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Hello ladies, I am new to RealSelf so I'm not...

Hello ladies,
I am new to RealSelf so I'm not sure if I am even posting this in the right section, anywho, It is hard for me to gain weight so I fill like a few months after I have my son will be the best time to get the surgery. I have been obsessed with bbl since I discovered this site.

Realistically I am not financially ready, but I feel I can make it work with the right payment plan. I am considering Dr. Salama, I have read some pretty good reviews for him and I like the before and after pics. My main concern is keeping the fat. I am skinny by nature and I am afraid that the fat won't hold. I am 5'2 and 125 lbs, I want a bu-dunk-a-dunk so I'm not sure how much weight I should gain. Does anyone out there have a similar situation or suggestions?

So after doing some more research I discovered I...

So after doing some more research I discovered I have to wait 6 whole months after I have the baby for the surgery! It makes sense to ensure that everything heals properly but it seems so far away! I guess it will give me more time to save up and prepare my body for the surgery. I want to gain some weight and also build some muscle in my thighs... I don't want to walk around with chicken legs and a jumbo booty...

So I FINALLY BOOKED MY DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 24,...

So I FINALLY BOOKED MY DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 24, 2013!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!! Nancy was very helpful and talked to me for a while so I feel very comfortable. This date will work perfect for me because my Hubby will have that Monday off bc of the holiday so he will only need to take off Friday to take me to surgery. It is a huge relief. I started work and I wear padded panties, so that it won't be such a drastic difference. Plus my stomach is so big that the pads helps me proportion everything. One of my coworkers has a ba-dunka-dunk and sits on a pillow so she may be on this site too :) I think it would be awkward to ask her even though her ass seems to be a popular subject around the office. I am going to get a pillow next week, my tailbone has been killing me bc of the pregnancy. Now I just need to budget my money wisely so that I can afford the surgery. I haven't told my hubby about putting down the deposit yet... maybe next month.....

I am getting really nervous about this whole...

I am getting really nervous about this whole procedure. I hate the fact that my insecurities about my body are so strong, and I am afraid that I may ruin my body. Overall I am happy with my shape. I have always been naturally thin, and I have nice breast. I have been insecure about my “flat” ass since junior high, but never knew that anything could be done until I heard about butt injections. I did research found out it was not FDA approved and that women were losing their lives over it... NOT WORTH IT!!! Then I heard about butt implants, I thought it was perfect until I read that many surgeons don’t recommend it because of complications. When I heard about the bbl the majority of women I saw who had the procedure started off big so it made me skeptical on how my results would be if I gained weight specifically for the surgery. I have seen Dr. Jimerson do some amazing work on thinner women, but he is way out my price range. My main concerns are: fat retention, the recent cases of seroma, and also the appearance of my stomach after the surgery. Some women after lipo have very unnatural looking stomachs. I have seen some great results with Dr. Salama and I have also seen some that I personally would not be satisfied with. I plan on moving my consultation up from April to sometime in January. I want to know how much weight I need to gain for my desired results. I just want to look like I was blessed with a banging body, I don’t want people to look at me and know I had work done. Starting January I will keep you updated with my weight gain, I try not to post too much bc my surgery is so far away… Anywho, I am continuously reading all of your reviews and wishing all you all a speedy recovery. Much love and happiness

Hey ladies, I haven't posted in a while because...

Hey ladies,
I haven't posted in a while because my surgery date was sooo far away but now it is sneaking up on me! Between my two babies and school I am exhausted and often look up at the clock and realize I haven't eaten all day. I wanted to only have healthy fats by eating more healthy meals but I have not gained anymore weight. I am at 136 lbs now and my goal weight is 145. So starting today its Mission Pig OUT! I do not want to spend that much money and not get the results I desire! I have the money for the surgery (thank goodness!!!!!!) and I will probably start gathering supplies sometime soon. I am so tired wearing butt pads and lifters and having to change outfits bc it looks to stiff and unrealistic. At first my hubby was not thrilled with me spending this much on a surgery but he seems to be warming up to it. I'm thinking it's bc he hates my butt pads and he is an ass man. I wish you ladies safe surgeries and speedy recoveries!!! Much luv

ps. I see they added the option to remove pics! I guess I will add some soon!

Hey ladies, So I talked to Nancy and scheduled my...

Hey ladies,
So I talked to Nancy and scheduled my breast augmentation for so far away. But it will give me time to recover from my bbl and also save.
I cant't believe my BBL is less than 2 months away!!!! I still haven't gotten any supplies, but I am working on a list.
What did you tell your employers to get time off of work? I am not sure how to go about it bc I do not want them to know I am taking time off for cosmetic surgery, but they require my doctor to fill out a form so idk...

Hey Ladies, So I am really stressed about taking...

Hey Ladies, So I am really stressed about taking time off from work. My husband's job just signifigantly decreased his hours and I found out I don't qualilfy for FMLA. My job offers short term dissability but after doing research they specifically state they will not cover cosmetic surgeries. I spoke with Nancy and they are not willing to "impravise" on my form so that I can take time off. I'm not sure what I'm going to do :(

Hey ladies, right now I'm standing in my kitchen...

Hey ladies, right now I'm standing in my kitchen forcing myself to guzzle down 3 ensure drinks. I don't know why but my body does not want to hold on to this fat!!!! I'm praying that I have enough fat! My pre-op is on May 1 so I'll let you know what the doc says! I'll probably post updated pics then

So I went to my pre-op apt. today and met Dr. S he...

So I went to my pre-op apt. today and met Dr. S he told me that I need to gain 10 more lbs!!!! I've already gained 20 lol so on my way home from work I'm going to have to stop by the store and get anything and everything that is high in carbs!! Nancy is a sweetheart, his whole staff is great! I filled out all the paperwork and got my prescriptions. Now this is actually starting to feel real to me. I can't believe I only have 23 more days!!!! My nerves are starting to kick in. I've been stocking this sight and I'm loving the results on all our beautiful RS ladies. I wish you all a speedy recovery and thank you for sharing your stories and pictures with us! Much love and happiness *muah*

My surgery got moved up to May 21!!!!! I’m...

My surgery got moved up to May 21!!!!! I’m still stuffing my face and I’m sick of eating. This weekend I filled all my prescriptions and my insurance covered that and my lab work! Last week had an embarrassing incidinent.... So I would always joke to my hubby about how my coworkers always break their necks to look at me when I walk by bc I wear butt pads to work. And I would joke to my hubby saying one day I’ll show up without my butt pads and really give them something to talk about…. Well I clocked in to work, sat down and realized I wasn’t wearing my butt pads!!! So I sat at my desk all day! Half hour before I got off I was dying because I had to pee so badly!!! Also funny story about my doc visit: My doctor asked me what surgery the blood work was for and I told him lipo, he said he didn’t understand, if I did like 5 sit-ups I would be skinny again. I told him I was transferring that fat to my butt and he smiled and said “oh I see, you girls are crazy these days” It was really fast and my Medicaid covered it!!!!Now I’m just waiting on the results! Lol the manager of the clinic came to talk to me and she was like. “Ma’am you know Medicaid won’t pay for your plastic surgery?” I started laughing that never even crossed my mind. This weekend I'll upload new pics with my weight gain

So I just have to give a shout out to NikkiNyce,...

So I just have to give a shout out to NikkiNyce, she has been such a sweetheart in this whole process!!! I don't know what I would do without her! Dr. Perry did a great job with her!

Any suggestions for Food to eat After SX????

I'm going grocery shopping today and so far my must haves are gaterade, Low Sodium soup, and pineapples besides that I am not sure what to get. Any imput would be appreciated!!! I am medically cleared to go WHoop WhoOP!

OMG 2morrow's my day!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have everything I need, got my hair braided, did a deep clean of my house, and lost a pound *tear* My weight has been 145 the past 2 mornings...I'm going to post before pics tonight. I gained 27 lbs for this surgery and I still don't think it's going to be enough...but I know hes got the magic touch.

Pre op pics

146 lbs

Add post op pics tomorrow feel better than expected. It just hurts to get out of bed and pee (every 30 min) keep bumping this ass into things I have to be careful just not use to it love it. Hubby is great. All for now

All this booty

He put 1200 CCs on each side I feel good sometimes other times not so good. Feel blessed my hubby has been amazing. Dr. S really did his thing!!!

Day 2 post op

So I had my surgery on Tuesday for the first time ever my mom could not watch the kids this week until Friday so my hubby was not able to go to the surgery center with me. He just dropped me off. I was very nervous I felt comfortable bc I didn't see anyone else there and I didn't feel rushed at all. Dr. S took pictures and marked me up and then I went into the room for surgery. I laid down got my IV in and then he told me I would feel a slight sting and then fall asleep. I kept praying over and over again and had images of my children in my head till I dozed off. I woke up laying in a hospital bed on my tummy in my garment I asked for water then went back to sleep. Next time I was up my boyfriend was there. The nurse put me in the wheel chair and took me down stairs. I didn't want to get in the car. My whole body hurt. Got home ate soup took vitamins and meds slept and walked around every hour. When I stand to long I feel like I'm going to pass out, but when I lay too long I get stiff. My ass is huge. Update more later

Massage today pray for me!!!!

I'm up taking my 15 min walk decided to update you. I've been doing a lot better than expected. Took my first shower today it felt soo good my husband washed my garment and it was a bitch getting that mutha back on. Only Drinking powerade or water eating lots of pineapple for swelling. The funnel has been a life saver. Make sure you bring someone who loves you bc you will need a lot of assistance first two days and you want them to be patient w u and emphasize w ur pain. Oh my husband said my booty is starting to soften up n jiggle a little when I walk. I have to stop him from rubbing on it when he cares for my incision I like it!!

Survived my massage

I had my message with Cellia she said I was the first person who hasn't cried so far today. The back was ok but the stomach was unbearable. When I got home my bf pointed out a dent in my butt that wasn't there b4 the massage. I'm trying not to get upset imma wait n see what happens

I pooped!!

So this morning after my hubby left I got the urge to do the do. I took @dabootys advice and squatted facing the toilet w the seat up and it went better than I expected. Ladies take ur stool softeners. Afterwards I took a shower and tried to put my boards n garment back on. I got dizzy had to lay down. Also didn't sleep well last night the thong part is killing me and after the massage I can feel the whole drain stick thing inside me it's real tender kills when I lay on it

8 days post op

Met with dr. S today he said I'm looking good and will probably remove my front drain either Friday or Monday. Tuesday morning I was about to take a shower when I removed my garment my stomach started churning. I swear I didn't think I would ever stop popping. That's it for me and the stool softeners. Had my 2nd massage loved my therapist, can't remember her name, she was very informative played soft music and gave me a full body massage. Most painful part of the massage isy sides and my stomach. Nomie removed my back drain it didnt hurt. My vajayjay is swolen at the top of the v part. It looks crazy. Dr said it would go away. I feel like my results are perfect for my shape. About to get some sleep before the kids get home.

Sorry Ladies

Hey ladies sorry I’ve been MIA life has been hectic. Between kids, school, and work I am tired! I started back at work at 2 weeks po. I was not ready, but bc of this surgery I could not afford to have an unpaid leave. So once my vacation days ran out I was back. The first day I went back to work I still had my front drain in. I wore baggy clothes so no one noticed any difference. I go to get a massage and my front drain removed on my lunch break. I was rushing and forgot to take my pain meds. Let’s just say it was an experience! Nomie took out the stitches then used one hand to push on my pelvic area and the other to yank out the drain. There is a pretty large hole in my skin. They put Neosporin type ointment and gauze over it. Afterwards I went in the bathroom and cried lol. I was asking myself why I was putting myself through all this. I’m wearing foam and boards I am in desperate need of a smaller garment or even waist cincher but I have to wait until I get paid. I LOVE my results, I feel more feminine with these beautiful curves ladies!!! I am truly grateful for Dr. Salama. I'm using my work computer so I cannot post pics, but I will soon!

Here are Some pics

I know you've been waiting! I am loving my results hoping to get my waist smaller with my new garment!
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