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Hello ladies!!! I'm a mother of two and a wife of...

Hello ladies!!! I'm a mother of two and a wife of 14 years to my soul mate . After two kids an over indulging I'm ready to get this body right!! About 3 months ago a friend of my husbands his wife had her butt done by Jimmerson I was stunned an could not get her butt out of my head for two months. Me an the hubby had several convos about it an I found out he was totally on board as he is a total ass an hips man!!

I was totally all for Jimmerson at first an even had 3 of my coworkers ready to head down to ATL to get it done. We'll after a few hours of convo with the young lady who had it done an seeng her ; month post op results I quickly changed my mind.

So then I thought perhaps Cortes since he's in Texas an Houston is only a couple hours away an if I had any post op issues I could easily hop in a car an go see him. I sent in an email an his coordinator contacted me back within 24 hours I then sent in my current pics height weight an wish list pics as requested. We'll she called me right after like 3 hours later an I gt the feeling that she never even opened the email she was asking if I had wish pics an what my height an weight was an if I was local or out of state. I was a bit thrown because I had just been emailing back an forth with her . Oh we'll maybe it was just a super busy day for her no biggy however it did cause me to keep an open mind to another DR.

We'll after endless hours researching Salama an Ghurani I am sold they focus on hips an butt an give that curvy siesta girl/video vixen look I'm wanting. I sent an email an Nancy responded 24 hours later to request pics height weight you know all the stats. Well it's been two days an I have yet to hear anything. I know they are terribly busy but I also know their dates are getting booked out till next summer already so I'm anxious to get a date locked ASAP!!! I guess if they don't respond the search shall continue.

I'm so ready to start saving an planning!! My mom is even on board she said " now that you have kids an are married how often do you do anything for yourself ?" She's soooo right so new booty here I come!!! We'll if I ever get a call back that is lol

Ugh photos

Ok excuse my bathroom yes I mess kinda like my body lol but it is what it is ladies gotta start somewhere

Jeez still no response!!

Ok perhaps I just have no patience or errrrummmm perhaps they just forgot I sent them pics on Monday. Still no response back from Dr Salamas office an I was so ready to book an pay my deposit. Maybe it's a sign who knows I very we'll may have to go with be determined.....

Wish pics

Finally received response from Salama

So I need to lose 15 pounds no problem, an he recommends about 1000ccs in each buttock I was thinking like 1200 buts he's the Dr lol. So time to book!!!

To deposit or not to deposit????

So now that I have received feedback from the Salama team Lucy has been awesome lately with such quick responses to my inquiries by email. My husband has informed me there is a chance he may deploy next summer. This def puts a kink in my booty upgrade plans :( he is my support system an was going to accompany me to Miami while my mom was going to fly out to TX from CA to keep my two Lil ones. So now I'm afraid if I deposit an book for August what if pooh deploys? Yeah I call him pooh (insert giggle).

I don't have any one to buddy up with an stay at a timeshare with me an I don't want to go alone an hire a nurse. I really want to do this for myself. Sighs.......I guess we will discuss it more in depth when he gets home tonight an bounce ideas off one another. Sorry ladies needed to vent just a little.

I hate reviews with no pics

Yes I said it some may be offended but its just my opinion. A picture yes a picture not a paragraph is worth a thousand words. I hate when I open a review an there is no pic feels like I just wasted 2 precious minutes of my time that I cannot get back lol. I respect the privacy of others an I know some people don't mind reviews with o pics but I'm not them just personal preference I suppose.

Finally Deposi Paid surgery Scheduled!!!

So I paid a deposit today yayyyyyy first step down!!! I was also excited to find out from another member that Salama gives a military discount so I just saved $500 an addition Happy Veterans Day to me! Date of surgery scheduled for 22 August but Nancy is going to see if we can get me squeezed into July an history of schedule changes show I have a pretty good chance. I'm super excited.

Typos ugh

My apologies ladies I hate all of my typos but can find no way to edit them if you know of a way be a doll an do let me know until then please be advised I can spell I'm just updating while I should be working which makes for run on sentences an many grammatical errors amongst other things lol good day!

More wish pics

Having Second Thoughts

Ugh I can't help feeling guilt over wanting this surgery. The cost of it alone makes me feel like I could be paying other bills off or saving it. My husband is totally on board an is telling me to go forward but every time I look at my credit report an see some things it could be paying off. My husband is going to buy a new car today an it's a luxury car but he deserves it he has not had one in 10 years. Ugh I know as moms an wives we tend to put ourselves on the back burner but I still need to rid myself of this guilt. Ok sorry ladies once again a mini vent session. Hope you are all well in booty land an healing :0)

May be changing to Baez

Ok so I have been team Salama from the start and have already paid my deposit however recent reviews have me feeling a certain kind of way. I will say that every doctor does. to have perfect results but I have taken the time to reach out to Baez she responded very quickly an was very nice an informative she requested more pics so that she can provide a quote for me. My mind is. It yet made up but if all goes well an she can get me in end of April or early May I may just go with her. A bit undecided though because I'd really like to stay in the US an my husband wants me too also but I gotta say I just don't know anymore. Ugh praying for clarity an peace of mind with whatever I decide. Besos dolls

Ok so no swapping

So I sent an email to Nancy because I wanted to know if I'd lose my deposit if I purchased someone else's date. I think alot of us were under the impression that we could just swap or take some ones date because.....we'll makes perfect sense however Nancy said this is not so. For anyone that already has something worked out with Dr Salama an it's already been approved please disregard. I wanted details on getting an earlier date an paying someone for their deposit so I inquired. Well ladies here is her response

We are not allowing patients to swap dates anymore. What is going to happen is that she will cancel her surgery and someone else will take her spot. Yes she will forfeit her deposit and you should not give anybody any money.
Thank you!

Nancy Duque
Patient Coordinator

Duran it is!

Well after careful consideration lots of praying an many conversations with my husband I am going with Duran. I will honestly state that after speaking with a few ladies offline an in some of the private FB groups that of course did help me in making a choice. It's not about the cost either because I'm basically going to be forfeiting a $1,000 deposit unless I decide to get my breast done by Salama at a later date.

Shout out to Jazmine with Bella Vita for helping me out with contact with Duran as well as making life less hectic by helping me get my travel plans in order your a Godsend mami!! So I was going to go in May but since I work for the school system I need to wait until school ends out here so I'll be going June 9th. As of right now the hubby is scheduled to go with me unless his job comes up with something (Army). I am happy in my choice an have sent in my deposit an confirmed with both Elizabeth an Duran which was a breath of fresh air. I'll keep all you dolls updated

June doesn't seem that far actually!

Well we are now looking at condos to stay at an the airbnb has some great options but I'm gonna let my consultant work that out. I'm so happy I actually continued to research my options instead of becoming a bandwagon chic. I'm happy an have peace with my choice to go with Duran an have decided I may very well just have her do my breast. This means I'll forfeit my deposit with Salama. 1k is a lot of money but my husband said "it's a drop in the bucket compared to a lifetime of satisfaction with your choice" with that said two tears in a bucket!! I still think he's an amazing doctor just not for me an the curvy shape I'm seeking. I want curves, sculpting not just a donkey booty :0) I'm so very happy my husband Is on board an knows this will make me happy. I'm tired of watchng my husband walk around here with a body like Tyrese ugh I wanna look right too so it'll be my time come June!!! No matter who you choose dolls I wish you all the best an make no mistake I don't advocate for any doctor that's not my job so I wish you all luck an blessings In your journey

Back to the drawing board!!

Good lawd how many times can one change their mind? I say several when it's my money. Well as of this morning me an the hubby had another discussion an it looks like Duran is going to be a no for me. I love the way she sculpts the ladies it's amazing. I require more though I need consistent contact without having to have a middle man like my coordinator, it didn't take a middle man to send in my deposit.

I don't feel comfortable that my date is booked even though Elizabeth gave me the go ahead I never received an email confirmation or anything an I also do not like that quotes are all over the place like she just pulls them out her ass $3300 for you $3800 for her an oh $4300 for ole girl over there smh. I'm not with it. Like I stated I require more, some may be ok with not being able to just call once an get someone on the phone that speaks their language but for me it's a problem.

So in regards to those things I did not have 100% peace of mind and it didn't help that my husband had started having second thoughts as well. He felt that if I'm going to do this procedure it's supposed to be exciting not stress over hiring someone to book the doctor for me an then having to hire a nurse to help me an a driver an hoping I don't get ripped off in another country not to mention the horrible feedback I've been hearing from girls on my FB groups about these RHs.

Yes my doctor has had some hiccups an all is not perfect but let me tell you when I was able to call his office to drop a couple thousand on my surgery I got someone on the phone after two rings. Now that's peace of mind. When I write Nancy an email to ask about additional surgeries an she responds In 24-48 hours that's peace of mind.

I'm not knocking any one on their choices but like I stated I REQUIRE MORE!! Why the hell shouldn't I? You only get one body so imam make it work.

Before pics

This is going to be my year!!!!

So I've dedicated 2014 to me. Now please don't get this confused as I have two little ones an a fabulous husband an love them all. I just want to dedicate this year to getting the "me" back. So the BBL is already on the calendar I've started working out again I love me some cardio to hell with a personal trainer lol I pound the pavement 4 miles a day an eating clean. Pounds are melting off like crazy. Went to my orthodontist today to get a consult about getting my braces put back on. I had them before but had to have them removed as we thought we were going to be moving to Germany. So next Tuesday I will have my braces back on. I'm excited to finally be investing in myself because yes I am worth it. New body new mouth lol and growing my hair out for me that means letting it get back past the middle of my back an stop cutting it. I'm excited!!!! That is all.

If finally getting closer

So I haven't checked in for a while because it's torture waiting for 22 August my surgery date. Well I'm finally getting my diet and exercise down to a science I'm on a 60 day program that will allow my body to go into ketosis to jump start my Weightloss an metabolism. I don't eat anymore than 30 carbs a day mostly just lean meats an veggies an protein shakes. Lots an lots of water. I walk or jog two miles every morning 6 days a week so far I've lost 7 pounds in the last 10 days my goal is another 15-20 to be at my best when I finally get my surgery. Got myself a fly ass haircut an got some lovely high lights An my braces come off right before I get my surgery!!!! This is my year. My husband is so freaking excited it's ridiculous he's such an ass man lol. Well I shall continue to update with some pics an Weightloss tips an tools an how my journey is going as I continue to pray an wish all you ladies well.

Well about 1-2 years ago i was thinking of having...

Well about 1-2 years ago i was thinking of having a BBL paid my deposit paid 70% of the procedure then backed out. I had to do some soul searching and realize this is not what i really wanted and needed an lord knows i didnt have the time or energy for what the recovery would entail not with school an two kids a full time job and an active duty husband. Nope wast going to work. So now that ive gotten some back ground out the way that brings us to the present. Ive been working out an trying to eat right but I still have trouble areas that I am simply not happy with. Ive heard and been doing research on smart lipo because of the quick recovery time and not having to be put to sleep to have it done seemed like the way for me to go.

I plan to have my entire abdomen done my flanks and that part above the vaginal area that has a lump of fat ugh what do they call that a fupa i think lol. Well that total quote i was given was $5498 for everything including one massage and the garment and the blood work. Ive been reading reviews and they are half and half some people had great results some did not so now i have one more consultation on monday to see if i should go the route of just regular liposuction even though the recovery would be longer and it would probably cost more im sure. My budget was 5K but my brother offered to go through care credit to be a cosigner for me since his credit is A1 perfect. Ill know by Monday which procdure im going with as I plan to have it by the 12th of February. Any feedback or encouragement is appreciated, Thanx Ladies.

After all the back an forth I've finally made up my mind!!!

It's been a crazy journey for me over the last 2 years first I wanted a BBL paid for it in full then backed out forfeiting almost 2k of the 9k I had paid. I went from choosing Cortes to Salama to Duran an back to Salama. I was a hot damn mess!!!

So then I decided not to get it done at all. Well fast forward an you will see I have a recent review for a TT by Dr Hand which I am in love with my results. Now I find that after a bit more soul searching an research im ready for my BBL. I had my consultation with Dr Kerr an he was very kind an very realistic as far as what I should expect. I am only having my entire upper, lower back an flanks done for my BBl. trust me there's enough fat back there to make it happen lol. He is not going to touch my belly because it's already flat as a pancake due to my recent TT. Dr Kerr is certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery which was at the top of my list for the surgeon I was going to choose. He also does not operate like an assembly line trying to do 5-7 BBLs a day he's very conservative an I love that about him. He's local which is a must for me because after this surgery why in the hell would I want to travel hours back home? Also if something goes wrong he's right here I don't have to travel further than about 45 minutes. Oh an an added plus my Dr is on TLC yep he's on tv on the show Skin Tight showing off his skills y'all.

Well I paid my deposit today of $500. I was given $150 credit because they were a little behind the clock when I came for my consultation plus when you pay $50 for the consultation they give you an additional $50 credit if you decide to book. My surgery date is 21 April 2016!!! I'm excited but I think my husband is even more excited than I am hahaha. I'll post pics of my sad booty an ugly wide back later for you guys :)

The dreaded back pics

So I will be having all the fat sucked out of my entire back to include flanks. I'm thinking of my inner thighs as well but still on the fence. As stated before I had a tt last month so there is little to no fat on my belly.

Almost time for my new butt

Well I've been away of course dealing with family life, work an school so very busy. My surgery has been paid in full as of last week. Next Thursday I'll be undergoing my transformation an saying goodbye to my fat back an little butt. I'm excited and nervous.

In less than 24 hours I'll have a new booty!!

Well my surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 11am. I'm not nervous or overly excited. I have all these thoughts running through my head. What if DR Kerr doesn't suck lot of fat out of my back what if my booty looks the same as it does now ugh. I've done my research an I'm confident I picked a good surgeon but I'd be lying if I said I'm not concerned. A part of me wishes is was DR Hand the doctor who did my TT in January because he is a perfectionist an so personable an I love his staff to pieces. I'll be going back to DR hand for my boobies In July though :)

DR Kerr is also very nice don't get me wrong I just felt a little more connected to DR hand an his staff.

With that said I'm confident that DR Kerr is not going to disappoint as the BBL is one of his specialties which is why I chose him an he made sure I didn't have unrealistic expectations. I'll take pics later tonight an then tomorrow will make sure to update. Wish me luck I don't know if I'll get any sleep tonight thank God my doc is local an my husband will be with me an I can recover at my very own home!!

Today is the day

Well I am currently at Synergy now waiting to go back to have my surgery!!! IV is already in my arm an I'm hungry and thirsty as hell. Was told I couldn't have anything after midnight ugh I wish I had been first to get my surgery today but it's cool. I took two last pics of this flat sponge bob booty an my bakery back lol. I'll have my husband post pics soon as the surgery over.

Small view of my bbl

Just a short video of my after results in still so swollen An I wanted to be conservative about my BBL since I'll be toning doing tons of squats I wanted something that fit me an looked natural

Small clip first one didn't take

Booty swollen
So I did a small video of my results post op day one. Excuse my husband talking in the background. I kept saying my booty look too smal an he's trying to convince me looks fat lol


Just comparing two photos I have a small dent in one cheek but I'm gonna get that fixed

Feeling good

Well no complaints here my recovery has been fine I have not needed any assistance at all the only thing is that I hate sleeping on my stomach I have a bad back already. Other than that it's all good. Still lot of swelling in my back I have to keep my binder an foams on but they itch like crazy so the hubby is going yo get me some benedryl lotion to help with that. My but is hard lol. Dr Kerr did not dissapoint I'm happy with my results.

Feeling great

Well I've been busy as usual but I noticed that most of the women on here that get the BBl have lots of blood or fluid or drains. I had none of that no drains I had no bleeding an I was up walking outside on day three with my toddler. I don't know what technique Dr Kerr uses but I thank God I went to him my recovery was a breeze the hardest part was lying on my tummy for two weeks I'm already back at work after 11 days. Now my lipo sites are still a little sensitive but I get weekly massages which help. I'll add more pics tomorrow but I just thought what a drastic difference my recovery has been compare to others. Thanx Dr Kerr I was terrified about this surgery reading other reviews but my recovery was nothing like these other women like I said no bloody garments no leaking fluids. One of that stuff so yea :) well next I'll be getting new boobies from Dr Hand in August woohoo an then my body will be done!!! Happy healing
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