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Is anyone traveling to get a procedure done with...

Is anyone traveling to get a procedure done with Dr. Salama on or around March 9? I'm staying at the Recovery Retreat for 10 days and I'm looking for a travel buddy. I finally scheduled my BBL and my significant other is not able to come with me. I'm a bit nervous because this is my first elective surgery and I'm just looking for a surgery buddy.

I'm Traveling from Atlanta

I forgot to add where I am traveling from lo. How silly of me. I'm traveling from Atlanta and I'll be down in Florida on March 8th for my pre-op appointment.

A Bit Embarrased and a Bit Nervous: Pre-Op Pics and Wish Pics

So, my family is Caribbean (Jamaican, Basian, and Cuban) and I come from a family of thick and luscious island women, but unfortunately that thick and lusciousness seems to have skipped a generation lol. I have thighs for days and nice hips and a great looking lower body from the front. My hips and thighs are a bit deceptive because they are just thick enough for people to assume that I have a GREAT butt...but unfortunately for me the butt that should go with those hips and thighs is missing in action. I have large breasts as well and I just want to feel balanced. I want my top half to match my bottom half. My grandma was half Irish, so I got her genes for big boobs and missing ass. I also tend to hold ALL of my weight in my midsection. So aggravating!!! I was a cheerleader for years and I still had that apparently exercise and ab work resistant pudge and back fat. It only got worse after having my beautiful babies. I'm just ready for it to be gone and for some butt to be there in its place. I don't even want some big 'ol Nicki Minaj, K. Michelle, Blacc Chyna allergic reaction booty either. I just want some projection and fullness and an hourglass figure. I've attached some wish pics I guess they can be called. I just want my outward appearance to match what I envision and what everyone else tells me that they see.

I'm a bit nervous though because I've never had elective surgery before and the only operation I have ever had is a C-section. I'll be down in MIA by myself for 11 days and I've NEVER been away from my children that long. I consider myself (and others have told me) that I'm strong and brave and I don't cower at the thought of anything or get intimidated easily. I'm not the type to whine or complain about having to do things by myself and without assistance or someone there to lean on, but this website is about honesty and support, so I'm going to put it out there. I'm a wee bit nervous and scared. It's nice to know that there are other women out there that are as worried and nervous as I am. For any surgical procedure it is always nice to know that you'll have someone waiting for you afterwards and throwing prayers and well wishes your way while you're under the knife. Not that my friends and family praying for me from across state lines, but it's nice to have someone be there with you, and my main squeeze isn't able to come with me since I'm staying at the RH and it's patients only, and I don't want him to have to take the time off and spend the money to be down there with me and we can't even stay together. So I'd to have a BBL SISTER to stand with me in surgery solidarity (so we can struggle and be in pain and complain and remind each other why we did this to ourselves and to remind each other to look towards the end result and not focus on the sucky recovery period) even if it is only temporary and if we never see each other or speak ever again after we say good bye to Salama.

Some More Wish Pics

Just some more wish pics that I re-appropriated from someone else's profile because I'm too lazy to look for myself :-D

What to Bring? Comprehensive List of Items Brought to Stay at the Recovery House

So, I've gone shopping for some of the items that I saw on the "Things Needed" list provided by Cynthia, but I was wondering if any ladies that have stayed at the RH after getting a BBL done with Salama could give me some insight on what you brought with you, what you bought while you were down there, what you used and needed a lot of, what you didn't need, etc. Also any extra things that you used that wouldn't be on the list like scar cream or skin toning/firming lotion/gel (I saw that item listed on another lady's page on here) that you wouldn't normally think to have, but really helped you out. I'm less than a month out until my surgery and I'm usually a HUGE procrastinator, but something is telling me not to procrastinate when it comes to this, so I'm going to follow my gut. Thanks for the help and insight in advanced :-)

Also, the list says to bring form fitting shirts to wear underneath the compression garments...can I just buy a pack of say Hanes cotton tees? Will that do? Or would those be too thick? And what sort of underwear should I bring? I feel like cotton grandma panties would be the best option...or boy shorts maybe...Do you wear underwear with the compression garments? Or are you going commando for 10 days? Just wondering...

Almost 2 Weeks Pre-Op: Amen for Urgent Care Clinics!!!

I finally got my lab results sent in to EPS today! I was REALLY pushing it with that once since they want lab results in by 3 weeks pre-op, just in case anything weird pops up on your labs that you should get treated for, but thankfully EPS has been VERY patient with me. I know everyone is probably thinking why did you procrastinate, and I am the first one to admit that I am the queen of procrastination and I wear that badge like a Scarlet P, but this time it wasn't really my fault. You see...I literally woke up one morning (Feb 2) and decided I was tired of putting off getting this BBL done and so I called EPS (which I had been stalking and researching for months before this) and I scheduled the procedure for late June (for school purposes and such), but then my lack of patience (and my desire to have a banging beach body by time summer rolls around) kicked in and I called back that same day asking to reschedule for their next available surgery, and it so happens that right before I called, someone else called to cancel their appt on March 9th, so I snatched it up like a bandit! So I literally only gave myself about a week or so to get my labs done, which would have been okay, except I am new-ish to my area (Loganville) and I don't have a PCP because I'm the type of person that waits until their brains are leaking out of their ears and their eyes are bleeding before I'll take myself to the doctor, and I hardly ever get sick, so the rush was on to find a PCP or at least a clinic to do all these procedures for me. It took me a while and a lot of calling to finally find a place that was willing to do the pre-op tests for me. I mostly ran into places telling me that to get those tests done it would have to be a two office visit deal. The first visit to set me up as a patient and for the doc to do a physical and the second visit would be the testing visit. Well I don't have time for that, so moving right along. Then I also ran into a few places (mostly clinics) that were very adamant about not being able to do the tests for me because they were pre-op tests, but they would do them all for me if it wasn't for pre-op purposes (so basically, they wouldn't sign off on any of the paperwork because the results were for surgery). It was actually a few places that got very weird and jittery when the words pre-op came up. I wonder if anyone else experienced this? So anyway, it's getting down to the wire and I'm really pushing it with finding a place to do these tests (I'm a single mom of two kids under 7 that have lots of activities and I'm a full-time student and I work my time is limited to do all this searching...when do I sleep or eat?), and I finally find a place! Yes! They tell me they have no problem with the tests being pre-op and they accept my insurance (TRICARE) which will be able to cover the costs of some of the tests, so instead of having to pay around $380 for all of the tests, I only have to pay $200! I love a discount/price reduction because I am a cheap a$$ and proud of it! I schedule my appt for Feb 13th at 9 am (their next available appt). I can breathe easy now since everything is scheduled. My week is flying by and I'm counting down the days to my Friday morning appt when on Thursday evening (the 12th), I am literally two feet out of the door of my workplace when my boss comes chasing me down and lets me know that there is a meeting the next morning and I HAVE to be there to make a presentation and he's very sorry for the short notice. WTF?????!!!! What do I do? Do I make my excuses and skip this very important meeting or do I skip the appt that I need for my dream a$$? I just started this job and it is helping me pay for my Judy, AND this meeting is a big deal for a newbie like me in the office to be able to sit in on and to make a presentation to the head honchos of the company. So I make a split second decision and tell my boss that I'll be there. Holy crap! What did I just do? As soon as I get to my car, I am scrambling to call the doc's office, but no answer. It's past five and they are closed. I'm starting to mildly freak out when I remember reading on TigerLily's page (love her!) that one of the ESP coordinators told her to o to an urgent care clinic to get her tests done when she had an appt snafu at her doctor's office. So I pull of on the side of the highway and start googling like a mad woman and I find an urgent care clinic in my area that stays open until 9 pm! I call and I cross my fingers and toes and legs and I throw a quick prayer into the heavens hoping that they'll be able to do all the tests even though it's for pre-op. A woman answers the phone and I tell her what I need done and why and she puts me on hold to ask if they can do it...she gets back on the line (by these point I want to pull my hair out) and says that it's no problem, just to come on in and bring the form with me! Yay! I get there at around 7 pm and I sign in and fill out paperwork and I have my debit card and insurance card ready. She starts inputting all of my information and she tells me that I won't have to pay out-of-pocket for any of it and I do a little happy dance right in front of her. In the end, I got to have my cake and eat it too (SIDE NOTE: speaking of eating cake...I have been hungry as heck this whole week. I just want to pig out and shove my face ALL the time. I think it might be pre-surgery nerves being covered up in me wanting to eat like a fatty), which never usually happens for me. I got my tests done and I made it to the meeting (and killed my presentation and impressed my bosses btw...can you say promotion and a raise???). I'm all cleared and ready to go. It's the final countdown ladies and I. Cant. Wait!!!!

It's Booty Day!!!!!

Today is the day!!!! My appt is at 230 and I'm soooo excited. I can't eat all day today and my behind is hungry, but I would fast for a week if it meant that I could get my big ol judy!

I was a little nervous getting here, but after meeting Lourdes and Naomi (whose body is still banging after being 2 years post-op!) and my RS BBL sister and RH roomie Powerbackside407 who is amazing, my nerves have died down and I'm just ready to go!

Oh and Justin the driver is so nice and very handsome and funny and punctual. The ride from the airport was nice and not awkward at all.

My Judy is Still Thriving - 1.5 years Post-Op Surgery Update

I haven't been on the site in a while (over a year), but I figured I would get on here and post some post-op photos, so that anyone who cares to see can see my long-term results from my surgery. I noticed that usually after people get their surgery done they disappear like dust in the wind and usually only post pics that show short-term results and not long-term. Anyway, I hope these pics help in some way in deciding whether or not you get your surgery done with Dr. Salama.
After my surgery, I flew back home to GA. That was the most uncomfortable flight I've ever taken, but I had my butt pillow and I made it home in one piece. On the ride home I laid down on my stomach in the back (we have an SUV) and stretched out. I was done sitting for the day (understandably). Post-op, I got my lymphatic massages. I believe I did once or twice a week for about a month or month and a half. I used my booty buddy pillow and my boppy pillow (in conjunction) religiously for about 4 months, which was well past the amount of time I needed to use them. I couldn't help it though because I was paranoid (after spending all of that money on my booty, I needed it to stay juicy). I used my pain meds and you will too because I was achy for a while. And I wore my compression garment (faja) with the pads for what felt like an eternity and I eventually bought my own legless and latex faja that I wear whenever I work out. All in all, it all worked out for the better for me. I finally have the butt that I wanted and the hips and waist too. It was well worth it for me. I actually want to go back and get another BBL, but my SO WILL NOT allow it. He thinks my booty turned out perfectly and I quote, "[he] doesn't want me to end up with some gigantic and freakish looking butt after the doc did such a great job the first go round." Sigh. Okay. I digress. I might not be able to convince him that I need a BBL round number 2 (which I definitely would go back to Dr. Salama for), but he never said anything about not getting a tummy tuck. Only time will tell.
Oh and I did put back on weight after my surgery and lipo, which I am not surprised about because I have never been one to eat in moderation or exercise, but after ending up in the 190s I got my butt into gear and have been working out and shedding the excess and unnecessary pounds. Interestingly enough for me, even though I did put on at least 15-20 lbs over the course of a year and some months, my waist and hips and butt and figure still stayed nice. My weight seemed to go to the front of my stomach, my thighs, my arms, my face, and my butt (I wasn't complaining about the last one though lol). I never got any back fat back.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama is the best choice that anyone could make for any cosmetic procedure. He's so caring and honest and straightforward. He does his best work everytime. You won't walk away disappointed. His staff is absolutely amazing and some of them are walking proof of the longevity of his work. He is all around an amazing person and doctor and I'll vouch for him any day!

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