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I called Vanity to make an appt with Dr. Fisher,...

I called Vanity to make an appt with Dr. Fisher, but he is not ava. the date I wanted. Dr. Mcadoo was highly suggest by my coordinator Margaret, but my dilemma is I haven't seen any of his lipo or bbl. From all his pt reviews he seem to be pretty good, but they didn't get bbl. So if there is anyone with any info please share please & thank you in advance!!!!

Finally found some McadooDolls

Very excited today found 2 Dr. Mcadoo dolls on RS thanks to a heaven since angel. 40 days left until sx can't wait. Just like every other doc on here it took someone to write a review. I am confident that Dr. Mcadoo will give me what I want, looking for, and I love the fact that he specializes in big girls. Really don't care to hear any negative advice about the doc I choose so pls keep it 2 yourself. Planning this sx has been 1 emotional rollercoaster. I will definitely help those ladies looking for reviews as I was with pre & post up pics after sx. 40 days until sx can't wait!!

wish pics

Time is drawing near!

Hello ladies just wanted to give you a quick update. Since my journey has started I have interacted with several McAdoll and not 1 has yet to say anything negative about him. I will final get to meet him on Thursday 12/18. I had all my labs done, sent them to my pc, and she said everything looks good. I will provide an update again after I meet with McAdoo on Thurs. Preparing to have this sx is very emotional and mentally draining. Now that I am approach sx I understand why some ppl disappear, because people are only concern with pics. The pics will come just show a little more compassion and I pretty sure we will see a lot more pics! The is a very serious procedure and some ppl don't even wake back up. You question yourself about doing it, you dream about it, you become a RS junkie lol, you worry about the pain after, I could go on and on about the things that come to your mind. For the ladies that have been encouraging, provided answers, and feedback, wish me happy healing I just wanna say THANKS! As I promised because of you ladies I will definitely be posting before and after pics.. TTYL

Miami Bound

Hello RS sis just wanted to do a quick update. I arrived in MIAMI on the 18th sx was suppose 2 be on 19th, but got rescheduled for 20th. OMG to see this ladies in person is totally different then the pics. I meet 1 of McAdoo dolls so looked amazing he really did his thing! I am so satisfied with my choose. If y'all doubting him you better wake up cause you sleeping on him lol. Meet a Hasan doll he did his thing on her too. I can't wait!! Meet McAdoo briefly yesterday but he ensure me that he could achieve all my wants. He was super busy yesterday idk why there not alot of reviews on him, but believe me they out here. One lady told me he said he performed 8 sx yesterday don't know what type of work they got done, but vanity is a mad house. He has a totally of 4 sx schedule including me on Sat. Next time I talk to y'all again I will be a Mcadoll!!! Will provide before & after pics no need to ask just as soon as I am able to! Ttyl

I a Mcadoll

As promise ladies this is my pre and post op pics. Still very swollen & brusied up. The 1st couple of post up days are pretty bad. I will give a more in detail review later. I am 5'7 and weight 215 pre op. I don't know my measurement. I am very happy with my results. Just like everyone has said he really does listen and make his own suggestions based on your body type. He is very thorough and detailed.

flying out tomorrow 12/24

Sorry for the typos please disregard. My flight is a little more than hour. I leave out in the AM. Well I talk to my sister and she said it was raining so I tried on these pants & I was completely shock...I was ready in my Kevin hart voice lol..Not ready for this attention tomorrow so I will definitely be wearing a dress lol. Getting ready to say my Goodbyes to McAdoo, my PC, and get some rest. Merry Christmas!!!

The road to recovery

Hello ladies, thanks for all the love shown & support it really means alot! All y'all English professor I am let u know in advance there where be typos lol u know what mean. RECOVERY ain't no joke. I had massive bruising & swelling. They put this arm compressive vest that cut off my dam circulation. It was terrible I was trying to tell the Nurse @ the RH to remove it but bc she doesn't speak English I had to suffer all night and the next day until Doc assistance came to visit me. She said OMG told me what was going on & immediately removed it I love her too I felt relieved immediately. My arms go dead a lot but it has nothing to do with that this is apart of the healing process it happening now so I will have to cut this short. I really only happens @ night when I am laying down when the fluid increase. The numbness and tingling goes to my finger tips. My back & abdomen is very sore, numb, and sensitive to touch. I have no problem with my butt. The lipo area is what causes the recovery to be a b%t*h. Getting that garment on & of is another 1. I tryna give u those details bc most review u don't hear this u just see before & after pics but don't know the hell they been through. O yeah I ended getting my cycle the next day after sx to add on top of everything. When I was @ the airport getting ready to leave I ended having to sh$%t took me a whole 18min process to get the garment of & back off. O yeah u do get constipated but I was taken my meds, but they don't work immediately so u know u have that kinda that wanna play peek o boo n go back up yeah lol so get ready. Not tryna scare u but I dam sure wish I knew this pre op. Ok on the bright side I had the very best coordinator Margaret I really don't think I could have done this without her and I love her dearly! I had to put my trust in her n she delivery. Her word was her bond. I am st8 down to earth real person & that quality in a person means a lot 2 me. There was only 2 ppl following McAdoo when I started my journey so her recommendation was imperative. I search high & low then in my heart I just felt he was the doc 4 me and he was. Let me just tell y'all bout him real quick on my last visit he checked me out look @ my butt & was yeah that's a nice 1, smack 1 of my butt cheek & it jiggled, and was like your man going love that lol now to me that's my kinda of Doc lol that's the kinda relationship we established. & he was like hold up let me get a pic to show my assistance lol. He said my butt was 1 of the bigger ones he did. When he was drawing on me he pointed that I had butt already I just had areas that needed to be filled in. He was able to tell that I was working out n had muscle in my butt so the results I wanted would be easy for him to achieve. So ladies get on ur squats. I love my result each day they are getting better and each day getting stronger. Walking is a must ladies post op it keeps the fluid moving & draining. Ttyl
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

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