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Hello Ladies! I decided to document my story in...

Hello Ladies! I decided to document my story in hopes that I will be helpful to someone as many of the ladies on realself have been helpful to me. I have been researching BBL for the last 3 years and now that I just turned 40 I am ready to get the body I have always wanted. I researched many doctors and had originally thought I would use a doctor here in Atlanta, so researched the doctors on the hit show ATL plastic and Dr. Jimerson. Dr. Jimerson has always been someone that I thought and still think is a rockstar in the BBL community but his prices are almost 5k more than what they charge in Miami. I also think his celebrity has affected his work because I haven't been that impressed with some of his work. With being said I did go to my consultation with him which was $100. I talked with my patient coordinator most of the time and Dr. J came in all of 5 minutes. He advised that I get multiple areas lipo'd and fat transferred to my hips. My total came to $13.5k. After doing more research and talking to a few people I started researching doctors in Miami. Dr. Miami was the first doctor I initially heard about however I didnt feel very welcomed when I called and he was booked until Spring of 2017 for anyone financing. I came upon Dr. Salama and I instantly fell in love with his work. He is a master at sculpting the body and giving that very natural look. On top of that his staff is AMAZING! My patient coordinator is Nancy and she has just been wonderful. I felt comfortable right away and paid my deposit to lock my date in. I am hoping to get an April date but for now May 9th is my surgery date. I am so excited and have been stalking realself and all of his work on a daily basis! I am now in the process of making sure I purchase EVERYTHING I will need and making a decision on my recovery house. I will keep everyone posted! I am looking for a surgery buddy so of anyone is having their surgery in May PLEASE let me know.

Salama Doll Looking for a APRIL 2016 date for BBL

Hey ladies! I am scheduled for BBL surgery on May 9th with Dr. Salama but would love to switch to an early April date. Please let me know if anyone is interested in swapping or if you are rescheduling. I am so excited for my journey and I know it will be here before I know it. I have heard so many horror stories about recovery but if you ladies can get through it, I know that I can too! I will post before pics as I get closer to my date. See ya soon RS ladies!

Labs Completed/Surgery is coming up

Well my surgery is coming up on May 9th and I am getting more and more anxious and excited. I am ready for Dr. Salama to work his magic on me. I did my labs on March 9 so I am patiently waiting on my results. Hopefully it all goes well and I am cleared for surgery! As the surgery gets closer I will start to post more and put up some before pictures. My plan is to document my journey as thorough as I can so that my experience can be educational to all the patients after me.
Can anyone tell me who has had the BBL, what realistically do I need to purchase? I have a big list but I hear a lot of people say that they did not use half of things they bought. Please help? Any other Salama dolls or upcoming surgeries in May? I would love to hear from you.

28 days and counting/Airplanes tickets booked

Well I was just cleared for surgery. I inititally went and had my preop and everything looked good but I had a slight UTI. The doctor put me on antiobotics for 7 days. I went and retested my urine and was just cleared for surgery today! I also booked my roundtrip ticket from Atlanta to FLL and I got a SUPER deal on Southwest. I only paid $88 roundtrip! I am super excited about that. I received an update from Zuny at Dr. Salama advising me to start taking my iron and Vitamin C pills. They also informed me that they have mailed out my prescriptions to bring with me. I also need to start ordering all of my BBL surgery items that I will need after my procedure. I cant believe the time is almost near. I am super afraid but I have all the confidence in the world in Dr. Salama's work. I am going to upload my before pictures soon. Until next time dolls!

Before Pictures

I cant believe I am 3 weeks away from my new body! I am very excited! I just finished purchasing all of the items that I will need before and after surgery!

Final payment made!

I am less than three away from surgery and I cannot wait! I paid my final balance today for both the surgical procedure and the recovery house. There is not much to do at this point as most of my items have been purchased. I am still on the fence about getting the BBL pillow. Does anybody swear by it? The closer I get the more excited I am but the more nervous I am as well. I am trying to prepare myself for the pain after surgery. The common theme seems to be PAIN after the surgery. Well I will update more as time gets closer. I will also put out the list of items I purchased for my BBL

13 days to goooo AND I WILL BE A SALAMA DOLL!!

I can't believe how the time has flown by! It seems like just yesterday I was researching the BBL trying to find the best doctor for me. I am now 13 days away from getting my dream body. I have made all my final payments and I will be staying at the recovery house. I thought about getting a hotel and just hiring a nurse but based on all the reviews I would say having round the clock care would be the best! I actually arrive in Miami on this Saturday 04/30 and will be heading on a cruise with my family for 5 days to Grand Turks! This will help me to get relaxed prior to my surgery and to spend some much needed time with my family. Once I return from the cruise I will take that time to visit Elite and to go by the recovery house and meet some of the women. I am just so happy to finally get this journey started and OVER with! I will keep you updated every step of the way. I will also update pictures of the recovery house and of my new BODY! So far Elite has been a joy to work with. The ladies are all super nice and very professional. This means the world to me...ESPECIALLY when you are spending thousands of dollars! Until next post....

I AM IN MIAMI!!!!! It's time to be Salamafied! 4 days to go!

I just cant believe I am 4 days away from having a different more beautiful body. So far everything has been really good. I came to Miami last Saturday to go on a cruise with my family for 5 days. It was wonderful. Now that the cruise is over I am staying in Miami to enjoy myself before surgery on Monday. My boyfriend is flying down for the weekend to spend a little quality time before he has to head back out on business. I will be staying at the recovery house. I based this decision on all of the wonderful Salama dolls before me who said that it was the best decision they ever made. I will need all the tender loving care I can get. I must admit...I am getting very nervous. Has this ever happened to anyone? Part of me wants to just jump on the plane and go home but the other part of me knows that I made the right decision. It is so nerve wrecking to think of not only the surgery but also the long road to recovery. I continuously read the stories of many women who have had the BBL and for the most part the majority is happy. However there are those who are not and I just dont want to fall into that category. I am trying to make sure I maintain a very realistic expectation for my body type. I think this may be where some girls falter. I promise to update and to take lots of pictures as I know this is important to girls who are considering this procedure. I will say that I just cant believe how fast time has flown. I booked this back in October and at the time May seemed so far away. I just hope I stay strong and just get through Monday.

My preop appointment is Sunday. I am supposed to get a call from Nomie to give me directions to the recovery house. I really want to stop by tomorrow morning to Elite to meet some of the girls in the front office. They have all been so nice and patient with me. I went today to pick up a few more things for the recover y house. I think I am pretty much done with my supplies. I was warned not to over do it but I got as much stuff as I truly felt that I would need. Does anyone know how long I have to wait until I can have "relations" again? I plan on getting it in this weekend but the thought of waiting 6 weeks is not something I am looking forward to doing. lol! I will say that my boyfriend supports me 100%. He was againt it initially but when I talked to him to explain why I was doing it (there is a backstory), he totally understood and has been nothing short of AMAZING! Well dolls I will keep you updated on my journey. The countdown begins....

It's finally here! TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!!!!

My surgery for my BBL is tomorrow! WOW! Today has been full of emotions. When I arrived at the recovery center I was greeted by Kathy. She was a very nice lady. She informed me that my boyfriend could not come in due to the other young lady in the house (which I understood). He helped me get my bags and she took them in the house. I stood outside with him to say my goodbyes as he was heading to the airport to fly back home. I was a total wreck. I cried and felt and overwhelming feeling of being alone. I was 2 seconds away from changing my mind. I sucked it up and decided to keep pressing forward. Once he left I went inside and was pleasantly surprised at how nice the recovery house looked. The house looked average from the outside but was beautifully decorated and upgraded in the inside. The house has 4 bedrooms (3 used for patients) and 3 bathrooms. 1 room has 3 twin beds and the other 2 have 2 twin beds in each. Each bedroom has a TV and then there are two living areas with tv's. The floor plan is open and inviting. Once inside I was shown to my room which was also occupied by another young lady. She had surgery on Thursday and was looking rather uncomfortable on the bed. We exchanged hello's and once the caretaker left I immediately started to ask her questions. She didnt hold back. She told me that it was a very painful experience and if she had known it was going to feel this way afterwards she would have never did it. Of course this scared me but I also understand that everybody's pain tolerance is different. I will see for myself tomorrow! :) The caretaker is wonderful! She was very helpful in giving me all of the information she thought I would need. She offered me food and drinks and wanted to make sure I was comfortable. She made me a chicken salad that was delicious. She is SUPER clean and wore gloves anytime she was touching food. I am very impressed with the service level. Tomorrow I meet Grace and Lordes. I have heard such great things about them and if they are anything like Kathy I am sure I will be just as impressed. The recovery house takes off so much pressure. I cant imagine staying at a hotel and having the stress of planning everything out. The driver will be here at 730. My surgery is scheduled for 830 in the morning! Well wish me luck dolls because tomorrow I will be an official SALAMA DOLL! I will make sure to update pictures and give detailed information of my total experience. Alright ladies...I WILL SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE OF BOOTYLAND!

Officially Salamfied

Well dolls i made it on the other side. I am still feeling groggy but thought i would provide a quick update. I have attced some before and after shots and i must admit my body looks great! My pain on a scale of 1 to 10 is about a 2 but im super sorr and stiff. Sleeping is very uncomfortable. Ladies i HIGHLY Recommend staying at a recovery house. The experience has beem amazing. You need to be with people who know what they are doing. Its well worth the money Grace is AMAZING and so is the food. I am still very swollen but Dr. Salama did exactly what i asked him. His bedside manner is awesome. Rhis surgery is tough but if you think positive you will be fine. I will update more later. Back to bed i go!

40 Year Old Mom Who Wanted a Banging Body

Dr. Salama and his entire staff was Amazing! I could not have asked for more. The recovery house is a MUST! Grace and her staff have been pute heaven. So far this has been an amazing experience. The surgery is tough so please make sure to follow the doctor's instructions and you will be fine. Inbox me if you want to talk in more detail. Good luck dolls!

Day 4 post op

Last night was the worst from a sleeping perspective. Your body is so stiff and sore that you cant sleep for long periods of time. I woke up every hour on the hour and was miserable today. Today was also my first massage. I was dreading the worst but the massage was not as bad as some has made it out to be (at least for me anyway). Make no mistake it is uncomfortable but it was bearable. I felt 100 times better after the massage so it was definitely worth it. After the massage i felt sick and lightheaded and could not wait to get back to the recovery house. Once i got there i took some medicine and laid down. I woke up feeling much better. Grace cooked some esquisite food and once i ate i felt so refreshed. This surgery is day by day and your feelings are all over the place. One day you are up and one day you are down. Overall i am happy with my results and my doctor. Im just patientently waiting to see my final results down the road. Good luck to any future dolls. Its a difficult journey but staying positive will make all the difference in the world. I will continue to update my journey as i go. Fyi i would not suggest you do yout arms with yout bbl. You need your arms for EVERYTHING. I cannot imagine not having them to assist me. Your body is so stiff....your arms will be yout lifeline. Dont do them at the same time!!!


Well dolls I know its been awhile since my last update. Let me just tell you that this recovery process is HARD AS HELL! Overall my experience was amazing and my pain was not too bad but the stiffness and soreness can be overwhelming to say the least. This recovery has been bipolar. One day you feel okay and the next day you curse the day you ever decided to put yourself through this. Dr. Salama and his team are simply amazing. I have ZERO complaints about his bedside manner nor his staff. The recovery house was just heaven sent. I URGE anyone getting this procedure to stay at a recovery house! The first 3 to 5 days are the absolute hardest and you need to be around people who know what they are doing and can anticipate your every need and want. I literally do not know what I would have done without Grace and Lordes from Dr. Salama's recovery house. I cant stress how important they were to my post op care. I received my first massage 2 days after surgery and I must admit it was NOT AS BAD as alot of girls made it out to be. I went in thinking the worst but I was pleasantly surprised. It was uncomfortable but not really that painful. My therapist was Eyleen and she had the hands of an ANGEL. She was simply amazing at giving lymphatic massages. After your first massage they will put you in your stage 2 garment which is TIGHT AS HELL! OMG! I could not sleep in it so I put on my stage one for sleeping (the therapist said this was okay). My surgery included 2 massages but if you give a review on realself they will give you one free one which saves you $70 or so. Please take advantage of it. My back drain was removed on my second massage and it didnt hurt AT ALL! You barely feel it. I was also lucky that my front drain was taken out on my 3rd massage! The front drain burned a little coming out but it wasnt too bad at all. I am so happy I went home drain free. Some girls have to go home with the front drain!

I stayed at the recovery house for 10 days and I was definitely ready to come home. I missed my bed and my son. The plane ride was the worst because we had turbulence the entire flight and I was not able to stand AT ALL. I had to sit on my boppy in the most uncomfortable position for 2 hours. UGGGH!!! Once home it felt good to stretch out on my bed but I must admit I did miss the care and support of Grace and Lordes. The hardest part of about this recovery is laying on your stomach constantly. I simply hate it and cannot wait until I am able to sit again. You dont realize how much you love to sit until you cant! My knees and elbows are just raw because you have to use them so much. The mornings are the worst for me. I am completely sore and stiff and it is the most uncomfortable feeling EVER! My tummy and back is completely numb! Its a weird feeling because the skin layer is numb but underneath its sore! I take my pain medicine only at night and thats just to help me sleep. I am not in any real pain. The first 5 days after surgery is the worst for sleeping. Its like you cant get comfortable no matter how hard you try. I was up like every 2 hours and now I am able to sleep most of the night maybe waking up once to readjust my sleeping position. I am now 12 days post op and feeling much better. I cant wait to shed these garments. Having to wear them 23 hours a day is rough but I know its necessary to get the shape you desire. My swelling is going down and to be honest I never measured my butt. I decided not too because I heard all about booty greed and I did not want to get caught up in it. I will wait a few weeks before I measure. I must admit I did try on a few clothes and my ass looks FABULOUS!!! I am just hoping my booty stay as it is right now. I would hate to lose any more volume because I WILL NOT DO A ROUND 2!! However I am open to a revision if I see any unevenness which Salama will do for minimal cost. A revision is not as invasive as a full BBL. I cant imagine going through this again.

Tomorrow I have my first massage at home and I SOOO looking forward to it. The therapist is coming to my home. If all goes well I will hire her for the remaining 7 massages I have out of the 10 required by Salama. I also ordered a massager so that my boyfriend can assist me in massaging myself after I finish with the therapist. My tummy is fairly smooth with a few lumps but thats fluid and should smooth out with the lympahtic massages. I will let you all know how that goes tomorrow.

I will be updating pictures tomorrow so that you all can see my progress. I am also open for any questions. If you want to talk to me directly please feel free to inbox me your number and I will call you and answer anything questions you may have. I know how important it was to me prior to surgery to ask a ton of questions so I want to help anyone going through the same thing. See ya next post!

Im open for any questions about BBL!

Hey future BBL dolls! If you have any questions please inbox me your number and I will be happy to answer all of them for you! I will give you my honest opinion based on my surgery and recovery process! Good luck!

New pics

Well i am 2 weeks and 1 day post op and this thing is still a roller coaster. I must admit i feel much bettet than i did last week so thats a positive that i am looking forward to moving forward. I had another massage today and my therapist is AMAZING! She is mobile in the Atlanta area so let me know if you need her number.

Before and After pics

Its amazing when you see your old self vs your new self!

New pics!

I am 5 weeks post op and feeling much better than the previous weeks. This journey has been HARD but each day seems to get better and better. I have been diligent in getting massages. I have been getting 2 a week since I returned home. They help ALOT! It's very important to smoothing out any lumps or hard spots. I have no lumps and only one numb hard area that's softening everyday. The garment is still a nightmare. I took my garment in for alterations so I would not have to buy another one. I hate to wear the garment 23 hours a day and I cannot wait to when I can wear it for a half a day. Dr. Salama recommmends 8 weeks but every other doctor that I have researched varied with how long to wear it with the average being 3 to 6 weeks. I will be 6 weeks on Monday and I think I will start wearing it half a day but I will use my cinher on top of the garment when I do have it on. I have no swelling anymore which is the primary use of the compression garment. The cincher will help with body contouring even more so I am excite to start that process. I have no pain but I am still tender and sore in the lipo areas. I have also found that when I have taken my garment off I feel vulnerable and weird. I feel more sore after having it off for awhile..its very odd. Also Please buy a heating pad. It has been so helpful in my recovery. Well I will update more later. Please don't hesitate to ask questions. I have no problems answering.

Before and After

Wow! The before and after is astonishing!

12 weeks FINALLY!!

I have not been on here for awhile, this recovery has been SERIOUS! Things are finally starting to feel kind of normal. I am sitting now all the time and it feels completely normal. I still don't sleep on my back or side but its easy for me because I never slept that way before. I still wear my garment with a waist cincher on top. At 12 weeks I technically don't have too but it helps tremendously. I still get massages but have scaled back from twice week to once a week. It is a MUST for healing and smoothing out any hard spots from lipo.

My ass still looks AMAZING! I feel like its more full thn it was 2 weeks ago. I'm holding around 43inches. My waist is 30. I wish it was smaller but my body looks awesome. I could not be happier with Dr. Salama's work. I know some girls want more or a round 2 BUT NEVER will I go through this again. This healing process was HELL!! Thank goodness I Love my results!!!!

Before and After! Wow what a difference!

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