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Greetings All, I am from UK, jus turn 23. I have...

Greetings All,

I am from UK, jus turn 23. I have 2 boys which I feel blessed about because I DID NOT want any girls. I am 182 pounds so I know I have a lot of fat dat can be removed & also transferred.

I had 2 kids in 2 years before kids I had:
~ Nice small button nose
~ Nice, round, high, perky breast people use 2 ask me if they are fake
~ Flat belly, Tiny waist line
~ Slim & trim, don't have 2 go a gym
~ Beautiful skin & complexion

It's all gone & I want dis ALL back!

I am going to get 3 procedures this year:
1. Rhinoplasty with Dr Toby Mayer in Beverly Hills
2. Breast Lift with Implants with Dr Moisés Salama
3. Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr Moisés Salama

I'm also going to get my tattoo removed dats on my breast, here in de UK.

~ Weight: 182 pounds (Haven't weighed myself recently)
~ Height: 166cm (I tink dats 5'4)
~ Bra Size: 36 DD
~ Waist: 35 inches (where my belly button is)
~ Hips: 45 inches (under bum)

I'm EMBARRASED about des measurements!

Breast - I'm a DD I tink or abit bigger. To be honest I don't know my bra size. After my breast surgery I want to be jus a D cup or a full C.

BBL - I know I can have 1800cc's each cheeks but I don't want so much. I think I will only get 1200cc's - 1300cc's each cheek only because some of the fat gets re-absorbed.

Tings I HATE about Real Self:

1. Ladies & B!+€#€$ out der reading dis, < (De only reason I referred 2 some of u as B!+€#€$ is because it seems like some of u come on here jus 2 B!+€#, FULL EXPLANATION BELOW, Keep reading) > why join Real Self if u don't want people 2 be der REAL SELF! Wen I read some reviews of patients who had a bad experience wid a particular Doc & they document their review some gal wanna come chat ish about hes a good surgeon & so on & wanna try say de person is lying. No surgeon is perfect jus because u had a good experience wid a surgeon doesn't mean EVERYBODY else will. If any of u see someone saying there surgeon did a bad job on dem, u don't need 2 come wid de B!+€#!N... Jus empathise or sympathise or jus pass their page instead of being ignorant.

2. I realise dat some ladies on here DO NOT follow pre &/or post op instructions & wen they don't get their desired results they wanna bash de surgeon! But it's ur fault, u started having sex too early so u probably took ur birth control pills too early or u stop wearing ur faja religiously or any other reason & dats y u don't have de results u want! Even if it's not UR FAULT & u followed pre & post op care properly jus remember dat EVERYBODY is different & some people fat will not last whereas others do! So it would be none of ur faults, u or de surgeon.

3. Wen u try 2 be a good person & help out a sista they wanna eat ur head off! Wen u see a gal going 2 a certain Doc & u know something bad about dat surgeon i.e. a death happen under his or her care & u inform ur RS Sista & then they wanna get MADD. We are all here 4 de same reason so we should & are jus helping each other out by being informative which is EXTREMELY HELPFUL.

4. U say a simply ting 2 someone & they take it 2 heart! It's like wat de F#%K, we are ALL adults on RS. Are u dat soft! Ladies wen communicating with some1 via text & not in person tings can come across differently or rude.

# Just Curious Here!
5. Why do u ladies say " I'm gonna get BBL & Lipo "? A Brazilian Butt Lift consist of liposuction from unwanted area's of the body i.e. Abdomen, waist, flanks & any where else u desire. The fat is then transferred into de buttocks to achieve a rounder, fuller look. So if u jus say BBL, EVERY1 already knows ur gonna get lipo. Lol

I will upload my Pre Op Pics

Dats it 4 now ladies! If any1 is actually reading dis. Probably not but I'm giving back because I know I read a lot of reviews, so it's de least I can do!

Large Mi Up.. ..


Shout out 2 ALL de ladies around de World on RS, no matter where u are in de World, if ur a RS Sista BIG UP!!

A special shout out 2 de UK Ladies!

Here's my 'WISH' Pics & pics I love: ENJOY!! :-)

Rhinoplasty - Doctor CONFUSION!!

I am currently pregnant & due to have a baby soon, hopefully mid October. After this baby I plan to have my rhinoplasty done this year before Christmas.

But I'm sooo confused, my first choice was Dr Toby Mayer in Beverly Hills but a lady on RS said she heard he's rude & he has shaky hands. I have been researching this Doc for over a year now & was well set on him.

Since hearing this I'm now also thinking of changing to Dr Lawrence Lefkoff in Atlanta based on his results of RS member "MsMaamToYou"!

Now I'm so really confused but I do feel like Dr Mayer will give good results but hearing his hands are shaky puts me off abit. But if his hands are shaky would he be able to perform surgery properly!? I don't tink so. Wouldn't he just retire!?

I am Black by the way with a big nose. I have:
• Wide Bridge
• Broad tip
• Wide nasal base
• Poor projection

I will post pics of my nose soon!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far my patient co-ordinator, Cynthia Perez has been a Star! Will review Dr Salama properly after surgery even though I only hear good things about him.

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