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Okay so ive been researching the bbl 4 yrs and...

Okay so ive been researching the bbl 4 yrs and decided 2 go with it. I originally wanted to go through dr curves in atl but hes booked and alitte out my budget. So i decided to go through dr salama his results and work is amazing! Scheduled for next yr so now im super duper anxious and excited! !!! Cant wait im scared aint gonna lie.... ???? but overall excited. Okay ladies so i need a good recovery house not 2 expensive the other place serenity hs is close to 2k!!! And i need a list of NECESSITY for after surgery. Thank you in advance any any salama dolls!!! Please share you're experience with your results. Good and bad.

So ready 4 this makeover!

Not sure when i should start buying my supplements? ? Ex: iron pills n etc and what exactly i should take.

Waiting patiently 4 my time

Bbl question

So im having my procedure next year and trying to prep for it now ... so my question is im 5'6 and 175 ... idk if i should gain or loose weight b4 surgery. Dr salama dint say to do either. But i feel like i dont have alot of fat. I carry most in my back n arms... n hate of course. But i will be having my arms and full back lipo. But dont know what to do.... and what pills should i be taking. Or any dr salama patients recommend any ?? B4 n after surgery.

Counting it down

Cant wait!!

1 thing down a few more 2 go. ..

Thanks 2 this site and medical massage professionals on ig for this must.


What is your iron level suppose to be b4 surgery???when you get the clearance.

Getting my supplies! !

Ordered my booty buddy yesterday! And got some more supplies to knock out. March needs to be here like today lol!!! Salamadoll in the making

Got my prescription for medical clearance

Got my email from zuny about getting my medical clearance .. so excited!!! Fingers crossed it all comes out great.

Got my Booty BUDDY today!!

Knocking the supplies out!! Yeahhhhh march needs to hurry!

Wish pic far the best ive seen!!!

Hips n booty on point !!! Damn!!!! Ladies follow to see her amazing results from Salama.

Getting closer!! Clearance scheduled wish me luck $!!

Clearance scheduled for 1/5 ..... been taking my iron pills and vitamin c praying that will due it ... so it comes back good!!! Once that gets cleared then deposit for recovery house and flight to get paid.!!

Things are getting real now!!!!

So things are moving along i cant believe its coming up soon! !!! Scary and exciting. .... i did my clearance and everything came back lovely! !! My hemoglobin was at 15!!!! I started taking the iron pills 1 month b4 i had to do the clearance .... now on the downside .... they actually want a COPY of your ekg so my dr office is like wtf dr signed off on it and i was good but need them to send the copy so i will be completely clear. Still havent booked the plane tickets gonna do that next mnth . Once i get paid off i did find a decent place to stay with the hubby not far from his office. Huge and i mean huge relief thanks to emily found her on ig and she has been tons of help. Need a few more supplies but not stressing it. Oh and im alittle nervous. ... been seeing some of dr salama pics and im hoping he lipos enough of the back!!! :/

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22 day's left!!!!!

Excited and nervous! ! At this point just ready to get the procedure done and start my recovery process. Still have alittle shopping to do. Oh and ladies i dont think that booty buddy pillow is necessary. .. $100 bucks wasted its so squishy my but hits the chair now and i havent even gotten the sx YET!!! Smh. ..

Got my package today! !!!!

How exciting! ! 22 days left :)

How do you sleep???

Reading through my package and it says dont sleep flat..... so how are you suppose to sleep???!!! Super confused!

1 day away things are getting real!!

Okay so landed yesterday am and uff its getting real !!!! Yikes i have a load of feelings straight roller coaster ride. But so ready. Today i get to meet with dr s and im beyond excited! !!!!!!! Keep you posted ladies :)

Made it to the other side!!

Okay so dr s and his team are great!!!! Day of sx they got me back and changed for sx and then spoke to the anesthesiologist and wow he was awesome gave me great info and very funny!!! Then dr s came in and did his markings and took pics after that i was to the or and then next thing I know bam i was in recovery. Lol after waking up i had a huge headache but they too care of it. And recovery seemed alittle rush but i was under the meds too.

Before sx all went well in the office there was alittle waiting time once i was in the back. But it ran Smooth! ! I would most definitely recommend dr s to anyone he is great and so is his staff!! Pics later

BUTT IN or BUTT OUT question ladies! Please give your opinions!!!!

7 days po and i am wearing the butt out faja but i want the butt in . I was talked out of getting butt in garment at the office..... idk what to do! 1st off its pushing in the top cheek and making it look like i have wings! !! So hate that! Ladies pls respond with some feedback. Oh and reason of talking me out of the faja was she said it will compromise with my results... idk

Starting to dislike this!!

Idk im not liking what i see so far at all! And what sucks is that i cant speak to dr s bc hes on vacation... and at that dint know he was going on vaca this whole week. So im leaving without seeing him and also I felt rushed with alo.The review after sx definitely needs to fixed bc i was so medicated . Anyhow not a happy camper! Hate these wing looking things !

2nd update today!

Voiced all my concerns today before i left and everything was taken care of and left very pleased! Definitely needed another faja got a perfect one for me. And celia is amazing! !!!! I so want to take her home she is great with her massages but also with everything else the whole staff is great! Got to meet cynthia my coordinator and she was super pleasant all the girls. Pics later ! ;)

Loving my new body !!!!

Got home yesterday and uff home sweet home 4 sure!!! I do miss my massages with celia she is the bomb and fun overall! K so the ride hom i pretty much stayed in the bathroom thank goodness its only a 2 hr flight! Lol my hubbu said they had a line 4 the bathroom at one point lol ... i kept telling the flight attendant i was sick . But since home i still feel pain and major swelling! ! Especially my legs ...this am woke up and i look like hooty and the blowfish !! Hahaha but going for a lympthatic massage later on this am. Trying to feel atleast 70% b4 going to work. Not trying to take any percocets bc it does help but i itch so bad !! So going to try to stick to Tylenol. Also pic is this early am i had to take a break from the faja for alittle to breath. Oh and ladies yesterday i felt like i was carrying a load of bricks! ! My ass weighs so much. Lol not use to that at all. Ive always had nothing pancakes 4 a ass lol.

Tried on jeans !!! Happy girl =)

So tonight i decided to try on some jeans just to see... and wow !!! I was speechless my husband was speechless, my kids were 2!!! I went from having straight pancakes to having actually something! !! It feels great to have curves and all dr s is truly a great artist !!! Now as far how everything is going... its been alittle over week since i stopped taking percocets couldnt take it anymore made me itch way too much. I do feel pain from the lipo basically thats the only pain i feel besides stiffness when i wake up but i take tylenol for it. I go back to work next week .. and im very happy about that bc being home has me bored!!! Other then that not much more just healing and waiting for the 6wks till i can finally sit and sleep on my back! Bc this has been a pain in the ass literally trying to get comfortable at night and only sleeping 2 hrs a night. But all well worth it!

4 wks po!

Okay so wow cant believe its already been 4 wks! I remember when i would count down for the sx n it felt like it was taking forever! Lol But anyhow at this point i feel great!!!! I think working has helped me feel better to be honest. Going to start working out and tone up not going crazy with cardio at all dont want to loose ANYTHING! ! Lol praying everything stays fingers crossed. So i can start sitting this week with the boppy but im scared so im not going too till 6wks..... to damn scared! Oh and booty pillow at 1st i felt like it was a waste of money. But actually its the best! Gotta get use to it but its worth it i use it driving, at work when i have to sit and luckily that's not much. Other then that ladies its going Smooth knocking on wood it keeps going. Ohhh before i forget the chin .... well that has been painful! Still have lumps that hurt like hell and i do the massages and heat but still hurts... and i dont see much difference. .my husband says he does but i dont.

1 Month PO! =)

Tomorrow officially will be 1 month and wow time has went by FAST!!! From researching, planning,deposit etc till the sx day. This was a roller coaster ride for sure! I never posted a before pic bc i absolutely HATED my pancakes! But i have to show Dr S amazing work! ! I still cant believe this is MY ASS !!!! Lol i absolutely love it! And so happy that i went with dr s and nobody else and the crazy part was the beginning i originally wanted dr j in atl and requested several info from different doctors including dr s and i trashed his email ! Lol thinking my mind was set on dr j but nope i kept finding my self liking Dr S work more and more and made it happen . =) Through this journey i made new friendships (bbl sisters) lol that made it so much easier to go through. They all have been so supportive and all helped me through the pep talks, the down time of being scared of sx, and list goes on. Thank you ladies!! (Ash,Emily, and all the other girls from instagram too ) Dont want to give out actual usernames but instagram has great groups also just a fyi . Hoping all of this stays just a few more weeks . Also i read a review today from a girl that went to dominican republic to get her procedure done. And wow my heart went out to her she almost lost her life . Ladies please listen to your body if you dont feel well after sx you know your body never hesitate to go to the doctor. K im done rambling! =)

Update pic

Things have been going smooth and i actually have thought of round 2!!! Surprisingly bc i sooooo hated everything about it at the beginning. Lol but i am feeling great and now is just getting myself in the gym and keep this body improving. =)


Okay so im past my 12wk mark and i am satisfied with what i got but do feel like i need a revision bc of some spots but regardless i am very happy especially that before i had nothing!! I did take some pics down and will eventually take all down and just post every so often.

Okay so ladies wow!! This has been a journey!!! Well dr s is great !!! Honestly I dint end up showing him any wish pics and he so far has given me the body i wanted! I actually have hips nows and they are amazing and my ass beautiful !!! My husband says i have to be a housewife now lol!!! Staff is great everyone was great !!! You wont regret it ! Well maybe the first few days when your recovering hahahaha!

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