Going for Round 2 with Dr. Salama - Miami, FL

So I know I just had my BBL with Dr. Cortes but I...

So I know I just had my BBL with Dr. Cortes but I am going for round 2. Ladies if you can avoid it stay far far away from Dr. Cortes! Go to Miami. I mean at first you will think OMG it's amazing and he did an awesome job till all the swelling goes down and the dents starts to show. I mean I rather not post pics just yet but another member on here can attest to my story. I've sent her pics. So I am set on going with Dr. Salama in Miami! I'm super excited and I swear it can't get here fast enough!

Anxiously awaiting

It's summer time and I can't even enjoy it because I can't even get into a swimsuit due to the crap job from Cortes. Sigh ???? I am so anxious to go to Salama in January! I swear I am counting down my days. Ready to get my body back and be happy when I look in the mirror. For now I'm left with a lumpy ass from all the indentions Cortes left and a horribly lumpy stomach ????

Date change

So I am excited I moved my date up by a month. I will be going in for round 2 December 9th! I am anxious....

It's getting closer!

I'm anxiously counting down to my surgery date with Dr, Salama! I'm excited to get my body back to where I want it after being ruined by Cortes. December 9th is right around the corner! Sorry I may start to blow up the timeline with my count down! ????

Miami in December

I am anxiously awaiting my date! It's so close yet so far away.....I can't wait...December 9th can't get here soon enough!

Travel set

So I have scheduled my travel and got a really good deal. I wanted to do the recovery house but then decided to take a friend with me. I went on airbnb and rented someone's condo close to the office which made it a whole lot more cost effective. So if you are going to Miami for surgery and can bring someone with you, I would suggest booking on airbnb. My entire 9 day stay is $650 compared to the almost 2k for a recovery house. Yes I will have to get my own food but that is what like 100 bucks for a week and transportation is another 100 bucks still coming out cheaper. Plus I got mine and my friends flight for $300 so I'm winning! Lol

So Anxious

It's so close yet so far away.... I am really anxious about going to get done up by Salama!

Ready for this date

It's just right around the corner! Is anyone else traveling to Miami for surgery in December?

Getting last minute supplies

I am about ready and will be blowing up the news feed with my updates as I leave and go into surgery. I am excited and ready to get it behind me.

Almost there

It's almost time. Getting last minute things together. I have this weekend and then it's the real countdown. ???? I'm super excited!

Round 2 with Salama Set

I am anxiously awaiting for next week to get here so I can be on my way to start this journey! I had round one here in Houston and you can read previous reviews. I am confident that Salama can get me to where I want to be. I will feel good about my appearance once again. I should be able to look good with and without clothes on!

Leaving tomorrow

I'm finally here! Take off to Miami tomorrow for my surgery with Dr. Salama! I can not wait! Actual surgery is Friday. I have my pre-op tomorrow afternoon.

Just a pic of how I look in clothes

It's out of clothes that you notice why I'm doing round 2
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