Mother of 2 in Desperate Need of a Full Mommy Makeover

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So in the past two years I gave birth to 2...

So in the past two years I gave birth to 2 beautiful babies and in the process my body has become a mess. I gained 30 pounds after my last pregnancy. I was able to lose all the weight plus 5 pounds. Now I'm ready to tighten up my body and look perfect. I recently put my deposit down for a bbl, tummytuck, and breast reduction with implant with Dr.Mcadoo in Miami. I'm really excited because I've been want this for years now and I'm finally doing it!????

My date is set!!!

Yesterday I set my date with Dr. Mcadoo. I originally wanted to get all 3 surgeries done at once but the doctor advised that I split it up into 2 appointments. So I'm going to get my bbl on November 8th. I want to make sure I have enough fat to transfer so I'm trying to gain 10 pounds. I hope I can gain enough weight by then.

1 WEEK AWAY!!!!!!

Hi Ladies! so I am only 1 week away from getting my bbl with Dr.Mcadoo. I'm so excited I cant even deal! So far I have only gained 5 pounds. I am still trying to gain all 10 pounds so I'm eating as much as I can. My surgery is taking place at Seduction Cosmetics in Aventura , FL. So far I have had an amazing experience with them. My coordinator Yanin is THE BEST! She has answered every single question I've had as well as gone above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable with my decision. I will be driving down early on November 7th to meet with the doctor to go over everything and then I will have the surgery the following day. Dr.Mcadoo requires that you keep your drains in for a weeks so I will be staying in a recovery house that they recommended.

Today is the day!!!????

Ok so let me start by saying this is my personal view on things. I can't speak for anyone but myself. This review is to solely tell you about my personal experience! Now let's get into this. So I arrived in Miami yesterday to sign my paper work and have my consultation with the doctor in person. I went to the office in Doral to sign my paper work with my coordinator and then drove to Aventura to meet Dr. Mcadoo. The paperwork process was super easy and quick in Doral. However the process to get a consultation in Aventura wasn't. I arrived there at 2pm and didn't see the doctor until 5:30pm. There was no set appointment they just had me walk in and wait. It was super unorganized! I'm not gonna lie it was frustrating. But it's not the first time I've had a long wait at a doctors office and it probably won't be my last lol. Anyway I finally got to meet with Dr.Mcadoo. He is super friendly and has a dry humor which I found funny. He didn't ask me to take of my clothes or anything but I did anyway because I wanted him to truly see how my body looked and what results I wanted. I then showed him pictures of what I wanted and he also had me choose from pics he had. He then showed me pics of things I need to buy (which I have added to the post) along with stretch exercises I needed to do the night before my surgery. Once we were finished a nurse did my blood work and I was placed on a van to go to the recovery house. Throughout this whole process I've had my coordinator Yanin by my side. I've heard several horror stories about bad coordinators since I've gotten here but I haven't experienced any of that. Yanin has gone above and beyond for me. Today I go in to have surgery at 1 pm. I'm just hoping everything goes smoothly.

Hey guys!!!

So to leave you hanging. I still have not had surgery. The day I was supposed to go I was told my iron was too low to have the operation. I had to turn around and go back home. My new surgery date it November 30 th. I have been taking iron supplements like crazy. I really hope it increases enough to get the surgery done.
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Mcadoo is a very nice man. He answered all of my questions and was very realistic with me on the process. I feel totally comfortable with him.

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