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No disrespect to "ladyboys" however I have felt...

No disrespect to "ladyboys" however I have felt like one all my life. straight tiny pole all the way. I just wonder if Salama can work his magic on such an awkward shape.
Please ladies give me some feed back.
19 days to go and I will be flying from the UK to Miami. I thought it's time to write a little bit of something about myself.bthis site has been an eye opener and a great source of encouragement for me. One can look at butt all day without any fear of being prosecuted. Mouth
Multiple pregnancies and miscarriages, last ectopic pregnancy summer of 2014
I have always had a tiny rounded bottom with no hips but with age Gravity has taken his toll and just want some of the bottom back and pls some hips to make me look like a woman and stop feeling like a little girl. I have been wearing padded pants now for a few months hopefully after the surgery my entourage will not notice any big change. I have put on some weight with lots of struggle and my mum and sister think my bottom is awful and that I need to loose weight. Padded pants can give you some funny shape depending on wot you are wearing cannot wait to throw them away.

Weight gain process

I never thought gaining on some pounds would be so much of a hard work. I can clearly say that it just as stressful as loosing weight. Anyhow I did mange to gain some although most of it goes to my face and arm.
I do struggle to fit in most of my clothes and I am hoping that with the lipo I will still get into some. I cannot afford a full new wardrobe although I am excited about shopping!!!

A week to go

I will be taking a long journey to Miami from the UK to see Dr Salama. So far I give his team 100* for email responsiveness. Despite the distance and the time difference they made me feel at ease. My balance for the surgery was pay two weeks ago and for the recovery house yesterday. I did not manage to have two of the lab tests done here in the UK (cmp and another one) and Nomie has arranged for them to be taken place on the Monday a day after my arrival and that's was $200 dollars. I did not think it was bad since most of my lab were free here in the UK except of one that cost me £92 (English pounds)
The weight gain process has been everything but easy. I have always been on a slim side, however I did manage to gain some pounds the rest lie into Salama hands to put that smile on my face.
Although it would have been nice to achieve a Nikki Minaj booty it will be unrealistic for me to have my hopes that high. Because you get back from this suregy wot you give in the first place. I thought about having lipo of the tummy a few years ago before discovering this site, and today I am happy that you can use the fat harvested for good purpose. Although I will be asking Dr Salama not to waste a single drop of my fat my goal is to achieve a beautiful looking and snatched waist.
So far I am taking this opportunity to thank every single lady who has taken the time to write some words of encouragement towards me, because I believe this is what this site is all about. I wish luck to those who will be going under the knife very soon, and happy healing for everyone who is recovering.

call from Miami

Nome is brilliant she has just rang to give me the details of the driver that will be picking me up on Sunday from the airport to the Recovery house. I have had a Watsapp exchange with him and looking forward to meeting the team S.


Hello girls.
This is my first night in Miamy at the serenity recovery house. The house is very clean and Lourdes looks after you like a real mother. I have not had my surgery yet but feel that I made the right choice by choosing the recovery house.
Now for you girls travelling from the UK this is a very long flight and very boring. I am not sure if I did choose a wrong day of the week, but the airport was crazy i have never seen anything like that. Two hours still moving up the queue to see a passport control officer(she was nice though ). Please make sure you have a pen with you because you will need to complete an immigration paperwork. Have $5 in case you need the trolley for your suitcase. Be prepare to long queues. We landed at 6:30 local time 8:30 I was still at queue for exiting the airport. The driver tho!!! Nice guy and handsome he knows all about BBL. meeting up with the team this morning and tomorrow is my day I am hoping that every thing will go on well. Until then keep well girls.

Today is the day

In three hours time I will be meeting Dr Salama for my surgery. So far the recovery house has been a very good experience. Four all together, two ladies from the U.S. One from Swiss and myself. And we have a really good time. I will recommend a recovery house if you are travelling on your own.
However I am worried that I have lost some weight since I left the UK and I have no scale to weigh myself. Maybe not such a bad thing.

Day 5 post op

Hello ladies,
I do apologise for the delay in upgrading however I have not been finding the process of taking selfies easy at all. Let's say just say I have made it and each day sees me get stronger.
Operation day: I met up with Dr Salama and he really put me at ease he asked me all the questions and also answered mine with honesty. Naturally he said to me that my left butt was smaller than the right one and that we will need to fill it a bit more to camouflage the unevenness. ( I knew that was truth because my little boy always said to me "one of of bum is bigger than the other mummy" poor me I usually replied
Overall time spent with me was brilliant I can not fault EPS
When it comes to pain the first night was the easiest for me, I was still drugged from the anaesthesia and when I got back to the recovery house, I just slept, I woke up around 23:00hrs had some lentils stew and that I found delicious, had some help with the painkillers and went straight back to sleep. The next morning I was up and Walking. Unfortunately night 2 was the worse I did not take the pain medications on time and by the time I woke up pain has sets in and I could not turn myself into bed to even reach the phone by the bedside table and call the care taker. I thought I was was going to die. But let me tell you that this thing called survival instinct really exist. Somehow I managed after a long struggle to get out and call the care taker. By this time my body temp was so high but glad that by the morning I felt a lot better. But I did fight it to keep it down with regular Tylenol intake plus got drink.
Results I am still very stollen however I can see that my waist is starting to take shape, I can also notice that my left butt is slightly smaller than the right one hopefully once the swelling has gone down I will be closer to my end results. Will update post up photos on week 1

Day 13 PO

I am very happy with my results. I do not regret travelling all the way to Miami to meet Dr Salama. He loves his job he listens to his patients and he delivers.mimwasmworried meeting him the day of the op, however he put me at ease and I was relaxed before my surgery.
I told him I will b seeing him again very soon.
Thank you EPS Miami
Thank you Nancy you answered the phonen1st time I rang and u were a true sweetheart, Nomie you took over and thank you for your advice and all Alex thank you you gave me just the right dosage of anaesthetic allowing me to wake up and admire the work of Dr Salama, Grace I have said this to you before you are just an amazing Grace. Thank you thank you.
Girls pls be patients with me back to the UK next week will post pics. Decided to wait until swelling has subsided. Altho butt still very hard.mhoweverbthe most jaw dropping thing for me is my waist, cannot believe I have one and I am only 13'PO.
My son said: "mum when are you having your fat belly back? You look weird with a big button mummy".

13days PO

long flight back home

Made it home and it feels nice. Had an hr delay in Miami but made it without sitting at all.

week 4 PO

Loving my redults.
From a pole to this. Photo was taken a few hrs after shower and trying out some clothes my waist was expanding and could not wait to put on my garment

5 week PI tomorrow

One day short of of my week po I have lost an inch since not noticeable butt is softening am loosing my slope but that ok it's was way to aggressive. I have sent my XL and L Garment to alterations I now wear my waist clincher and garment on top working magic tummy now at 27 '
Would be nice to get it at 25 no harm in dreaming tho girl


I am 6 weeks PO in 3 days. But the lower part of my back is still very numb. How long does it take to regain full sensation? Is this the results of nerves damages?My butt is still very much the same in size and projection the same. Just trying not to loose weight although my face is so puffy looking. I suppose you can not have your cake and eat it 2.
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