Mcadoo Doll to Be!!!!! - Miami, FL

Hello dolls ...i am pleases to anounce i will be a...

Hello dolls ...i am pleases to anounce i will be a Mcadoo doll 11/30/16 I'm so excited yalll...made my deposit and set my date im price includes the recovery house for me and my husband i will be having my surgery at spectrum in miami so ready to get my body back i have given my husband his children and now he will give the the booty i have longed for since forever ...Come on november ....ok so since i have never had any surgery at all i am a little scared but im staying positive and excited ...but im not sure what things i should take with me to help aid in my healing some u you Vets help my out or anyone whos has began buying supplies ???

Mcadoo Doll to Be!!!!

Error in my post ladies...ill be having my surgery at seduction cosmetics NOT spectrum

Ready to have my new body

Hello Dolls????? So im getting closer to my transformation date and im beyod excited ladies ...ive been dreaming of the Phat Azz Booty im hopeing Mcadoo gives me all I talk about i plan on starting to buy items that ill need however i will be flying and i dont want to take a bunch of thing i wont need so what are some things ill defintly need to have??? my husband is going with me and we are staying at the Rh ....So vets and Dolls what did or what are u taking that is considered a must have???and im also concerned about lose skin after the agressive lipo what skim tighting gel or cream is best???ill also be posting some pics of me now as well wish pics...thanks in advance ladies ????


Pics of me ....Come on november!!!!!

hubby not going

Hey dolls ...
Its almost my turn ladies!!!!!in less then two months im going to be a mcadoo doll....thing have been so so determine to get this done dispite the devil being so still pushing forward to becoming a more beautiful and more confident me...hubby is no longer going with me for this surgery so dispite being extra nervous now that ill be going alone im trying to remain positive and just continue to have faith in god that all will be well hoping i can have one of my sisters go with me...that way im not alone ...anyway im focused,and im ready.

some changes ....?

Ok so originally i was staying at seductions recovery house because it was a part of my qoute..but after my husband having to stay behind with our children and now im going alone i realized im going to need a better recovery house because seduction as one of u dolls pointed out already is very unorganized and ill be damed if im alone assed out as far as having a good care team... so after ready a bunch of reviews i decided to go with claudia recovery house. Ive called spoked to claudia (who seems like such a sweet lady cant wait to meet her) got my qoute for 5day4nights all meals and transpotation included for a total of$ 580.00 and three massages for $ when i called seduction to make those changes to my packages my cost dropped to$4160.00 and thats withmy garment to so????????????the recovery house with them wasowas like 1000.00 and the massages was 120.00 each ...what the hell!!!! they are way over priced so im still taking 2000.00 extra minus what i exspect to spend just to be safe but thats a big save!!! Plus the save of only me going ....thank u jesus for small mishaps exspecially one that result in big savings ....things are looking up dolls!!!! Come on november !!!!!

ready to dolls

hello ladies ok so as u all know ive made some adjustments to my original plans...and now im ready to order things for the trip and for home when i get back so im looking for some help from you lovely ladies i wanna pack as light as possible since it will be only me going nowtwhat are some must haves that ill need for while im there?..and what are some things ill most likely need for home ?and what types of cloths shold i take im leaveing form home detroit mi. it will be winter here...ive never been to miami so i dont know how hot it wwil be there in late nov thinking of maxidresses for while im there and a jogging suite home
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