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Hello dolls ...i am pleases to anounce i will be a...

Hello dolls ...i am pleases to anounce i will be a Mcadoo doll 11/30/16 I'm so excited yalll...made my deposit and set my date im price includes the recovery house for me and my husband i will be having my surgery at spectrum in miami so ready to get my body back i have given my husband his children and now he will give the the booty i have longed for since forever ...Come on november ....ok so since i have never had any surgery at all i am a little scared but im staying positive and excited ...but im not sure what things i should take with me to help aid in my healing some u you Vets help my out or anyone whos has began buying supplies ???

Mcadoo Doll to Be!!!!

Error in my post ladies...ill be having my surgery at seduction cosmetics NOT spectrum

Ready to have my new body

Hello Dolls????? So im getting closer to my transformation date and im beyod excited ladies ...ive been dreaming of the Phat Azz Booty im hopeing Mcadoo gives me all I talk about i plan on starting to buy items that ill need however i will be flying and i dont want to take a bunch of thing i wont need so what are some things ill defintly need to have??? my husband is going with me and we are staying at the Rh ....So vets and Dolls what did or what are u taking that is considered a must have???and im also concerned about lose skin after the agressive lipo what skim tighting gel or cream is best???ill also be posting some pics of me now as well wish pics...thanks in advance ladies ????


Pics of me ....Come on november!!!!!

hubby not going

Hey dolls ...
Its almost my turn ladies!!!!!in less then two months im going to be a mcadoo doll....thing have been so so determine to get this done dispite the devil being so still pushing forward to becoming a more beautiful and more confident me...hubby is no longer going with me for this surgery so dispite being extra nervous now that ill be going alone im trying to remain positive and just continue to have faith in god that all will be well hoping i can have one of my sisters go with me...that way im not alone ...anyway im focused,and im ready.

some changes ....?

Ok so originally i was staying at seductions recovery house because it was a part of my qoute..but after my husband having to stay behind with our children and now im going alone i realized im going to need a better recovery house because seduction as one of u dolls pointed out already is very unorganized and ill be damed if im alone assed out as far as having a good care team... so after ready a bunch of reviews i decided to go with claudia recovery house. Ive called spoked to claudia (who seems like such a sweet lady cant wait to meet her) got my qoute for 5day4nights all meals and transpotation included for a total of$ 580.00 and three massages for $ when i called seduction to make those changes to my packages my cost dropped to$4160.00 and thats withmy garment to so????????????the recovery house with them wasowas like 1000.00 and the massages was 120.00 each ...what the hell!!!! they are way over priced so im still taking 2000.00 extra minus what i exspect to spend just to be safe but thats a big save!!! Plus the save of only me going ....thank u jesus for small mishaps exspecially one that result in big savings ....things are looking up dolls!!!! Come on november !!!!!

ready to dolls

hello ladies ok so as u all know ive made some adjustments to my original plans...and now im ready to order things for the trip and for home when i get back so im looking for some help from you lovely ladies i wanna pack as light as possible since it will be only me going nowtwhat are some must haves that ill need for while im there?..and what are some things ill most likely need for home ?and what types of cloths shold i take im leaveing form home detroit mi. it will be winter here...ive never been to miami so i dont know how hot it wwil be there in late nov thinking of maxidresses for while im there and a jogging suite home

count down to my Phaty ????????????

omg ladies its almost that time so excited its still hard to believe that im going to finally have my body back and some!!! i have to admit it all i can think about ....i was getting a little nervouce since i am now traveling along but after talking to claudia im so confident in my choice of recovery house i know everything will be fine...they only thing im dreading is being away from my husband and kids for five days....i did a girls weekend getway with two of my bestfriends over the weekend and being away that short time almost killed me i was so home sick missing their faces so i know five days will he tough but i can handle five days for a new and improved me ....trying to see if there is anything i missing i have my tickets ...recovery house ...brought supplies ...i cant help but feel like im missing somthing ...come on November ...time is flying ladies


Omg ladies November is flying and im so ready everything i ordered from amazon has arrived picked out my maxi dresses and flat sandles....get my labs next week wanting to lose a few more pounds thinking about doing a cleanse starting monday till im surgery date....what are something you are doing or have done to get ready??still wanting a surgery buddy

Blood work done

Hello Dolls. So i got my blood work done today ill have my results tresults...i check my iron at work it was 12.6 so i should be great ...time is definitely flying im packed and ready to become a mcadoo doll! !!!!

All set!!!! Question dolls????

Ok got my labs back iron is at 13 !!!whoot whoot!!! To happy got my Ekg done today that was perfect. Everything has been faxed over and now im just waiting on the 29th to come and ill been on the plane going to get my boooooottttyyyy!!!.....Im just yo dame happy yall...ok i have a question? Im wanting dramatic results i want a Big....matter of fact i want a Huge...make him and hos girl take a double look confident thay Mcaddo can do this for me ....but Im wondering should. I ask for so many cc's or should i just put emphasis on how big i want this Dunk to be????

Who's cooking???

Hey ladies ...its almost thanksgiving. ..aka turkey day...because im preparing for my surgery me and my husband decided. To just do a nice meal at home tomorrow since we are going house hopping and will eat dinner at my grandmothers. It makes no since for us to make a big southern meal at home....our kids are small so if we where to cook like that it would mostly go to waste so we've. Decided to make lasagna at home. And bake a pie or cake with the babies and we will still get to eat our soul food at oyr family's houses. ...i guess it was good that i scheduled surgery so close to the holiday it got me out of cooking a big meal what plans do u all have for the holiday


Ok so i know my date it like right here still super excited but i am a tad bit nervous now mostly about the plane ride lol ...ive began to dream about my new body yall....had one dream where i woke up dame near crying because in this dream My surgery was not done because they said i was pregnant. Lmao i know thats not possible since i got My labs and everything was great and i have my IUD so that Was crazy. But last night dream I woke up in recovery and had the biggest booty ever this booty was so big it made me nervous Lol any other ladies have any weird dreams before Surgery or as your date gets closer

How much extra? ??

Hey ladies so im packed and ready to get on that plane. Tuesday morning heading to Miami but im wondering How much extra cash should i take with me i dont want to take too much its not like a can hit up the mall or party lol...but i wanna have that just in case how much extra should i take with me???

Heading Out

Goodmorning ladies im at the airport! !!!!!headed to Miami....i can not believe im 24hrs away from my new body omg ladies

It's here

Here at seduction

Ok so i just made it to seduction and to my surprise it in a shopping Plaza so tempting but imma sit my ass right here till they call me back to fill out this paper work...

My first day

Claudia is beyond a doubt one of the sweetest people U will ever so happy i choose to stay here soon as i walked in the Door i was greated by her assistant because Claudia had went to pick up another doll from surgery. ..she showed me to my room and returned in just a few short. Moments with food.
And i was starving. ..the meal was salad grilled chicken breast and fried beans and it was so dame good after i ate i was exhausted from being up since 4 am ...the flight..and having to go to both of seduction locations one to make my final payment. Westchester and the other to meet Dr.Mcadoo go over paperwork and take before pics oh and Dr.Mcadoo requires u to get three lovenox injections one the day before. the day of surgery....and one the next day at ure post op appointment and fyi ladies. Dr.Mcadoo doesnt do prp injections i was told by an seduction employee originally that he did do them and that it would be an additional $500 after speaking with Mcadoo he says there is not enough research supporting that prp is beneficial and ensured me if i follow the do's and don'ts. That he gave me i will have great results ...some being not to consume. Any animal product for 2months only organic raw veggies or cooked veggies and if u must. Have meat only fish....and he wanted me to do these stretch to help prepare the buttocks which seduction shouls have told me this stuff months in advance so im posting pictures of all the forms i was given to help u ladies because seduction Sucks any way i have to be there tomorrow at 8:30 am so its going down ladies


Goodmorning dolls ???? Surgery went great yesterday not in a lot of pain just really sore dr. McAdoo did the damn thing I love my booty and my waist OMG he is truly an artist at what he does I'm here at Claudia's Recovery House everything is great Claudia is a true angel on Earth I will give a more detailed review Once I I feel a little better but for now check out my booty ladies thank you all for the prayers it support

I have a banging body

Just wAnted to update. U ladies a little bit surgery. Went great had a lot of dizziness the nezt day not a lot of pain just very sore had cbc drawn and iron webt dont to an 8...very low and bp went from133/83 before surgery to 83/63 also very low i believe this was side affect from the very strong pain meds given to take s
After surgery. ..i was given a shot of cuban coffee and liquid iron. And a Coca-Cola.. Felt better immediately. Now i do gwt dizzy during my massages. ..OMG they hurt but work Claudia works magic she is amazing her and her assistant wait on all of us girls here hand and foot ....they treat you like family she is definitely a mom away from home.. .i just Love them best. Decision i ever made .. To stay here

Going home

Flying out this morning at 7heading home missing my family

Im home

Omg thank you God im home. Flight home started horrible thank god the plane was not full after the stewardess seen how uncomfortable i was with trying to sit he then let me move to the back row Of the plane and was as able to lay across the seat...dont know how i would Have made it.

Tongue still numb

Okay ladies so I am a week post-op feeling much better got my drain removed today wondering is it normal for my tongue to still be numb after a week? it's not my whole tongue just the tip of it is still numb outside of having the numb tongue I am loving my results will take pictures today to update also wondering how long will it be before I fluff???


New pics


Stretch marks

Hello dolls know that surgery is over and im going through the healing process im wondering if there is anything i can do about these Stretch marks now dont get me wrong i love my battle marks lol they are from my children so im not. Ashamed of ever there seem to be way more of them because they are more visable with a flatter stomach and smaller i just want to see want i can about the appearance of my stretch marks is there anything i can buy to help

Not happy

Ok so ive followed every recommendation from dr.mcadoo sleeping on the cot with the hole for my butt,sitting in the chair with the Hole cut out... not eating meat i have had fish twice but only fruits. And veggies...wgile my stomach and other lipo areas are perfect my bbl has shrunken tremendously I want to cry...shape it there but projection and that pop i had has basicly left over night ...i fighting a ear infection they have me on antibiotics and steroids i started yesterday but over the last 3 days ive noticed so much shrinking and this morning i wanted to cry what has happened ???ive called seduction not sure what they will suggest??? Today marks my 3 weeks post op and im not happy like last week yall...will i need a round 2 ???

Change of heart. ..lmao

Ok so i promise im not bipolar yall ...i still love my result. Tried on a few dresses and omg body is banging ive been sick as hell yall not following the "take it easy" rule and i have the worst sinus infection and double ear on antibiotics oral /nasal/and ear drop...and got put on steriods to so i guese my whole image of myself is horrible since in feeling so horrible. ..anyway after getting some well needed rest and waking up a little better then when i layed down i tried on a few dresses and the booty is definitely there....thank You doll for keeping it real with me and making me relook....

I cheated and had meat !!!

Ok ladies so When i had my surgury dr.Mcadoo said no meat for three months and if you. Must eat meat eat fish so i had been doing so good yall but the turkey got me yesterday i couldn't t resist. ..but i woke up this morning ready to get back on track ....dane the turkey. Im looking forward tobthat two piece swim suit u all had a merry Christmas. ....and i cant wait to be sexy on new years do you all think it will be ok to go without my garment for a few hrs on new years eve i got a hit new outfit i want to wear???

New pics

Planning to start wrapping thighs and stomach for more projection and started using the two creams i brought from seduction to help tighten the skin and melt fat.... loving my results...

Happy new year

Hello dolls just wanted to widh u all a happy new year .....and to all the dolls having their surgeries in 2017 it yall trum baby's lol i i cant wait to see how amazing you all will look wishing u all the best luck in the world and the most success with your surgeries and I know you all will be gorgeous wishing everyone post and pre op that 2017 will be a healthy happy sexy beautiful year for us all I love you are real self sisters

Loving my results

Hey dolls i can honestly say i love my definitely going post updated pics i happy to say i will be celebrateing my 26th birthday on Tuesday looking to be super sexy...and my baby girl will be 2 on monday (tears) i eont want her to grow up yall...atvwork today i had abot ask me if i had kida i said yes i have two ages 6 and almost 2 she looked at me and said omg you look amazing to have had two kids how u do it i smiled and kept itvall the why 100% and said i have a Bomb as Dr. In Miami lmao !!!!

Bday weekend outfit part1

Ok dolls good morning. my Bday was the 24th how every my baby girls was the 23rd so last weekend we celebrated her bday and this weekend we are celebrating mine so here are a few pics and yes i was a bad birthday lady and went without my armor lol this was the first time friends and family have seen me without it and baby. They love my results too mama even said she wish she new about this surgery when she was younger.

Just a little update

Hello Doll hope you all are well and in good spirits ...just wanted to say happy valentines to all u beautiful ladies and share some updated photos still loving my results i believe i have fluffed because everyone says my booty looke like its gotten bigger and is nice and soft ... Im not in pain... nothing hurts...but skin around my waist and lower back still a little tender ....current measurements are 33c bust...29waist....45booty...i promise ladies the pictures dont do any justice i love the new me... my Husband loves it and can't. Keep his hands Off me ....anyway happy v day ladies ????


Aventura Plastic Surgeon

Great Dr very knowledgeable and down to earth.pleased with my results Great bedside manner very professional and friendly i had a bbl and 12 area lipo i stayes At Claudia recoveryHouse she her assistant frania are a god send truly angels on earth. Waiting on all us ladies hand and foot

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