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Hello all, I am scheduled with the very talented...

Hello all, I am scheduled with the very talented Dr. Salama for a BBL on January 24,2013 and need a later date. I am looking for something preferably in April or early May if possible. I really don't want to have to wait until October as was mentioned to me by Nancy, and would love for someone who wants to go in earlier to let me know! Please help ladies!

Looking for any date in April, May or June would...

Looking for any date in April, May or June would be great! Need to switch ASAP

So a lovely lady sent from angels I am sure,...

So a lovely lady sent from angels I am sure, helped me swapped and I am so happy I think I will have permagrin all day! :D I'm in for July 15th with Salama! WHOOP WHOOP!

Have not been able to stop saying "DAT ASS" since...

Have not been able to stop saying "DAT ASS" since joining realself. Like when I see some of these asses I just wanna start singing rap songs by Trina and say "Cute face and ass SWOLE" or something like" drop it drop it drop it, I see that ass work that sh*t I pay for college/make it clap so after I can take a bow" cause they are just that amazing.

I just wanted to say (if you haven't guessed it already) as well that I have a dirty mouth, and am pretty inappropriate which mortifies my family (much to my amusement) so if you are offended easily don't take it to heart because it is never meant to be nasty to anyone or hurtful or anything like that. I will bleep out curses so I won't seem like such a dirty mouth pirate from whore island you know?
Ah screw it, I'm a complete deviant! LOL!

Along with upper and lower back, flanks, and...

Along with upper and lower back, flanks, and abdomen, I am getting inner thigh lipo for my monaaaayyy and I was originally going to get outer thigh but decided against it and want to do arm lipo instead. So since I added two extra areas to lipo it was $1000 extra ($500 for each area) I put $2000 down cash and will be getting the rest financed, but can't apply for it until 60 days away from my surgery date apparently. What the hell is that about eh? I guess they want to make sure you have a job.

I have a high tolerance for meds though, so I am going to tell them to drug me up to the max, like one level under Charlie Sheen on a Sunday afternoon. And hook me up with a doggy bag full of pain killers to make my vicodin/vodka smoothie, ahhh s**t I can't have booze that's right. Damn it... I don't think mimosas should count as booze because it has orange juice mixed with Champagne and that should be considered vitamin C if anything. Just my two cents.

But seriously though I need them to knock me the hell out cause I got my wisdom teeth pulled a few months ago, which I only needed one to be pulled but was like f**k it! Let's get them all out! Um...no....why....why did I say this. and they didn't do a dental block cause they gave me some valium through an IV and all of a sudden the dudes pliers are in my mouth and he yanks this deep rooted tooth out and I swear to god if I wasn't strapped down I would have gone Friday the 13th in there. They ended up knocking me out completely which they should have done to begin with shoot... or did I pass out from the pain? I think it was the latter. So if getting a BBL is worse pain then having your teeth yanked out in some back alley style dental appointment then f**kkkkkkkkkk meeeeee is what I say to that. And I realized that I am a total mega b*tch after having anesthesia cause when I had my teeth pulled I sent like the most offensive, rude, nasty texts to my guy which were all misspelled and sentence structure was all off, and I was sending them like rapid fire and was like WHHHYY ARN'T YOU EVER HAIR FUR MI and I JUTS NIEED SUM SAPPORT IN MI LYFE! WAT THE HELL! And my poor guy was just like wtf is wrong with this chick? And I was fighting with him and then the next day I couldn't remember what I said and was like why are we fighting? I seriously have no idea. So when I am out of surgery my phone is going to be hidden by someone until it wears off so I won't have a part II to my b*tchfest.

UGH! Torn between the nice full butts from Salama...

UGH! Torn between the nice full butts from Salama and the amazing lipo contouring of Yily! I'm about to put their names in a hat and pull one out lol! I just love that Yily can do a BBL AND a TT at once, and she really delivers on her lipo. And she gives hips which is a huge bonus because I don't want just a bubble butt but no shape. This is driving me nuts. I need a drink...oh wait I am drinking never mind. What do you have to do to get Yily to give you a big ass? Is it the language barrier some people suffer with that makes Yily not fully get what you want or what?

Out of the two I think Yily gives the body I want to have honestly. I just want that junk in the trunk too though. Not just a subtle difference.

Tried calling Yily's office today but it rang and...

Tried calling Yily's office today but it rang and rang and no one answered. Going to try again on Monday all day if I have to lol. Looking for July or early August.

So I finally got a Yily quote! For a tummy tuck...

So I finally got a Yily quote! For a tummy tuck and BBL with lipo of the abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist is 3,800$USD.

It also includes 1 compression garment, pre-operatory tests ( TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA, GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) , cardiologist (EKG), anesthesiologist (epidural block), clinic fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).

Lipo of thighs is 250$USD extra.
Lipo of arms is 250$USD extra.
Lipo of chin is 150$USD extra.
An extra garment: $140
Compression sleeves: $80
Post-op massages: $31 each (10 sessions)
Recovery house: $90 per night alone/ $75 with roommate

Insurance is offered for $250
if a blood transfusion is needed it is $250
If you get meds there it is $250

Deposit and dates

You need to ask for a specific date, and once your deposit is sent your date will then be locked in. Whoever sends their deposit first will be the first patient of the day. Requested amount is $500 it can be more but no less than $200. Deposits are through paypal and are cash. Yily is CASH ONLY so bear this in mind.

Wellllllllllllllllll after tons of going back and...

Wellllllllllllllllll after tons of going back and forth with different doctors. I have decided to go with Dr. Agustina Hilario Duran. I was going to book with Yily until I saw Duran's work and was floored. Yily is very talented, but I was just not totally convinced she could give me the volume in my ass and hips I was looking for but was going to book anyway for that amazing shape she gives. Dr. Duran is exactly what I was looking for since she produces results that are very sculpted and have lots of volume in the butt and hips. It is the best of both worlds with her! I emailed her and within 20 mins she responded back to me. I spoke to her today on the phone and she was very nice. I am convinced she will give me the shape I want and I am totally confident in my choice. Very excited for August to come! :D Where my Duran girls at?

Want to thank the ladies that mentioned her in...

Want to thank the ladies that mentioned her in their blog which made me look her up and I was so happy I did!

Sent my $500 dollar deposit today to Duran! WOO...

Sent my $500 dollar deposit today to Duran! WOO HOO! August 19th! Going to call tomorrow to make sure everything went okay. I called after I sent it, but she told me to call again tomorrow. :D

Strike that, I mean my surgery is on August 20th...

Strike that, I mean my surgery is on August 20th since she isn't working the 19th my bad. I am having a tummy tuck, BBL, lipo, and a breast lift. I was quoted $6000 for these procedures together.

Dr. Duran's website is http://www.dragustinahilario.com/index.php

and her office number is (809) 565-5348

and her email is hilarioplasticsurg@hotmail.com

Right now I am looking at different places to rent for a two week period while in DR. I have found it to be a lot cheaper than the recovery house even if you add in the expense of a nurse and transportation. So ladies how about it eh? Who is in? :)

After Duran gets through with me, any picture I...

After Duran gets through with me, any picture I take afterwards is going to have me covered in baby oil. It's the only way to go.
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