Scheduled for My Full Tummy Tuck, BBL, and Liposuction 02/11/2013 with Dr. Yily De Los Santos! - Dominican Republic

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So, i have been researching for about 8 months for...

So, i have been researching for about 8 months for the perfect PS to go to for my TT, BBL and LIPO, and Dr. Yily is my pick!! She makes the most amazing waist I have ever seen, and I am so ready!! I have spoken to her back and forth via email and she is super sweet, and her price is right up my alley. Even though I do have family in the DR, I still will be staying in the recovery house for my 12 days. If anyone else is going in Feb I would love to link up!! We could be surgery buddies, lol!!

If anyone has had a TT, BBL and LIPO, could you...

If anyone has had a TT, BBL and LIPO, could you please list all of the things you believe I will need for after my surgery. Thanks a bunch my BBL sisters!!! I am just so excited I want to make sure that I have everything that I need for this surgery. And also what kind of vitamins should i be taking?

So, I had to change my flight today and reschedule...

So, I had to change my flight today and reschedule my surgery date to February 25,2013. Ahhhhhhh!!!! I just want to scream!! My boss tells me today that my vacation time doesn't start until the 24th of February!!! So I emailed Yily my new flight confirmation ( which I had to pay a $50 fee just to switch the dates) and I sent her assistant Marssiel a text message letting her know the change in dates, hopefully Yily can do my surgery that day!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! Anyone else going having surgery the week of feb 25???? Let me know

So i got my blood work done yesterday and i should...

So i got my blood work done yesterday and i should have my results back on monday, but so far so good, my EKG came back excellent!! And my primary care doctor prescribed me all my post op meds that I needed per Yily!! So i don't have to pay $250 for the post op medications!! Now I am on my way today to the ER to get my chest x-rays done, which is one of the tests Yily said that needed to be done. I am so excited!! 23 more days to a new and improved me!!!

So I am 10 days away from leaving for surgery!! I...

So I am 10 days away from leaving for surgery!! I am so very excited!! My doctor here has cleared me for surgery!! My hemo level is a 12.5!! Everything came back goo!! I am headed to purchase my last few items for surgery!! I wish update on here the day before surgery!!

So here are some pre op pics, I hope Yily can give...

So here are some pre op pics, I hope Yily can give me the banging body I'm looking for



So tomorrow I fly out for surgery on Monday with...

So tomorrow I fly out for surgery on Monday with Yily!! I am all packed and ready to go!! I have all that I need.

So I had surgery on Monday and I am very pleased...

So I had surgery on Monday and I am very pleased with my outcome Yily did her thing and delivered!! She gave me a super small waists, the flattest tummy and she gave me a donk!!! Over all I am very pleased!! These were all the pics I could muster up to take I will post more as the days go by.

10 days post op pics!! I'm loving my new waists,...

10 days post op pics!! I'm loving my new waists, ass and hips!!!

Waists is still getting smaller. Finally put on...

Waists is still getting smaller. Finally put on some jeggings which took me forever but I got it past my butt. My faja has gotten to big headed to the faja store to buy a new one that's smaller. Posted two more pics

Here is a pictur of my tummy tuck scar, it is very...

Here is a pictur of my tummy tuck scar, it is very very thin! I was going to get a tattoo over it, but because its so thin I am not going to anymore. I will just do a merderma and silicone sheet treatment to eliminate the scar completely! Yily did an awesome job on me ladies!!

So today makes me 30 days post op. and overall I...

So today makes me 30 days post op. and overall I feel pretty good. Some days are still hard to get through. My main problem is the back pain!!! I have been doing the lymphatic massages, and it's been helping slowly but for surely.. My waists continues to shrink, I purchased a new Colombian faja which literally had me light headed the first day I had it on!! But it's ok now. I have decided to wear my faja faithfully for the next 6 months. Other than that I still have a lot of swelling in the back and my lower abdomen area, but with time it's going down. My butt ladies has maintained and looks awesome!! Nice, plump and round!! Lol. I posted a pic with my new faja on, I will update with you ladies another time! Chow

Ass pic!! Just so you ladies know, I had booty...

Ass pic!! Just so you ladies know, I had booty before I went to Yily, but she did enhance my butt more!! It's more fullness and more round!!

Hello ladies!! Hope all is well with you all. I am...

Hello ladies!! Hope all is well with you all. I am sorry I have been really busy lately, just wanted to give you all an update. I'm 2 months post op, and I am doing really well. I'm still swollen on my back and also my lower abdomen, other than that I'm feeling great! Here are some new pics I took yesterday.

Ladies here are some more pics taken today!! I'm...

Ladies here are some more pics taken today!! I'm almost in tears this is my first time wearing a two piece without a cover up! I'm thanking God and Yily!

So hear are some more pics, just some summer beach...

So hear are some more pics, just some summer beach outfits I picked up.

Hello my beautiful ladies!!! I know I haven't been...

Hello my beautiful ladies!!! I know I haven't been on here in a while, please forgive me! I'm just living life and loving this new body of mine!! Lol, I wanted to post some new pics up from yesterday of se outfits I bought! And yes ladies I AM A YILY DOLL!!!

I started working out and am in love with my body!!

Started working out recently and still loving my results.. Planning a round two but for boobs only.. Here are some recent pics

Tummy tuck scar after photos

Here are some pics of my tummy tuck scar.. I got a tattoo over it, it's not finished but my belly button has gotten rely small.. I pierced it but the piercing ended up ripping out so now I must wait to get it redone.. I can't wait!!

Feb will be one year post op!

Hello ladies, haven't been here in a while, just wanted to update you all on my journey to my perfect body.. Lol. So feb will make me one year post op, and I have to say that I over love my results Dr. Yily did a wonderful job.. As I hit my one year mark I feel like my body has gotten better and better by the day.. I haven't loss any fat in my butt at all.. And I workout.. I just want to say to the women who are wanting to have surgery my advice to you is GO FOR IT!! Make yourself happy!! You deserve to feel just as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside.. Here a a few recent pics

New pics

New pics from V day

New pics from v day 2014

New pics 25th of feb will be one year post op

Feb 25th will be one year since I had surgery with Yily de Los santos and I am still in love with my results!!!

One year and 3 months post op Yily doll

Hello ladies just wanted to update my profile with some new pics being I have crossed the one year mark. Just wanted to say that I am still loving my results from DR. Yily de Los santos even after a year and three months. My tummy has not gotten big at all.. Despite my weight fluctuating up and down. And I have not loss any volume in my butt! In fact it has gotten bigger.. I had a tt, bbl and lipo with Yily in 2012. I have posted some new photos for u ladies.. These are from about a week ago on my vacation in the DR visiting family and Mother's Day last Sunday.


Good morning ladies just wanted to give you guys some updates pics. Took these this morning on my way to work. Feb 25 will be 2 years since I had a tt, lipo and mini bbl with Yily.. I just love the fall weather and I think sweater dresses bring out your curves a lot. Hope everyone is doing well and healing wonderfully. Have a great day ladies

Scheduled with Yily De Los Santos for Round 2!!!

ok ladies, I finally got with Dr. Yily and I am headed to DR for my round 2!!! I am very excited as this will be my final round and I can't wait until she makes me and official Barbie with my Breast Augmentation, lipo and another bbl. I will keep you ladies posted with updates throughout journey #2!!!

My 30th birthday was yesterday the 25th and I was turning heads!!

hello ladies just wanted to post some more pics of Yily's work! I mean no other words but to say she is amazing I will let you all judge for yourself from my photos. Even after almost 2 years post op I still look amazing!! My advice to anyone who is having second thoughts or are undecided whether or not to have surgery. I hated my belly fat for a long after Dr. Yily touched me she gave me the confidence i needed to be able to be more outgoing!! I love what she has done for me and I hope the same for everyone. Having this surgery has been life changing for me! And I can't wait to go back to Yily jan 2015!! For my rd2!!

Working out extra hard before my round 2 in January!!

Ok so I have recently started back working out extra hard, mostly toning up and tightening the botty and thigh area for my round two! I am so excited I can't even sleep when I think about it.. Again I have started my vitamin regime. I have also started doing a lot of squats.. Been doing this for the last 30 days and I am
Seeing a big difference I'm my buttock.. Ladies I have heard from other surgeons that it's best to be 10 pounD's away from your ideal weight.. Which I am already there so I don't need to lose any weight just tone and tighten.. : ) well here are some updated photos I took today after my workout.. 11/23/14

Ticket booked, condo booked and I'm ready for round 2!

Ok ladies the clock is winding down and I am ready to go for my round 2 with Yily. I have booked my flight, booked my condo and dates are scheduled with Yily. I will be filming a video this journey so I can post of my step by step journey. I can't wait March 23rd!! i will keep you ladies posted!

Officially 2 weeks away from surgery!!!

hello all my Yily Dolls!!! Today I am officially two weeks away from my round 2 with Yily! I am very excited! Just left my PCP had all my blood work done and tried to get my post op meds but couldn't get here to prescribe a hew of them, mainly because she couldn't understand the name of the prescription Yily recommended. Klossara 40mg does anyone know what that is? Heparin she wouldn't prescribe me because she stated they wouldn't let me on the plane with. Anyone else have issues with getting your post op prescription meds here in the states???

My round 2 today!!!

Ok so it's about 5:30am and I am getting ready to leave my hotel room and head to CIPLA for surgery this morning. I am praying and hoping that all goes well. I will post photos and everything once I am out of surgery and able to. Ladies Yily is truly an amazing doctor and her work speaks for itself. I will be posting pics soon!!!!

Round 2 review with Dr. Yily De Los Santos! I'm in love

Ok ladies I finally have some time to sit and write an updated review on my round 2 with Dr. Yily de Los Santos. Ok so, I will start when we got to CIPLA, we landed at around 11:00 am and didn't get to CIPLA until 12:00 which was to late to have surgery that same day, so I had all my labs done and everything for surgery the next day which was the 24th March. Ok when I got to Cipla it was 6:00am there were a few other women there, but I got my results from the day before and my hemo level was at 11.9 which Yily says you have to be a 12 and up, because of this and because I am negative O blood type and she was unable to find enough blood for me in case of an emergency transfusion I could not do my Breast lift with implants. So I agreed and we proceeded to do bbl and lipo only to a few areas.. When I woke up I was not in too much pain, the one night at Cipla was horrible as usual, saw Yily thanked her cause I could already see my waists and ass where perfect.. Yily hugged me and told me I did well, I didn't need a blood transfusion and I was discharged the next day. I am so thankful for Dr. Yily, she treats me like family not just a patient but like family. She is the best doctor at CIPLA hands down and anyone who goes to her should rest assured they are in great hands.. My body looks fabulous and it's only been 10 days.. I will let the photos speak for themselves. Now again I had only lipo and bbl for my round 2 and will be back to her in Oct for my breast lift with implants!! Hope my review was helpful.. I give Dr. Yily de Los Santos 10 stars across the board!! I will let her work speak for itself! Ciao ladies

20 days post op and loving every minute of it..

Today makes 20 days since I had bbl and lipo with dr. Yily!! Ladies she is the best hands down! New photo taken today!

4 months post op update ladies!!!

Hello my Real self ladies, I hope all is well with you barbies!! I know it's been a lil while since I've done an update, so I decided to check in really quick and drop some recent photos for the women who want to see what Yily's work looks like. Well what can I say at 4 months post op I am still getting smaller, some days I have a little swelling but not to much. I still wear my faja from time to time to keep swelling down when necessary. My silicone injections were removed and fat put in its place, so far I am in love with what Yily has done for me. I hated that hard lumpy feel, now my butt is so nice and round, soft and giggly lol.. For the ladies considering Dr. Yily De Los Santos, I have a surgery group on Facebook if u would like to see more patient photos and journies being shared of other women's experience with the PS. It's called the Queens and Kings of body Sculpting. My group features all the plastic surgeons in the Santo Doningo area and photos of their work!! Even better the doctors themselves are members of the group!! Until next time ladies!!!! Love, peace and blessings to all????????

My 31st birthday today and I look and feel like I'm 20!!! Thanks to Dr. Yily de Los Santos

Today I turned 31 ladies and I am 7 months post op lipo and bbl. and I look and feel fantastic! Last night I had a bday dinner and the compliments were pouring down like rain drops. Here are my most recent photos from yesterday. At 7 month post op...

Deleting this entire review on Dr. Yily. After coming to Colombia I realize she did a sloppy job and I will never go back 2 her.

I am a two time yily doll as most of you all know and I am going to deleting this review I wrote on her back when she did my surgery. My second round with yily I asked her to remove some hydrogel I had injected and to give me a bbl if possible and she charged me $2,500. Long story short I am here in Colombia and she never removed anything. Matter fact I am due back here in Colombia to revise what she did on my second round, Dr. Yily left me with a huge fat pocket around my belly button area which for almost a year and half I believed was a hernia, a recent ultrasound just confirmed is it a left over fat pocket. And it is big enough to where it protrudes out of my clothing.. not to mention the sloppy work she left my sister with.. I refuse to leave any updates up with my pics and Dr. Yily's old botched job. Once I coke back for reconstruction I am getting butt implants, breast lift with implants when I come back to Colombia.. Dr. Andres Felipes Diaz Paz removed 100% of all the product I had injected and will be reconstructing my buttock and I do not want Dr. Yily thinking it was her work.. in my opinion she did a horrible job my second round and she botched my sister leaving her with a huge scar with fat all around it.. which Dr. Paz revised also.. ladies I wouldn't waste my time or hard earned money on anything from Dr. Yily, her work has gotten sloppy and her work ethics is horrendous. Thank you Dr. Yily for showing me what a crappy doctor is and thank you to Dr. Paz for showing me what a true doctor who takes pride in his work is all about.. you love and you learn folks.. with that being said. Have a great day ladies and I will keep you all posted on round 4 with Dr. Paz in Cali, Colombia.
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