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After reading all the posts negative and positive...

After reading all the posts negative and positive I have decided to give Dr.Salama a call... I will keep posting until I get it done. Right now I'm just researching and finding out as much information that I can get. If you have any advice or comments please feel free to write back.. However just want to let everyone know the reason for this procedure is as everyone else to achieve a better looking butt. I haven't felt confident about myself for a while now and decided to go do what going to make me happier a bigger booty. I have had smart loop before but wasn't satisfied with the results, paid too much and still bulky from my stomach, and left with a bigger problem my Arms and Back, which looks bigger than the test of my body! Hopefully Dr Salama will be able to fix this.

So I put my 10 % down but i can't waait until...

So I put my 10 % down but i can't waait until August to get it done I need a March date because of school and work. I'm planning to stay in MIA for 3 weeks so i need all the free time I can get. IF SOMEONE IS WILLING TO SWITCH OR WAIT UNTIL AUGUST PLEASE HIT ME UP ASAP.... I WILL LOVE YOU GUYS TO DEATH IF this HAPPENS!!!! Anyways I've been in contact with Cynthia who is helping me with this matter... she is sweet so far... havent spoken to anyone else yet. HELP!!! until next update my Sisters...

Can anyone that had BBL done, review on how their...

Can anyone that had BBL done, review on how their stomach, how does it feels and looks after healing!!!! I'm concerned because I like to show my belly in the summer.

I'm changing Dr. Final decision, I cant afford to...

I'm changing Dr. Final decision, I cant afford to have a nice butt for the first couple of months and then loose fat, also I don't want to get more butt and be left with a distorted stomach and back from the quick aggressive lipo perform by Dr. Salama. In addition girls RS don't keep on posting si we can see results 6 months to A year post op! I need results that can stay and don't mess up another part of my body!

Decisions, Decisions

I I think I'm going to DR


Trying to do this surgery has been really rough on me due to financial issues. I have always been a saver but there are always priorities before having a major surgery such as this one. However I am almost at the end of the race when it comes to my savings. As I mentioned before I chose Dr. Markmann, because after consulting many doctors including Dr. Salama and Dr. Jimerson whom were at the top of the list along with a Doctor from Dominican Republic, I made my decision based upon, knowledge, technique, credibility and personality. I fell in love the minute I walked in the office, with the staff although Trish is no longer there I'm left with Amy who is as helpful, Dr. Markmann was a sweetheart at the same time thorough, very realistic and stricken about his post op rule and regulations lol...... Although I left a deposit to secure a discount I left the office crying because I didn't know how in this world would I come up with nearly $20,000 including rent and food for the time I'm off limits....... Now a year later after many Susu (sociedad) I am finally ready to do my surgery... ps. If I could put 20 away in a year, next year I'm buying me a Benz for my new and improved Booty... Lol.... Who would've thought but I did, it and did it all by myself, by staying away from events, friends and the whole world literally !... I am so Happy! Excited! And Anxious at the same time......Lord be with me I'm scheduling my surgery day next week, let's hope Amy it's cool enough to get me a date in May, no one wants to be uncomfortable for the Summer so I plan on having it in May, so I can be more accessible and used to the itch and garment...... Ttyl my bbl sissy's

Pre-Op front

Pre-Op sides

New Profile/ *-Bootyready-*

Changed doctor again made a new profile! Check it out *BootyReady*

How can i change the Doctor in my profile?

I changed doctor and need to review him asap, I tried making a new page but I also reviewed the wrong doctor! Need help asap to give you girls a full review of my experience!

BBL Done! on June 12, 2014

I am dying to give you guys a full review of how amazing my surgery went, just waiting on kirsty to change my Doctor's information to do so......

pr-op to-do list

I started to get prepared weeks in advance before the Big day , I too the make me heal pre-op vitamins, some iron, and drank lots of water 1 month in advance! I also bought some necessary things like a urinal, a Go girl! A picker upper, A confty test pillow to be face down, And lots of baby flushable wipes...

Day Before Surgery Pics!

Day before June 11th

Back rolls, sad booty, big arms need to go!

surgery day

Girls, this is no joke... Starting with the anxiety you feel while at the waiting room!! My Surgery was schedule for 12:pm, I got there at 10:45am because I just couldn't be home with my anxiety, as I waited I got to meet Dr.Schulman's assistant Jay she was taking care of another patient but quickly came out introduced herself and have me a cup to urinate to do a pregnancy test. After I meet the nurse , by the way she knew Spanish which helped because my mom was my escort, she was the sweetest but for some reason I can't remember her name, she explained detail by detail everything I was going to feel before and after the surgery and made me feel better, she stepped out and the most important person came in (other than the Dr.) The anethesiologist which I begged to take care of me, while I was under.. lol... Then My cutie Doc came in, he marked me up and ask how big I want the booty, I replied not no video vixen booty but big enough for my body type!... I didn't even showed him my wish pic... I trusted him that much!!!

the Staff!

The staff at his office was the best although I some point I got frustrated because I had some issues with adding the abdominal area and arms to the procedure, because Dr. Schulman's BBL includes back, flanks, inner and outer thighs ONLY! I felt that if I didn't get my arms and belly the procedure had no sense!!! However Rachel fix that up and I was able to pay the additional areas.
Dr. Schulman fees
$10,000= BBL back, flanks, inner and outer thighs.
$1,500= Arms
Total= $14,500
However I did not get inner or outer thighs done!


These pics are from the day before surgical, I meant to post then but don't know what happened!!! I will post after pics very soon!!!

*Post Surgery*

Woke up after surgery confused!!! Lol... I managed to realize that I was laying in my back, and told the nurse whom I can't still remember her name that I needed to turn around.... She quickly helped me and felt much better,when I looked at the time is was almost 7pm I was just chilling having naps after surgery I guess. I told them I was ready to go and the asked if I was sure and boy was I ready to go sleep some more, I laid down in the back seat of my car and my cousin drove me home along with mom! Now Day 2! Lord have mercy , it felt like I got hit buy a train, bus, and 18 wheeler in the same day! It was a process to even get up and urinate keep in mind that's like every hour, plus I was leaking tumesent solution all over and ha to use adult papers to stop the flooding.... Lol.. just exaggerated a little!.... Day 3 and 4 were as painful but then it started decreasing as the days went on... I took all my antibiotics by day 7 and took lots of perks because the pain felt unbearable, but but day. 10 I didn't take anymore pain med.. (thank God) I hate meds! Although I did start my post op vitamins after I was done with the pain med and antibiotics and started a Clean Start system to detox!!!

Using the bathroom...
Lord gave me the strength to use it on day 5 lol... It was a scene from a terror movie to use it and despite all the fiber and stool softner I took it was still hell!!!!
New York Plastic Surgeon

My Choice went back and forth, but I the end I chose to go with the best and stay home to get this procedure done.... Everyone from Rachel, to Amanda, to Jay, and the anesthesiologist were like angels sent from heaven to take care of me, and the God himself Dr. Schulman whom I can't thank enough!

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