Going for Round 2 with Dr. Salama - Miami, FL

So I know I just had my BBL with Dr. Cortes but I...

So I know I just had my BBL with Dr. Cortes but I am going for round 2. Ladies if you can avoid it stay far far away from Dr. Cortes! Go to Miami. I mean at first you will think OMG it's amazing and he did an awesome job till all the swelling goes down and the dents starts to show. I mean I rather not post pics just yet but another member on here can attest to my story. I've sent her pics. So I am set on going with Dr. Salama in Miami! I'm super excited and I swear it can't get here fast enough!

Anxiously awaiting

It's summer time and I can't even enjoy it because I can't even get into a swimsuit due to the crap job from Cortes. Sigh ???? I am so anxious to go to Salama in January! I swear I am counting down my days. Ready to get my body back and be happy when I look in the mirror. For now I'm left with a lumpy ass from all the indentions Cortes left and a horribly lumpy stomach ????

Date change

So I am excited I moved my date up by a month. I will be going in for round 2 December 9th! I am anxious....

It's getting closer!

I'm anxiously counting down to my surgery date with Dr, Salama! I'm excited to get my body back to where I want it after being ruined by Cortes. December 9th is right around the corner! Sorry I may start to blow up the timeline with my count down! ????

Miami in December

I am anxiously awaiting my date! It's so close yet so far away.....I can't wait...December 9th can't get here soon enough!
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