New date! January 7th! - Miami, FL

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I have been on this website for the past two weeks...

I have been on this website for the past two weeks just staring and obsessing over all the nice bodies and wish pics I have seen on here. Who could have thought this would ever be possible! I am so excited to share my story on here throughout this journey and hope to be a good success story. I have sent in my deposit for DR. SALAMA in Florida. I have never been so excited to be out $$$ and to be in debt! haha... and I am SERIOUS!
This is such an exciting moment for me. I actually also feel a bit rebellious because I am not going to tell one soul about this! (Except my husband who will help in this). Other than him, I am ALONE! I live in Utah where if someone got a boob job the whole city would know. I am not even joking. I pretty much know a lot of people and if someone found out about me they would tell their mom, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, .etc and at the end I would know someone in there. Plastic surgery is not common around here( hence I have to travel 2,500 miles there and back). I am excited to be doing this for my self. I am so nervous and Its still 5 months to go. I hope it goes by fast!

175 days to go. before weight gain challenge pics

So I am posting my pics that I took to send to Cynthia. I am currently trying to gain a couple pounds. My measurements now that I have been eating are 36-36-38 5'5 135. I was initially 125 . I am stilll trying to gain 15 more so that I can have the huge butt I want.

I can't wait..

I wish my surgery was like now. It would be..but I can't quit my job all of a sudden. Like they say " don't burn your bridges" right? 155 days left.. Ugh!

150 days to go... depressive status

Time is going soooo slow.!
I am getting so depressed. I don't like being chubby and I got ahead of myself and gained some weight. I am like 140 ish now. I went to a thanksgiving get together and someone said I was heavier.. :(
I took like an hour just trying out all of my closet because my jeans won't fit and I wanted to look good at this party. I gave up and just went something casual. I feel like not even going out anymore until I do this. I wish it was like around the corner but the more I think about it the further it gets.
I just want my self confidence back.
It seems like its gone.
I have a husband who I just love with all my heart but he is the main reason I am doing this for.
He likes big butts and I undr=erstand why .. but I just which he loved me how I am with no modifications. I know that his love would fade if I don't get this butt lift. I feel like my marriage is on the line. .. Luckily we dont have no kids. .and I know most people would just say to leave him , but we all know its harder than that.
SO yea... I want to do it for myself too , dont get me wrong.. I think I would be able to myself again without thinking about what others think of me or looking at all the women's body comparing it to mine or checking if my hubby is gogling over the girl at the mall. I am just sooo insecure. I can't blame no one but myself.. but I just need some loving and some security..
ok well that was me letting it all out... now if April could just hurry up.


My appointment is in April I need one closer!!!Anybody out there looking to switch!??!?!?!Please let me know!!!!

One month away!!

So I have been going through so much since I last updated. I had a separation in my marriage and it was just horrible. I was lost and confused. I recently got a big check for a claim from an accident i had a couple years ago. I decided to put it all in the surgery. I am so desperate to have my confidence back that I didn't care to use that money for another use. I am also in a hurry to get this done so I asked for such a huge favor to get an earlier date. Someone cancelled and I got a January 7th date instead of April. I am quitting my job and going by myself. I will be staying in the Serenity Retreat for 7 days.Let me know if any of you are going to be there as well!
I am excited.. but I'm reallly scared of doing this all by myself.

sooo close but yet so far away. help!

I have like 14 days or so and I cannot wait. I haven't really prepared. Not sure what I am supposed to be doing. I am flying 2k miles to florida.. staying at the recovery retreat. I'm all paid for. Just got to send in my clearance and get my prescriptions filled. . I'm just taking a carry on luggage. I figured I'm not leaving anywhere for 9 days might as well just take the bare necessities. Packing sweats, yoga ants, tshirts, loose shirts,robe, slippers, undies, sports bras, socks and sneakers. Am I missing anything? I hope some of you vets could help me by letting me kbow if I need something. Ill be buying urinal and bandages over there. As well as lotions (don't want the hassle of the TSA) please let me know what else is necessary until I get back home ?

9days to go .. afraid I won't have enough fat, pics

Soo.. I really think its surreal. Nine days to go??? I went to the store last night to buy some bromelain ? I don't know why but I see you vets use it and I think I read it somewhere that I should one week before.. anyways.! I'm going to drink a pritein ake in the morning and one at night until I leave. I wish to have results like puertoriccan girl and sponge bob chika. Here are my nine day pre op pics

Ultimate Wish pic

I would loooovvveee to have a body like this !

Oops here's the pic

getting on a plane tomorrow

Sooo...tomorrow night I leave for florida.. I still have a lot to do. I decided I'm just going to take a carry on and my purse. I'm going to be staying at the serenity recovery retreat for like nine days. .. I imagine I won't be leaving the house much so I'm just taking the bare minimum. I figure I'll just wash what I need. I picked up all my prescriptions yesterday. I need to make a list of what I need to buy over there... so far I knowbi need to buy
arnica gel
Dial soap
Lotion? (But which kind?)
And I can't think of what else lol.. if you girls think of anything let me know lol.
One good thing that happened to me is that I got my period and it s ending tomorrow so I won't have to worry about that.. I wonder if justin the driver can take the long route and drive me by the beach pre op? I've never been to florida and would love to just see it one time. Afraid to ask lol... well ill post later when I arrive on monday for my pre op.

arrived in florida , serenity retreat

Sooo.. after six hours on the plane and two airports . I finally got to florida. Ill go into detail when I can get wifi signal for my ipad cuz doing it on the phone will take forever... I got to the office and I was expecting a fancy office like those on movies. It was a nice office.. I met I think nancy and Cynthia? And other ladies ..whichi shoukd know their names but its easier to talk to them on the phone than to put their names to a face lol.. they're all really pretty like you all have said.. I signed a stack of papers (felt like I was signing my life away).. they explained what was happening tomorrow and sent me on my way..justin the driver is super nice and irene the nurse at the recovery is just incredible. I am just sitting in the common room watching cops , eating chips and chatting with IRene..;) life is good..!! I am more excited than nervous about tomorrow.. took some colace so I can poop later lol.. my surgery is the second of the day... pray for me!!.. I will update tomorrow!!

I survived

I hate texting from my phone... eo its gonna be short.. I'm in pain.. but not too horrible.. I haven't even taken a pill. Jist antibiotics, iron... if I stand upp.. I get nauseated. . I tried to pee but nothing came out.. I've been drinking gatorade.. on my third cup.. had some lentil soup ..arlte some crackers.. now a banana... I'm soreeeeee

pics of the recovery houss

post op pics

Here u go girls.. its amazing what a shower can do.

a week post op. pics

So I've just been chilling at the recovery place.. I'm actually so excited to go home tomorrow. . I have been kinda bored just laying in my stomach watcjing tv.its nice having company though. Love all the chicas that are here. One of them is leaving tomorrow too. Had lots of fun with her!. My swelling has been going down lotttt. ..hoping it stops!!I fell in love with the swollen size :(. My stomach looks niiice..I don't have burns or bumps . Nothin g! The only thing is that I'm draining too much in my back still that they weren't able to take it out yesterday in my 2nd massage. I also draining less on front but stil not enough to have that t aken out.. my flight leaves tomorrow.. I have a final post up nd I am paying for an extra massage too. I hope sooo much that I don't have to fl y with any drains. The front drain is like pussyvat the incision nd it hurts so much if its not positioned right.. I feel good. Ive only taken the percocets for massages and occasional headache. My bowel movement didn't hurt it was actually too soft and all yhe ones ve been having have been every morning and they so runny ish that sometimes I feel like I won't make it. Tmi lol. Love this recover center. I feel healthy because there's no junk food. I eat yuuummy meals.. and have a caring lady that is there for anything I need. Nd I mean everything. One of them helped me pee the first few days, showered me and helped me get dressed. Ill yo into details once I'm home and ina laptop. Heres some pics of like pre op and couple days later

forgot these pics


3 1/2 weeks post op!! pics

Ok.. so now i have a computer and felt inspired to type. lol
This is going to be long so hope you got time.
So I'm home now and its been like 2 weeks since i've been home .
I miss all the nice ladies that helped me at the serenity recovery retreat. That place is like heaven on earth after surgery. I loved Liz she was like a mother to me and Grace was also like a mother and super nice. I loved staying there.
The last day in Florida I had a post op and a 3rd massage which i paid extra for. I also paid for an extra garment so that I could have the extra compression. I had little drainage within the last 48hours so they decided to take out both of my drains( the back one should have been removed on day 7 but I went in day 6 for my 2nd massage and it was draining too much. ) The back drain didn't really hurt. The front drain had been bothering me the last 48 hours to the point that I couldn't even sleep because it was pinching me and I couldn't find a way to sleep and position myself. I couldn't even move because every little step the entrance to the front drain would move and I would be like " ooohh aahh ooooo" lol When ?Noemi took out the front drain on my 3rd massage day 8 ... and IT HURT MORE THAN THE ACTUAL SURGERY!!! IT was helll!!!!!!!! it burned as she touched it and it burned as it came out.. and it even burned like until 2 days after.. !!! yup ... I think that if I ever wanted a round 2 I would not do it just thinking of this ..
Alsoooo, I had a little rash inside my inner thigh and it was pretty wide and I told Dr. Salama about it on my last day and he said it was a fungus from the urine, blood, and fluid that might have runned down. He gave me a prescription for a powder called Nyacin. It was like 70 dollars for like 4 oz of powder. yup..
Its gone now.. but it left me a little like dark spot almost like a birthmark. hope it goes away..

Sooo.. the plane ride.. I had a 8 hr flight with one connection in Detroit.. The first plane ride it was empty so I had a row to my self in the back so i just put a fleece rolled up blanket underneath my thighs and the boppy pillow in my back and i was holding my weight with my legs. I had given the note to the stewardess and she was nice. She would check up on me often.. They only had a medium lonnng garment at the office and so they cut it below my knees. Since I had my knees bent in the plane then it rose up and cut into my circulation behind my knees.. I had to ask the nice lady to help me after everyone was getting off but there was still some people there when she was pulling down the garment off my knees and she just said i had spine surgery.. embarrasing....
Detroit airport is like a long 1-mile strip of terminals and when i got off it just happened to be on the other side.. SOOO I had the pain of the front drain burn.. was stiff.. the garments and clothes made me hot.. and i had to walk for like 20 minutes.. and at the speed i was going it took me literally 30 mintues.. and my second flight was already boarded..
I had to pee and since i didn't know how to pee with the garment and the big butt.. Itried but was getting myself all wet so i stopped.. and just boarded the plain.. which was packed.. i had the second to last row and had to sit on the boppy pillow and at times i would hold my weight with my legs but i was already soo tired from doing that for the last 3 hours and the walking and the holding my pee that just drained me. I just gave up and took a nap on and off the next 2 hours.. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to be home!!!!!!!!! I had my husband pick me up and since I hadn't seen him in 2 weeks it was kinda nice.. He was like crying to see me so i guess that means that hope isn't completely lost for us.

Being home: I quit my job so I have been just cooking and cleaning and laying around.. yupp..
I am bored out of my mind! but thankful that I don't have to sit on this bum!
I am 43 inch on butt.. 31 on waist and 35 on chest. ..
I am happy with my results.. I just started my birth control again because I have irregular periods so I had my period after i got home even though i had just finished it when i arrived in florida(12 days difference) So I have been also getting lymphatic/deep tissue combo massages 2 a week at my massage envy.. They work wonders!!!!!!!!
I feel like a have a bit of fat on my abs.. but I wont complain because it beats being burned plus its still flat.. I can just work it out.
I don't take any meds and I drink alot of water..
I feel normal .. until I go grocery shopping and I feel so tired from walking so much.
My life at home is weird.. surreal.. my hubby is extra nice to me and it almost seems like we are on honeymoon. I have never seen him so affectionate to me( no sex yet) and its freaking weird .. I just play along. I mean ..why complain about someone being nice to you. I really appreciate his help. He brings home the bacon, helps me around the house, takes me places, and helps me put all my foams. and tight garments.

I am on a medium garment with a small waist cincher(faja). I just ordered a 2xs waist cincher to see a more of a reduction in my waist. I would like a 27 inch waist..

SO yea.. hope all you girls are doing good!
miss all the girls at the recovery retreat. I still text with one of them almost every day!
This surgery is one of akind and you meet one of a kind people!

more pics

7-8 wks review with pics..

Soo.. I've been lazy to write a
Well I stopped massages after massage ten.. now my hubby does them once a week. ..btw.. is our relationship is good now.. which is weird lol.. I'm still not working.. I started sitting without boppy this weekend bcuz I went to a wedding.. felt weird but not bad.. I've been liftin weights for the last four weeks. . Just torso though.. I think its helped with yhe nerves and swelling. ..
I have also bought a vedette waist cincher xs and aa garment thong. ( I think its called tania) its nice.. I stilk put the foam and ab board bcuz I can see it helps better.. I try to have those on all the time whrn I'm home..
When I leave the house I don't wear anything. . When I go to the gym I put albolene cream which ceases my itchiness, a clean tank top, and the sauna belt. It all helps bcuz all though I might be working on my arms , ill be sweaying my stomach! My friend told me about albolene helping sweat water even more!
I'm so glad I got yhis surgery. My butt has gone down in swelling but it looks mine now and not fake. Although I still get confused looks fron yhe ppl that knew me. Lol o well.


I'm almost 4months.. it seems like just yesterday. I stilll wear my garment, ab board, and cincher to sleep and be around house. I just got the vedettewaist cincher in xxs. . My measurements are 36-31-43 my weight it holding at 150lbs. I had my first embarrassment yesterday at a nee gym where two guys asked my husband when I walked away if it was real and that it didn't match my legs . It made me realize that I do look different. In feel the same but its all in my head. I go to the gym 5 days a week. I eat a lot because I'm not trying to lose weight just tone my upperbody. I only do lower body once a week. I'm focusing on my upper body. .
I just started a job two weeks ago and its only part time. I sit the whole time but take a small cushion to put under my legs so I don't put too much pressure. .. before that I wasn't really sitting unless u went to the movies or to eat. I don't sit when I'm at home. I'm kneeling over a futon or laying on my stomach. I only sleep on sides or stomach. I get a massage once a month.
I also barelyyyy startes wearing jeans. Im size 10-12. And the waist doesnt fit. I dont wear them tight because i dont want pressure.. And so yea!

1 year post op.

My measurements are 36-32-45. I am typing on the phone Nd ill just let the pictures talk for themselves. I weigh 165 now.
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