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Well yesterday I went to my consultation with Dr...

Well yesterday I went to my consultation with Dr.Salama & I can say that I am SUPER excited ! I feel like I'm gonna get my surgery tomorrow from how excited I am lol . I'm 5'4 weighing 147 lbs I had a baby last year in August so my body isn't looking its best right now. He did say that I should lose at least 10 lbs which I'm willing to lost cause I must say I kinda look like I'm still pregnant lol my scheduled date is Oct.31 but I told anomie to put me down to see if I can get an earlier date before June would be great . So if any of you ladies need to switch please let me know !!! Everyone was very friendly I love the staff as Dr.Salama was very nice and of course looked like he knew what he was talking about. I'm so excited I can't wait to have the body I've always wanted.

What I'm working with right now

This is my current figure as you can see my booty dropped to the floor, don't know where it went. And this is the belly that stayed after baby came out. I've been doing squats to help lift my butt a little & so the Dr can have a better canvas to work with. He did tell me to lose 10 lbs cause he can only take out 4 liters, I haven't checked how much I weigh but I'm trying to start eating healthy. I'm just so used to eating whatever I want from being pregnant and it's so hard breaking that habit but I will break it lol

A Couple Wish Pics

I love this type of projection hopefully Dr.Salama can achieve this . As well as from the back how wide the hips look ... Love it

Reviewing Salama's work lately

& there are some results that I'm scared about :/ . I have a square butt & I've seen cases with my same body type. & Salan does make the hips bigger but with some of these ladies the hips are bigger but still square & I don't want that. But then I see perfect some girls look & I feel relieved ! Idk I'm just stressing out for nothing . Even though it's so long from my sx day I feel like I want to explain more of my expectations so he can have a better idea. These are some wish pics that I'm going to show him . I'm even thinking about pro time them out just to give it to him and keep it in my profile lol ok let me stop !!

Must Postpone

Hey guys it's been a while since I've written. I've lost all the weight I needed to lose, but I'm not going to be able to do my surgery on OCt.30 so if anyone has a date for next year like around May who would wanna switch with me let me know :/

Finally !

I didn't end up having a BBL I was scared my butt would look too fake. But I did get fat removed (3 liters) and I'm super satisfied I'm so happy with my body I can wear tight clothes finally I feel like I got back to my pre baby body except thicker ????
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