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So far I have stalked real self and the Internet...

So far I have stalked real self and the Internet Looking for Ps that can give me the results I'm looking for..A lot of PS say price shouldn't matter but it's definitely a factor for anyone whether you have the money or you don't..so I have searched high and low to find a doctor that can give what I want at a price that I like... I have done quite a few physical and online consultations there is no one yet who hasn't been friendly or has told me they cannot give me the results I desire. I have seen Dr.Perez in Tampa Florida he was extremely nice and I got to meet a few girls who were there who had previously had the surgery and the results were amazing but his price was a bit too high for my budget. I also saw Dr Rigo MendozaWho was also friendly and is in Tampa Florida and I also saw Dr. Stanley Castor who is also very friendly but again both of of these doctors prices were a bit too high for my budget. I also did an online consultation for Dr. Mel Ortega in Miami in an online consultation for Dr. James Mcadoo in Miami Florida.. I actually called for Dr. Mcadoo because I saw his online price to his office was starting at $3499 he is actually not that price because he is more experienced but once I told my Cordinator Angie that I was looking for someone to give a big beautiful but in nice round hips she said he sounds like a fit for me so I searched him which I hadn't before he is absolutely a hidden gem or maybe not hidden and I just happen to overlook him but wow his work is amazing!!! Not only did his price catch my eye but I have to say his results look to be more dramatic than of the other PS I had looked into.. And in my case dramatic is what I'm going for... So far I would give all the doctors a five star rating that I have mentioned in their offices in the coordinators everyone has been amazing I can't wait to continue this journey and share my experience with you all


So I looked into financing. My credit is good and surprisingly the offer United offered me was horrible! If the procedure were to be $5000 it was going to be almost $2000 in interestPlus $295 plus the monthly bill would be almost $300 a month to me that is so ridiculous I'm definitely just going to pay cash. For that amount I could get some new boobs LOL

Wish pics then reality

Wish pics and then my before reality

More pics and Vanity

So I've read tons of reviews about vanity not being good about one reason or another but I must say I have no complaints my Cordinator Angie C. is great everything is going smoothly I paid they respond when I need them to it's just been good sometimes the phone rings forever but it's not their fault they have a call center that directs the calls to them. I have a business of my own and I know that all good businesses are very busy and people can only do as much as they can do to try to keep everyone happy as long as the quality of what you're going for is great just be happy with that rather than bashing the company

26 Days Away from BBL

Yikes ! 26 days away and I'm getting scared !!

I Cancelled BBL with Mcadoo

I cancelled BBL with Dr.James Mcadoo. A friend of the girl Heather who died from BBL told me that he injected fat in her artery and she DIED ! I called Vanity aka Broward Cosmetics and they said no not true or lisence would be suspended...ok well I follow him on IG and he has not posted a new pics and it's been a month and a half so yea something is going on with his lisence I'd say..and he's no longer at vanity he's starting at Seduction because they followed me on IG ..but NO THANKS

Vanity Refund

So let me tell u about that..not you or "supposedly" the PC or anyone else in the vanity office can verbally speak to in the refund department..they claim they can only correspond through email chats ..so they say through email you will receive refund in approximately 4 weeks ...but do you? No! So starting at 4.5weeks I kindly call and go back and forth waiting on emails being extremely nice . But u really get no where that way I learned so at nearly 6 weeks and calling Every 30 minutes for days and letting them know ok that's a cool game were playing but now it's lawyer time FINALLY I received my $4500 refund but not at once they returned it in 3 payments over a weeks time. I really wish they would of stuck to there word and not made me get out of character. If not I would of never left this review. But with all said and done I can say all the ladies at vanity I spoke to were nice. But the BS game is not cool. But I guess that's there job

FYI THE DATE SHOWN EX. 5weeks after etc. Are untrue

Not untrue by me ..RealSelf puts the wrong date

Switched to llorente

Switch to Orlando llorente and I will be having surgery with him March 21st. I'll be loading more wish pics

Weight gain

I was told for best results to have my BMI at 33 I started off at a hundred and thirty-five pounds and then went up to 175 and then was told that my BMI should be 31 so now I have lost five looking to lose one more pound and I will be at 31 BMI
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

Dr. James McAdoo is who I'm going with my Cordinator Angie has been amazing everything is great so far so good

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