Mother of 3 Going to Miami for a Big Booty! BBL 5'5 170. Miami, FL

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Hi, I have been stalking on and off for over a...

Hi, I have been stalking on and off for over a year but got serious about doing a BBL a couple weeks ago. I am scheduled July 20th with Mcadoo. I was nervous at first because I heard all kinds of things. He answered my email with questions the same day. So it made me feel a bit better. I am more worried about dealing with the staff.

I have a little guy whom I will be using this trip to wean. I am currently still breastfeeding but he just turned 2 in June so it's time. I want my body back!

Side note : I am trying to lose some weight before surgery. I am not a doctor but I did study biology in college so I understand a bit about fat cells. They don't replicate as you gain. The same ones only get larger. The more fat cells they are able to inject the better. The more you weigh the bigger each cell is meaning they will reach their limit sooner. My doctor takes out up to 4000 ccs (8.8 lbs of water, fat weights a just bit less than water). Hoping for 1200 cc in each cheek and hip, I think, not exactly how big that will be. To me it seems it would better to gain after. Anyway, just my non professional opinion, listen to whatever your Dr recommends.

How did your lab results get recieved by Vanity or affilates?

So last Friday I went to get my labs done, I was told to have them faxed. I told the lady at the lab to fax them and send me a copy in the mail. The lady at the lab said they'd be ready that same day. I told the assistant with Mcadoo I had them done and she is now saying for me to email them to her when I recieve them in the mail. I just purchased all my supplies off amazon and I am worried something will come up and I won't even need the supplies. I should have placed my order after I am cleared. Anyway, I guess I am a bit frustrated she isn't checking the fax so I can get cleared sooner. She's the one that told me to fax in the first place. My surgery is scheduled for 15 days away and feel all around anxious. My husband is tired of hearing about it. Thanks ladies for being here. I am usually someone that plans for the worst case scenario and normally I wouldn't have ordered until I had the green light but I got ahead of myself. I guess I wouldn't be so worried but I feel I may have a UTI. I have never had one before but its been really hot lately and I am not staying hydrated enough because of stress. It doesn't burn when I pee but I feel like after I pee my bladder isn't all the way empty.

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11 days until my surgery

My labs are still not cleared, I am not paying for plane ticket, hotel, rental car until I am cleared. All the non stop flights are now booked, I especially wanted one for the way home. Trying to stay zen about everything. Got my amazon order with supplies. I am 5'5 170.2 (last I checked on the forth) my measurement are 38(bust) 30(waist) 41(hips). I lost an inch on my waist the last few days. I order a 2xl Diane and Geordi 2397 faja and it's way too big. Lol so I am shipping it back. I don't know if I should get just an xl because of swelling or what. I ordered on amazon so I wouldn't have any problems returning it.

My measurements before I had my last child were 36-24-36 but I had not ass. I had a breast augmentation after my second child about 5 and a half years ago. Wondering what my booBS will look like once I quit lactating. They look good if I am cool but my areOlas are so big now and they are pointing down. But no one sees me naked except my husband so I definitely don't care about them as much as a butt. I would like to nicely fill in clothes.

I had great results with dermapen (microneedling, professionally) to reduce the appearance of my stretch marks before my third baby. Now you can see them badly again, i gained more weight with my last than the 2 prior. Instead of paying $250 a treatment you can buy a Dr Pen off eBay with several new stamps or needle heads for way less. Dr pen is a knock off but the depth goes to 3mm which is very important. Alot of the knockoffs only go to 2mm and that's not deep enough. It pretty much needs to draw blood to stimulate new cell growth. I haven't bought one yet but I will soon and I'll update pics with my results to see if the knock offs are really worth it. This will be after my bbl on the 20th. So realistically I won't be using it till I am healed for a few weeks. It also tightened my skin. It kind of stings so it's best to use with a topical lidocaine or something similar.

I just started using Nivea skin firming and toning Q 10 + and it seems to be working great.

My husband is staying with me at a hotel after surgery, so I won't be staying in a RH. I am flying from the Northwest. It shall be fun. I had hardly any down time with my BA so I am hoping I won't be down too long. It seems really painful, I am trying to not let it psych me out.


I am cleared for SX, 9 more days! Flying out in 8.

Got an email, I am cleared for SX. I guess I didn'the have a UTI. Just another good example of how I over think everything.

I am nervous and anxious still, When I had my breast aug in 2011 I paid my deposit on a Thursday and that following Tuesday I had my surgery. I didn't have so much time to feel this way. Pretty much after a week of making up my mind I had boobs. I live in the Northwest so the doctor I used is who everyone I know used. I traveled by car about 5 hours. I came back home the day after surgery. Since there is more planning and a longer stay necessary I am nervous.

So how big is too big? I feel like I was able to answer this question a few weeks ago but after staring at all these booties I don't think w one sx he could go too big. It seems alot of volume is lost after the couple month mark. I want a round butt with a bit of pear hips. I don't wanna too big of hips. But definitely some.

Wish Pics

Upside down heart please!


As much projection possible!

5 more days! Super anxious!

So I bought my plane tickets today, sx is next Wednesday. I got my size L faja in the mail today and it fit. Hopefully it works after sx. My husband and I haven't really been getting along too great. We run a couple businesses and it's been really stressful. Hes coming with me so I am hoping for the best.

I am only staying 5 days after and hoping my drain w be ready to come out by then. My 2 year old hasn't been away from me over night and I am starting to feel really guilty about leaving him.

My wish pics feature big big booties. I understand its a bit unrealistic but I just want him to get the idea that I want as much projection possible. I also want a more natural slope so I guess its considered pear shape. In my mind different pears have different shapes so to be more specific I choose Tosca pear shape. Lol

Time has been flying by!

Time is flying by.

I still feel nervous. Really nervous...

Have all my things packed, and ready to go. I never bought a bbl pillow so still trying to figure what to use on the flight back. Maybe a rolled throw or towel. All this is happening so quickly but I can't imagine how some of you ladies wait for months... or years. I haven't spent nearly enough time focusing on work since becoming distracted with this process. I need to get it over with.

I never ended up getting that back triangle thing can I buy it at Encore? I have 4 foams and ab board.

I made it!

I will update later, I didn't take any more before pics but I will take several after pics from every angle. Loving it so far and Mcadoo is such a sweet guy!


SX details...

I was told at first they wanted me in at 11:30am to do my sx, I wanted it to be as early as possible but I looked at is I have some extra time to explore this new place because I knew I wouldn't want to after. A couple hours later I got a call saying Mcadoo wanted me to go first to be there at 5:30.

I got there right on time waited about 10 minutes for her to call me back. She has me put my compression socks on and a paper gown also pee in this little cup. I was so dehydrated but got a tiNY bit of pee out for pregnancy test. I waited for Mcadoo to get there for awhile maybe an hour? I fell asleep waiting because I couldn't sleep the night before. Ricky the guy who administered to anaesthesia (I think he is a nurse anesthetist) asked me some questions and left. I fell asleep again then was called to the OR, Mcadoo drew on me as he hummed away. We talked a bit then he had me lay down and the nurse lady that did the pregnancy test put this massager thing on my legs to increase blood flow as Ricky put in my IV. A couple minutes later he gave me the relaxing meds and then finally I was out.

I woke up in the recovery section with so much pressure in my butt and in pain. A girl was recovering right next to me so I have no idea how long I was there. I was already in faja and before I know it a different nurse was helping me with my dress and calling my husband to see where he was then wheeling me out to the car.

Lay on your stomach across the back seat I was still confused and hot and thought the front seat reclined enough but it didn't and there was weird pressure on my tummy the whole way to hotel. My husband had pain meds waiting for me took 2 didn't read the bottle. They want you to take 1 percocet 5 mg every 4 hours for pain but in the past when it's been prescribed it was 1-2 every 4 hours. Most of the first 2 days I took two at a time because I didn't feel enough relief with one. Then today I saw on the bottle it said only one and so I have only been taking one. They only give 30 but when I got my breast augmentation they prescribed 120 perc 10s so I kind of floated through that recovery lol.

Anyway, the stiffness is annoying as my muscles stretch to accommodate my new huge booty. I have gotten a couple massages now that really help with the stiffness feeling. I have been trying to eat but I have no appetite. Mcadoo wants his patients to sleep on back with no pressure on butt. He said to get cot and cut a hole which I did but it's so uncomfortable so I have like 8 pillows under me with an area where my butt fits in. My husband has been giving me the lovenox shots (go to, type lovenox and there's a coupon that makes it only $27 if you're paying cash instead of insurance) walmart was out of percocet so he went to walgreens to fill it which made the complete to try for the rxs like $60. Walmart is the best prices for RX.

Mcadoo instructed not to shower until the drain is out because of risk of infection. but I can sponge bathe w distilled water. I have mostly been laying around in my hotel room. I'll take more pics tomorrow without faja.

If I think of something else I'll add on. Ask me anything.

More pics


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