Mommy of 3 Ready to Be Mcadoll. Miami, FL

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Hey Rs sisters, i was debating on writing....

Hey Rs sisters, i was debating on writing. Journey. But i know that there are alot. Of girl s who need to make a decision and there. Are not alot of reviews on drmcadoo so i want to help in anyway i can.Im 5 ft 6 about 210lbs. Surgery date is may 20 2016.I was originally. Scheduled. With fisher but due. To bmi switchd to mcadoo

Wish pics

Only have two wish pics hope im being realistic

Recovery home

Sheilah called me today one week beFore my surgery and told me that my boyfriend cant go to recovery home but that they opened up another recovery home this weekend its a small house she gave me the option to go there or stay at extended miami hotel think were going to go with the small house. I head to miami on Tuesday May 17 on train so close and im having all types of feelings


Today Vanity called me to tell me they hadnt received my hiv results and labcorp told them that i hadnt got it done So i went to labcorp and they found my results but they were inconclusive .I told my coordinator ans she told me i can do hiv test the day before surgery but that sometimes its takes 2 days for results so i might have surgery. Until 21st .Right now me and my family are at the trainstation waiting on our train hopefully. Everything goes well


6 hrs away from Miami and we stopped suddenly they told us someone jumped. In front of the train its so ccrazy and sad .May they RIP.Ill update you guys in a few hrs


I made it to MiamiSheilah sent her driber danny to pick usu up and take us to motel... its 1am and im over here takin pics loloTomoro i have to gt tested for hiv and fill out paper work at emcore.. here s some more preop pics ladies


Went to encore this morning got my blood drawn they checked my height and weight, filled out paper work spoke with Drmccadoo hes funny!I showed him the 2 pics and asked him wat butt shape it was he said orange so i told him thats exactly what i want he then told me he knows what i want so hopefully hell come thru..they gave me the prescriptions for antibiotics ,nausea, and percocets ...we then were picked up by rey one of xandus drivers we went to walmart. Got prescriptions. Then went back to encore to gt shot and compression. Garment..My surgery is tomoro morning they want me to be ther by 730.Please keep me in yalls prayer ::))

Made it thank god

I was told to go to encore at 730 got marked up around 10am,while mcadoo marked me he told me the young woman who died had a birth defect with heart so after her surgery she collapsed :/.... then i was told dr.mcadoo was running late and that it would take an hr or 2,so i asked. If i could sleeep in room i had brought a blanket. W me....i woke up at 1 pm but didnt habe surgery until 3pm ....i walkd to operating room was asked some questions(ladies if u do cocaine stop becuz supoosedly it could be deadly)js.....then i was knocked out didnt wake up until 7 pm on stomach with compression garment already on ...i honestly thought it was going to be more painful. But everyone is different my only is was trying to take deep breaths and couldnt for first few hrs....after i woke up in recovery room i stayed there for about 40min then they put my dress on and put me in chair on my knees took me to suv (chauffeur. Danny with vanity recovery had been ther when i woke up in recovery) he then took me and my family to hotel extemded miami where. A super helpful nurse (barbara) was waiting ...since the moment we got to hotel shes been amazing and helpful only bad thing i can say is that i told her i wantd to sit in chair. With hole but she imsisted i layed on my here i am 5am she leaves at 630am....ladies bring a big plastic cup to pee in i literally peed myself everytime i went and used ez pee taking oxycodone for pain every 4hrs which helps me sleep a little but i wake up every 2hrs or so..i love my results he gave me exactly what i showed him my waist curves into my hips ill post pics tomorrow

Cant wait

Okay so i couldnt wait to show u guys lol so here are jus 2pics i was able to take qhile layi g down as well as preop pics when marked i promise ill post more up tomoro

Sn:sorry my menstrul cycle decided to come 2 days before surgery smh

Post op 1 day

Heres jus a few after massage


Went to post appt and took some picss for u guys

2 days post

2 days post op


I had a few blood clots pass through drain so i went to hospital they told me my hemo was 9 from 14 theyre giving. Me fluids and told me i have to stay the night and tomoro theyll know if i need transfusion:(

Finally home

Got back home yesterday... thanks to all the ladies that prayed for me they released me next day didnt have to do transfusion they told me to drink lots of fluid which is the norm.i had my 4 massages at vanity 2 were done in 1 session its not too bad i would say from 1-10 its a 5 still taking antiobiotics . as well as shots....ladies the ezpee did nothing for me i was literally peeing on myself. The first few days what worked for me was a large mcdonalds cup...right now ive been sleeping on my stomach but i was told ill lose a percentage every time i do so ...rn im trying to save up for a curve cure bed its expensive but i feel like its worth it or my butt will continue to decrease and it has already done soo too muvh for my liking ..i did want a natural looking butt but i wantd more projection only time will tell inbx me for any questions or con cerns


Heres a few without garment


Yesterday was my 11th day with drain i was told to remive it if it didnt pass 25 cc withn 24hrs so i cut the stitch and began to oull it but it hurt sooo bad i kept trying. But pain. Was unbearable so i went to hospital in hopes they would give me somethin to numb pain but doc jus pulled it out i was mad but releived

He was funny he kne what i wanted almost right away

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