is so awesome and professional. He has changed my life for the better forever...I love Dr Salama, he is the absolute best!!!

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